Utilitarian Ethics by liuqingyan


Utilitarian Ethics- Ethics based on the belief that the best action is
the one that creates the most happiness in the world.
Advocated by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill in the 19th C.
Advantages of Utilitarian Ethics
    1) Provides a solid rule to follow when making a decision.
    2) Does not rely on any particular religion, can be believed by
    3) Happiness is in line with attitudes of what a good life is
       throughout history. (Philosophers, theologians, etc.)
Disadvantages of Utilitarian Ethics
    1) Difficult to measure happiness. (utiles?)
    2) Some people are happy when “bad” things happen.
    3) Can encourage “free riders” who exhibit selfish behavior
    4) Provides opportunities to violate “natural rights”
    5) Difficult to predict future happiness/unhappiness

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