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					     ACM AWARDS

        SIG BOARD

 Chicago, February 5, 2007

          Calvin Gotlieb,
Co-chair, ACM Awards Committee
                 Awards Committee Structure

                                ACM President
                          ACM Awards Committee
ACM-wide Award Selection Committees            SIG Award Selection Committees
A.M. Turing Award, Distinguished Service        SIGACT Goedel Prize
Software System, Doctoral Dissertation           SIGADA Distinguished Service
Grace Murray Hopper, Fellows                    SIGAPL Kenneth E. Iverson
Outstanding Contribution to ACM                 SIGARCH Maurice Wilkes
Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice            SIGCAS Making a Difference
International Science and Engineering Fair      SIGCSE Lifetime Service
Eugene Lawler                                    SIGRAPH Stephen A. Cook
Gordon Bell Prize (with Supercomputing Conf,) SIGMETRIC Achievement
Eckert_Mauchly (with IEEE CS)                   SIGDOC Joseph T. Rigo
Allen Newell (with AAAI)                        SIGMOD Innovations
Computational Science and Eng,( with SIAM) SIGMOD Test of Time
Distinguished Member, Senior Member              SIGPLAN Programming Languages
Canvassing Subcommittees                        SIGSOFT Outstanding Research
                                                SIGWEB/SIR Vannevar Bush
                                       SIG Board           .                     2
                                      Feb. 5, 2007     58 in all

Awards may be for:
  Merit            Service            Best paper
New Awards
• Must have ACM sponsoring unit – SIG, Council, Awards Committee …
    (May be in conjunction with other groups)
• Must include:
     Statements of criteria, frequency
     Descriptions of nomination, selection processes, form of the award
     Plan for financing honorarium, where applicable
• Must be approved by ACM Awards Committee
• Named Awards must be approved by Council –after recommendation

Pro forma approval for Service, Best paper awards with proper documentation

                                  SIG Board                                   3
                                 Feb. 5, 2007
                 ACM Awards Committee

Monitors progress of award selection committees
Advises on policy, new awards
Does not select award winners

ACM President (Stuart Feldman), CEO (John White) ex-officio
Chair (Co-chairs—Calvin Gotlieb, Jim Horning)
Current chairs of ACM-wide Award Selection committees
SIG Chairs Liaison with Awards Committee ( Fred Niederman)

Meets annually in conjunction with ACM Awards Banquet

Annual Report (Follow link from Awards web page)

Rosemary McGuiness at ACM HQ       Awards Liaison

                                  SIG Board                            4
                                 Feb. 5, 2007
   ACM-wide Award Selection Committees

• Consist of 3-5 ACM members for 3-5 year terms
    (Note: Award winners need not be members of ACM)
• Practice is for members to assume chair in next-to-last year
• Members may be appointed by Award Committee co-chairs
    Committee chair must be approved by ACM President
    Because of Practice, Presidential approval sought before
• Recommendations for appointments welcomed from:
     Outgoing chairs
     SIGs, where interests coincide with those of the Award
• Except for Fellows Committee, award selection done by e-mail,
     conference call

                              SIG Board                           5
                             Feb. 5, 2007
                Nominations for Awards

• Nomination process must be open, broad
• Nominations for merit awards should not be made by members of
  the selection committee (Acceptable for service, best paper awards)
  If you know of a worthy candidate, it is reasonable to approach
  a friend, and solicit a nomination on his/her behalf
• Be aware of cliques where a small group of members nominate
  each other
• Practice on holdovers from one year to the next, varies
  Most committees do have holdovers for small number of years

                               SIG Board                            6
                              Feb. 5, 2007
                   ACM Awards Banquet,
            Annual Meeting of Awards Committee

• Held in different city each year, as determined by Council
• May be stand-alone, or with a conference, Council meeting --
• Banquet now ACM gala event, with President presiding
  Seating usually sold out
• ACM covers travel costs of incoming, outgoing chairs of ACM-wide
  Award committees
• Awards Banquet Program lists award winners (both ACM-wide and
  SIG), citations, identifies sponsors, previous award winners, award
  nomination procedures, etc. (see sample distribution)

       2007 Awards Banquet Saturday, June 9, San Diego

                               SIG Board                                7
                              Feb. 5, 2007

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