Activity letter Lent 2011 by stariya


									6th December 2010,

Dear Parents,

Please find attached the activities for next term. Activities are not compulsory (apart from Drama) and children are allowed to go
home at 5.25pm, but we do encourage your children to stay and benefit from the variety of clubs and hobbies on offer. If your child
signs up for an activity, please make sure they will commit themselves and attend the activity every week. Children will sign up for
their activities this week, you do not need to return this form, unless you would like your child to do one of the paying activities.

Cooking activity: This is a very popular activity and places are limited. Priority will be given to the children who have not done it
this term.

Compulsory activities this term: Year 4, Year 7 and Year 8 Drama

Paying Activity:
Squash: £40 for the term.
Cooking Class with Mrs Saunders (Year 6,7,8): £25 for the Term

                                       SENIOR ACTIVITIES LENT TERM 2011

            Monday                          Tuesday                          Thursday                            Friday
           Cooking                   Cooking Class (Y6-8)                    Cooking                           Cooking
             DO                               KS                               AM                                STB
       Network games                   Y 6-7 CDT Club                  Computer Graphics                       Origami
            JRTB                             EPM                              JRTB                               SLN
          Rugby 7’s                         Sewing                           Art Y4-6                     Year 4- 5 CDT Club
             AC                               CW                               KH                                EPM
            Craft                        Creative IT                       Y8 CDT club                         Football
             PJS                             JRTB                             EPM                                RJM
    Mafia and card games                Table Tennis                      Indoor Cricket                    Kwick Cricket
            RCM                              JRM                              JRM                                 SJS
    Paper Airplane Making                 Year 7 Art                 Weird & wonderful sports                Calligraphy
            RSLC                              KH                              RCM                                 PJS
           Art Y8                            Greek                          Drama Y7                          Film Club
             KH                               SJS                            BJ/RJM                             RSLC
          Y4 Drama                      Poet’s Corner                         Craft                         Model Making
          SLN/JHD                             PJS                              SLN                              RCM
                                            Squash                       Balloon Tennis                       Drama Y8
                                              SH                               SJS                                BJ
                                            Netball                                                            Spanish
                                              ML                                                                 LCB
                                       Cartoon Drawing

If you have any queries or feel you can offer your services with an activity, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Yours sincerely,

         J-M Collin

Name of the child : …………………………………

I would like my child to do Squash / Cooking_______________ next term at the cost of £40/ £25


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