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									                                RULES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES
            NUMBER           TITLE                                                            PAGE

            6Hx7-4.3         Bank Depositories                                                4-3

(1)   All receipts of the College shall be deposited promptly in an appropriate bank account.
      Checking account(s) for demand deposits for disbursement from all funds shall be maintained,
      and shall include such separate accounts as stipulated under contracts for grants or for the
      efficient operation of the College.

(2)   Depositories shall qualify for the requirements of Chapter 136, Florida Statutes and State
      Board of Education Rule 6A-14.751.

 (General Authority: FS 237.211)
 (Adopted 07/01/72, Revised 07/01/73, 07/01/74, 06/23/80, 10/05/99 Formerly 2.7)

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