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Need for Computer Network technology is increasing. Apart from being a provider of

media information, via the Internet are also activities to be part of the largest commercial

community, and the fastest growth as well as through various borders. Even through this

network activity on world markets can be known for 24 hours. Through the Internet or

also called cyberspace, anything can be done. Positive aspect of this virtual world of

course adds to the trend of technological development the world with all forms of human

creativity. However, negative impacts could not be avoided. When the rampant

pornography on the Internet media, the public could not do much.

Along with the development of Internet technology, led to the emergence of crime called

"cybercrime" or crimes through the Internet network. The emergence of several cases of

"cybercrime" in Indonesia, such as credit card theft, hacking some sites, intercepting the

data transmission to others, such as email, and manipulate data in ways that do not

prepare the desired commands into a computer programmer. Thus, in computer crime and

the possible existence of a formal offense offenses material. Formal offense is the act of

someone who enters another person's computer without permission, while the offense is

an act that causes material harm caused to others. The existence of cybercrime has

become a threat to stability, so that the government hard to compensate for the crimes

committed by the techniques of computer technology, particularly Internet and intranet

Understanding Cybercrime

Cybercrime is the types of crimes arising from the use of internet technology. Some

opinions mengindentikkan cybercrime with computer crime. The U.S. Department of

Justice to give pengertien computer crime as:

"... Any illegal act requiring knowledge of computer technology for its perpetration,

investigation, or Prosecution".

( / criminal / cybercrimes)

Understanding is identical with that given the Organization of European Community

Development, which defines computer crime as:

"Any illegal, unauthorized or unehtical behavior relating to the automatic processing and

/ or the transmission of data".

As Andi Hamzah (1989) in his "Criminal Aspects in the Field of computers", defines

computer crime as:

"Crime in the computer field in general can be interpreted as illegal computer use".
From some of the definition above, in summary we can say that cybercrime can be

defined as the illegal actions carried out by using the internet based on the sophistication

of computer technology and telecommunications.

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