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         SPECIAL OLYMPICS                                                                    Newsletter for
                                                                                           Clackamas County

                                                                                                    Winter 2004

Greetings from Gary…                     Volunteers serve in a wide variety of    What’s Next?
Your Local Program Coordinator           ways:                                    As we look to the future I see two ar-
It is hard to believe that I have been     •Coaches and assistant coaches,        eas that Clackamas County will need
your Local Program Coordinator for         •Unified partners,                     to continue to work on:
over a year now. I have really enjoyed     •One day events, fundraisers              1. The recruitment of younger
the experience and have learned a lot      andcompetitions,                          athletes is going to be important
about operating a program. It has been     •Recruit and train other volunteers,      for the growth of our program. Did
a great opportunity for me to meet and     •Make presentations.                      you know that the average age of
work with many wonderful athletes,                                                   an athlete in Clackamas County is
parents and volunteers.                  One reason my first year has been such      34 years old?
                                         a positive experience has been the          2. The recruitment and training of
I would like to take the time to share   wonderful support I have received           volunteers to serve these athletes.
with you some important                      from the members of the Local           As the Local Program Coordinator
information about our local                  Program Team. A special thanks to       I worry about my Team Managers,
program, some of our suc-                    our managers:
cesses, and where we would                                                           the core group of volunteers and
                                             • Terri Gilreath: Fund Raising          coaches becoming overworked
like to go from here.                        • Dena Whitley: Communication           and leaving the program.
                                             • Natalie Stewart: Finance
Special Olympics                             • Anne Tileston: Athlete Medicals    Whatever your skills, background and
Oregon-Clackamas                                                                  interest, there is a volunteer position
County Annual Report                         A good team is made up of mem-       available that will allow you to join the
Quick Facts                                  bers who step up and take on the     team and make a difference!
  •We are a volunteer                        important “little” projects which
  driven program…no paid staff.          help to make a successful program. I     I am excited about the accomplish-
  •Programs are provided free of         would like to thank all the volunteers   ments our program has made. We con-
  charge to all athletes.                and coaches who put in the extra time    tinue to face many challenges but
                                         and energy to support our athletes!      through individual and community in-
  •We are responsible for generating                                              volvement we will become the best
  all the funds necessary to:            Some of Our Successes:                   Special Olympics program in the State
  •Provide transportation, meals and       •At the Dan Loomis Memorial Golf       of Oregon!
  lodging to State Games when              Tournament we raised $15,600.00!
  necessary,                               Congratulations to Terri Gilreath      Sincerely,
  • Pay for practice facilities,                                                  Gary Paxton
                                           and her committee!
  • Purchase quality sports equip-         • We were able to get new uni-
  ment,                                    forms for our athletes who             Christmas
  • Provide new uniforms and               participate in track and field,        Cards are
  replacement uniforms as needed.          softball, soccer, volleyball,
  •All the funds generated by our                                                 Available!
                                           powerlifting, bowling, and golf.       Get your cards
  program directly serve the               •The Local Program Team devel-         now and help
  athletes in Clackamas County.            oped 3 comprehensive goals to          support Special
  •During the three seasons we have        help guide our program for 2004.       Olympics        in
  235 athletes participating in a          • Our “Support a Winner” program       Clackamas County! Twelve individual
  variety of sports.                       brought in over $9,000.00.             athletes are portrayed by Dena Whitley,
                                           •We are seeing a slight increase in    local artist and Special Olympics coach.
Volunteers-The Key to Success              the number of younger athletes         The set of twelve cards and envelopes
Special Olympics would not exist with-                                            sell for $10.00 with proceeds going to
                                           joining our program.                   the athletes of Clackamas County. Call
out the dedication and commitment of       •We received $3,000.00 from
our volunteers! As our programs grow                                              Special Olympics Clackamas County at
and expand, so does our need for           Rotary. Thanks Lynne Larson for        503-675-3550 to place your order!
volunteers.                                writing this grant!
                                           •We developed a partnership with
                                           Lake Oswego Tennis Club so we
                                           could offer this as a club sport.
                                           •Lands End donated $3,000.00
                                           worth of shirts for our bowlers and
                                           golfers through the grant writing
                                           efforts of Dena Whitley. Great job!                        Julie Nuding shows off
                       Chad Rodriquez      •Business and individual donations                         her medal from
                       is all smiles!      raised over $9,000.00.                                     regional.

                              Special Olympics Oregon-Clackamas County
                    A new addition to our newsletter will be a section entitled “Heroes.” Special Olympic heroes are athletes, coaches/
                    volunteers and sponsors who inspire others by example and reflect the Special Olympics spirit of skill, courage,
                    sharing and joy.
                    Selection Process:
                                To be eligible, an athlete must have participated in the last completed season. In this case it would be
                              any athlete who participated in a summer sport.
                                One athlete will be selected by his/her coach and his/her name will be put into a lottery drawing.
                                A member of the AMT (Area Management Team) will draw out one name from all those names
                              submitted by the head coach per team
                                Sponsors and volunteers can be nominated by athletes, parents, coaches, and volunteers. The final
                              selection will be made by and voted on by the members of the Area Management Team.
    Criteria for Selection:
    The Area Management Team developed the following guidelines and criteria that will be used to select an athlete, a volunteer
     and a sponsor.
                                                  Athlete                Volunteer                 *Sponsor
                                              Sportsmanship       Positive Leadership
                                                                                              Level of contribution
                                              Improvement         Motivating
                                              Attendance          Role Model
                                                                                              Level of involvement
                                              Effort              Level of involvement

    * A “Sponsor” is defined as a business, organization or individual.
     Hall of Heros

                                                                                     Hall of Heros--Watch this space as each
                                                                                          season we will add more Heros
                                                                                            to continue honoring them
                                   Terri Gilreath,                                             through out the year!
                                                         Matt Kenny
                                   Sponsor,              Athlete,
                                   East Side West        Winter Season
                                   Side Athletic Club

                                     Special Olympics Oregon-Clackamas County
                                     Nomination Form
                                     I nominate _____________________________________________________

                                            for         Sponsor HERO                   Volunteer HERO

                     because __________________________________________________________________


                     (if needed, attach an additional sheet)

                     Submitted by: _____________________________________________ Phone:              _______________________________

                     Send to SOOR Clackamas County, PO Box 592, Gladstone, OR 97027
Summer Sports Heroes
LENNY ERWIN-Athlete Hero
His coach Dena Whitley has this to say about Lenny. “He has a fantastic attitude in that he
always sees the positive in every thing and goes the extra mile—literally.

He is supportive of his fellow athletes, encouraging them in practices and the competition.
He is there cheering them on at the fence at State and the first one to let me know if they
are having difficulties or have done something that warrants praise. He is always upbeat
and smiling.

Lenny has played softball, basketball and bowling in the past but couldn’t due to his health.
However, that didn’t stop him—he wanted to participate in Special Olympics and often cited
the oath to other athletes and myself when we voiced our concerns—”Let me win but if I
cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”.

Although Lenny had his challenges, he is always concerned for other athletes and helping them along to be
their best.

DENA WHITLEY-Volunteer Hero
Volunteers are truly the background of our organization and a person who has worked hard
to make Clackamas County a strong, successful program is Dena Whitley. She has served as
a volunteer in a variety of ways some of which are:

• She assumed the many responsibilities of the Co-Local Program Coordinator when our
Special Olympics program was in a difficult transition time;
• She became the Communications Manager on the Local Program Team which included
putting together a volunteer brochure, designing the newsletter, and putting together our
web site;
• She has been the Head Coach for track and field and bowling which are the two sports which have the most
participation and has also been an assistant coach for basketball;
• As an artist Dena designed Christmas cards that featured Clackamas County athletes, the sale of these cards
being a great funding source for our program;
• She has helped coordinate and participated in special events and athlete recognition programs.
Dena brings to the Clackamas County Special Olympics program lots of initiative, strong organizational skills, and a
creative talent that has greatly enriched our program. She also brings compassion, excitement and a deep sense
of caring for the athletes with whom she works. Dena truly inspires greatness in us all!

TIM WANDELL~Sponsor Hero
Picture a perfect day in the sun with 144 golfers enjoying friends, mulligans, and good cheer.
They are participating in the first annual Special Olympics Dan Loomis Memorial Golf Tourney.

Tim Wandell was the supervisor of Dan Loomis, father of Special Olympics athlete Leslie
Loomis. Dan was a 20 year veteran of PGE and died in a hunting accident. Tim spoke at his
funeral and talked about how much Dan loved his kids and loved golf. When our Fundraising
Manager, Terri Gilreath, proposed having a golf tournament to help raise money for the Special
Olympics-Clackamas County program and use Dan’s good name, Tim jumped in with both feet.

Tim secured the major sponsor dollars from PGE, insured we had over 1/3 of the tournament field filled with PGE
team members, donated golf towels, leatherman tools, and more for the gift bags. He organized the gift bag “put
it all together” event including supplying pizza for the volunteers. Tim was instrumental in the recruitment of over
20 volunteers to help on the day of the event. He was the Master of Ceremonies for part of the event and was a
true leader in making the event so successful. Prior to the tournament, the organizing committee thought it would
be a successful event if they brought in $10,000.00. Through the efforts of this committee and the leadership from
Tim, the event brought in over $15,000.00!

Tim’s help and involvement with Special Olympics is greatly appreciated!

Congratulations to Lenny Erwin, Dena Whitley, and Tim Wandell for being selected as our “Heroes”
for the summer season.

    Fall Sports Season
                                                        Clackamas County

                          This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help your community…
                                    share with others…get back as much as you give!

If you have a lot of initiative     If you like sports…              If you want to work on           If you want to help for a few
…you’re creative                    Like to connect with             your own schedule                hours and want to learn
…you like to work with              Athletes and families-           ...mostly from home              about Special Olympics-you
people-                             you can:                         …you are detail oriented-        can:
you can:                                      • Coach                you can:                                 • Help at a
        • Recruit & train                     • Assistant Coach               • Write thank                     competition
          volunteers                          • Chaperone                       you letters                     (present
        • Make presentations                  • Be a Team                     • Track info in                    awards,keep
        • Recruit athletes                      Manager                         our database                     score, etc.)
        • Produce our website                                                 • Help with one                 • Help at a special
        • Manage local                                                          time projects                    event (set-up,
          program                                                             • Send letters                     volunteer check-in,
          communications                                                         for sponsorships                help at a booth, etc.
        • Help raise funds                                                    • Organize
        • Coordinate pro-                                                       seasonal
          grams and services                                                    registrations
          for athletes

                                                         Clackamas County
                                                P.O. Box 592 | Gladstone, OR 97027
                                  PHONE: 503-675-3550 | E-MAIL: GPAXTON6@COMCAST.NET |
                     State Office: 5901 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 100 | Portland, OR 97239 | Phone: 800.452.6079
                    2004-2005 Sports Calendar
                                                                 Regional           State
    Season         Sports           Recruit-register-train
                                                                competition       competition

                  Aquatics            Coach Education          Bowling:          All Sports:
    Fall           Bowling          Bowling-Grants Pass- Beaverton-10/23         Beaverton &
    2004           Soccer                   8/28                                   Portland
                  Volleyball          Bowling-Wilsonvill- Aquatics-Volleyball-
                                                          Aquatics-Volleyball-    Nov. 20-21
                                            8/28               Soccer:
                                     Aquatics-Roseburg     Corvallis-Oct. 16
                                     Athlete training-All
                                       Sept.4-Nov. 13

                 Alpine Skiing        Coach Education          Snow Sports:      Snow Sports:
             Cross Country Skiing   (December-January)        Wilamette Pass-    Mt Bachelor
    Winter      Snowboarding                                       2/20           March 5-7
    2005         Snowshoeing            Snow sports          Cooper Spur- 2/20
                  Basketball              practices:                             Basketball &
                 Powerlifting              Jan-Feb             Basketball:       Powerlifting
                                         Basketball-        Beaverton-THPRD-        Salem
                                    Powerlifting practices:       2/13            Springfield
                                           Jan-Mar                                Mar 12-13
                                                              Roseburg High
                                                               School 2/5

                Track & Field         Coach Education         Track & Field:      All Sports:
                    Bocce                 (April)            Mt Hood CC-5/22       Corvallis
    Summer           Golf                                                          July 9-10
    2005        Gymnastics          Practices -all sports:     Softball-Golf-
                   Softball               May-June                 Bocce
                                                                Eugene- 6/4

                  Aquatics            Coach Education             Bowling:         All sports:
    Fall           Bowling               (August)                 October        late November
    2005           Soccer
                  Volleyball        Practices-All sports: Aquatics-Volleyball-
                                          Sept-Nov             Soccer:

                          Special Olympics Oregon – Clackamas County
                                         REGISTRATION FOR WINTER SPORTS

                     Please register for participation in Winter Sports by mail only.

 Athlete Name:___________________________________________________________________________________



 Phone: (day)____________________________________ (emergency)_____________________________________

 E-mail:__________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name ___________________________________

 Sport (choose ONLY one):

 Alpine skiing______Cross country________Snowboarding________ Basketball_______ Powerlifting__________

 Tennis Club: During the winter season we will be offering athletes a chance to join the tennis club in addition to
 participating in one of the five sports listed above. The club meets for 6 weeks starting January 8 for a one hour practice
 session at the Lake Oswego Indoor Tennis Center. If you have questions please call 503-675-3550.

 Tennis Club: Yes, I would like to join________

Return this form by December 11, 2004 to:
SOOR-Clackamas County
P.O. Box 592
Gladstone, OR. 97027
or Call: 503-675-3550

 SPORT                  PRACTICE SITE              DAYS             DATES                          TIME
Alpine Skiing        Mt. Hood Meadows             Sunday         January 9 to           Coach will call with the meet-
Cross Country                                                      March 7,                  ing time/location
Skiing                                                              2005

Basketball              Waldrof School            Saturday        January 8 to              Coach will call with
                           2300 SE                                 March 13,                  practice times
                          Harrison,                                  2005

Powerlifting              East Side               Saturday        January 8 to                   1:00-3:00
                        Athletic Club                              March 13,
                          4606 SE                                    2005
                       Boardman Ave.

The partnership with Albertson’s is a way
to raise funds to support Clackamas
County Special Olympics.

How does it work?
You present your card to the cashier any-
time before the order is tendered. The
amount of your purchase is automatically    Clackamas athletes shine
recorded and credited to Clackamas          at the Bowling Regional in
County Special Olympics. At the end of      Beaverton.
each quarter Albertson’s calculates the
percentage that will be awarded and
sends us a check.

How do you get a card?
You can call our message center at
503-675-3550 or write to:
SOOR-Clackamas County
P.O. Box 592
Gladstone, OR. 97027

                                                                            ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
Permit No. 3902
 Portland OR
    PAID                                                                 GLADSTONE, OR 97027-0592
 U.S. Postage                                                            PO BOX 592
Non-Profit Org.                                                          SPECIAL OLYMPICS-CLACKAMAS COUNTY

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