Lancaster board reorganizes; Beauchamp elected chairman by wuxiangyu


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Lancaster board reorganizes;
Beauchamp elected chairman
  by Audrey Thomasson                                                                                Other business
                                                                                                        After a public hearing on Char-
   LANCASTER—By a 5-0 vote,                                                                          lotte Self ’s application for a spe-
B. Wally Beauchamp Thursday was                                                                      cial exception permit to operate a
unanimously elected 2011 chairman                                                                    beauty salon on Route 200 resulted
of the Lancaster board of supervi-                                                                   in no public comments, the measure
sors.                                                                                                passed on a 5-0 vote. However, Jen-
   Beauchamp, who represents Dis-                                                                    kins asked that planners add clari-
trict 5, was first elected to the board                                                              fication to the ordinance to include
in 1997 and has served as chairman                                                                   such businesses as salons rather than
twice in his 13 years as a supervisor.                                                               professional offices.
   District 1 supervisor F. W. “Butch”                                                                  A request for real estate tax
Jenkins also received unanimous sup-                                                                 exemption from the Animal Welfare
port to serve as vice chair.                                                                         League (AWL) did not make it to a
   Supervisors adopted the same                                                                      vote.Treasurer Rita Scott said the
meeting schedule as last year, but the                                                               League saves animals from going to
monthly meetings were moved to the                                                                   the county pound. She noted it helps
Circuit Courtroom in the courthouse.                                                                 to keep the county’s animal popu-
   Beauchamp said the top issues                                                                     lation down and in one year spent
facing the board in 2011 are provid-                                                                 $121,000 to spay and neuter more
ing jobs and broadband for the county                    B. Wally Beauchamp                          than 1,100 animals. Additionally, the
and Northern Neck. Public access to                                                                  organization has no paid employees
the water “is always a top priority,” he     Beauchamp. Beauchamp will con-                          and its earnings come from public
added. Also important to Beauchamp           tinue to serve as emergency services                    donations and sales from a thrift
is “providing good, sound reliable           director and, as the new board chair,                   shop.
representation to all citizens in the        will join Geilich on the finance steer-                    Supervisors noted their own res-
county and fiscal responsibility in          ing committee.                                          cued pets and praised AWL’s efforts
government.”                                    Russell will remain on the Rappah-                   and “great service.”
   “Our first effort will be replacing       annock River Basin Commission and                          “As a supervisor I have a real prob-
our county administrator in the next         Geilich will continue on the Historic                   lem granting exemptions because
six months. I hope we can find some-         Resources Commission.                                   when does it stop?” asked Geilich.
one as dependable and reliable as Bill          In a closing statement as last year’s                   “I don’t know how many (chari-
Pennell. He’s done an outstanding            chair, Russell made a pitch to orga-                    table organizations) we have in the
job for the county.”                         nize a committee on economic devel-                     county,” said Russell. “We cannot
   Supervisors retained their previous                                                                                                                                                      Dr. David Nichols
                                             opment for the county.                                  help you and then ignore the others

                                                                                                                                                             Country Doctor dies;
appointments. Jenkins will continue             “We have to carry our own water”                     that come out. This is just tough for
to serve as a representative to the          when it comes to economic develop-                      us.”
planning commission. Beauchamp               ment, he said.                                             Supervisors acknowledged they
will serve on the Northern Neck                 Beauchamp praised Russell for                        granted some relief to the Lancaster/

                                                                                                                                                             strong legacy remains
Planning District Commission with            championing some 80 jobs for kids                       Northumberland Interfaith Service
Ernest Palin, Jack Russell and county        and asked him to chair an ad-hoc com-                   Council last month, but only from
administrator William Pennell Jr. as         mittee and recommend to supervisors                     building permit fees and not real
alternates.                                  a way to structure development.                         estate taxes.
   Palin remains on the Social Ser-             Additionally, Pennell was asked                         “The fact is, (the AWL Thrift
vices board, as the Virginia Asso-           to put together a committee to make                     Shop) is a place of business. You                           by Audrey Thomasson

ciation of Counties legislative repre-       recommendations on the federal gov-                     have rental space,” said Jenkins. “If
sentative and on the Northern Neck/          ernment’s plans for redistricting in                    it was our money to give, I’d prob-                              r. David Buell Nichols, who fulfilled a promise to the residents of
Chesapeake Bay Partnership with              Lancaster.                                              ably vote yes.”                                                  Tangier Island by taking care of their health needs for over 31 years,
                                                                                                                                                                      died last week surrounded by family at his home on the Rappahan-
                                                                                                                                                             nock River.

County administrator                                                                                                                                            His death came less than four months after the dedication of a $1.4 million
                                                                                                                                                             state-of-the-art clinic that he championed to replace the island’s 50-year-old
                                                                                                                                                             cramped and decaying facility.

Bill Pennell to retire
                                                                                                                                                                Cancer took the life of the 62-year-old physician, who also tended hun-
                                                                                                                                                             dreds of patients at the White Stone Family Practice he established in 1979.
                                                                                                                                                             He was known as a gentle and thorough family doctor who never hesitated to
                                                                                                                                                             examine and test and retest or refer until he was sure of a diagnosis.
  by Audrey Thomasson                         (Section 8) has provided housing or                                                                               He is survived by his wife of 38 years, Dianne, and children Sarah Buell
                                              home repairs to literally hundreds                                                                             Nichols and David “Davey” Robertson Nichols.
   LANCASTER—After nearly 42                  of Lancaster County citizens. While                                                                               Friend and Tangier Island Health Foundation president Jimmy Carter said
years of public service, including            still incomplete, I am hopeful that the                                                                        Dr. Nichols passed away about 6:30 a.m. December 30. According to Carter,
20 with Lancaster County, county              Greentown/Gaskins Road Community                                                                               Dianne Nichols felt it was fitting
administrator William H. Pennell Jr.          Development Block Grant Project                                                                                for her husband to leave early on a “While I will leave you in
announced he will retire August 31.           will be well under way by the date I                                                                           Thursday “because that’s when he
   “These last 20 years have been             depart,” he said.                                                                                              always left for Tangier.”               body, I will never leave you
remarkably rewarding both in a profes-           “I have had the pleasure of working                                                                            From early in his career, Dr.
sional and in a personal sense,” Pen-         with a number of dedicated Lancaster                                                                           Nichols was deeply passionate           in spirit.”
nell said of his service in Lancaster.        County citizens, but most especially                                                                           about the islanders and their health
“The completion of the new Lancaster          with the several boards of supervi-                                                                            issues. He and other medical pro-                    —Dr. David Nichols
County Judicial Center is the capstone        sors to whom I have reported,” he said.                                                                        fessionals from the White Stone
of my career and I will forever look          “While the county has been blessed                                                                             practice first traveled each Thursday by boat to the island to treat patients
fondly on that building as I pass.”           with excellent citizen politicians, I                                                                          before Dr. Nichols started piloting his own airplane, then a helicopter, earn-
   Pennell said he plans to take his          can truly say working with the current                                                                         ing him the nickname, Dr. Copter.
annual leave in August, making July           board has been the most rewarding to                                                                              In 2006, his work earned him the Country Doctor of the Year award from
29 his last day of work. While his con-       me and for the county.”                                                                                        Staff Care, a Texas-based national physician staffing firm. The recognition
tract only requires four weeks notice,           Pennell thanked the board, saying                                                                           brought national attention to Tangier and helped Dr. Nichols and Carter raise
he said “I wanted to provide the board        he will cherish the time he served the                                                                         the public and private funding for the clinic, including a $300,000 grant from
of supervisors enough time to adver-          county and will remain “an involved                                                                            the Commonwealth of Virginia.
tise, interview and hire my replace- improve the quality of life                                                                          In the following years, Dr. Nichols continued to work with Staff Care in the
ment...”                                      in Lancaster” while enjoying retire-                                                                           selection of new recipients for the honor. At the dedication of the David B.
   At his retirement, Pennell will have       ment.                                                                                                          Nichols Health Center in August 2010, Staff Care named him the first Coun-
completed some 42 years of service in            The announcement did not come                                                                               try Doctor of the Decade.
local Virginia government, including
22 years with the City of Alexandria.
                                              as a surprise to board members since                       Crowning affair                                         The crowd that flocked to the island for the dedication came from across
                                              Pennell had previously indicated he                                                                            the Chesapeake Bay and around the nation. Nearly every islander attended—
                                                                                                      Miss Jency McCullough Rogers
   He noted Lancaster is the only juris-      would retire when the judicial center                                                                          a testament to the abundant affection for the soft-spoken man who improved
                                                                                                      was crowned Queen of the Holly
diction in the Northern Neck with a           was completed. Supervisors praised                      Realm at the 115th Holly Ball                          the health of an island.
dedicated housing program and listed          Pennell’s service and warned him that                   December 28 at Indian Creek                               “This summer, Dr. David Nichols saw his dream come true when Tangier
the establishment of the Department           “you never retire from public service.”                 Yacht and Country Club. As                             Island celebrated the dedication of its new health clinic,” said Virginia Gover-
of Housing from a “failing hodge-                The board appointed chair Wally                      orator, Sen. John Chichester had                       nor Bob McDonnell in a prepared statement last week.
podge of previous management enti-            Beauchamp and supervisor Pete Geil-                     the honor of crowning the new                             “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be with Dr. Nichols at the grand
ties” as the program of which he is           ich to a search committee with Pennell                  queen. More coverage appears on                        opening of the state-of-the-art medical clinic to serve the island’s 500 resi-
most proud.                                   to review candidates for his replace-                   the LocalLife Page and additional                      dents,” continued Gov. McDonnell.
   “Since the mid-’90s, the Indoor            ment. A final list of up to a dozen con-                photos appear at                             “Even in the old clinic, it was the devotion and sacrifice of Dr. Nichols
Plumbing/Rehabilitation Program and           tenders will be presented for the entire                Photo by Starke Jett
the Housing Choice Voucher Program            board’s consideration.                                                                                                                                       DR. COPTER, continued on page A2

Northern Neck legislators prepare for General Assembly session
  by Starke Jett                                            enues are going up, there is still a lot of pressure                  He also will try to get Route                                                 synthetic marijuana substance
                                                            on the budget. But as tight as things are, we are                  3 designated a Blue Star Memo-                                                   called Pep Spice that has been
   RICHMOND—Northern Neck legislators                       still better run than 46 or 47 other states.”                      rial Highway, a request that                                                     linked to several deaths and
Del. Albert Pollard and Sen. Richard Stuart are                Pollard will sponsor legislation to exempt                      came from the Rappahannock                                                       health issues in users nation-
preparing for the 2011 General Assembly ses-                new businesses from corporate or partnership                       Garden Club, said Pollard.                                                       wide. Stuart’s approach is to
sion that begins Wednesday, January 12, and                 personal income taxes if they make less than                          Stuart said he likes to play                                                  designate any synthetic mari-
continues for six weeks.                                    $300,000 the first two years of operation, he                      his cards close and not allow                                                    juana substance illegal to avoid
   “We can do as much in six weeks as Congress              said. He also will propose a bill to exempt local                  any opposition much time to                                                      having to re-ban any potential
gets done in a year,” said Pollard. “But that is a          produce businesses from paying sales and litter                    prepare to defeat the legislation                                                derivatives that may be intro-
pretty low bar to measure yourself against.”                taxes for sales under $2,400.                                      he has planned, so he declined                                                   duced later.
   Pollard and Stuart said they are preparing                  He would like to get the public notice of oyster                to divulge much preliminary                                                         “I have a wide range of leg-
measures designed to get economic development               ground closures increased from 5 days to 30                        information.                                                  islation planned,” said Stuart. “I have learned
rolling again and help small businesses cope with           days. He plans to introduce a bill to have band                       However, he said he has significant Chesa-                 that it is better to keep things quiet as long as
financial pressures.                                        booster type food sales of less than two days                      peake Bay legislation planned as well as eco-                 possible.”
   “Really, this assembly is going to be about              exempt from health department regulations. He                      nomic development, welfare reform and public                     Pollard and Stuart also have proposed a reso-
money, money, money,” said Pollard. “Federal                also wants no discharge zones made “common                         safety bills.
stimulus funds are running out. Although rev-               sense for tidal waters.”                                              One specific bill he revealed is to ban the                    GENERAL ASSEMBLY, continued on page A2

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A2        InsideNews                                                                                                                                                                               January 6, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                             Rappahannock Record

The Agenda
                                                       Local Government News
                                                                                                                                                                     It’s cold outside . . .
   WHITE STONE—The town                             KILMARNOCK—Lan-                                                                                                     bundle up with
council will meet at 7 p.m.
tonight (January 6) in the White
                                                  caster school board mem-
                                                  bers will hold an organizational                                                                                       a copy of the
Stone town office.
   Council will hear staff reports
                                                  meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday,
                                                  January 10, at the middle school                                                                                 Rappahannock Record!
from the town manager and                         media center in Kilmarnock.
police chief as well as reports                     Members will appoint a                                                                                         Postal and online subscriptions 435-1701
from the budget and finance and                   chair and vice chair for 2011.
public safety committees.                         Additionally, they will appoint
                                                  members to serve on the boards

                                                  of the Northern Neck Techni-
                                                  cal Center and Chesapeake Bay
              appahannock                         Governor’s School, as well as
                                                  delegates to the Virginia School
               ecord            USPS (455-600)    Board Association.
   27 N. Main St., P.O. Box 400                      LOTTSBURG—The Nor-
   Kilmarnock,VA 22482-0400                       thumberland school board
         804-435-1701                             will meet at 6 p.m. January 10
       Fax: 804-435-2632                          at the administration building in                            Lottsburg.
                                                     The board will reorganize for
  Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Gaskins,                2011 and elect officers, appoint a
        General Managers                          clerk, deputy clerk, acting clerk,
   Robert D. Mason Jr., Editor                    and designee to attend meetings
    J.E. Currell, Publisher, 1927-1993            in absence of the superintendent,
                                                  and adopt a schedule for regular
Published weekly except Christmas week
    at Kilmarnock, Lancaster Co.,VA.              meetings.
                                                     Superintendent Clint Stables
 Periodicals Postage Paid at Kilmarnock,          will provide preliminary numbers
 VA 22482 and additional mailing offices.
                                                  for the 2011-12 school budget.
   Postmaster: Send address changes to
 the Rappahannock Record, P.O. Box 400,              KILMARNOCK—The Kil-                                                                                          Our Punkin has been found!
       Kilmarnock,VA 22482-0400                   marnock Planning Com-                                                                                                             A heartfelt
Subscriptions (payable in advance): $25 per       mission on Tuesday, January
year in the Northern Neck and Middlesex
     County; $36 per year elsewhere.
                                                  11, will begin discussion on                                                                                                      thank you to
                                                  changes to the town’s compre-
             Single copy: $.75.
                                                  hensive plan. The meeting will                                                                                                    all our friends
   Member:Virginia Press Association
  and National Newspaper Association.
                                                  begin at 6 p.m. in the town hall                                                                                                  and neighbors
                                                  at 514 North Main Street.
                                                     According to town plan-                                                                                                        who helped
                  Printed on recycled paper.
                                                  ner Marshall Sebra, planners                                                                                                      search over
  All items submitted for publication are         are expected to report on their
  subject to inclusion in digital or other        assigned chapters.                                                                                                                the holiday
   electronic formats for use in other               “It will be an opportunity for
      Rappahannock Record products.
                                                  any public to get involved” in                                                                                                    weekend for
      How to reach us:                            the process, said Sebra.                                                                                                          her. A special
  To reach members of the staff, dial the
    main phone number, 435-1701, and                 H E AT H S V I L L E — T h e      Departing the dedication of the David B. Nichols Medical
                                                                                       Center on Tangier Island in August with his wife, Dianne, Dr.
                                                                                                                                                                                    thank you to
   then the employee’s extension when             Northumberland             board
   prompted, or use the e-mail address.
                                                  of supervisors will meet at 5        Nichols turned, looked at the clinic and smiled. “Dr. Nichols             Mark Schellhaas who found her and
         Newsroom Staff:                          p.m. Thursday, January 13, in        cast a huge shadow, not only across Tangier, but across the
        Robert D. Mason Jr., Editor
                                                  the courts building at 39 Judi-      Northern Neck—a shadow that all of us will stand in for                   brought her home.
       extension 25,
                                                  cial Place in Heathsville.           many years,” said photojournailst Ken Touchton of Wicomico
            Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi
      extension 23,
             Audrey Thomasson
                                                     The board will hear reports       Church. Photo copyright by Ken Touchon, used by permission.                     You all are Awesome!
                                                                                       Dr. Copter
                                                  from transportation residency
                                                                                                                                                                      Wayne & Nancy Cannon
    extension 22,
                  Starke Jett                     administrator David Brown,
       extension 28,
         William R. Fix, copy editor
                                                  school superintendent Clint
       extension 24,            Stables and county administra-       continued from page A1
         Advertising Staff:                       tor Kenny Eades.
            Sara Amiss, Manager                      At 7 p.m., the board will con-    that helped keep Tangier’s residents healthy when he flew on
     extension 13,         duct public hearings to consider     his days off to Tangier Island to treat those who needed medical
                  K.C. Troise                     requests from:                       attention. As the island’s doctor, Dr. Nichols selflessly continued
        extension 19,
               Marilyn Bryant
                                                     • Indian Creek Yacht and          to treat the sick while he was fighting his own health battle.
       extension 11,          Country Club to add 24 mooring          “Tangier Island today not only lost a great doctor, but also lost
              Joanna Marchetti                    slips along a proposed 160-foot      an important family member. It is my hope that all Virginians
       extension 15,           pier extension at its marina on      will pause to reflect on the good deeds performed by Dr. Nich-
          Production Staff:                       Indian Creek. The proposed           ols for 30 years and embrace the true spirit of giving that he
     (address e-mail to          construction extends from the        embraced during his 62 years of an outstanding life well lived.”
          Wayne Smith, Manager
       extension 26,
                                                  shoreline of Indian Creek and           In affiliating his practice with Riverside Medical Group in
                 Sarah Bowis                      362 Club Drive.                      2008, Dr. Nichols made sure the clinic would continue to be
       extension 17,               • Harvey Y. Perkinson Jr.,        staffed after he could no longer work.
               Susan Simmons                      and others, to allow an existing        “The clinic is in good shape,” Carter said. “Riverside Medi-
      extension 18,
     Joan Ramsay-Johnson, extension 17
                                                  campground at 473 Bunker Hill        cal Group has been sending Dr. Keith Cubbage and others to
          Gloria Bosher, extension 17             Road near Miskimon.                  the island so the work on Tangier that David was so concerned
         Brenda Burtner, extension 16                • Property owners in Betz         about was uninterrupted. We’re grateful that it will continue.
   Publishing/Business Staff:                     Landing Subdivision off Indian       David was fiercely protective of the islanders. He was a great
      Frederick A. Gaskins, President             Valley Road near Horsehead,          man and a great force for good. We’ll miss him.”
      extension 20,          to be added to the list of areas        In his final weeks, Dr. Nichols continued to visit the island
       Bettie Lee Gaskins, Treasurer
     extension 21,        where it is prohibited for dogs to   with Carter and son Davey, who flew the trio over.
    Kate Oliver, CPA, Accounts payable            run at large. The request would         “He wanted to go and stay in the stay-over suite at the health
       extension 21,          require an amendment to the          clinic,” Carter said. So after assuring Dianne Nichols they
       Kim Kent, Accounts manager
       extension 14,           county code.                         would keep a watchful eye on him, they became the first to bunk
     Ann Shelton, Accounts manager                   • Rodney Cassidy to construct     in the clinic apartment.
        extension 12,
                                                  a dwelling partially within the         A private family funeral service will be held on Tangier
            Subscriptions:                        50-foot resource protection area     before his ashes are buried in the island cemetery of Swain
      Anna Ticer, Circulation manager             in Fleeton Beach subdivision on      Memorial United Methodist Church next to the clinic.
     extension 16,
                                                  the Chesapeake Bay.                     “David felt he’d been eulogized at the dedication” and wanted
                                                                                       a small service with only his family and his Tangier family,
                                                                                       according to Carter. “This spring there will be a public celebra-
    Subscribe to the Record!                                                           tion of his life.”
                                                                                           In an interview last August, Dr. Nichols said, “I’m ready.
       For papers mailed to addresses in Lancaster,                                    I’ve faced reality and feel extremely lucky to have lived the life
              Northumberland, Richmond,                                                I’ve lived. Overall, what I did at Tangier was the best part of my
                                                                                       practice. I’ve gained from my family on Tangier.”
         Westmoreland and Middlesex counties:
                                                                                          And in an emotional statement to the crowd gathered for the
        ❑ $25.00 per year                        ❑ $19.00 per 6 months                 dedication, he asked them not to worry about him. “While I will
                                                                                       leave you in body, I will never leave you in spirit,” he said.
                  For papers mailed to other areas:                                       An obituary appears on page B5.
        ❑ $36.00 per year                        ❑ $28.00 per 6 months

       Student subscription: ❑ $20.00 for 9 months
                                                                                       General Assembly
                                                                                       continued from page A1
     OR: Order an Internet subscription                                                lution to commend the late “Dr.     the industry from the General
     and download a PDF version of the                                                 Copter,” Dr. David Nichols, who     Assembly to the Virginia Marine
      entire Rappahannock Record on                                                    spent part of his career helping    Resources Commission. Both
                                                                                       the citizens of Tangier Island by   Pollard and Stuart are opposed
     your computer! Get it Wednesdays!                                                 flying his personal helicopter on   to the bill and plan to defeat it.
        ❑ $35.00 per year                        ❑ $24.00 per 6 months                 a weekly basis to provide medi-        “I feel like I am in that movie
                                                                                       cal services.                       ‘Groundhog Day’,” said Pol-
                                                                                          He was eventually able to        lard. “This bill was introduced
         ❑ Payment enclosed                         New ❑ Renewal ❑                    garner enough support to build      last year and defeated and now
                                                                                       a medical center on the island,     we have to do it again. We had
         ❑ Bill me                   ❑ Charge to                   or       fad-                                           a series of hearings over the
                                                                                       which was dedicated to him
                                                                                       in August. Nichols, who just        summer that showed the indus-
    Name:______________________________________                                        retired last year, died December    try is not overfished and that the
                                                                                       30 after a six-month-long battle    menhaden’s capacity to filter the
    Address:____________________________________                                       with cancer.                        bay water is negligible at best. I
                                                                                          Another proposed resolution      view the bill as a way for the nay
                                                                                       sponsored by Stuart will com-       sayers to shut down the industry.
    City:________________________________________                                      mend the Raiders, the Rappa-        It is kind of like a thief asking
                                                                                       hannock High School baseball        to borrow your wallet temporar-
                                                                                       team that won the 2010 state        ily.”
    State:____ Zip:__________Phone: _____________
                                                                                       Group A championship.                  “It is very unfortunate,” said
                                                                                          Pollard and Stuart are also      Stuart. “This is an end run by
    Credit Card No.: ___________________________                                       preparing to fight another          opponents to shut down the
                                                                                       attempt by anti-menhaden            industry. They have no consid-
    Expiration Date: ___________________________                                       industry groups to shut down a      eration for the fact that the plant
    Signature: _________________________________                                       fishery that sustains the town of   provides over 300 jobs and is
                                                                                       Reedville and has far-reaching      a viable, critically important
      Mail to: Rappahannock Record Circulation Dept.                                   economic benefits for Lancaster     and sustainable industry for the
                                                                                       and Northumberland counties.        Northern Neck. I got it killed
        P. O. Box 400 • Kilmarnock, VA 22482-0400                                         A bill sponsored by Sen.         last year in the Senate and I’ll
     Phone 804-435-1701, ext. 16, or email                     Ralph Northum of Norfolk            get it killed again. You can quote
                                                                                       would transfer the regulation of    me on that.”
Kilmarnock • Virginia                                                                              RAPPAHANNOCK RECORD                                                                        January 6, 2011 • A3

                                     SHERIFFS’ REPORTS                                                                                                         Your Right Hand
  Lancaster County Sheriff                                                                                                                                     Concierge Service & Home Management
Ronnie Crockett this week
reported charges against eight                                                                                                                                  Handling your chores so you can
individuals.                                                                                                                                                     get back to enjoying life again.
   Keonta J. Smith, 18, of Kathy                                                                                                                               Call or e-mail us for more information
Drive was charged December 28                                                                                                                            
with breaking and entering and
grand larceny (both felonies).                                                                                                                                                577.3166
   Otis R. Fisher, 38, of Lively                                                                                                                    Suzanne Shepherd, Brooks Stewart and Kendall Vickery
was charged January 1 with
threatening to bomb/burn a
building (felony) and domestic
assault and battery in a Westmo-                                                                                                                            The
reland County case.
   Monta D. Lee, 23, of Kil-
marnock was charged January
1 with threatening death/bodily
injury by letter (felony) and
destruction of property.
Misdemeanors                                                                                                                                              Custom Decorating, Accessories and Gifts
   A Riverwood Drive woman,          Emergency personnel worked for about 30 minutes to free Rufus Crump from the cab of his
19, was charged December 22          logging truck after it overturned on Waddy’s Road.                                                                 18 S. Main St. l Kilmarnock, VA l 435-1783
with domestic assault and bat-
   A Riverwood Drive man, 38,        Driver pinned when logging truck rolls
was charged December 22 with           by Starke Jett                                          He was taken to Rappahannock General Hospital
contempt of a Spotsylvania                                                                  with non life-threatening injuries, according to an
court.                                  SHILOH SCHOOL—A fully-loaded logging                accident report prepared by Virginia State Trooper
   A Wilson Lane woman, 47,
was charged December 26 with
                                     truck owned by Kenneth Harris of Ken’s Truck-          Patrick McCranie. Crump was charged with reck-               YOU ARE INVITED
                                     ing in Shacklefords overturned on a sharp turn on      less driving by failing to maintain proper control of
public drunkenness.
   A Greentown Road man,
                                     Waddy’s Road near Shiloh School Road about 10          his vehicle.                                                SHADES OF IRELAND PRESENTATION
24, was charged December 29
                                     a.m. December 23.                                         An associate with Ken’s Trucking, Garland Wise,               Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 2 pm
                                        The driver, Rufus Crump, was trapped inside the     said it was the third time Crump had turned over a
with nonpayment of court fines/      cab of the 1993 Mac truck for about 30 minutes         logging truck.                                               Want to find out obout our 9 day
costs.                               while Kilmarnock emergency personnel worked to            McCranie estimated there was $10,000 in dam-                 escourted tour of Ireland,
   A Turner Lane man, 51, was
charged January 2 with drunk
                                     free him, according to the Virginia State Police.      ages to the truck.                                          “The Emerald Isle”? Please join us
driving.                                                                                                                                                  at our office to hear Collette
Activity report                      from a Devils Bottom Road            responded to a domestic distur-      of marijuana.                             representative, Eris White, tell
   Dec. 21: Staff recovered          resident, an attempted fraud         bance and destruction of prop-          Brian Geronimo, 22, of Mon-           about the tour & answer questions.
a stray hunting dog on Lively        complaint from a Marina Road         erty complaint in the 1900 block     tross was charged December 9                        Please RSVP
Oaks Road, responded to a                                                 of Morattico Road and checked        with a capias to show cause.
shots fired complaint involving
hunters in a prohibited hunting
                                     resident and a commercial bur-
                                     glary report from the 100 block
                                     of Chesapeake Drive. Staff
                                                                          on the well-being of a Keep
                                                                          Safe program participant after
                                                                                                                  Rodney Holden, 55, of
                                                                                                               Heathsville      was     charged
                                                                                                                                                            Adventure Travel
area on Breezy Point (hunt-          responded with Emergency             prearranged telephone contact        December 9 in a direct indict-           Chesapeake Commons, Kilmarnock
ers were intercepted and the         Medical Services (EMS) to a          could not be made (subject was       ment from the Northumberland                436-9200 1-877-436-9200
incident was turned over to the      medical emergency on Ocran           deceased).                           Circuit Court with distribution                    “Come join us–we’re going places”
game warden), responded with         Road, with KPD to a traffic acci-       Jan. 1: Staff responded to        of cocaine.
the Kilmarnock Police Depart-        dent at North Main and School        a domestic assault complaint            Jacqueline D. Waltman, 28,
ment (KPD) to a fight call on        streets and to a domestic assault    in the Lively area (incident         of Heathsville was charged
North Main Street and to a fight     complaint (boyfriend/girlfriend)     determined to have happened          December 10 with a capias to
call on Campbell Road.               on Paynes Creek Road.                in Westmoreland County), to a        show cause.
   Dec. 22: Staff responded             Dec. 25: Staff responded          motorist’s complaint of a reck-         Amberlynn Elaine West,
with Virginia State Police           to a complaint of trespassing        less driver in the Brookvale         30, of Richmond was charged
(VSP) to a single-vehicle acci-      hunters on Cove Creek Court,         area, to a domestic disturbance      December 14 with a capias to
dent on Ocran Road, with KPD         to an assault complaint on Twin      (subjects have children in           show cause.
to a missing child incident at       Branch Road, to a trespass com-      common) in the 11600 block              Molly Kane, 30, of Weems
the Wal-Mart shopping center         plaint on Twin Branch Road, to       of Courthouse Road, to a shots       was charged December 21 in a
(child located safely with a         a trespass complaint on Green-       fired complaint on Mantua            direct indictment from the Nor-
parent on James Jones Mem.           wood Court and checked on the        Road (hunting involved) and to       thumberland Circuit Court with
Hwy. within 20 minutes), to a        well-being of a Peirces Road         a domestic disturbance (adult        distribution of hydrocodone.
domestic disturbance on Riv-         resident at the request of a con-    siblings) on Alfonso Road.              Jonathan T. Brann, 19, of
erwood Drive, and to a fight         cerned citizen.                         Jan. 2: Staff responded to a      Callao was charged December
call on Riverwood Drive. Staff          Dec. 26: Staff responded          single-vehicle accident in White     21 in a direct indictment with                      the rebirth of the
received from an Ocran Road          to a disturbance call on Wilson      Stone, to a stolen vehicle com-      failing to appear before the
resident several items believed      Lane, checked on the well-           plaint in the 2600 block of Mary     multi-jurisdictional grand jury.          Wicomico Parish Church
to have been stolen.                 being of a Keep Safe program         Ball Road (vehicle determined           Donald Lee Michalak, 19,
   Dec. 23: Staff responded to
a landlord/tenant civil complaint
                                     participant after prearranged        to be with co-owner; civil dis-      of Heathsville was charged                     Thrift Shop
                                     telephone contact could not be       pute involved), to an E911 dis-      December 24 with abduction, as
on Riverwood Drive, with VSP
to a traffic accident at Mary Ball
                                     made (no emergency services          connect call on Kelley Neck          well as misdemeanor charges of            Wednesday, January 12th
                                     needed) and checked on the           Road (no emergency services          assault and battery, obstruction
and Pinckardsville roads, and to
a man with a gun complaint on
                                     well-being of a West Highview        required), to a possible burglary    of justice, and driving a vehicle
                                                                                                               after being suspended.
                                                                                                                                                        Will be accepting Consignments
                                     Drive resident at the request of     in progress on Jeffery Avenue
Rappahannock Drive. Staff noti-      a concerned citizen (no emer-        (incident determined to be insti-    Misdemeanors                            and clothing Donations 11 am-4 pm
fied the Virginia Department of      gency services needed).              gated by friends as a joke) and to      A Wicomico Church man, 51,
Transportation (VDOT) of a              Dec. 27: Staff received a         a noise violation complaint on       was charged December 9 with
downed tree blocking Pinck-          walk-in complaint of forgery         Oak Hill Road. Staff contacted       failure to appear.                           Re-opening for business
ardsville and Crawfords Corner       (no criminal incident). Staff        a Landing Drive resident at the         A Burgess woman, 26, was
roads and Northumberland             responded to a domestic assault      request of the local emergency       charged December 16 with fail-
                                                                                                                                                       Saturday, January 22 • 9 am-12 pm
authorities of a single-vehicle      complaint (boyfriend/girlfriend)     department staff.                    ure to appear.
accident in Wicomico Church.         on Nuttsville Road (complainant         Jan. 3: Staff responded with         A Heathsville man, 35, was
   Dec. 24: Staff assisted Mid-      left scene before officers arrived   EMS to a medical emergency           charged December 17 with
dlesex authorities with a fight      and could not be located), to a      alarm on Mosquito Point Road         assault and battery and failure
call at the Pilot House in Top-      disturbance call on Mulberry         and to a complaint of the theft      to appear in the Juvenile and
ping. Staff received a walk-in       Creek Road and to a single-          of a lawn tractor from Ridge-        Domestic Relations Court.
report of the theft of a firearm     vehicle accident on Pinckards-       field Farm Road.                        A Lottsburg man, 22, was
(12 gauge shotgun, $125 loss),       ville Road. Staff checked on the        Staff also conducted 33 traffic   charged December 18 with fail-
an attempted fraud complaint         well-being of an East Highview       stops, issued seven summonses,       ing to appear.
                                     Drive resident at the request of     assisted 25 motorists, reported         A Farnham man, 23, was

                                     a concerned out-of-town family
                                     member (no emergency services
                                                                          nine deer strikes, responded
                                                                          to five requests for traffic con-
                                                                          trol, investigated seven build-
                                                                                                               charged December 20 with reck-
                                                                                                               less driving, falsely identifying
                                                                                                               himself to law enforcement and
                                                                                                                                                                         25 to 30 % off
   COUNTY                               Dec. 28: Staff responded to       ing alarms, made seven inmate        driving without a license.                            everything in the store
                                     a burglary in the 7800 block of      transports and fielded four calls       A Richmond man, 28, was
    CRIME                            River Road (door damaged and         for animal control service.          charged December 21 with

                                     lottery tickets stolen, $1,800
                                     loss), to a domestic disturbance
                                     (mother/adult daughter) on
                                                                          Fire calls
                                                                             The White Stone Volunteer
                                                                          Fire Department responded to a
                                                                                                               brandishing a firearm and reck-
                                                                                                               less use of a firearm.
                                                                                                                  A Lottsburg woman, 47, was
                                                                                                                                                                           40 %       off

   The Lancaster County Crime
Solvers seeks information regard-
                                     Paynes Creek Road, and to a
                                     child abuse/neglect complaint
                                                                          traffic accident on Ocran Road,
                                                                          a possible structure fire on King
                                                                                                               charged December 25 with DUI
                                                                                                               and driving suspended.
                                                                                                                                                          Christmas Merchandise
ing two cases of breaking and        on Chestnut Grove Lane. Staff        Carter Drive, with the Kilmar-          A Heathsville woman, 63,
entering, as well as information     notified VDOT of the need for        nock Volunteer Fire Department       was charged December 31                            January 7 thru 21
regarding an individual.             chemicals in the area of Irving-     to a smoke report on Tide Point      with DUI, reckless driving and
   On December 19, White Stone       ton Road and White Pine Drive,       Lane and assisted EMS with a         refusal.                               Tuesday-Saturday • 11 am - 5 pm
Wine and Cheese at 572 Rappah-       and Windmill Point Road. Staff       call on Benson Road.                    A Heathsville woman, 27,
annock Drive in White Stone was      checked on the well-being of            Kilmarnock firemen also           was charged January 2 with                   Route 3 • Lively, VA
broken into and the cash register    an Ocran Road resident at the        responded to a patient lift on       failing to appear in Juvenile and                 462-6260
was removed from the business.       request of a concerned family        Lancaster Drive, a traffic acci-     Domestic Relations Court.
The register was soon found          member (no emergency ser-            dent on Balls Neck Road and a
nearby, but the cash was missing.    vices needed).                       structure fire in the 9800 block
   On December 9, a breaking            Dec. 29: Staff received a         of Jesse duPont Memorial

                                                                                                                                    Town Bistro
and entering was discovered at       fraud report from a Thomas           Highway,
the Upper Deck Crabs and Ribs        Landing Road resident ($293             The Upper Lancaster Volun-
House on Rocky Neck Road in          loss), a destruction of property     teer Fire Department responded
the Mollusk area. Cash was taken     report from a Rio Vista resi-        to a traffic accident on Shiloh
from the register and a 22 semi-     dent (vinyl siding, $40 loss) and    School Road, a carbon mon-
auto Windchester rifle was taken     responded to a trespass com-         oxide alarm on Hickory Road,
from the premises.                   plaint in the 10400 block of Jesse   requests for a med-evac land-                                   COME JOIN US in JANUARY to
   Investigator Ronald Hudson        Dupont Memorial Highway.             ing zone on Yeocomico Drive,                     RELAX and NOSH on AWESOME SPECIALS AVAILABLE ONLY
of the Lancaster County Sher-           Dec. 30: Staff responded to       to assist the Richmond County
iff’s Office seeks information       a domestic disturbance (boy-         Volunteer Fire Department with                           at our COZY NEW BAR 5 - 6:30 pm NIGHTLY
regarding Robert J. Wildenber.       friend/girlfriend) on Buttercup      a structure fire on Sharps Road                                     HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE
Property belonging to Wilden-        Lane, to a larceny complaint         and to assist EMS with calls
ber was found in the Ocran area.     in the 4300 block of Irvington       on Nuttsville Road, Belmont                                      8 oz ANGUS BEEF BURGER $6
Report any information regard-       Road (no theft occurred), to         Drive, Griffiths Landing Road                    MUSHROOMS stuffed with CRAB and PARMESAN CHEESE $8
ing this man or any of his family    Twin Branch Road on a report         and Morattico Road.
members to investigator Hudson       of a dog being shot by a hunter         Northumberland County                                     BISTRO GARLIC SHRIMP TOAST $7
at 462-5111, or the Lancaster        and to the Pine Trail area on        Sheriff Charles A. Wilkins                        CHILLED BLACK OLIVE, SUNDRIED TOMATO CHEESE DIP $6
County Crime Solvers.                a complaint of a possible fire       this week reported charges
   Lancaster County Crime            (determined to be an open fire       against 17 individuals.                                   MANY MORE CHOICES AVAILABLE DAILY
Solvers pays a cash reward up        under control).                      Felonies
to $1,000 for information that          Dec. 31: Staff responded            Rodney Coleman, 38, of
                                                                                                                                   Open Wednesday - Saturday 5 pm - Close
is useful to law enforcement.        to Chinns Mill on a motorist’s       Heathsville    was     charged                       62 Irvington Road, Kilmarnock • 804.435.0070
Report information at 462-7463.      report of a subject who may          December 8 in a direct indict-
The line is not recorded and you     need assistance (emergency           ment from Northumberland
do not have to appear in court.      medical services needed),            Circuit Court with distribution
A4      CommunityForum                                                                                                                                                                                January 6, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                Rappahannock Record

                                                                                                                                                                 YOUR LETTERS
Fiction                                  Focal Point                                                                                             Please hunt                           trespassing and I state emphati-

orBob’s Almanac                                                                                                                                  somewhere else
                                                                                                                                                    I was awakened recently about
                                                                                                                                                                                       cally, that when caught, I will
                                                                                                                                                                                       prosecute to the fullest extent of
                                                                                                                                                                                       the law. So please go hunt some-
from                                                                                                                                             6:30 a.m. to the sounds of gun-       where else.
                                                                                                                                                 shot outside my window.                  I know there are supporters on
           by Robert Mason Jr.                                                                                                                      I live on the river and a good     both sides of this issue. However,
   James Lee Burke returned                                                                                                                      part of the waterfront is wetlands.   until laws are updated to reflect
to the top of my reading for                                                                                                                     During the cold weather ducks         the residential changes going
pleasure chart in 2010 with The                                                                                                                  take refuge in the wetlands and       on here in the Northern Neck,
Glass Rainbow.                                                                                                                                   if food is scarce we supplement       we have to live in harmony with
   Another in the Dave                                                                                                                           with corn. There were men with        mutual respect. Please hunt some-
Robicheaux detective series,                                                                                                                     guns next door to my house,           where else. I moved here to enjoy
The Glass Rainbow took best                                                                                                                      shooting the ducks.                   the wildlife, not have it killed in
prose, best mystery, best fish-                                                                                                                     I called Northumberland            front of my face.
ing, best gunfight, best fist fight,                                                                                                             County Game Warden Ken Wil-                                Patricia Degon,
best locale (Cajun Country),                                                                                                                     liams, who said it is perfectly                                 Lottsburg
best detective (Robicheaux),                                                                                                                     legal. He said he would check         Unresponsive
best strong-arm sidekick (Clete                                                                                                                  it out and he later called back       bureaucracies
Purcel), book I’d most likely                                                                                                                    to confirm that it was all legal.
recommend to others, and best                                                                                                                    He also advised me the hunters           We hear a lot these days about
Riverneck read.                                                                                                                                  would be back that evening to kill    Washington, our unresponsive
   It ranked just below The Bible                                                                                                                more ducks.                           Congress, and faceless bureau-
(King James Version) as the best                                                                                                                    I understand that some people      crats in Washington, D.C. But a
all-around book. Of course, The                                                                                                                  enjoy the thrill of shooting help-    recent experience has me think-
Bible is in a league of its own. It                                                                                                              less animals and that the laws        ing the federal government could
has everything—action, history,                                                                                                                  protect them. However, I think we     learn a thing or two about bureau-
politics, mystery, love, passion,                                                                                                                need to look at the laws that allow   cracy from folks in Lancaster.
demons, inspiration, advice,                                                                                                                     hunting in residential areas. Let’s      I received my personal property
family values, fishing, parades,                                                                                                                 face it, there are ample places to    tax bill shortly before the holidays,
                                        A bubbler protecting a dock creates swirly patterns on the creek as ice thaws and
poetry, justice, challenging prose,                                                                                                              hunt besides in front of my house.    several weeks past the December
truth and the word of God.                                                                                          Photo by Laura Dent          And there are ample ducks to kill     5 due date. It had been sent to the
   Among other non-fiction read-                                                                                                                 besides the ones in my front yard.    wrong address and, from the look
ing, Fight on My Soul: A Colored                                                                                                                 Please hunt some place else.          of the post marks, had bounced
Doctor’s Battle Against Disease,          Submit your interesting photos capturing the life and times in the Northern Neck to editor@                                                  between Post Offices for more
                                                                                                                                                    A few weeks ago, I had another
Discrimination and Ignorance in, subject line Focal Point.                                                                                                         than a month. I paid my bill and
                                                                                                                                                 experience. It was a beautiful
Rural Jim Crow Virginia, by Dr.                                                                                                                  Friday morning with glistening        contacted officials to discuss the
James E. C. Norris, scored high.                                                                                                                 white snow covering the ground        10 percent penalty for late pay-
   It garnered distinction for best    Delegate’s Report                                                                                         and trees. It was so beautiful I      ment. That’s when the fun began.
                                                                                                                                                                                          After receiving no answer at the
local book, best documented,                                                                                                                     could not resist going for a walk
best bibliography, best chronol-                                                                               by Del. Albert C. Pollard Jr.     through the woods and down my         Commissioner of the Revenue’s
ogy, best book recommended by                                                                                                                                                          office for days, I finally reached
                                       W      ith the General Assembly starting next          HB1434 will make it illegal to sell, distribute    half-mile driveway. My peace-
a friend, best recent history and                                                                                                                ful walk abruptly ended when I        a clerk who assured me that my
                                              week, the pace is quickening. Legislative     or possess synthetic marijuana, aka “spice.”                                               address was correct in their data
most enlightening.                     staff is writing, bill drafts are being reviewed,      HB 1443 will make possession of real mari-         realized there was a set of snow
   Among other fiction, The                                                                                                                      covered human footprints in           base, and suggested I contact the
                                       lawyers are telling us laymen why laws “won’t        juana a civil offense instead of a criminal                                                Treasurer’s Office.
Bikini Car Wash, by Pamela             work” and, of course, several hundred bills are      offense.                                             my driveway. I followed them
Morsi, ranked high.                                                                                                                              for awhile and saw where they            The staff member there said
                                       already pre-filed.                                     HB 1442 will update the laws on falconry.                                                she did not understand where the
   It received accolades for best         So far, the General Assembly has filed a bill     Currently, an individual is permitted to have        entered my driveway from the
business plan, best bikinis, best                                                                                                                woods. They were large, prob-         problem had occurred, could do
                                       to address everything from falconry to synthetic     no more than three raptors, but the bill would                                             nothing about it, but assured me
love story, hottest cars and book      marijuana. Below is a short list of some of the      remove that restriction. It also would allow an      ably a man’s print, and those
I’d most like to see turned into a                                                                                                               prints were beside deer prints. I     that I was liable for the penalty in
                                       pre-filed bills:                                     individual to retrieve their bird from another                                             any event since “everyone in Vir-
major motion picture.                     HB1404 will prohibit the use of cell phones       person’s property by foot. It also makes it ille-    concluded some hunter was tres-
   Among the 48 books I read                                                                                                                     passing on my property, close to      ginia knows that personal prop-
                                       while driving, riding a bike, operating a wheel-     gal for anyone to remove the tracking device on                                            erty taxes are due on December
last year, several others stood out    chair, Segway or moped. The bill also requires       the birds without the expressed permission of        my house, and no doubt, with a
for a variety of reasons:                                                                                                                        loaded gun.                           5th.” I question the accuracy of
                                       that it be a primary offense. In other words, if     the owner.                                                                                 that statement. I do know that I
   • Best local book by a friend:      you are seen driving and talking on a cell phone,      HB1450 will require retailers to keep pressur-        My property is posted and is
Kilmarnock: A Dog, A Boy, A                                                                                                                      also certified by National Wild-      will get an electric bill this month,
                                       you can be stopped and ticketed.                     ized “canned air” under lock and key to prevent                                            but I will wait for the bill anyway
Town, by Steve Bonner.                    HB1409 will keep government agencies from         shoplifting by potential abusers.                    life Federation as a Wildlife Habi-
   • Best book of photos: Images                                                                                                                 tat, so anyone with half a brain      to learn how much I owe.
                                       infringing on the content of a prayer offered by       HB1518 requires schools to add economics                                                    Subsequent conversations with
of Warsaw, by Francene Barber,         individuals invited by that government agency        and financial literacy to their curricula.           would know there is no hunting
David Jett and Brenda Harhai.                                                                                                                    allowed. I have filed a report with   the Commissioner of the Revenue
                                       to give an invocation or prayer. The bill provides     A full list of bills can be found at leg1.state.                                         and Del. Pollard’s office yielded
   • Best local history book:          that the content of the prayer cannot advance a, or The deadline to         the police and the game warden
Robert “King “ Carter, Builder                                                                                                                   regarding the trespassing/hunting     similar results. I finally was able
                                       particular religion or disparage any other faith     submit the bills for consideration in the 2011                                             to speak with the Treasurer in
of Christ Church, by the research      or belief.                                           General Assembly session is 10 a.m. Wednesday,       discovered that morning. I will
staff of the Foundation for His-                                                                                                                 continue to vigilantly monitor        early January who informed me
                                          HB1426 will make it easier for people to          January 12. The session will officially begin at                                           the incorrect address on the bill
toric Christ Church.                   identify taxicabs.                                   noon, January 12.                                    the property against unauthorized
   • Best sports book: Always A                                                                                                                                                        was due to the third-party firm
Yankee: A Pitcher’s Story; Jim                                                                                                                                                         used to send out the bills and the
Coates, He Beat the Odds to
Become an All-Star and World
                                                                                            YESTERYEAR                                                                                 subsequent delay was “a Post
                                                                                                                                                                                       Office problem.”
Champion, by Jim Coates with                                                      By conferring happiness 1911 will be                                                                    She then quoted portions of
                                          (Reprints from the January 6, 1911,                                                       lusk, spent Sunday with W. A. Oliver.
Douglas Williams.                                                               a happy one. Happiness and unselfish-                                                                  the Personal Property Tax Relief
                                       issue of the Virginia Citizen)                                                                 Miss Nettie Saunders entertained a
   • Best biography, autobiogra-                                                ness are inseparable associates.                                                                       Act of 1998 and explained that I
                                       Irvington                                                                                    number of young friends Tuesday eve-
phy or memoirs: (tie) Big Man:                                                    Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Messick and Gil-                                                                  had no further recourse but to pay
                                          Miss Hattie Anne V. Clark, of Lively,                                                     ning of last week.
Real Life & Tall Tales, by Clar-                                                bert Messick made a visit to Norfolk                                                                   the penalty. She had no opinion
                                       is guest of T. R. Tellis.                                                                      Misses Irene and Hester Oliver,
ence Clemons and Don Reo and                                                                                                                                                           whether the next bill would be
                                          Randolph Hayes, of Hampton, was a last week on Capt. Messick’s yacht                      Linnie Wilcox and Essie Stevens spent
                                                                                                                                                                                       delivered to my correct address.
Man of Constant Sorrow: My             recent guest at the parsonage.           Blanche.                                            Wednesday of last week with Miss Ade-
Life & Times, by Dr. Ralph Stan-                                                                                                                                                          I share this unpleasant experi-
                                          Capt. W. D. Newbill, of Ft. Myer, Caught On The Fly                                       laid Belfield at Senora.
ley with Eddie Dean.                                                                                                                                                                   ence not because I have any less
                                       spent a few days here last week.           Lancaster Veterans and Lancaster                  Ottoman                                            regard for the people or elected
   • Best music: (tie) Big Man            Misses Lelia and Beatrice Ball, Board of Supervisors met Wednesday at                       Wayman Blakemore, of Senora, left
and Man of Constant Sorrow.                                                                                                                                                            officials of Lancaster County, but
                                       of Weems, visited relatives here last the courthouse.                                        Saturday for Norfolk and thence to                 precisely because of my regard
   • Most macho advice: The            week.                                      First Officer Hart, of steamer Calvert,           Richmond, where he has accepted a
Way of the Wild heart: A Map for                                                                                                                                                       for them.
                                          Miss Margaret Treakle, of lower Lan- slipped out of the pilot house Wednes-               position.                                             I’d still rather live here than in
the Masculine Journey, by John         caster, has been visiting Miss Nellie day and cut the back of his head.                        Miss Nannie Dunaway has returned
Eldredge.                                                                                                                                                                              Washington. But when office-
                                       Dix.                                       Miss Irene Davis returned from Nor-               and is doing well after her operation.             holders lose sight of their respon-
   • Most feminine advice: The            Capt. J. E. Bussels, at the head of a folk on Xmas Eve to spend the holidays                Geo. Belfield and Wm. H. Walker are
GRITS (Girls Raised In The                                                                                                                                                             sibility to the citizens who put
                                       brigade of boys, was in Norfolk last at her home in lower Lancaster.                         each building a new barn.                          them there and fail to apply reason
South) Guide to Life, by Deborah       week.                                      Misses Sallie Fitchett and Hannah                   Mr. and Mrs. Lyell Ficklin returned
Ford and Edie Hand.                                                                                                                                                                    and compassion to their work as
                                          Miss Stella Ro[b]erstson, of lower Dix have “swapped” schools. The latter                 Friday last and report a pleasant visit to         well as simple procedure, then
   • Best how-to: Flirting             Lancaster, visited relatives here last will teach at Weems and Miss Fitchett                 relatives in North Carolina.
101:How to Charm Your Way to                                                                                                                                                           it is time for them to find other
                                       week.                                    at the Island.                                        (Translated by Stephen A. Redd, vol-             work. And that is true from the
Love, Friendship and Success, by          Capt. J. F. Bellows, of Ocran, spent Myers Creek                                          unteer of the Mary Ball Washington
Michelle Lia Lewis and Andrew                                                                                                                                                          White House to the Courthouse.
                                       Monday night with Dr. W. J. Newbill, en    Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver, of Mol-                Museum and Library)                                                   Michael Greene,
Bryant.                                route to Baltimore.                                                                                                                                                     Lancaster
   • Funniest: (tie) Check Your
Neck: More of You Might Be a
Redneck If... and Red Ain’t Dead:
150 More Ways to Tell If You’re A
Redneck, both by Jeff Foxworthy.          Excerpts
   • Weirdest: Bite Me: A Love
Story, by Christopher Moore.                                                                                                                                                              by Henry Lane Hull
   • Best fantasy: Fool, by Moore.
   • Best observation of current
social or political issues: Glenn
                                          A     s with many others, the Christ-
                                                mas season has taken its toll on
                                          my eight-year diet plan. Too many
                                                                                    goal of weight reduction to be daily succulent milk-and-butter-drenched
                                                                                    exercise of the triceps muscles, an cakes. When I was a child my mother
                                                                                    activity that the dieter must under- bought an antique American pattern
                                                                                                                                                                         lem is that they do, and paraphrasing
                                                                                                                                                                         the words of the great patriot, eternal
                                                                                                                                                                         vigilance is the price of weight loss.
Beck’s Common Sense: The                  good eats, too little exercise, and too   take three times a day to achieve the glass celery vase. I have decided to           Pounds are like bank interest used to
Case Against an Out-of-Control            little will power in simply not saying    desired results.                       pull it out of the cupboard and put it        be, they mount up whether we are
Government, Inspired by Thomas            no to some of the treats that appeared       Far too often                                            back on the table        paying attention or not.
Paine, by Glenn Beck.                     before me. Actually, the problem was      most of us over- Far too often most of us                   serving its origi-          Unsalted nuts are another weight
   • Best book adapted to a major         not too many, but in not recognizing      exercise       the                                          nal purpose, i.e.,       saver. Acquiring a taste for them,
motion picture: The Town, by              that what should have been the entire     biceps muscles, over-exercise the biceps                    holding nicely           rather than for salted varieties, is an
Chuck Hogan.                              culinary delight, I treated as an appe-   and       therein                                           trimmed stalks           excellent way to limit sodium and
   • Best re-read: The Town (pre-         tizer. Consequently, today there is       lies the prob- muscles, and therein lies                    of fresh celery          reduce the food-craving tempta-
viously published as Prince of            three pounds more of me than there        lem. The biceps                                             to precede and           tions that salted types produce. Fat
Thieves).                                 was three weeks ago.                      are those arm the problem. The biceps are                   accompany lunch          from nuts is less harmful than fat
   • Best lifestyle changing                 This realization, not remarkable as    muscles       that those arm muscles that pull              and dinner.              from animal products, but here again
book: The Secret is Out: The              scales normally tell the truth, has put   pull us to the                                                 Cut     celery        moderation is the key. A few nuts,
Medifast Program, What Phy-               me back on course towards Project         table, whereas us to the table, whereas the                 and carrots are          accompanied by raw celery or car-
sicians Have Always Known                 Independence, independence from           the triceps are                                             delicious and by         rots and crispbread, can be both fill-
About Weight Loss, by Lisa                fat that is. My first line of offense     those that push triceps are those that push                 themselves quite         ing and delicious, but one must not
Davis PhD, PA-C and Retired               is to return to reading the labels on     us away from us away from the table.                        filling, greatly         forget to watch the quantities.
USMCR Col. Bradley T. Mac-                packaged foods, but this approach         the table. Three                                            reducing the din-           Over the years I have found peri-
Donald.                                   can do only so much, as most of the       times a day                                                 er’s appetite for        ods of intense dieting have preceded
   • Best other non-fiction: How          responsibility lies in the home-baked     pushing oneself away from the table, less fibrous and higher caloric parts           more gradual segments of thinking
To Make A Moose Run...And                 goodies that tempted me over the          eschewing seconds, or even worse, of a meal. Skim milk in a cup of tea               that a few extra this or that will not
Other Great Things My Dad                 festivities.                              thirds, is the only foolproof way to is another painless way to reduce fat           matter. The results have been slow,
Taught Me, by Gary Stanley.                  At present I am paying attention       bring down one’s weight. Exercise intake, and it tastes better as well.              incremental increases on the scale.
   • Most memorable trip: Home            to the numbers, those of my weight,       can do only so much; careful scru- Plain boiled potatoes with pepper                 This time my goal is of a more per-
to Holly Springs, by Jan Karon.           calories, fat and sodium content, and     tiny of the intake is the key to sys- and dill weed can be equally as tasty          manent nature. I am on a downhill
   • Best Kept Secrets, Gone for          quantities of cookies, slices of cake,    tematic weight loss.                   as ones covered with butter.                  track, weight-wise, and determined
Good, by Harlan Coben.                    and tasty morsels to which I have            In this regard, high fiber vegeta-    Three days into this new regime             to stick to my New Year’s resolu-
   • Most suspenseful: Worth              been treating myself of late.             bles can be the dieter’s best friends. and I am already down two pounds.             tions with culinary delights that are
Dying For, by Lee Child.                     As I have written previously, I        They fill one up, leaving few calories Pounds and calories are insidious             healthful and satisfying, for when it
   • Best coffee: Nothing to Lose,        consider the most important exercise      behind, compared, say, to cookies quantities, which all of us should                 comes to dieting, less is truly more.
by Child.                                 activity one can pursue towards the       made with pure sweet cream butter or like to think do not count. The prob-           Bon appetit!
 FICTION, continued on page A5
Kilmarnock • Virginia                                                                            RAPPAHANNOCK RECORD                                                                January 6, 2011 • A5

                             LETTER TO SANTA                                                                       YOUR
                                                                                                                                                   THE RECORD ONLINE
    Our apologies to Brieghton Rylie Dawson for not printing this letter with all the others in
  our Christmas edition. It arrived in plenty of time for Santa but got gobbled up in our com-
  puter system somehow. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and Happy Birthday!                           Priority check
  Dear Santa Claus,                                     Bring lots of wonderful goodies to my                   Unfortunately, the Presi-
     It’s that time again! Remember me,              Nana and Pop-Pop Ashburn, Granny and Pop                dent of the United States
  Brieghton Rylie Dawson! I’m growing up             Dawson, and my Great Grandparents Ma                    cannot be just one of the
  fast! I’ll be 3 years old the day after Christ-    Dawson and Nanny and Grandaddy Hearold.                 boys, even while picking
  mas, so I want EVERYTHING I see along              Also don’t forget my Aunt KK, bring her an              up the tab for $38 worth of
  with EVERYTHING my Sissy McKynzi                   extra special gift this year, she deserves it           Hawaiian Slurpees.
  has!                                               and my cousins James-Michael and Braiden.                  It’s true that people who
     I’m still learning about this whole Christ-     Aunt LaLa, Uncle E and cousins TayTay,                  spend time in jail, especially
  mas and Santa thing so I haven’t asked for         Mae-Mae and Alan, Aunt Pie, Aunt EP and                 for violent felonies, have a
  much this year. I love to read like my big         all my Great Aunts and Uncles.                          hard time finding second
  sister and she gets mad when I take her               Please remember to be good to my YMCA                chances. It’s true that there
  books and games, so would you please bring         teachers; I know I’m a handful!                         is no level playing field for
  me some of my very own. I really like to              Oh! Before I forget, could you please                people who have done time
  color too but Mommy says only if it’s wash-        leave a few treats for my Dalmatian Dixie               in jail for the most unspeak-
  able because I like to draw on more than just      and cat toys for Simon?                                 able and disgusting antisocial
  the paper! I could use some new clothes and           Well, Santa, I hope I haven’t taken up too           acts such as vicious animal           THE LANCASTER COUNTY LIONS CLUB
  sparkly hairy things. I love Sissy’s DS but        much of your time, as I know you are busy.              torture and maiming.
  Mommy and Daddy say I’m way too young
  for one of my own.
                                                     So “Merry CHRISTmas” to you and Mrs.
                                                     Claus and I’ll see you again next year.
                                                                                                                I don’t really care if some
                                                                                                             perverted twisted soul does               THANKS YOU
     Santa, please bring my Mommy and Daddy                                           Your little girl,      not have a job as quarterback             the members of our community
  both something special cause they love me                                 Brieghton Rylie Dawson           for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  so much and take such good care of me and                                               2 years old        I do care that the president                and TRI-STAR Food Market
  my sissy. Daddy works so hard on the Coast                                            White Stone          believes that this twisted,           for making our Christmas Food Basket
  Guard Cutter and won’t be home for Christ-            P.S. I left a note under the tree so you will        drug-abusing sadist is being            project so successful again this year.
  mas this year or for his 31st birthday. Bring      know where to find us this year; Mommy                  discriminated against because
  my Sissy McKynzi all that she has asked for,       says she’s taking us to Boston to spend                 no self-respecting organiza-               Pam Kidwell, President, LCLC
  I love her more than the sky is blue!              Christmas with our Daddy!!                              tion wants to hire him.
                                                                                                                Frankly, I don’t want to
                                                                                                             watch the world’s most sadis-
                                                                                                             tically talented athlete and I
                             First Impressions                                                               refuse to buy any product that
                                                                                                             I know sponsors him. Why
  by Iris H. Smith               watched as the slow-moving             half-smoked cigar would’ve           would any parent encourage
                                 vehicles rolled along in the           come out of his mouth. It was        their kids to watch NFL foot-
  It has been said first impres- direction of the capitol.              clearly unlit.                       ball when it holds up the ilk
sions are the longest lasting.      They halted occasionally              After the motorcade passed         of Michael Vick as its role
I well remember one I had        so everyone could get a better         by our area, we went back to         model?
when two of the worlds’ great- look at England’s Prime Min-             the switchboards. I’ve always           A person like Mr. Vick
est leaders were coming to       ister, Winston Churchill, and          been grateful to the C&P             will be incredibly fortunate
Richmond where one was to        General Dwight D. Eisen-               supervisors who gave me the          if he could just hold down
address the General Assembly. hower. The two gentlemen                  opportunity for such a “First        an everyday ordinary job and
  For a girl not long out of     were on the back seat of a             Impression.”                         stay out of jail.
high school, I knew this was     great looking vehicle.                   Iris Smith is a resident of           With the U.S. economy
a “once in a lifetime” experi-      As luck would have it, Gen-         Kilmarnock.                          near disaster, a very large
ence. I had a great job work-    eral Eisenhower was seated               Editor’s Note: Do you have         percentage of the Ameri-
ing the switchboard at the       on the side nearest me. I must         a memorable first impression?        can work force unemployed
Chesapeake and Potomac Tele- have been about six feet away.             Readers are invited to submit        and underemployed, a dilet-
phone Company in downtown He had the greatest smile and                 their “First Impressions”            tante Congress tauntingly
Richmond. There was to be a      continued to wave to all who           in 400 words or less on any          spending our children into
motorcade passing in front of stood along the way on both               topic. Send them by email to         multi-trillion dollar debt, we
the building where I worked.     sides of the street.         , by mail          now have a Slurpee-eating
  I was so happy when the           Not so with Prime Minister          to P.O. Box 400, Kilmarnock,         president worrying about
supervisors allowed many of      Churchill. I watched for a few         VA 22482, or drop them by the        the employability of Michael
us to go and stand on the street minutes. While I could see             office at 27 North Main Street.      Vick. Happy New Year and
and add to the welcoming         him quite clearly, he never            Please include your name,            have a nice day.
festivities. As the motorcade    waved or looked toward the             address and phone number.                           Garrett L. Howard,
approached, I got as close       people on either side. He did          All submissions are subject to                             Heathsville
to the street as allowed and     not smile; had he done so the          editing.
                                                                                                              G O T T H E I T C H TO
                                                                                                                PLACE AN AD?
  The Congressional Report                                                                                        M a i l @ R Re c o r d . c o m

                                                                            by Rep. Rob Wittman
     Happy New Year to the
  folks of America’s First Dis-
                                   cameras installed within
                                   the Rules Committee which
                                                                       time in the defense of our
                                                                       nation as any federal spend-
                                                                                                               Lancaster County Community Christmas Project
     Last year I enjoyed meet-
                                   is the last stop for legisla-
                                   tion before it comes up for
                                                                       ing is under more pressure
                                                                       and scrutiny. Defense poli-
                                                                                                                           Wishes to thanks all the sponsors, friends
  ing and visiting with many
  of you at various events and
                                   consideration on the House
                                   Floor. House committee sizes
                                                                       cies and spending levels have
                                                                       been questioned sharply.
                                                                                                                                 and supporters of the project.
  meetings in Fredericksburg,
  Tappahannock, Yorktown and
                                   have been reduced to allow
                                   for more effective work.
                                                                          As the year closes and a
                                                                       new year begins, we often
                                                                                                                      More than 111 sponsors provided Christmas presents
  Washington, D.C.
     The year 2010 brought
                                      The beginnings of spending
                                   reform have been instituted
                                                                       look ahead with resolutions.
                                                                       A few days ago, I asked con-
                                                                                                                               and holiday cheer to 313 children
  action in Congress and an        to make it harder to increase       stituents what resolutions                           and 198 adults in 132 families this year.
  election where folks spoke       spending. I believe the most        Congress should have for the
  out about the state of govern-   important work Congress             new session. Many folks sup-
  ment. Since Election Day, we     can do is institute policies        ported more fiscal respon-             * Bank of Lancaster                          * Lancaster County Social Services
  have seen changes forthcom-      that pave the way for Ameri-        sibility and upholding the             * William Barrack, Jr.                       * Lancaster High School National Honor
  ing for the new Congress to      can innovation and entrepre-        Constitution.
  make the work of the people      neurs to create jobs. And, in          On January 5, a new Con-            * Bay 101.7                                  Society
  more transparent.                order to create more certainty      gress was sworn into office            * Bay Window Knitters                        * Lancaster High School Teachers
     The first task will be to     and a solid future, Congress        with a Republican majority.            * Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Neck,    * The Learning Center
  read the Constitution on the     must rein in spending.              It is my hope that as we begin
  House Floor to set the tone         Recently, I humbly accepted      a new session of Congress,             board and staff                              * Mary Miller
  for business. Earmarks are       a position as chairman of the       you will share your thoughts           * Boys & Girls Club - Fine Arts Club, Key-   * Morattico Baptist Church
  banned because the system by     House Armed Services Sub-           with me at              stone Club, Passport to Manhood, Torch       * Mt. Olive Senior Ministry
  which earmarks are awarded       committee on Oversight and          gov, 202-225-4261, face-
  is broken.                       Investigations for the 112th, or             Club, Success Dance Team and the Parent      * Northern Neck CASA
     We have arranged to have      Congress. This is a critical                Auxiliary                                    * Carol Purdy
                                                                                                              * Campbell Memorial Church Presbyterian      * Jean Poole
Republican                         Fiction or Fact                                                            Women
                                                                                                              * Mozell Carter
                                                                                                                                                           * Queen Esther Baptist Church
                                                                                                                                                           * Sherry Ransone
committee                          continued from page A4                                                     * Anne Cheek                                 * Ann Revere
to meet Jan. 18                       • Book most likely to be
                                   adapted to a major motion pic-
                                                                        twined stories: Later, At the Bar.
                                                                          • Best travel guide: Backroads
                                                                                                              * Chesapeake Bank                            * Karen and Jeff Rosenfeld
                                                                                                              * Sally Clark                                * St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
   The     Lancaster     County    ture: (tie) Split Image and Night    & Byways: Virginia Drives, Day
Republican Committee will          and Day by Robert B. Parker.         Trips & Weekend Excursions, by        * Tara and Dvora Courtland                   * St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church
meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, January       • Police chief most likely to     Bill Lohmann.                         * Linda Coye                                 * Tom Saunders
18, at Chesapeake Bank Train-      be played by Tom Selleck: Jesse        Most books by a single
ing Center, 51 School Street,
                                                                                                              * David and Harriet Crowther                 * Anne Skerrett
                                   Stone in Split Image and Night       author: (tie) Storm Prey, Wicked
Kilmarnock.                        and Day.                             Prey, Phantom Prey and Bad            * Edna Davenport                             * Susan Slag
   The committee will hear            • Best bar: Lucy’s Tavern in      Blood, by John Sandford, and          * Deputy Santa                               * Janet Tayloe
reports from leaders of the        Later, At the Bar, by Rebecca        Gone Tomorrow, Nothing to
First Congressional District       Barry.                               Lose, 61 Hours and Worth Dying
                                                                                                              * Dunton, Simmons & Dunton, LLP              * Town of Kilmarnock
Republican Committee, the             • Best collection of inter-       For, by Lee Child.                    * Bill Evans                                 * Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the
28th Senatorial District Repub-                                                                               * JoAnn Felthouse                            Rappahannock
lican Committee, and the 99th
Legislative District Republican                                                                               * Fountainhead Associates, LLC               * Virginia Waterman’s Association
Committee, said committee
chairman Joan Blackstone.
   Blackstone has invited all
potential candidates for the
                                        C Jim’s

                                                 CABINET CREATIONS
                                                                                                              * The Franklin Family
                                                                                                              * Meredith and Jack Geier
                                                                                                              * Grace Episcopal Church
                                                                                                                                                           * Wal-Mart Kilmarnock
                                                                                                                                                           * Phyllis Weiler
                                                                                                                                                           * WIGO Country 104.9
Republican nomination for                                                                                     * Sandra Harris                              * White Stone United Methodist Church

the District 99 House seat to
address the committee and                                                                                     * Irvington Baptist Church                   * White Stone United Methodist Women
respond to questions.                                                                                         * Irvington Methodist Church                 * White Stone Baptist Church
   “While we recently com-                                                                                    * Jim’s Cabinet Creations                    * White Stone Baptist EMMAS
pleted a successful congres-
sional election, we are headed                                                                                * Carol Johnson                              * White Stone Chamber of Commerce
toward the November 2011,
election for the General Assem-
                                        GRANITE COUNTER TOPS                                                  * Kilmarnock Seventh Day Adventist Church    * Mary Grafton Yagel
bly,” said Blackstone.
                                                                                                              * Kilmarnock United Methodist Church         * Shakyra, Karonya, Koronde, Sha’Kayla and
   “The public is welcome to              STARTING PRICE $47.00 SQ. FT.                                       * Kiwanis Club                               Steve and the many anonymous donors
attend the meeting and learn           FREE SINK WITH TOPS 30 SQ. FT. min.                                    * Lancaster County School System
about the Republicans who
may seek the House of Del-            ALSO AVAILABLE CORIAN AND QUARTZ PRODUCTS
egates seat in our district this
year,” she said.                                                                                                                  Thank you from all of us,
   The annual Reagan Day
Dinner, planned for March 6,
                                    White Stone, VA               Call 804.435.2061                                   Wardell Carter, Sue Donaldson and Sandy Griffith
also will be discussed.   
A6 • January 6, 2011                                                                            RAPPAHANNOCK RECORD                                                                           Kilmarnock•Virginia

                                                                                                            EPA accepts Virginia’s
                                                                                                            Bay cleanup proposal
                                                                                                               R I C H M O N D — G o v.         significant contribution to        ificity regarding the timing,
                                                                                                            Bob McDonnell last week             improving water quality in         oversight and enforcement of
                                                                                                            announced the U.S. Envi-            the bay.”                          pollution reduction actions.
                                                                                                            ronmental Protection Agency             The plan identifies actions        “As we stated when we sub-
                                                                                                            (EPA) has approved Virginia’s       to reduce the amount of nitro-     mitted this plan, we continue
                                                                                                            Chesapeake Bay Watershed            gen, phosphorus and sediment       to believe this is the most far-
                                                                                                            Implementation Plan submit-         entering the bay from all major    reaching and ambitious plan
                                                                                                            ted by the administration in        sources, including sewage          ever devised to clean up Virgin-
                                                                                                            November.                           treatment plants, industrial       ia’s rivers and the Chesapeake
                                                                                                               The plan was developed as        facilities, urban areas, agri-     Bay,” said Secretary of Natural
                                                                                                            part of EPA’s establishment of      culture, forestry and septic       Resources Doug Domenech.
                                                                                                            a total maximum daily load          systems. It also establishes a     “And we have devised a plan
                                                                                                            (TMDL) or “pollution diet”          special process for evaluating     that, while ambitious, is also
                                                                                                            for the Chesapeake Bay, said        the James River based on its       realistic, balanced and cost
                                                                                                            Gov. McDonnell. Virginia is         characteristics and on water       effective. It is significant that
                                                                                                            one of seven bay jurisdictions      quality standards that apply       EPA accepted Virginia’s plan
Larry Cheatham of Merry Point spent much of the afternoon December 27 using his tractor to                  which develop such plans. The       only to that river.                without imposing any Clean
clear snow off neighborhood driveways and the privately maintained Brown’s Lane in Lancaster
                                                                                                            TMDL sets goals for all the             As approved by the EPA,        Water Act backstops or con-
County. Photo by Starke Jett
                                                                                                            bay states and the District of      the plan includes revisions        sequences. A lot of the credit

A Northern Neck white Christmas
                                                                                                            Columbia to reduce the levels       made to an earlier draft sub-      goes to the leaders and profes-
                                                                                                            of nitrogen, phosphorus and         mitted in September based on       sionals at the Virginia Depart-
                                                                                                            sediment entering the Chesa-        discussions with the federal       ment of Environmental Qual-
                                                                                                            peake Bay from its rivers and       environmental agency and           ity and Virginia Department of
  by Starke Jett                    moderate until later in the           Richmond County admin-            streams.                            stakeholders. These stake-         Conservation and Recreation
                                    week.                              istrator Bill Duncanson                  “We are pleased that EPA        holders included representa-       working under the governor’s
   NORTHERN NECK—                     Officials in Lancaster and       also reported no power out-          has accepted the Virginia           tives from local governments,      direction to get this plan done
More than 10 inches of snow         Northumberland counties            ages, but said the closure on        Watershed       Implementation      the agricultural and devel-        right.”
fell on many parts of the           reported there were no major       Route 3 near Lyells was not          Plan as a part of their Chesa-      opment communities and                  “I appreciate both Gov.
Northern Neck from a winter         problems with accidents or         the only drifting problem he         peake Bay TMDL. Our plan            sewage treatment plant opera-      McDonnell’s leadership during
storm that had weather fore-        power outages. However,            had to deal with.                    reflects     recommendations        tors. Key provisions of the        the development of the Water-
casters flip-flopping back          Lancaster’s assistant county          “The most significant             made by the public and Vir-         plan include:                      shed Improvement Plan and the
and forth in the preceding          administrator Jack Lawson          problems were caused by              ginia stakeholder groups and           • An additional 2.6 million     EPA’s acceptance of it,” said
days from predications of           said a major artery, Route         snow drifting from open              proposes specific actions in        pounds reduction of nitrogen       Secretary of Agriculture and
little or no snow to the sce-       3 in Richmond County, was          fields near the Route 360            appropriate timeframes to           in the James River basin from      Forestry Todd P. Haymore, “I
nario that ultimately came          closed because of snow drifts      bridge,” said Duncanson.             achieve significant cost-effec-     wastewater treatment plants.       am also grateful for the assis-
true.                               when he was trying to travel       “We had to have VDOT just            tive reductions in pollution to        • High expectations for the     tance that the administration
   The white fluff started fall-    through it December 27.            plowing it constantly to keep        the bay,” said Gov. McDon-          adoption of resource manage-       received from our key agricul-
ing late on Christmas after-          “I know from personal            the emergency route open.”           nell.                               ment plans on agricultural         tural stakeholders. Although
noon and didn’t stop until          experience that Route 3               There were several acci-             “We feel it is a stringent but   operations that will feature       farmers are the country’s origi-
late December 26 in most of         was shut down on Monday,”          dents involving vehicles get-        workable plan that demon-           water quality best manage-         nal environmentalists and chief
Eastern Virginia.                   said Lawson. “They had a           ting stuck in the drifts or          strates Virginia’s commitment       ment practices, with con-          stewards of our precious natu-
   Road crews with the Vir-         front-end loader clearing          losing control and leaving           to cleaning up the Chesapeake       sequences if goals are not         ral resources, Virginia’s agri-
ginia Department of Trans-          out a drift while we waited        the highway, said Duncanson.         Bay while providing for con-        achieved.                          cultural community expressed
portation (VDOT) worked             for about an hour. I am not        One car was overturned, but          tinued economic growth in              • Actions leading to nitro-     to Gov. McDonnell, Secretary
around the clock, according         aware of any serious prob-         he did not know of any seri-         the Commonwealth. After             gen-reducing septic systems.       Domenech, and this secretar-
to transportation officials.        lems in Lancaster County.”         ous injuries. There were still       much discussion with the               • High standards for limit-     iat its continued willingness
Secondary roads were still            “There were no prob-             problems there December 28.          EPA, the approved plan bal-         ing runoff from new develop-       to enhance Chesapeake Bay
in bad shape two days after         lems that I heard about with          Rain and warmer tem-              ances the important environ-        ment and for the control of        water quality now and in the
the snow stopped because            power outages or accidents,”       peratures over New Year’s            mental protection concerns          storm water in existing storm      future. We worked with them
of drifting snow and freez-         said Northumberland county         weekend ended the white              with the need to protect jobs       drainage systems.                  to develop a plan that is reason-
ing temperatures that didn’t        administrator Kenny Eades.         Christmas.                           in agriculture and farming,”           • Use of new and emerging       able and equitable.”
                                                                                                            he said. “While we maintain         technology to achieve nutrient

Ferry passenger rule is temporary                                                                           our concern about aspects of
                                                                                                            the EPA watershed model and
                                                                                                            enforcement authority, as well
                                                                                                                                                and sediment reductions.
                                                                                                                                                   • The expansion of the exist-
                                                                                                                                                ing nutrient credit exchange
                                                                                                                                                                                       Email your AD to:

                                                                                                            as the significant additional       program, which will be a tool
  by Starke Jett                    Coast Guard certified vessels.        To become certified, the
                                                                                                                                                for greater flexibility and cost
                                                                                                            public and private sector
                                       “We hope to be certified by     ferries have to meet Coast
                                                                                                                                                effectiveness in pollution
                                                                                                            costs associated with plan
  MERRY POINT—A new                 spring,” said Trapani. “That is    Guard safety guidelines and
                                                                                                                                                reduction actions.
                                                                                                            implementation, we believe                                       
rule keeping passengers inside      where we want to be. This rule     the man overboard regula-
                                                                                                                                                   The plan also includes spec-
                                                                                                            Virginia’s plan will make a
their cars when they use Lan-       is just an interim measure.”       tions need to be met. Trapani
caster County’s Merry Point            Currently the two four-         said each ferry would need to
and Northumberland County’s         car cable driven ferries are       have an additional operator,

                                                                                                                                   In Memory Of
Sunnybank ferries is only tem-      noncertified and do not have       all the operators would need
porary, according to Sean Tra-      man overboard procedures or        to be trained in overboard
pani, who recently transferred      equipment, such as a rescue        procedures and a rescue boat
from being the residency            boat, in place. The new ves-       would need to be acquired for
administrator in this district to   sels were designed to become       each ferry.
the Saluda district.                certified, but the process has
  The decision to keep pas-
sengers inside their cars was
                                    taken longer than anticipated,
                                    he said.                           Know the snow
made before he transferred             “We don’t want any children
by regional director Robert
Alexander and himself, said
Trapani. They deemed the rule
                                    or anybody else getting hurt
                                    because we are not fully pre-
                                    pared for an emergency situa-
                                                                       W      hen the weather forecaster
                                                                              says a snowstorm is on
                                                                       the way and to be careful shov-
necessary because the ferries       tion,” said Trapani. “We don’t     eling because it will probably be
are in the process of becoming      even have a rescue vessel.”        a wet snow, just what does this
                                                                          Snow can vary in density and
            LATE OBITUARIES                                            water content based on certain
                                                                       atmospheric and ground surface
                                                                       conditions. According to meteo-
Elizabeth M. Balderson hood children into their home
                       and family.
                                                                       rologists, wet snow can occur
                                                                       when the air temperature in the
  WHITE STONE—Elizabeth                She was an active member        troposphere (the lowest portion
May Balderson, 64, of White         of St. John’s Catholic Church,     of the earth’s atmosphere) is
Stone died Monday, January 3,       a tireless volunteer for Hospice   around the freezing mark and
2011.                               of Shenandoah, and a gener-        the soil surface temperature is
  The widow of William Elley-       ous friend to the local Meals on   above freezing.
son Balderson, she is survived      Wheels.                               Conversely, dry snow occurs
by two sons, Daniel H. Balder-         They retired to Irvington       when the air temperature in the
son and James Arthur Balder-        where Mrs. Rosenberger’s col-      troposphere is less than freezing
son and his fiancé Kelli George;    orful tales on country life, the   and the soil surface temperature
and two grandchildren, William      Great Depression, and WWII         is below freezing as well.
and Brookelynn Grace Balder-        were shared with numerous             Wet snow has a high water
son, all of White Stone.            characters that intersected her    content and is dense. It is the
  A graveside service will be       life. Whether she was hold-        type of snow that compacts very
held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Janu-      ing court knitting at The Bay      easily and will make ideal snow-
ary 6, at White Stone United        Window, scheming at the            balls. Dry snow does not have
Methodist Church Cemetery           bridge table, or cheering on her   much water content and is less
in White Stone with the Rev.        beloved Washington Nationals,      dense. It easily blows in the wind
Richard Newlon officiating.         she taught us well. God Bless.     and will not compact very easily.
  Currie Funeral Home of Kil-          She is survived by two daugh-   Due to its low density and airi-
marnock handled the arrange-        ters and sons-in-law, Sallie and   ness, it tends to accumulate more
ments.                              Corbin Eissler of Lorton and       quickly and pile up.
                                    Mary and Cruger Ragland of            In terms of snow shoveling, a
                                    Kilmarnock; and two sons and       dry snow will be easier to shovel
Dorothy I. Rosenberger              a daughter-in-law, William         because it is much lighter than
                                    Rosenberger of Cumberland          wet snow. However, as surface
   I RV I N G TO N — D o r o t hy   and Lisa and Joe Rosenberger       temperatures rise, dry snow
“Dot” Irving Rosenberger,           of Waynesboro. “Mimi” also         can turn into wet snow through
94, of Irvington died Tuesday,      is survived by her three grand-    partial melting, contributing to
January 4, 2011. Born July 23,      children, Sarah Rhodes and         compacting.
1916, she was the daughter of       Alex and Will Ragland.                Wet snow can be particularly
the late Joseph and Dorothy            Memorial services will be       dangerous thanks to its density.
Irving and was preceded in          held at 2 p.m. Friday, January     As it accumulates on trees and
                                    7, in the Club Room at Rappa-
death by her husband, Bernard
V. “Beanie” Rosenberger.
   Mrs. Rosenberger grew up
                                    hannock-Westminster Canter-
                                    bury near Irvington.
                                                                       power lines, the weight can
                                                                       cause these items to sag and               Rappahannock General Hospital expresses
                                                                       even break.
in Howardsville on the James
River and later met Mr. Rosen-
                                       Memorials may be made to
                                    the Northern Neck Free Health
                                                                          Any type of snow can be dan-
                                                                       gerous if a person is not driving
                                                                                                                     our sincere sympathy to the family and
berger in Lynchburg at a New        Clinic, P.O. Box 1694, Kilmar-
Year’s Eve party. They later
moved to Waynesboro where
                                    nock, VA, 22482.
                                       Currie Funeral Home of Kil-
                                                                       carefully, walking with cau-
                                                                       tion or shoveling in the correct           many friends of Dr. David B. Nichols. We
                                                                       manner. When winter weather
they raised four children and
welcomed countless neighbor-
                                    marnock handled the arrange-
                                                                       arrives, slow down and assess
                                                                       the surroundings.
                                                                                                                    would like to acknowledge the significant
                                                                          When shoveling, do small
                                                                       batches at a time, always lifting            contributions that Dr. David B. Nichols
                More obituaries
                                                                       with the legs instead of the back.
                                                                       Try pushing as much snow                    made to our community and Tangier Island.
              appear on pages B5-6                                     out of the way as possible to
                                                                       minimize having to lift a heavy
                                                                       shovel. Metro News Service

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