; Chapter 3 Ethics Assignment
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Chapter 3 Ethics Assignment


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									BBI20 – Introduction to Business
Wednesday February 16th, 2011
Ms. M. Klieber

                                    Chapter 3 Ethics

Accounting scandals, insider trading, fraud and environmental disasters are some of the
major ethical issues associated with businesses. You will be assigned an event that relates
to one of these ethical issues and research it further.

Answer the following in full paragraph format:

   1.   Brief history of the company or person.
   2.   A brief summary of ethical issue.
   3.   What was the final resolution to the ethical issue?
   4.   How did this event cause problems for consumers and businesses?
   5.   Did it create any benefits for consumers and businesses?
   6.   Has anything been done to prevent similar events from occurring in the future?

                  SCANDAL                                   STUDENT ASSIGNED

Nugan Hand Bank                                    Matthew Blankenstein
Polly Peck International                           Maddie Roth
Bank of Credit and Commerce International
Cendant                                            Henry Zimmerman
Xerox Scandal
Enron & Arthur Andersen                            Bailey Schaefer
Qwest Communications
Tyco International & Dennis Kozlowski              Jonah Eng
Worldcom                                           William Kiff
Pharmalat                                          Evan Walman
Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC        Max Kirsh
Bre-X                                              Corey Negin-Fryers
Nicor Energy                                       Jonah Eng
Martha Stewart                                     Mitchell Kennedy
Global Crossing

DUE: End of Class on Tuesday February 22nd, 2011

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