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              Six Secrets of a TV Producer

To Improve Your Health, Finances, Relationships, Romance

                     and the Mind

                  A Book Proposal by

         Kim Edstrom & George Pratt, Ph.D.

    Represented by Margret McBride Literary Agency
              7744 Fay Avenue, Suite 201
                  La Jolla, CA 92037
                                             PRODUCE YOUR LIFE

                                                      Book Proposal


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                                 PRODUCE YOUR LIFE

                                Six Secrets of a TV Producer

                  To Improve Your Health, Finances, Relationships, Romance

                                       and the Mind

                      A book by Kim Edstrom & George Pratt, Ph.D.


       “Everything in my life turns into a production.”

       Uh-huh. In classic vernacular, this is known as a whine. It’s the kind of thing we

say to others – and to ourselves – when we’re at wit’s end. Through. Hopeless. Ready to

give up. How many times have you thought or said something exactly like this to others –

or to yourself?

       Excuses, excuses.

       With just a small shift in thought, you can turn this whine into a song. Consider

this: “Life is a spectacular production…how will I produce mine?”

       Imagine a life where you get the job done…whatever it is, whatever it takes. You

create the concept, get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. When a brick wall shows up,

you figure a way around it. When the initial plan fails, you figure out a new plan that’s

even better. You drive forward when things stall out and breathe new life into your

dreams when all hope seems lost. You think on your feet and you keep the energy

flowing for everyone involved. You lead with your vision and make sure the job is

complete every step of the way. You actually see your spectacular production in your

mind and refuse to stop until you arrive at your vision. In this way, you make your

dreams come alive. What’s more, you channel life energy and translate it into a creation –

one of the most powerful secrets a producer uses to achieve success.

         Just imagine your potential if you adopted this attitude in creating a better life.

         In Produce Your Life: Six Secrets of a TV Producer to Improve Your Health,

Finances, Relationships, Romance and the Mind, television personality, executive

producer and motivational speaker Kim Edstrom shares her secrets of how to produce the

life you’ve always wanted by using the same skills and strategies that brought her success

as a topnotch TV producer. She’s partnered with Dr. George Pratt, author, speaker,

psychologist and Chairman of Psychology at Scripps La Jolla in California, who has

helped people restructure and recreate their lives for over 30 years. Kim and George use

an entirely fresh and entertaining approach to improving the most important production

of all: Your Life. If you’re sick of making excuses, get ready to rejuvenate your spirit,

expand your comfort zone, challenge your belief system and push through to the


         Produce Your Life is a high-powered “crash course” in understanding and

overcoming the obstacles to success in health, finances, relationships, romance and the

mind. Using the same skills and strategies a television producer uses to create a hit

television show, you can produce a better life. Tap into the transforming energy of this

dynamic writing duo in this hands-on interactive guide to help you find a vision for your

life and create the momentum to move forward in a new direction.

         “We just love helping people turn things around,” says Dr. Pratt. “It’s what

happens when a psychologist's mind meets a producer's approach to producing your own


         In the wake of 9/11, in the throes of our country at war, people of all ages are

searching for something more in their lives. According to a new study conducted by the

World Health Organization and Harvard Medical School, Americans are the most

depressed people on Earth. This finding helps explain why so many of us are attracted to

the concepts in the most recent self-help success, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, as well as

Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, You Can Heal Your Life by

Louise Hay, the enduring classic, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent

Peale…even the most successful book of all – the Bible. These titles, along with many

others, have almost made “the law of attraction” a household teaching. In the past 10

years the influence that science – in particular, quantum physics – has had on the theories

of life offer a compelling theory of its own: That science and the soul compliment each


         With more Baby Boomers redefining the parameters of retirement and more

adults reaching the age of 50 this year than any other year before or since, the largest

audience for this material is poised to explore a fresh and invigorating perspective on the

ageless and timeless hope that there is a better way to lead a happier life. And they want

to make sure their children benefit from this power, too.

         Produce Your Life takes the essence of what a producer does and turns it into a

system that anyone can use to improve their lives. If you’re looking for a dynamic new

approach to improving your health, finances, relationships, romance and the mind, this

book offers the inspiration and direction needed to not only take that first step but to

continue pursuing your dreams to reality.

       “Most people are living a life they wouldn’t watch on television,” says Kim

Edstrom. “George and I show you how - and why - to change things for the better; how

you can produce a life worth living, a life as compelling to watch as a hit TV show.”

       If your life really was a television series, what would it look like? Would it be so

alive with love, accomplishment and adventure that it is riveting to watch? Would

viewers watching your series want to be you? Would your very presence give them a

sense of life energy that they would envy?

       Using specific step-by-step guidelines, Kim and George show you how to:

      Write Your Script. Create the storyline of the life you want to live, and

       understand how to use quantum physics and the law of attraction to produce your

       new life.

      Create Combustion. Become a vortex of positive energy to make it happen.

      Design Your Production. Learn how to delight in the opportunity to turn things

       around and create an even better outcome.

      Close the Deal. When you hit upon what you want, leave nothing to chance: track

       it down, lock it in, get it done, own it.

      Deliver the Goods. Make a habit of going beyond what is expected.

      Plan the Sequel. It’s all about keeping the vision for your life, continuing on in a

       new direction and unleashing your full potential.

   This book contains the way to channel life energy and translate it into a creation. Kim

calls this secret ingredient “combustion,” and Produce Your Life has all the combustion

you need. “HOT PROPERTY” could be written on the cover. In reading it, you learn how

to accept combustion from an outside source - being passed a torch if you will - how to

strike the match from within to create your own fire. Most importantly, you learn what to

do with that energy once you’ve created it.

   You are in charge of this production you’re living and you might as well make it a

fun, interesting and entertaining show. Produce Your Life gives you the tools to finally

make it happen…to make a change for good.

                                  PRODUCE YOUR LIFE

                                        Book Proposal


        Media personality, motivational speaker and executive television producer Kim

Edstrom has a winning track record of generating successful prime time shows for

television network affiliate stations in major cities across the country. With more than 20

years experience, she orchestrates every aspect of television production from concept to

final airing.

        Kim is a master of overseeing the launch of new television programs. She creates

excitement, not only for the audience, but for upscale advertisers interested in supporting

positive programming. She establishes lucrative partnerships for both sponsors and media

outlets alike. She also creates successful advertising campaigns, unique promotional

incentives and marketing initiatives that help her to consistently close the deal, and to

produce winning programs.

        Kim applies the same skills she uses to create great television to help people

create better lives. “I like to help people get unstuck. Nothing excites me more than to

relight the fire in a person’s spirit,” she says. “This is my life’s calling; to create the

combustion that can transform a person’s life.”

        Kim educates, entertains and creates combustion for audiences that are captivated

by her contagious enthusiasm and natural humor. Highlights of her career include:

        Produced and hosted Uniscope, a 30-minute weekly television show syndicated

         in 20 markets in the United States

       Produced and hosted her own daily talk show, The Kim Edstrom Show, for six

        years at WCJB-TV/ABC, Gainesville, Florida.

       Creates, produces and hosts original television series through her production

        company, Medical Media. These informative, entertaining talk shows educate

        live studio audiences and viewers alike on health and wellness. Her programs

        have aired on network affiliates in a variety of markets across the country

        including KPIX/CBS, San Francisco, KFMB/CBS, San Diego, KPNX/NBC,

        Phoenix, and WSMV/NBC, Nashville.

       With her newest venture, Creative Combustion, she is developing an exciting

        new line of projects for television and other media.

    Kim is currently at work with Dr. George Pratt on her book and lecture series,

Produce Your Life, an entirely fresh and entertaining approach to creating a better life.

                                PRODUCE YOUR LIFE

                                     Book Proposal


       George Pratt, Ph.D. is co-author of the award-winning bestseller Instant

Emotional Healing - Acupressure for the Emotions. Dr. Pratt is a licensed clinical

psychologist and Chairman of Psychology, Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla,

California. He has been in private practice for 31 years specializing in mind/body

techniques, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and performance enhancement.

       Dr. Pratt is a Diplomate of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, the

American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, the Association for Comprehensive Energy

Psychology, the American Academy of Pain Management and the American College of

Forensic Examiners. He is a Fellow and a Certified/Approved Consultant of the

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Past-President of the San Diego Society of

Clinical Hypnosis. He served on the faculty of the University of Minnesota and is

presently on the faculty of the University of California, San Diego.

       George’s other books include: Hyper-Performance - The A.I.M. Strategy for

Releasing Your Business Potential, A Clinical Hypnosis Primer, A Clinical Hypnosis

Primer - Expanded and Updated and the forthcoming books, Feel Great: Take Control of

Your Mind and Life in Five Easy Steps and Magical Mind: Beyond the Power of Positive


       George has appeared on national and local television and radio shows, including

multiple appearances on Larry King Live, demonstrating his methods. He has been a

featured speaker at the Young Presidents Organization, American Society of Association

Executives, Anthony Robbins Companies, Ken Blanchard Companies and the Learning

Annex. He has been quoted in Newsweek and interviewed by WebMD, Alternative

Medicine and Women’s World.

    George’s workshops and presentations are enjoyed for his warmth, sense of humor

and for providing cutting-edge psychological tools that help people deal more effectively

with transforming life’s challenges into positive experiences. He works with a broad

spectrum of psychological and medical issues and has helped professional athletes,

executives and entertainers, as well as thousands of individuals from all walks of life. He

also provides phone consultations throughout the world.

    George is currently at work with Kim Edstrom on her book and lecture series,

Produce Your Life, an entirely fresh and entertaining approach to creating a better life.

                                 PRODUCE YOUR LIFE

                                       Book Proposal


        In these chapters, Kim and George lay out a proven system for how to produce

your own life. Using step-by-step guidelines, you can create your own plan, take charge

of your life’s details and make it all happen, on your own schedule.


CHAPTER ONE *Write Your Script

    What is it you’re trying to produce in your life? Call it “getting there-” so where is

“there” for you? You need to write a concrete plan for getting where you want to go,

write the story of your life, so to speak. We call this first step write your script. It is

imperative to your success. And first, you can start by defining what you want to change

about your current life script. Ask yourself these questions:

       How did you get “here” in your life? What’s missing?

       How are you going to change it?

       Did you ever “get there” in your life? What worked for you in the past?

       What would you do differently now?

       Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there?

       How will you write your new script?

   Now, project your show up on to your mental screen. Call it what you will -

visualization, the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking - we show you how to

focus your script to produce the show that is your life, in a powerful way that projects

your vision onto your conscious and subconscious, enabling you to take the next step.

CHAPTER TWO *Create Combustion

       This next step is big. You must generate a vortex of positive energy and

excitement that spreads from your mind and soul to all around you as you take your

script from development to production. What excites you? How can you use that

inspiration to excite everyone around you? Collect what does – memorize that poem, sing

along with that song, write your own words … fish, swim, run, walk, meditate … and

work it all for your cause. What’s more, much like the lens of a camera, you must

achieve detailed focus on your script and keep it there relentlessly. You must follow the

action and keep on focusing - because as the target moves you must readjust. Keep your

knees bent, your mind on the target, and your intention strong. You are creating


CHAPTER THREE *Design Your Production

       Have you written your script around doing what you love? Does your mental

screen project a show that uses your best talents? Do you feel it? Can others feel it, too?

This step shows you how to design your production and give it personality. You’ll learn

ways to fashion the details of your script into acts, scenes, dialogue, sets and costumes.

Here are some highlights:

      Follow story leads. What are the interesting story lines that you want to pursue

       for your life?

      Find the right person for the job, or the right job for the person. This includes

       finding your perfect career choice and the right people in your life to support you

       in your journey.

      Give your show a look. What visually stunning images do you see in your show?

       How do you look and feel?

      Book sensational guests. Who will you book to star in your life? Do your co-

       workers, friends and mate share your outlook and vision?

      Keep your mind open. This is only the first episode. Your storyline may unfold

       very differently than you had envisioned…and may be much better.

CHAPTER FOUR *Close the Deal

       This fourth step teaches you what we call “self talk combustion.” You must pitch

yourself repeatedly on your own script and your own production, so that you can move

on to selling your vision to the world. Who can help you get where you want to go?

Those are the souls who need to hear your story and believe in it. You’ll also learn:

      How to close the deal. When you hit upon your formula, you need to track it

       down, lock it in, get it done, own it…leave nothing to chance.

      How to meet the production deadline. This means that you must create a

       schedule that will get you there on time.

CHAPTER FIVE *Deliver the Goods

        “Roll Cameras…ACTION!” The words echo on the set as the cameras roll and

the production begins. Yes, there comes a time when you must yell these words and roll

your own cameras on the scene, even though you may not feel ready. As you begin to

produce your life:

       Handle the pressure. When disaster strikes and the physical weight of pressure

        descends upon you, you delight in the opportunity to turn things around and create

        an even better outcome.

       Edit. What aspects of your life need to be deleted, added or re-arranged?

       Deliver the goods. When all is said and done, you deliver what you’ve

        promised…if not more.

       Release your attachment to the ratings. In the television business, a project’s

        success is often measured by audience ratings – the number of people who are

        actually watching the show. Indicators such as these can make or break the

        project, but they usually don’t tell the whole story. Prepare - do your very best job

        possible and then … let it go.

CHAPTER SIX *Plan the Sequel

        Congratulations on your spectacular ratings! Remember to write the credits –

when you have a hit production, credit and reward those who helped you in the process.

You can never have too much gratitude for their efforts on your behalf. Thank them for

their help.

        And raise the bar.

        Producing your life is all about change. Check your success indicators, consider

where you’re at now and decide what more you want to produce in your life. Then write a

new script, visualize its ending, create the combustion to set things in motion, plan an

entirely new season, pitch your new idea and close the deal, roll cameras, deliver your

new production, let it go and write the credits. And raise the bar again. Before you know

it, you’ll have created a better life.

                               PRODUCE YOUR LIFE

                                     Book Proposal


Produce Your Life Products

      Printed book, 125 pages, soft-cover. Visual layout, almost workbook-like in

       nature, featuring easy-to-read, step-by-step guidelines in chapter format, utilizing

       graphic elements to highlight important points, readers’ tools and inspirational

       text, and reminder summaries at the end of each chapter. The Produce Your Life

       title is a stylized logotype signifying a brand and is registered and/or trademarked.

       Manuscript to be completed six months after the execution of a publishing


      Audio book. Unabridged, read by Kim Edstrom and Dr. George Pratt, using a

       custom music track to enhance the authors’ message. The Produce Your Life

       audio book can be downloaded from iTunes.

      CD/Companion book combination. Made to load onto personal computers, this

       powerful media kit features a Produce Your Life program that allows the user to

       perform the step-by-step guidelines right from their computer, such as “Write

       Your Script” and “Design Your Production.” It also features a fun and effective

       “Emmy Award” certificate that the new producer can use once they produce the

       life of their dreams. For iMac users and those with the proper equipment, the

       program even allows them to edit an actual Produce Your Life video. Watch out,!

      DVD presentation. Expertly-produced video version of Produce Your Life.

      Produce Your Life swag. Mont Blanc pens sporting the Produce Your Life logo;

       classy polo shirts with the Produce Your Life insignia, or other marketing

       messages such as “Produce Your Life. I did.” “Green-light Your Production

       Today.” “It’s A Go! Produce Your Life;” brushed silver Produce Your Life

       picture frames resembling a television screen to freeze-frame moments from your


Produce Your Life Multi-Media Components

    Online forum for new life producers as well as online

       retailer for all Produce Your Life products. Viewers can get the latest information

       on products, book tours, public speaking engagements, contact the authors, read

       Kim and George’s blogs, watch video clips, download special audio as well as

       link to other online sources like George’s and Kim’s, where Produce Your Life is also featured.

      In addition, health and wellness websites such as and others

       are featuring online “columns” by both Kim and George based on Produce Your


      Produce Your Life On The Road. National seminar tour featuring Kim Edstrom

       and Dr. George Pratt in person.

      Produce Your Life Radio Show. Produced locally in San Diego, California, this

       AM/FM call-in talk radio show is hosted by Kim Edstrom, with special

       appearances by Dr. Pratt and many others, airing in San Diego, CA, DMA 26.

       Syndication-ready for time slots across the country.

      Produce Your Life Television Show. Syndicated nationally, 1-hour, talk show


Book Launch Promotion Tour

       In the script that Kim and George have written for producing this dream, several

Produce Your Life products and multi-media components are launched simultaneously,

allowing maximum exposure for the printed book and perhaps the CD/Companion book

combo via, which utilizes the specially-produced content to work

for the launch. Other products and multi-media launches can follow as the buzz gets

bigger and bigger.

       Both Kim and George have developed lasting relationships with a number of

media personalities and behind-the-scenes players in the broadcast, publishing and public

speaking arenas. This strong network of media contacts is poised to launch the Produce

Your Life brand in a big way, both locally and nationwide. In addition to a meet-and-greet

schedule at select booksellers across the country, Kim and George are appearing in

person, together and separately, for television, radio, internet, e-zine and publication

interviews at a variety of media outlets including:


       Larry King Live/CNN

       The Rachael Ray Show/KingWorld Syndication

       Dr. Phil/KingWorld Syndication

The Morning Show with Mike and Juliette/FOX Syndication

CBS Television Network

FOX Television Network

Major US Markets

WPIX-TV/CW Affiliate, New York, NY

KTLA-TV/CW Affiliate, Los Angeles, CA

WGN-TV/CW Affiliate and WGN Radio, Chicago, IL

KPIX-TV/CBS Affiliate, San Francisco, CA

KXTV-TV/ABC Affiliate, Sacramento, CA

KCPQ-TV/FOX Affiliate, Seattle, WA

KFMB-TV/CBS Affiliate and KFMB Radio, San Diego, CA

KGTV-TV/ABC Affiliate, San Diego, CA

KPBS-TV/PBS Affiliate and KPBS Radio, San Diego, CA

CHANNEL 4-SAN DIEGO, Cable Affiliate, San Diego, CA

KPNX-TV/NBC Affiliate, Phoenix, AZ

WSMV-TV/NBC Affiliate, Nashville, TN

WCJB/TV/ABC Affiliate, Gainesville, FL

Information Superhighway

Graeme Newell’s Marketing Ideanet


       America Online

       Yahoo Online

       Engaging public speakers, Kim and George are currently developing a speaking

program for the Learning Annex, in part to teach the Produce Your Life system and

promote Produce Your Life products. With a nationwide rollout of speeches, workshops,

and seminars the authors are directly supporting the launch of Produce Your Life.


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