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					                                                             Team Bears - Time Logs
                                                                                     Syed, Tahira
  10/13/2011           13-Oct-2011
Total Hours 76.25 as of 13-Oct-2011

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Date                        Time                  Description

                                                  created a W&T matrix for maintanence requirements. Included my comments about the changes made to the requirement
30-Oct-2007                   3.00                document. Emailed this matrix file to Una. Check emails from the group. Looked over the new draft submitted by Una.
                                                  check emails regarding documentation's progress. Looked at the previous wolves and thieves statements. Created a
                                                  Wolves and Thieves statement matrix about the functional requirements. Listed each functional requirement in the table
                                                  with all the changes that wre made to them based on W&T feedback. inserted my own comments as req. manager in the
                                                  matrix to further clarify the changes made to the requirement document. emailed the matix file to Una, in order to be
29-Oct-2007                   3.75                included in the documnetation.
                                                  made the changes to the requirement document based on the website. Included the section on mobile site requirements.
                                                  Checked the document for grammitical and spelling mistakes. Reformatted the doc. Emailed the completed document to
28-Oct-2007                   5.00                Una. Looked over the first draft of the booklet uploaded by Una.
                                                  went through each and every page of the website to figure out what requirements for that specific page were met, and
                                                  which req would be implemented in future. Browsed the site as a guest and than as a registered user to to see if the
27-Oct-2007                   3.00                requirements have met for both users.
                                                  looked over the working requirement document. Took notes about possible changes in that doocument. Emailed Una to
25-Oct-2007                   1.00                send me the ver1 of requirement document that was upated on oct 3.
                                                  met with Jerry, Sam, Gurang, and Frank before class to make the final changes before the final demo. Looked at the new
                                                  ppt presentation. Decided on the layout of the presentation. Tested the full content and mobile website once again for
                                                  errors. Made sure that the backups were up and running. met with the group after class to decide what was needed for the
24-Oct-2007                   2.00                documentation.
                                                  looked at the final CtAlert website. Tested the site broken links and formatting errors. Read emails from the group member.
23-Oct-2007                   1.50                Looked over the ppt presentation from Frank for the Final Demo.
                     met with the group to talk about the final project demo. Met with Jerry and Gaurang to make the final changes to the pages.
                     Tested train and Bus schedules pages for formatting. Emailed developer info page to Gaurang. Re-created the fares and
22-Oct-2007   2.50   prices pages using the new template sent by Gurang.
                     checked the CTAlert website to see the progress. Tested different pages to test broken links. Texted Sam and Jerry
20-Oct-2007   1.50   regarding the project.
                     re-created all the Fares and Prices pages using the new template and emailed those pages to Jerry inorder to be
18-Oct-2007   3.00   implemented on the website. Started working on the developers info page.
                     Met with Jerry, Sam, and Frank before class to finish up things before the preview demo. Looked at the ppt presentation to
17-Oct-2007   2.00   see if it was ok. Tested the mobile site on the phone. Looked at Una's feedback about the website
                     made some minor changes to the pages and uploaded those pages on the google group in order to get them up on the
16-Oct-2007   0.50   website. Looked over the forum. Checked emails from group members
                     checked the emails. completed rest of the Fares and Prices pages. Reduced fare permits, special fares, Upass
15-Oct-2007   3.00   pages.finished developers info page.
                     looked at the schedule pages sent by Una. Created Chicago Card, Chicago Card Plus, Transit Card, Passes, and Visitor
14-Oct-2007   6.00   passes using the template of Red Line. Started working on the developers info page.
                     attended the group meeting. Looked at the train and schedule pages send by Una. Fimilarized myself with the layout of the
10-Oct-2007   3.75   templete. Created main fares and prices page using the train schedule template as a example.
                     checked the progress of the group. Looked at the Fares pages on the current CTA site. Copy pasted the content of that site
9-Oct-2007    4.50   in a word document to be used later in the development of our static pages.
                     Had a group meeting. Discussed project's progress. Reassigned tasks to people to make the implemenation process
8-Oct-2007    1.50   faster. Took the reponsibility to start working on static pages for bus and train schedule.
                     Looked at the time logs of other members to see project's progress. Emailed the team to check on what needed to me
5-Oct-2007    0.50   done by me over the weekend or if anyone needed my help.
                     looked over working requirement document modified by Una. Met with the group for 10 mins to know what was needed to
3-Oct-2007    0.50   me done by me.
                     met with the group to discuss the final changes in the requirement document before the submission. Sat with Sam and did
                     card sorting for the website. Looked over the sample Booklet for guidence. made changes in the requirement document
                     with Una. Divided the functional requirements into pages requirement. incorporated wolves and thieves statements in the
1-Oct-2007    2.50   document.
                     read emails fron the group. Updated my TimeLogs. Send emails to other members to remind them about wolves and
28-Sep-2007   0.50   thieves statements.
                     met with Sam, Jerry, and Dan to work on the ppt presentation.wrote down an example of wolves and thieves statements
26-Sep-2007   1.50   and revised requirements for the presentation.
                     met with group to figure out what needed to get done before the demo. Gave everyone a copy of the functional and
                     nonfunctional requirements to get feedbacks. Assigned wolves and thieves jobs to group member. Combined Una's
                     overview document, Sams Management and testing document to my functional and non-functional document to create a
                     complete set of requirements. made some other necessary changes and uploaded it on google group for everyone to see
24-Sep-2007   4.00   so they can provide me with wolves and thieves statement
                     formulated formal requirements document, included non-funtional requirements, maintanence and security section of the
23-Sep-2007   5.00   the document
22-Sep-2007   2.00   worked on formal requirements, wrote down functional requirements to help the design team.
19-Sep-2007   1.00   met with Sam after class and worked on documenting functional requirements.
                      read requirement specification and looked through requirements documents submitted by previous groups to get an idea
17-Sep-2007   1.50    about the format of the document. Researched the difference between functional and non-funtional requirements
15-Sep-2007   0.50    looked over final project ideas and submitted my votes for the project
                      met with Sam, Jerry, Dan to finish the concept demo. Reviewed the ppt presentation. Looked over the final project ideas
                      and created the voting slips. Discussed presentation format. Met with group afterwards to discuss job assignment for final
12-Sep-2007   1.50    project

                      read emails from the group. Looked at the files that other groups members uploaded and provided feedback. Wrote down
                      the formal requirements. Created the checklist to monitor groups progress. Brainstormed ideas about the project proposal.
11-Sep-07     4.50    Created ppt about the requirements that would be implemented in the demo presentation by the presentation manager.
                      Participated in Group Meeting; Reviewed concept demo requirements and the requirements intro lecture to understand the
                      structure of formal requirements better. Looked at formal requirements from other groups to better understand the format
10-Sep-07     2.00    the requirements. activated my shrike account
                      updated the matrix.html and send that info to the webmaster. Reviewed the concept demo requirements more thoroughly.
06-Sep-07     0.75    Looked at demos from other groups. Brainstormed some ideas about the mystery game.
                      read and replied to emails sent by group members. Joined the google group. Read the specifications for the Concept and
05-Sep-07     0.50    Technology demo in the Demos directory.

TOTAL:        76.25

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