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									Literature Search
   Perform a thorough literature review, even
    if it means having to understand several
    different areas.
   You don't want to find out after 4-5 years of
    hard work that your dissertation work has
    already been done.
   Also, performing a thorough literature
    review will give you an opportunity to
    leverage existing work, so you don't have
    to start from scratch.
    Four key questions

    For every research investigation (along the
     way to completing your dissertation), be
     able to concisely describe:
        1) what is the problem you're addressing
         (also why?)
        2) what is your hypothesis?
        3) what is the scope of your proposed solution?
        4) how will you validate the solution?
Never stop writing
   Be sure to write up your research results
    as you go along. DO NOT wait until the end
    of your dissertation to publish papers
    about your work.
   You need to get feedback from the
    community as you go along. The other side
    effect is that it will be much easier to
    compile your dissertation.

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