achievements ACHIEVEMENTS SKILLS  Data Migration Project Developed by stariya



 Data Migration Project: Developed and implemented a project plan to move all
  company and user’s data to a SAN NetApp 2520 filer. This included validating and
  writing test scripts to move the ERP SQL and Exchange databases. This involved
  installing the SAN, testing the data migration of the SQL and Email databases and
  coordinating with all the individual company departments.

 Wrote Software Upgrade Plan: The plan included specification and prices for
  Microsoft Vista, Office, Server 2008, SQL and Oracle. The pros and cons of the
  upgrade and required hardware/software and it illustrated a timeline for software that
  will be ending support and an estimate timeline for upgrading the existing software.

 Terminal Services Project: Setup VPN/Terminal Access for potential partners to
  view data from a Bioscience business. The setup included installing software and
  licenses, creating the accounts and groups, set up group policies and resources using a
  Juniper VPN tunnel/Windows Server network to get access through Windows
  Terminal Services Remote desktop to Livelink software through the Internet. This
  access allowed 20 different users from different locations including New York,
  London, Sweden and the Netherlands to view the data without downloading, printing
  or saving it. The documents included Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files. I wrote
  the instructions for the users to gain access to the documents the procedure manual to
  setup the VPN/Terminal Access.

 Software Upgrade Project: Project Leader to upgrade existing Livelink 9.1 validated
   software to Livelink 9.5: Conducted meetings and managed the project and team on
   the information below:
       o Wrote User Requirement Specification (URS) to Validate Livelink 9.5.
       o Wrote VAL-VMP-117 Amendment 2.
       o Updated Standard Operations Procedures with a new format.
       o Built folder structure for Drug Projects with groups and permission and also
       o Test XML import/export in Livelink 9.5 using 2 different environments.
                Test for transferring permissions, groups and categories.
       o Wrote instructions for importing/exporting Drug Project folder structure from
           the testing environment to the production environment for Livelink.
       o Help write Test Scripts for production environment.
       o Wrote Performance Qualification Protocol for Livelink 9.5
       o Wrote User Requirement Test Matrix for Livelink project.
       o Created new forms “Group Access Permission Creation and Modification

 Startup Company: Split off from Sister Company by developing and installing a new
   network which included installing cabling, rack, hardware and software. Established
   vendors and negotiated prices for all equipment for the network including hardware
   and software which resulted in a 40% savings for the company on network
   equipment. I received recognition for the speed and ease of this transition which
   allowed the new company to be established using their own working network and
   increased network performance and productivity. During the move, I transferred the
   users from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange 2003 which allowed for better
   communication and connectivity. Setup VPN and remote access which allowed the
   users to work remotely from any location and significantly increased productivity.
   Setup OWA and OMA to allow user’s to communicate from outside the network.
   Established and implemented a new Help Desk system using QuickBase and
   established company network policies and procedures. Also setup procedure for
   tracking and monitoring inventory and the IT budget. Negotiated, established and
   implemented procedures for mobile requirements and synchronization for company
   Treo’s and Blackberry’s.

 Move Network: After three months of dividing and setting up the network on the
  sister company backbone infrastructure, I received recognition and an award for
  moving the entire operation to a new location within 3 days. This included
  negotiating, planning, and implementing cabling network infrastructure, server room,
  patch panel, electric outlets and poles, T1 and PRI lines and also included a new
  Avaya Phone system. I instituted JIRA for Product Development and Professional
  Services to track product revisions, bugs and progress. In an effort to move away
  from Quickbase and further utilize JIRA, I implemented a new Help Desk procedure
  which resulted in considerable savings for the company. I Installed Project Server
  2003, IIS6.0, with Microsoft Sharepoint and SQL 2000. This allowed the company to
  track projects and share documents across the network to further increase awareness
  and productivity.

 Leadership Instant award received for redesign and redeployment of a Fortune 500
  company’s Intranet and External web site utilizing the company’s predefined
  interface design and guidelines. Organization skills, planning and hard work saved
  the company advertising costs and enhanced market productivity which lead to a
  short review and approval process by the corporate web site review board

 Recognition of Excellence award received for upgrading the Hardware Engineering
  PDM Software. Without prior training or experience successfully installed,
  configured and migrated latest version of ProE IntraLink, which included setting up a
  web based graphics server. I completed this project well within the established budget
  constraints, which resulted in significant cost savings.

 Help Desk System: Research setup and implemented a new 24/7 Help Desk System
  for IT and Facilities Departments. This improved response time by half, double
  productivity, allowed tracking capabilities, and produced reports for upper
  management to determine work completed.

 DNS System: Setup a new DNS System with a primary and secondary server which
  reduced downtime substantially and increase client satisfaction 100 percent.

 Citrix and Certificate Server: Without previous training successfully setup a new
  Citrix and Certificate server to be utilized for employees to remotely access e-mail,
  applications, files and printers. Also installed Conference Manager Collaboration
  software and wrote documentation for users to install and run all the software. This
   was significant since it increase productivity, reduced cost, and provided extensive
   savings for the company.

 FTP Encrypted Site: Setup an encrypted secure FTP client/server website hardware
   and software allowing data to be encrypted for employees and outside customers. The
   project was crucial to secure data and enforce the company’s policies with a six
   month deadline however I completed it in three.

 Disaster Recovery and BCP Plan: I was part of a team which developed the
  standards and reports for writing the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  for L-3 Communications in order to be in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley. I also
  managed, published, and maintained all documentation for ISO9000 on the Intranet in
  order to meet the ISO9000 requirements.

 ERP System: Among the businesses that I have improved is Mass Search Inc., a
  Biochemical Laboratory that analyses oil samples. While working as an Office
  Manager and attending school during slow time at work I developed and implemented
  an ERP System to run the entire operation. This program was a custom modularly
  designed and menu driven system. The process begun by checking in the chemical
  samples, it then managed the samples, and reported the results of the samples. It also
  controlled customer database, inventory, A/R, A/P, reports, shipping and receiving.
  This program is still in use today and operates the entire business.

 POS System: Implemented a new POS System to include all registers, computers,
   credit card machine, and network to track sales, A/R and A/P and deliveries.

 Software License Program: Wrote a program to monitor and track software location,
   departments and licenses for a Fortune 500 company using Microsoft Access.

 Training: Taught popular operating systems, office packages, and business software
  in a corporate environment as well as in my own business for both large/small
  businesses and private individuals. This included community college, employment
  office, Transportation Department Forest Service, etc.

 Skills: Strong verbal and communication skills. Detailed oriented, highly personable
   and capable of working with CEO’s, Executives, Managers, and Customers.
   Proficient problem solver and troubleshooter with strong ability to implement
   solutions under tight deadlines. Hands-on executive with a talent to efficiently
   manage all levels of budgets and projects.

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