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					KFUPM Course objectives
Tech Talk Elementary

                             Units 1-3                  Units 4-6                           Units 7-9                           Units 10-12                        Units 13-15                  Units 16-18                           Units 19-21
Reading                                  Interpreting signs                Specifications                       Emails                            Emails                         Instructions                           Safety Instructions

                                         Emails                            FAQs                                 Instructions                      A report                       Calculations                           Detailed descriptions

                                         Messages                          Emails                                                                                                Directions                             Description of equipment

                                                                           Instructions                                                                                                                                 Emails

Writing      Spelling                    Messages                          Writing questions                                                      Lists                          Sums                                   Hydraulic elevators

             Alphabet                                                      Writing instructions                                                   Brainstorming                  Short conversations                    Roped elevators


Speaking     First meetings              Telephone phrases                 Asking for things                    Explaining problems               Explaining use                 Asking permission                      Offering help

             Saying what you want        Checking                                                               Suggesting solutions              Explaining functions           Saying how long                        Telephone calls

             Counting                    Email addresses                                                                                          Explaining controls            A telephone call                       Describing inventions

             Specifying                                                                                                                           Finding out about people       Describing directions

             Checking                                                                                                                                                            Ordering drinks

             Food ordering                                                                                                                                                       Explaining how

Listening    Food ordering               Telephone messages                Numbers                              Asking for help                   Programming a remote           People asking for help                 Telephone calls

             Numbers                     Instructions                                                                                             Fractions                      Telephone calls                        Inventions

                                         Email addresses                                                                                                                         Sums

Grammar      a or an                     there is or there are             can and can't                        Prepositions                      was and were                   can I and can you                      Past Simple and did

             verb be                     Is there a (an)?/Are there any?   them and it                          this and that                     past simple:regular verbs      lend and borrow                        will

             can/need                    Plurals                           Should                               can't and have to                                                How much and How many                  Past simple:irregular verbs

                                         Quantities                        Do/does questions                    some and any                                                     come and go                            it and they

                                                                           Changing statements into questions   Uncountable nouns                                                Two-part verbs                         Likes and dislikes

Vocabulary   Telephone numbers           Controls                          Body parts                           Where things are                  A survival kit                 Packages, containers and units         Maintenance and repairs

             International words         Positions                         Tools/equipment                      Telling the time                  Electronic devices             Calculations                           Imperial and metric measurements

             1-100                       Facilities                        Decimal numbers                      Vocabulary for fastening things   Damages                        Landmarks                              Machine parts

             Food                        Car parts                         Currency                                                               Time expressions               Directions

             Tools/parts                 Materials                         Warnings                                                               Countries and nationalities    Storeroom items

             Abbreviations               Shapes                            Colours                                                                Statistics                     British English and American English
                                         Opposites                         Jobs and companies                                                                                    Check-in

                                                                                                                                                                                 Car parts
PRE-INTERMEDIATE Units 1-3                            Units 4-6                                Units 7-9                                               Units 10-12                   Units 13-15
Reading          Job descriptions                     Equipment                                Numbers                                                 Descriptions of items         A menu
                 Email                                A true story                             Rules                                                   A test procedure              The mystery of the Sphinx
                                                      Companies' quality improvements          Safety precautions                                      Descriptions of devices       Emails
                                                      Statistics                               Instructions                                            Warning signs and labels      Directions
                                                      HP Photosmart 7960 Color Photo Printer   Safety guidelines                                       Equipment manual
                                                      A schedule                                                                                       Instructions

Writing            Spelling                                                                    Numbers                                                 Warning labels                Directions
                   Alphabet                                                                    Making lists                                            Brainstorming quality tests   Lists
                   Email and internet addresses                                                                                                                                      Emails

Speaking           Describing people's jobs           Discussing and describing statistics     Explaining rules                                        Describing shapes             Asking for and giving directions
                   Asking questions about jobs        Suggesting causes of problems            Describing damaged items and what needs doing           Explaining quality tests      Asking people to repeat
                   Telephone calls                    Explaining how devices work              Explaining safety precautions and answering questions   Making suggestions            Checking understanding
                   Making estimates                                                            Explaining how to change an oil filter                                                Talking about workplaces
                   Meeting people                                                              Explaining tasks                                                                      Making arrangements
                   Making requests                                                             Avoiding problems

Listening          Telephone calls                    Company statistics                       Rules                                                   Descriptions of items         Asking for directions
                   Email addresses                    Project planning                         Numbers                                                 Descriptions of devices       Travellers' questions and answers
                   Numbers                            Radio programme                                                                                                                Dates and times

Grammar            Present simple                     can, for and enable                      What and How questions                                  Present passive               Prepositions
                   will / won't                       If and when                              must, have to and need to                               two-part instructions         there is or there are
                   Countable and uncountable nouns    Present continuous                       needs doing                                                                           much, many,a little, a few
                   Comparing two things               Past simple                              should, shouldn't , and could                                                         by and until
                   Comparing two or more things       Troubleshooting questions - have you…?   Adjectives and adverbs                                                                ing forms
                                                                                               Forming adverbs

Vocabulary         Jobs                               Gadgets                                  Large numbers                                           Shapes                        Food
                   Metric and Imperial measurements   Repairs                                  Fractions                                               Types of equipment            Abbreviations
                   Decimal numbers                    Components                               Years                                                   Flammability                  Statistics
                   Defect items                       Damages                                  Currency                                                Warnings                      Depth
                   Clock parts                                                                 Damage                                                  Security devices              Containers and units
                   Vehicles                                                                    take and last                                                                         Quantities
                   Abbreviations                                                               Hazards
Units 16-18                           Units 19-21
Quick-Change Inventory - supply chainsInventions
Description of equipment              List of jobs
Process of recycling                  Nanotechnology
Digital photography                   Beware of XXX
Dialogue                              Story about Charles Babbage

Brainstorming solutions to problems   Brainstorming items

Describing connections                Asking passive questions
Discussing predictions                Explaining procedures
                                      Discussing science questions
                                      Discussing possibilities
                                      Role-play-supervisor and employee

Different parts of a supply chain     Conversation about repair jobs
Process of recycling a car            Listening for different materials

comparative adjectives                Past passive
Two-part verbs                        Passive questions
                                      Present perfect & past simple
                                      can and be able to
                                      Explaining causes and effects
                                      Active and passive

Fixed expressions                     Inventions
word partnerships                     Materials
Equipment                             Properties of materials
Parts for a vacuum pump               Degrees of certainty
body parts
KFUPM Course objectives
Tech Talk Intermediate

                               Units 1-3                                       Units 4-6                              Units 7-9                                 Units 10-12                                Units 13-15                                         Units 16-18
Reading      Emails                                      Chroma Key                                 A contents page                             Recipe-Carbonated Strawberries            Volunterring Match                             Emails
             Different work situations                   The tracking of Hank Shaw                  Text about ergonomics                       Advice for making conversation            Milton Road project-Status update              Text abbreviations
             Descriptions of inventions                  Information about Franklin Furnaces        Workplace problems                          Brave New World                           Roof surface spray cooling system              Descriptions of different parts
             Dimensions                                  Franklin Furnaces's job advert             Accident witness report                     Predictions                               Rules for writers                              Delay in a schedule
             Choosing the right fish for your pond       Stay home this summer                      Matt's Smart Materials Blog                 Survival expert's opinion                 Writing technical documents                    Faulty product warnings
                                                         Carbon footprint quiz                      Airport signs                               Survival problems                         Measuring the world                            Recall notice: Electronic motion switches
                                                         A calendar                                 Safe lifting                                An order form                             The principles of 5S                           Reasearch Laboratory Security
                                                                                                    Giant dumpers don't have little accidents   A note                                    A postcard                                     Security breaches
                                                                                                    What's it made of?                                                                    Underfloor heating by Heatco                   A game show puzzle
                                                                                                    You could use it for …                                                                Directions                                     Definitions of adze
                                                                                                                                                                                          Top tips for efficient email management        How you make it stop
Writing      Writing and replying to emails              A list                                     A list                                      A recipe                                  Punctuation                                    Descriptions for devices
                                                                                                                                                                                          Calculations                                   Making lists
Speaking     Discussing training courses                 A product's uses                           Discussing and comparing rules              Reacting to statements                    Discussing volunteer work                      Presenting a proposal
             Introducing yourself at a training course   Explaining how to fix something            Role play-foreign customs and laws          Discussing predictions                    Role play-interviews                           Discussing faults
             Comparing emails                            Discussing special effects                 Explaining meanings of items                Role-play using gradable and ungradable   Role play-reporting progress                   Making speculations
             Describing features and benefits            Discussing visitors at work                Describing accidents                        Discussing survival items                 Describing projects                            Discussing security procedures
             Instructing                                 Asking for things and responding           Discussing and presenting inventions        Making complaints and responding          Discussing measurements                        Discussing risks
             Presenting                                  Making offers and responding               Role play-explaining uses                   Role-play-damage                          Describing location                            Discussing a gameshow puzzle
             Explaining how devices work                 Role play-visiting a company                                                           A telephone call                          Describing workspace                           Project reviews
             Suggesting improvements                     Tracking                                                                                                                         Discussing personal productivity
             Asking questions about dimensions           Agreeing and disagreeing with statements
                                                         Discussing and comparing lists
                                                         Carbon footprint quiz
Listening    An online training course                   A product's uses                           Renting a car                               Making small talk                         An interview                                   Emails
             Specifications                              Conversations about visitors               Recording of an accident                    Survival problems                         Reporting progress                             Suppliers discussing a problem
             Desciptions of features and benefits        Planning a trip                            Conversations about inventions              Survival expert's opinion                 Measurements                                   A security breach
             Instructions for tasks                                                                                                             A telephone conversation                  Describing location
Grammar      Present tenses                              Explaining effects                         Permission and obligation verbs             Prepositions + -ing                       Present perfect vs Past Simple                 Perfect tenses
             Present perfect                             Active or passive?                         Noun phrases                                used to, be used to , and get used to     Passives-continuous, perfect, and modal forms Present and future possibilities

             Questions about specifications              Countable and uncountable nouns            Positive and negative prefixes              Expressing certainty and uncertainty      Multi-part verbs                               Should, be supposed to, and should(n't) have
             Describing benefits                         little/few or little/a few                 Causes and results                          Gradable and ungradable adjectives        Prepositions                                   Likelihood expressions
             Sequencing                                  If, unless , and in case                   Past simple                                 Explaining problems                                                                      Describing probability
             Explaining why                              Comparing two or three things              Past continuous                             go , get and become
             which and that                              Comapring quantities                       Would and could
                                                         Intensifiers                               Real and unreal possibilities
                                                                                                    mustn't or don't have to
Vocabulary   Specifications                              Verbs for fixing things                    Equipment                                   Damage vocabulary                         Volunterring jobs                              Engine part vocabulary
             Devices                                     Saying sorry                               Materials                                   Dealing with complaints                   Punctuation
             Jobs                                        Giving excuses

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