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									East San Diego County League of Women Voters
                                                                                                March 2011

                                                                                      Editor: Donna Bartlett-May

 The League of Women Voters®, a non-partisan political organization, encourages informed and active participa-
 tion in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy
 through education and advocacy


The March Unit Meeting will          revenue growth in redevel-
be your opportunity to               opment areas.       All the
evaluate redevelopment in            growth in property taxes in            March 10—Board Meet-
California and discuss the           the project area-over the              ing—5:00 p.m.
pros and cons.                       frozen base-is allocated to            Helix Water District
                                     the redevelopment agency
The California Legislative           as tax-increment revenue.              March 12—Trip to Water
Analyst has an excellent             In other words, local agen-            Conservation Garden
Policy Brief on the subject          cies receive the same                  Presentation on Drought-
“Should California End Re-           amount of property tax                 tolerant exotics (meet at
development Agencies?” at            revenues they received in              the Garden at 12122 Cu-               the past, but none of the              yamaca College Dr. W, El
laoapp/main.aspx                     growth.                                Cajon
                                                                            9:00—10:00 a.m.
The Governor’s 2011-12        Advocates of redevelop-
budget includes a plan for    ment contend that it is a                     March 17—
dissolving redevelopment      much needed tool to pro-                      Unit Meeting
agencies and distributing     mote local economic devel-                    12:30 p.m.
their funds (above that nec-  opment in blighted urban                      Discussion on
essary to pay outstanding     areas and helps build af-                     Redevelop-
debt) to other local agen-    fordable housing. Critics                     ment Funds
cies. In place of redevelop-  say that redevelopment di-
ment, the administration      verts property tax revenues
indicates that it will proposefrom core government ser-                    there is no evidence that
a constitutional amendment    vices and increases state                    redevelopment increases
to allow local voters to ap-  education costs, and that                    overall regional or state-
prove tax increases and       the scale and location of                    wide economic develop-
general obligation bonds for  many project areas bear                      ment.
economic development.         little relationship to the pro-
                              gram’s intended mission.                     Come to the Unit Meeting
California’s redevelopment They also contend it has                        prepared to discuss this is-
law provides for a 50-year limited transparency and                        sue and find out more.
diversion of all property tax accountability and that

                      SMARTVOTER, your resource for election information at
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                        County Inter-League Organization Reports
The League of Women Vot-              Diego County.     The Health        has taken the lead on this is-
ers of San Diego County,              Care Interest Group of LWV          sue, and their statement is
also known as the ILO (Inter-         North Coast San Diego               found on the website.
League Organization), pub-            County met on Tuesday, Feb-
lishes its board reports              ruary 1 with two guests from        Mary Hanson, Director Natural
quarterly.                            the health committee of             Resources.
                                      the Long Island, New York
The whole report can be found         League of Women Vot-                Hunger and Food Stamp Is-
at    LW VSDC        website          ers. Sylvia Hampton gave an         sues San Diego still remains           overview of Medicare issues         the lowest city in providing
We have consolidated our re-          with health care reform and         food stamps for those in need.
ports as short introductions,         handed out materials.               (see
similar to on-line newspapers         Vicki Beck, VP Health Care.         dated 1/31/11) In December
and magazines, to give you a                                              the Board of Supervisors ac-
suggestion of what is in the          Natural Resources We are            cepted 69 recommendations
report. These reports can be          continuing to monitor the pro-      from a task force to improve
shared with friends, neighbors        gress of the County General         many of the current barriers.
and elected officials.                Plan update. The County             See SNAP workforce report at
Jeanne Brown VP Administra-           League presented a statement
tion LWVSDC                           at the October 20 hearing           The Board of Supervisors then
                                      (already posted on our web-         gave Health and Human ser-
Health care activities have           site), at which time the vote       vices 90 days to develop a
focused largely on health care        was continued to February           plan for implementing them. It
reform with the Affordable            9. The Board of Supervisors         also required HHSA to provide
Care Act, a San Diego County          voted to continue the matter        a monthly report of its pro-
prevention campaign funded            until March 16. The other ma-       gress on the recommenda-
by the Centers for Disease            jor issue we are following is       tions to the Social Services
Control and Prevention, and           the complex proposal to widen       Advisory Board.
visits by League members at           the northern portion of I-          Marjie Larson, Social Policy
community clinics in San              5. The North Coast League

                                                                  FACTS FOR VOTERS BOOKS

                                                            New Facts for Voters books will be available
                                                            soon. These books contain all the contact in-
                                                            formation for federal, state, county, and local
                                                            government, chambers of commerce, and li-
                                                            braries along with election information. Our
                                                            sincere thanks to the Grossmont-Cuyamaca
                                                            Community College District Government Re-
                                                            lations office for compiling and providing the
   The Kendalls will donate $300 to the League at the       Facts for Voters Information.
   close of escrow (buyers and sellers). Call for further
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             County Inter-League Organization Reports (Continued)

  Education At this point in         other two, and brings the totalmerous informational links,
  time budget problems are           number of homeless men and     read every entry to ensure the
  based on uncertainty of            women housed in the three      absence of slanderous mate-
  funding from all levels of gov-    permanent facilities to 18 in  rial directed at other candi-
  ernment. We do not know if         the last three years.          dates, distributed thousands
  we will have a state ballot                                       of colorful Smart Voter book-
  measure to maintain tax            Liz Kruidenier, VP Mental marks, and followed up with
  increases. If we do have the       Health                         candidates who procrasti-
  choice will the electorate vote                                   nated before participating.
  yes? One of the questions          Five Year Report on County
  plaguing education adminis-        Population Change, Recycling Joyce Joseph, Director Smart
  trators is whether to send out     Rate, and Landfill Site. Voter
  layoff notices. There are con-     The County of San Diego has
  tractual obligations. However,     written a report for the state SANDAG The Mayors and
  with such budget uncertainty,      with interesting numbers re- members of the Board of Su-
  administrators are loath to        garding the effect of the re- pervisors are working on the
  pink slip teachers only to later   cession on our waste disposal 2050 Plan for scheduling re-
  rehire them and find that they     habits. "San Diego County gional transportation projects
  are no longer available. The       experienced a high rate of in our County. There is much
  number of school days is cur-      population and economic debate over when hundreds of
  rently 175. However, that          gro wt h f ro m 200 0 t o proposed improvements in
  could be changed and de-           2008...Countywide, population roads and public transporta-
  creased.                           increased 11% with one juris- tion financed by TransNet,
                                     diction growing by 50% (San with State and Federal money
  Adrienne Schere,       Director    Marcos) since 2000 and one added, will be built. The two
  Education                          jurisdiction dropping 4% biggest projects are the dou-
                                     (Coronado). The Countywide ble railing of trains along the
  Mental Health         Interfaith   employment rate grew by 7%. coast and the proposed un-
  Community Services recently                                       derground tunnel for down-
  opened their third Fairweather     Beryl Flom, LWVSD              town San Diego.
  Lodge in Escondido. This one
  is a permanent home for six    Smart Voter This fall, there Elaine Barton, Director Trans-
  previously homeless veterans,  were over 500 local candi- portation
  each one in a room of their    dates and 14 local measures
  own with the opportunity for a on county ballots. Members
  part-time job to increase theirfrom our four local leagues
  monthly benefits.              sent invitation letters to all
                                 candidates, posted informa-
  I have not seen this Lodge but tion on the 14 local measures
  understand it is as lovely and on Smart Voter, publicized the
  comfortable a home as the site, located and posted nu-
  League of Women Voters of
  East San Diego
  P. O. Box 683
  La Mesa, CA 91944-0683
  Phone: 619-463-0243

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