When law firms need to automatically log billable time spent by qingyunliuliu


									                                           Connecting People in New Ways, Anytime, Anywhere
                                                                                                     Partner Solution Brief

                                           When law firms need to automatically log billable time
                                           spent communicating with clients through Microsoft
                                           Lync Server 2010, they turn to etcTimeTracker for Lync.

                                           For attorneys and paralegals, who charge fees for every
Partner: Enabling Technologies             communication they have with clients, etc DevCorp. offers
Website: www.enablingtechcorp.com
Partner Size: 35 employees                 etcTimeTracker for Lync. Using the familiar Microsoft Lync user
Country or Region: United States           interface, staff can select from a list of open cases. The time they
Industry: IT services
                                           spend exchanging instant messages, speaking, or collaborating
Partner Profile:                           with clients or peers about a case gets logged into a database,
Enabling Technologies is a global IT
consulting practice that was named the     which can be imported into the firm’s billing system. This
2010 East Region Microsoft Partner of      solution improves what until now has been a manual, error-
the Year for Unified Communications. It
has deployed more than 300 unified         prone process.
communications implementations. The
company etc DevCorp. is a subsidiary of    Business Needs                            clients are asking for proof of each
Enabling Technologies.                     For law firms, time is money.             minute they are being billed for.
                                           Whether they’re doing research            Law firms today need to have
                                           about a case or talking to clients        accurate and accountable ways of
                                           on the phone, every second they           billing everything from phone calls
                                           can bill their clients means more         to instant messaging (IM) sessions
                                           money for the firm. That’s why            with clients.
                                           many law firms want to speed up
                                           their billing processes. Lawyers          etcTimeTracker for Lync was
                                           should not have to spend too              created to efficiently track time for
                                           much time gathering billing               law offices. The solution integrates
                                           information to submit to clients          Microsoft Lync Server 2010
                                           for invoicing.                            (formerly Microsoft Office
                                                                                     Communications Server) with time
                                           Increasing the efficiency and             and billing software. To improve
                                           accuracy of key processes such as         billing accuracy, etcTimeTracker
For more information about Enabling
                                           billing is critical for law firms. This   provides the ability to
Technologies products and services, call
(800) 923-4310 or visit the website at:    is especially true in today’s             automatically track inbound and
www.enablingtechcorp.com                   challenging economic times, when          outbound phone calls. The
application also assigns client                                 that client, such as documents and               numbers within Lync 2010. For
numbers and billing codes to all                                recent conversations.                            attorneys who are busy working
forms of communication.                                         Additionally, users can quickly and              on cases, this is very easy. They
                                                                easily assign client or case                     don’t have to navigate between
Solution                                                        numbers to each email, IM, or                    multiple applications.
The application interoperates with                              VoIP call. Any time an attorney
the Microsoft Lync 2010 client to                               places an outbound call or uses                  Improves Cash Flow
automatically track the time                                    another form of communication,                   By automating tracking and billing
someone spends on it using any                                  whether through Lync 2010 or a                   processes, attorneys can reduce
form of incoming or outgoing                                    phone, the communication is                      the amount of time they spend
communication. Using                                            tracked and stored in a database.                preparing invoices. Using
etcTimeTracker, attorneys can track                             The menu in Lync 2010 displays                   etcTimeTracker, law firms can
phone calls, emails, IMs, voice over                            the calls made, and the user can                 improve efficiencies and collect on
IP (VoIP) calls, or video calls.                                easily assign a client number to                 their receivables faster, thereby
                                                                the call.                                        improving their cash flow.
The solution integrates all forms of
communication with a law firm’s                                 Benefits                                         Improves Efficiency, Billing
billing software to make the billing                            The etcTimeTracker for Lync                      Accuracy
process simpler and more accurate.                              solution greatly improves the user               By automatically tracking all client
It automatically tracks call data and                           experience by automating the                     communications, law firms can
client information, using the                                   tracking of client communications.               improve billing efficiency by
presence capabilities in Lync Server                            It also makes client billing much                providing precise billing
2010. When a client calls the law                               more efficient and accurate.                     information to their clients. Billing
firm, for example, the application                                                                               accuracy is greatly improved with
captures the time spent on the call                             Eases Time-Tracking Process for                  this solution, because law firms
and all other relevant information                              Attorneys                                        can definitively show how much
for billing purposes.                                           For law firms, etcTimeTracker                    time was spent on a client call or
                                                                simplifies the tracking of time                  an IM session. Instead of
The application also embeds a                                   spent communicating with clients.                estimating that a call took 40
notification drop-down menu into                                The solution automatically tracks                minutes, an attorney can say the
the Lync 2010 toolbar, for easy                                 incoming and outgoing calls,                     call was exactly 47 minutes and 21
access to new emails, IMs, or voice-                            emails, IMs, and video                           seconds long. That’s important,
mail messages stored in Microsoft                               communications in Lync Server                    because for law firms every second
Exchange Server. With one click,                                2010. Attorneys no longer have to                counts when it comes to client
attorneys and other legal                                       worry about entering billing codes               billing.
professionals can access a contact                              or client numbers when they talk
card that includes client contact                               with clients. The process is simple
information and data related to                                 because users can communicate
                                                                with clients and assign client

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Document published October 2010

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