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 Has “Going with the Flow” Paid Off?

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                         New Wings Open for Student Use
                                            Andrew Blutt ‘07
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                                                                                                                                  Peterson Awaits
                                                                                                                                  Court Decision
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                                                                                                                              Paris Hilton’s New
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                                                                                                                             Community Service
                                                                                                                             this Holiday Season
                   SHS students make use of the quiet reading area in the new library media center                                  Pg. 8

                                                                             It seems like we have been living in a
   Letter from the Editor                                                  construction site forever. From the sounds
                                                                           of dropping steel beams to the drilling mak-
                                                                           ing our desks vibrate, construction has been
     Hi everyone, welcome back to The Forum! As 2004 comes to a
                                                                           a way of life for the past two years at the
 close, we can look back at the roads we have traveled and anticipate
                                                                           high school.
 the path before us. We’ve been through a lot this year, from the
                                                                               We have watched the building grow
 construction work to a new principal to the ongoing war to the presi-
 dential election. The mission of the newspaper is more important
                                                                           outside of classroom windows, seen the
                                                                           cement poured and bricks laid but, until
                                                                                                                                Growing Gender
 than it has ever been. We are committed to bringing you the news
 from our own community and the world. As always, there are plenty
                                                                           now, few could imagine what would lie be-                 Gap
 of your favorite sports, entertainment news and commentaries. As
                                                                           hind the construction fences.
                                                                               Over the past two months the sounds
                                                                                                                                    Pg. 9
 you browse the following pages, please remember the time and dedi-
                                                                           of construction have begun to vanish as first
 cation that the staff puts in to produce the paper.
     Looking ahead to the winter months, we’ll be sure to cover Boys
                                                                           our new gym opened, followed by the new
                                                                           science wing and library. Everyone won-
                                                                                                                                 The Poker Craze
 Ice Hockey and the ongoing work to our school. If you’re into poli-
 tics, we have you covered. Steven Rancourt, ecstatic with the elec-
                                                                           dered, was “going with the flow” for the                   Pg. 10
                                                                           past few years going to pay off?
 tion results, has agreed to write his usual column. Coming off the
                                                                              One of the most important additions to
 holiday season, we’ll also feature movies and music that you may
                                                                           our school would have to be the new sci-
 have missed.
                                                                           ence wing. The old science wing had only
     If you feel strongly on any topic, no matter how controversial, I
                                                                           had one lab for each floor to work with,
 urge you to submit your written opinions or artwork to The Forum in
                                                                           forcing all the classes to share it. Those con-
 Room A102. We want to print content that you want to read. Thank-
                                                                           straints allowed for only one to two lab days
 ing you for your interest and wishing you a safe and happy holiday,
                                                                           a week. Now this is no longer the case.
                                                                           Each new classroom is not just a room with
 Varun Gokarn
                                                                           a bunch of desks, but a lab as well. The
 Editor in Chief                                                                                                             4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                                         Continued Pg. 7                     4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                     EDITORIALS                                                                                                      2

    What I Couldn’t Fit in My Grid
                               Heather Gilchrist ‘05
                                                                                                            The Forum
                                                                                                                      Editing Staff
                                                                                                        Editor in Chief - Varun Gokarn ‘05
                                                                                                        News Editors - Brittany Bannon ‘05
                                                                                                                         Stacie Morris ‘05
                                                                                                        Arts and Entertainment - Stephanie
                                                                                                        Ennaco ‘05
                                                                                                        Features - Ben Larsen ‘05
                                                                                                                   Anu Nellissery ‘05
                                                                                                        Columns - Sarah Ullman ‘06
                                                                                                        Graphic Design - Tarun Gulati ‘05
                                                                                                                          Mikel Jagan ‘05
                                                                                                        Sports - Rishi Gokarn ‘06
   Gay marriage. War. Abortion. Bush. Stem         for the rest of our lives. Maybe, just maybe,                  Ryan Glasspiegel ‘05
cell research. The yearbook.                       the students should have been asked and in-
   As if you didn’t already have an excuse to      formed before these changes were imple-                                   Staff
whip out your soap box, in comes Simsbury          mented. While the yearbook maintains an
                                                                                                        Heather Gilchrist ‘05
High School’s own yearbook, The Pinnacle.          “open door” policy for students to come ex-
                                                                                                        Jason LaValla ‘05
This year’s yearbook has been the hot topic        press concerns, many decisions are made be-
                                                                                                        Patrick Harrington ‘05
at senior lunch tables for some time now so I      fore seniors know about them. A word of
                                                                                                        Henry Sire ‘05
finally decided to get out my own soap box.        advice for next year’s yearbook: ask the Class
                                                                                                        Asif Attarwala ‘05
   I got on the phone with some trustworthy        of 2006 what they want first.
                                                                                                        Lisa Kim ‘06
yearbook staffers to get the real scoop. Ap-           Truth be told, the class of ’05 has been
                                                                                                        Scott Condren ‘06
parently, the yearbook has recently under-         waiting three long years to inherit the privi-
                                                                                                        Eric Fritz ’06
gone a passing of the torch and is only in its     leges and traditions of being almighty seniors
                                                                                                        Connor Warnock ‘06
second year under a new pair of advisors so        at Simsbury High, but it now seems to all be
                                                                                                        Ben Miller ‘06
“change is to be expected,” said one senior.       washing away right in front of us. There wasn’t
                                                                                                        Ameya Gokarn ‘06
The class has spent a lot of time reviewing        a pig pile at the pep rally this year due to fear
                                                                                                        Greg Hebert ‘07
other high schools’ yearbooks across the na-       of “scuffage.” The highlight of the whole she-
                                                                                                        Rahul Rao ‘07
tion and has taken bits and pieces to come         bang was left to senior Jon Perkins, who
                                                                                                        Jackie Imse ‘07
up with a new and exciting format. The goal        shamelessly pulled down his trousers. On that
                                                                                                        Casey Brennan ‘07
this year is to break out of the mold, be cre-     same day, the hallways were stripped of all
                                                                                                        Rohan Shertukde ‘07
ative, and make The Pinnacle something             “pep essence” because streamers, posters,
                                                                                                        Andrew Blutt ‘07
Simsbury High School can be proud of.              and balloons are apparently a fire hazard. But
                                                                                                        Rachel Mestel ‘07
   However, with all the change that rolled in     besides not having a courtyard (or grass for
                                                                                                        Haider Attarwala ‘08
this year, new requirements and unexpected         that matter), a senior lounge (or even an
                                                                                                        Anna Yatskovnetsova ‘08
restrictions have been presented, leaving the      amphitheatre anymore), we no longer have
                                                                                                        Matt Galici ‘08
class of ’05 feeling rather gypped. I think we     the time told traditions of the Pinnacle, never
                                                                                                        Eric Stachowiak ‘08
all got over the standardized senior portraits     mind the lack of ceilings or floor tiles.
                                                                                                        Kendra Bartell ‘08
rather well, and it is now the downsizing of          Obviously, no one out rightly decided to
                                                                                                        Cori Hopkins ‘08
our grids, quotes, wills, and superlative sec-     strip the senior class of their anticipations, but
                                                                                                        Nabila Khan ‘08
tion that have taken the main stage. Despite       all the little missing details are starting to add
                                                                                                        Kelly Holland ‘08
claims from advisors that assure that “the se-     up. Although the lowered morale has been
niors actually have more space than in previ-      noted (as evident through Mr. Sullivan’s val-
                                                                                                            Web Site Design by Mike Kleinigger ‘05
ous years,” somehow the numbers just don’t         iant efforts to form senior gripe circles at lunch
                                                                                                                       Check us out at:
add up. In 2003, the seniors had over 600          to listen to our complaints about the school)
characters for their grids and quotes. In 2004,    the class is still left feeling unaccountably pun-
the grid space was cut to less than 300 char-      ished, somewhat dumbfounded, and gener-
acters. This year’s total expressive space is      ally dissatisfied. Maybe the holidays will boost
210, but don’t worry they saved 250 char-          everyone’s spirits… or are they going to tell        Faculty Advisor:
acters for you to post your resume next to         us there’s no such thing as Santa?
                                                                                                        Ms. Robbins
your picture. Technically, including the activ-       As for the yearbook, I guess we’ll all just
                                                   have to sit back, wait for the final product,        All opinions expressed in editorials are solely the
ity section creates more space for the seniors
                                                   and hope for the best. In the end I believe it       authors’ and are not those held by The Forum or its
this year than last, although I’m not sure that
                                                   will still serve its primary objective; to help      affiliates.
micro-managed resumes actually count as free
space.                                             preserve our high school memories. I just
   Bottom line- we’re dissatisfied because         hope that the yearbook crisis of 2004 isn’t              HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY?
we didn’t have a say in any of this. The Pin-      one of them.                                          Submit editorials to Rm. A102 or come to
nacle is the student’s yearbook, we’re pay-                                                                 our meetings Monday afternoons.
ing for it, and we’re the ones that will have it
                                                                NEWS                                                                                                  3

           Abercrombie’s Battle with Employee Discrimination
                                                                        Casey Brennan ‘07
   By observing the hallways of our        crimination and advocate diversity. Its vi-
school, it is common to see members        sual media must now include minorities
of the student body donning labels of      as well.
Abercrombie and Fitch. Of course               According to CEO Mike Jefferies,
the clothing comes in many colors,         Abercrombie decided to settle because
but can the same be said for its sales-    “a long, drawn out dispute would have
people? On Nov. 16th, Abercrombie          been harmful to the company and dis-
and Fitch settled a class action law-      tracting to management.” He claims that
suit filed last June which claimed that    the company has always had “no toler-
the company wrongfully discriminated       ance for discrimination.”
in hiring salespeople. The lawsuit            Minority applicants would disagree.
claimed that the company’s sales-          For example, one plaintiff, Jennifer Lu of
people are practically all white men,      California, says that she and other Asian
while behind-the-scenes jobs are           American employees were fired from their
filled with minorities. Also, the suit     sales positions and replaced by whites.
claimed that Abercrombie exclusively       Carla Grubb, an African American claims
shows whites on its posters, shop-         that she was unfairly assigned to menial
ping bags, and catalogs.                   tasks, such as cleaning up the store. Both                   Clothing of all colors? The Abercrombie image
        The settlement requires            of these women are also satisfied with the
Abercrombie to pay $40 million to          settlement.                                    Asian Americans. One T-shirt featured two       anti-discriminatory policies are now
10,000 minority and women appli-              This lawsuit is not the only time that A    Asian men in conical hats with the slogan       looking forward to a transformed
cants who were turned away from a          & F has had a run-in with racial insensi-      “Wong Brothers Laundry Service: Two             Abercrombie, but judging from the
sales position based on race or gen-       tivity. Two years ago, after protests from     Wongs can make it white.” Another shirt         line’s popularity among suburban
der. The clothing label must also pay      Asian American groups, Abercrombie             had a picture of Buddha and said “Buddha        teenagers it is doubtful that this case
$10 million in attorneys’ fees, and        pulled a line of controversial T-shirts that   Bash - Get Your Buddha on the Floor.”           has in any way impaired sales.
must change its policies to abolish dis-   promoted negative stereotypes toward             Those who were affected by A & F’s

                                               Peterson Awaits Punishment
                                                                         Rachel Mestel ‘07
                                                                        Disturbingly, the number one cause of death in        he was wrongly convicted. He has two options:
                                                                     pregnant women is murder. Of all pregnancy-re-           life in prison, or the death penalty. Some experts
                                                                     lated deaths, more than one in five of these women       say that he has a chance of convincing the jury
                                                                     are murdered, and nearly 7 percent of victims are        to spare his life, but this would require an unusu-
                                                                     killed by their spouses. The familiar case of Laci       ally strong argument.
                                                                     Peterson is just one example of this brutal crime.          Laci’s family is currently attending the trial in
                                                                        In California, on April 14, 2003 Laci and her         order to let the jurors know how heartbreaking
                                                                     unborn child Connor floated ashore the San Fran-         it was to lose a daughter as well as a grandson.
                                                                     cisco Bay, their deaths creating great despair within    Many further speculate that Mark Geragos,
                                                                     the community.                                           Peterson’s attorney, will probably bring up the
                                                                       Her husband, Scott Peterson, was arrested on           fact that he has no criminal record or history of
                                                                     April 18, 2003 for first degree murder of his dead       violence.
                                                                     wife and pleaded guilty for the crime.                      Even if Scott Peterson were given the death
                                                                       Peterson was Laci’s husband of 5 years, who            penalty, the execution may still not take place
                                                                     sparked great suspicion when he told officials on        for decades to come. He will more likely die of
                                                                     Christmas Eve, coincidentally the day of her dis-        natural causes than be executed.
                                                                     appearance, that he had been fishing in the bay                 The judge expects the jury to decide
                                                                     and was not worried about her absence.                   Peterson’s fate within the next week. Meanwhile
                                                                        Not surprisingly, it was a difficult task to find     the defendant remains in county prison awaiting
                                                                     fair jurors to attend his trial. Although they even-     his sentence.
                                                                     tually found 12 people who were able to attend,             Will this man be placed in prison for the rest
                                                                     Peterson and his attorney removed two of the ju-         of his life or executed for his actions? By the
                                                                     rors within ten days because one of the jurors had       time this article goes to print, Peterson’s fate will
                                                                     allegedly done outside research. The other juror’s       have been decided.
                                                                     reason for removal is still unknown.                        As this particular case comes to a close, one
                 Courtesy of
                                                                         On November 12, 2004 the jury finally de-            must note the surprising frequency of these event.
                                                                     clared Scott Peterson guilty. Now he must con-           Though this case shocked the nation, similar un-
                                                                     vince the jury that his life is worth sparing and that   fortunate stories are occuring everyday.
                                               FEATURES                                                                                                              4

                                                                                                    Chaos and Confusion
                                   NEWS                                                          SHS Students Successful, but Northern
                                                                                                       Regionals Disorganized

                            Insurgents Still at Large                                                                  Ben Larsen ‘05
                            Troop movement in Iraq a month before                           When people audition for competi-             and the new judges did not score in
                                     scheduled elections                                 tions, they want to know the results as          the same way, creating some dispar-
                                                                                         soon as possible. In some cases, such            ity in the scoring. This too caused
                                   Patrick Harrington ‘05                                as the Northern Regional Music Festi-            some delays.
                                                                                         val, that does not happen due to some                 Besides the scoring problems,
                                                                                         unusual circumstance.                            during the beginning of the festival
                                                                                            Northern Regionals, a competition             drum score sheets were given to
                                                                                         for orchestra, band, jazz band and cho-          string players and the festival admin-
                                                                                         rus students, held auditions on Novem-           istrators soon ran out of copies. Also,
Courtesy of

                                                                                         ber 13 for eligibility to participate in their   due to a shortage of judges, the sing-
                                                                                         annual festival. The cut-offs for eligible       ers were forced to wait for unusually
                                                                                         scores were supposed to be released              long periods in line to audition, mean-
                                                                                         the Monday following the festival, but           ing that many were no longer warmed
                                                                                         due to mistakes in the scoring process,          up when it came time to perform.
                                                                                         scores were not even released until              Sarah Primmer said that she arrived
                                                                                         Tuesday, November 23.                            at 9:30 and auditioned around 1:00.
                                                                                            The scoring problems at the festival             Despite these difficulties, many
                                                                                         this year were seen a lot in the strings,        musicians did well at the festival. Dr.
                                                                                         especially. The violins at one point             Goodrich, the conductor for our
                                                                                         were asked to play only one scale and            school orchestra, said that “all our
                                                                                         arpeggio, which accounts for 20 points.          students played well,” and she is
   American soldiers are dying for           killed an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 in-      The judges then changed it back to two           “proud to be the new orchestra di-
our country every day in Iraq, vic-          surgents. However, some insurgents          of each, which accounts for 40 points,           rector at Simsbury High School.”
tims of a protracted war. On No-             fled Fallujah in advance of the assault,    and creates uneven totals. The resolu-           When the ensembles assemble in
vember 20th, Marine Cpl. Lance               including terrorist leader Abu Musab        tion to this problem has not been made           2005, Simsbury will be well-repre-
Shane Kielion, died without                  al-Zarqawi, and are launching attacks       known yet. In addition, the cello/bass           sented at the festival once again.
knowing that he had become a fa-             from elsewhere in the country. With         judges changed in the middle of the day,
ther a few hours earlier. This is            Iraqi general elections set for January
just one of the many tragic stories          30, such insurgent groups remain ma-
of lives lost in a tragic war, per-          jor threats against the movement to-
petuated by a man reelected for
his “moral values.”
                                             wards democracy.                                           They Are Not Forgotten
                                                In a recent poll back at home, “fifty
   Apparently, the war he started            five percent of Americans like the way                                    Jackie Imse ‘07
is of little consequence to conser-          President Bush is handling his job,” and
vative voters, and the loss of               many of the poll questions targeted the
American and Iraqi lives aren’t as           U.S. performance in Iraq. Respond-            Each year during the winter holidays,
important as the loss of an em-              ing to whether the United States made       Amnesty International asks its support-
bryo. President Bush declared an             a mistake in sending troops to Iraq,        ers to send messages of encouragement
end of “major combat operations”             forty seven percent said yes, and fifty     to prisoners and human rights defend-
on May 1, 2003, but here we are,             one percent said no.                        ers around the world.
twenty months later, concluding a                The United States has succeeded             Holidays can mean little to those
major combat operation in                    in alienating the international commu-      who fear they’ve been forgotten by the
Fallujah.                                    nity, and left them with an impression      world. A simple greeting card, however,          for their beliefs. Although small and
        Code named “Operation                of an “arrogance of power.” The ag-         can bring renewed hope.                          simple, our cards and messages of
New Dawn,” the invasion of                   gressive United States foreign policy          This holiday season Amnesty Inter-            hope can make a difference,” says
Fallujah was deemed a success.               could lead to more wars in the near         national activists in Simsbury are               sophomore Ledina Gocaj, the
So far thirty-eight U.S. troops and          future. It does not bode well that the      spreading messages of hope to human              Chapter’s President, “We know from
six Iraqi National Guardsmen were            administration is rapidly replacing the     rights defenders and to people impris-           former prisoners that these holiday
killed, and 275 Americans have               moderate voices in our government,          oned around the world solely because             cards provided hope and encourage-
been wounded. United States and              such as Colin Powell, with more con-        of their beliefs, identity, religion, or eth-    ment.”
Iraqi military forces now have al-           servative ones. With Iran and North         nic origin.                                           At least six of the prisoners of
most complete control of Fallujah,           Korea possibly experimenting with                  People here at Simbury High               conscience featured in last year’s
but isolated pockets of insurgents           nuclear weapons programs, the next          School are joining with thousands of             Holiday Card Action by Amnesty
remain in the city and have in-              four years may mean more hardships          others across the country to assure these        International were subsequently re-
creased their activity elsewhere.            and possible further strain on U.S. mili-   human rights defenders and prisoners             leased from prison.
    The weeklong assault on the              tary forces.                                of conscience that they have not been                The prisoners and human rights
city, thirty miles west of Baghdad,                                                      forgotten.                                       defenders need your support. Please
                                                                                            “Thousands of people are in prison            let them know they are not forgotten.
                            ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                           5

                                Movies to Watch This Holiday Season
                                                                          Scott Condren ‘06
December is traditionally the month             Christmas with the Kranks                                  Spanglish
in which the best movies come out,
as studios start putting forward their                                                      Starring Adam Sandler, Téa Leoni,
Oscar contenders. This year is no                                                           Paz Vega, Cloris Leachman.
exception. Along with these note-
worthy films come the winter block-                                                         This movie is described as “comedy/
busters and, of course, the overly                                                          Drama.” What’s that? Is Adam Sandler
sentimental family films as studios at-                                                     moving beyond his roots as a bodily
tempt to get people in the holiday                                                          functions humor guy? If he is, all the
spirit. Here’s a look at what’s com-                                                        luck to him. He was spectacular in the
ing your way this holiday season.                                                           movie Punch Drunk Love, which was
                                                                                            not typical Sandler. The movie’s syn-
               Closer                                                                       opsis: A woman and her daughter emi-
                                           Starring Tim Allen, and Jamie Lee                grate from Mexico for a better life in
                                           Curtis.                                          America, where they start working for
                                                                                            a family where the patriarch is a newly
                                           This movie is adapted from a John                celebrated chef with an insecure wife.
                                           Grisham novel of the same name. The              Sounds hit or miss. It will probably
                                           book is considered to be entertaining. It’s      make a nice chunk of change opening
                                           hard to say whether the movie will fol-          weekend, as people flock to Sandler’s
                                           low. If you like Tim Allen, you could            name, and then will drop off sharply.
                                           probably spend the money to see it in
                                           Theatres. If you aren’t a fan of his, wait             ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

                                           till it comes out on DVD                                  Meet the Fockers
Starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law,             Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of                 Starring Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller,
Natalie Portman and Clive Owen.                   Unfortunate Events                        Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand,
                                                                                            Teri Polo, and Blythe Danner.
A manipulative young woman meets
a pathologically insecure man who                                                           This is the sequel to Meet the Parents,
subsequently meets a coldhearted                                                            a very funny movie. All the original
photographer who then meets a                                                               characters are back joined by Greg
cruel, selfish, and conniving derma-                                                        Focker’s parents played by veteran ac-
tologist. This movie practically                                                            tor Dustin Hoffman and the legend that
screams Oscar, with an original and                                                         is Barbara Streisand. There really is no
intriguing premise and an all-star cast.                                                    downside to this movie. It looks like it
                                                                                            will be the best comedy of the season.
          Ocean’s Twelve
                                                                                                  ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

                                           Starring -Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep,                 The Life Aquatic with Steve
                                           Jude Law, Jennifer Coolidge, Liam                             Zissou
                                           Aiken, Emily Browning, Timothy Spall,
                                           Luis Guzman, Craig Ferguson.                     Starring Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett,
                                                                                            Owen Wilson.
                                           This isanother movie based off a book,
                                           of the same name. The brief synopsis is:         With a plan to exact revenge on a mythi-
                                           Three wealthy children’s parents are killed      cal shark that killed his partner, ocean-
                                           in a fire. When they are sent to a distant       ographer Steve Zissou (Murray) rallies
                                           relative, they find out that he is plotting to   a crew that includes his estranged wife
Starring George Clooney, Brad              kill them and seize their fortune. Jim           (Huston), a journalist (Blanchett), and
Pitt, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-          Carrey plays the relative, Count Olaf, tak-      a man who may or may not be his son
Jones, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle,           ing a darker turn than his usual charac-         (Wilson). Another movie that has a
Bernie Mac and Julia Roberts…and           ters.                                            slightly crazy premise and an extremely
a bunch of other people.                                                                    a talented cast. Murray is back to play-
                                                                                            ing a more comedic character after last
Needless to say, this movie won’t be                                                        year’s more serious role in Lost in
winning any Oscars, but it should be                                                        Translation.
a fun movie and a great ride as the
thieves from the original Ocean’s
Eleven attempt to pull off three ma-
jor heists in Europe.
                         ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                       6
  Despite New Book, Hilton
  Fails to Sound Intelligent
                         Jason LaValla ‘05
                                                    After saturating countless
                                              forms of media, including maga-
                                              zines, television, and even the        Pearl Jam Looks Back with
                                              internet, Paris Hilton has decided
                                              to write a book. Intelligent, witty,
                                              and entertaining is what this book
                                              tries to be, but even with the help                              Henry Sire ‘05
                                              of a professional writer, the hotel
                                              heiress doesn’t even come close.
                                                                                        The sticker on the front of the case      of Love and Trust,” “I Got ID,”
                                                 Over the course of almost 200
                                                                                     says it all: “The first-ever greatest hits   and “Man of the Hour.” The jour-
                                              pages Hilton gives the reader an
                                                                                     package from one of the most influen-        ney ends appropriately, with the
                                              in-depth look at… absolutely
                                                                                     tial bands of all time.” That is all one     Hendrix-inspired “Yellow
                                              nothing. Seeing her constantly con-
                                                                                     really needs to know.                        Ledbetter” that Pearl Jam often
                                              tradict herself and pad her ego, I
                                                                                             Pearl Jam’s rearviewmirror           closes concerts with.
                                              actually felt pain as I struggled
                                                                                     (Greatest Hits 1991-2003) is a 33-              While some devout Pearl Jam
                                              through this sad excuse for a
                                                                                     track, two-disc journey from the Pearl       fans may say that two discs do
                                                                                     Jam of grunge glory in the early 90s to      not do the band justice, or that
                                                 Confessions of an Heiress fo-
                                                                                     the twilight stardom that is the band        some songs are left out,
cuses on a set of rules Hilton has created in order to tell the reader how to
                                                                                     today.                                       rearviewmirror does an excel-
think, and be, like her. Rule number one explains that “heiresses aren’t needy.”
                                                                                        The collection features two discs,        lent job of capturing what Pearl
But, luckily, if you feel that you’ve broken this rule, she explains that you can
                                                                                     an Up Side with faster-paced songs,          Jam was; a behemoth of the mu-
fix the problem easily by taking a trip to France.
                                                                                     and a Down Side with slower songs.           sic industry in the early to mid
   It’s hard to believe that someone could be so oblivious to the world, but
                                                                                        The first disc contains three remixes     1990’s that, while still producing
it seems that Hilton has done a great job going through life with her eyes
                                                                                     from the band’s 1991 masterpiece Ten:        good music, slowly faded from
closed. In addition to the rules, Hilton makes sure to talk about her own life
                                                                                     “Once,” “Alive,” and “Black.” Don’t          the spotlight.
as much as she can. She often talks about how she lives perfectly as an
                                                                                     worry Ten fans, there is also a re-re-          rearviewmirror successfully
heiress, but at the same time makes it a point to explain that she’s just like
                                                                                     corded version of “Even Flow” (what          captures the band at the height of
every other girl.
                                                                                     I refer to as the sick-nasty version) and    its stardom, and demonstrates
    It may be assumed that over the course of the book, one could be mis-
                                                                                     the haunting “Jeremy.” The 1996              that their later music was admi-
quoted by taking ideas like those out of context. However, Hilton makes no
                                                                                     Grammy-winning “Spin the Black               rable as well. The collection gives
attempt to hide these inconsistencies since they appear next to each other on
                                                                                     Circle,” and the satirical “Do the Evo-      casual fans the band’s greatest
the same page.
                                                                                     lution” are all included on the Up Side.     popular hits, but appeals to devo-
    The book reads a lot like a 1st graders journal. The sentences are con-
                                                                                         The Down Side includes the Vs.           tees by making it clear that Pearl
structed with almost no consideration for efficiency, and at times she will use
                                                                                     classics “Daughter” and “Elderly             Jam was indeed an important en-
an entire page to express one trivial idea.
                                                                                     Woman Behind the Counter in a Small          semble. Whatever the deeper
   Here is a small sample of what you should expect from Confessions…
                                                                                     Town.” Also featured are Vitalogy’s          connotations          may        be
                                                                                     “Betterman” and “Nothingman,” as             rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits
        “…the subway’s really fast, which, for
                                                                                     well as the poignant “Off He Goes” and       1991-2003) will leave many in
        a girl on the go, can never be under-                                        “Given to Fly.” Pearl Jam’s surprise         awe with several unforgettable
        valued. I never take the subway in the                                       1998 hit “Last Kiss” appears, in addi-       tracks displaying the versatility of
        summertime. But In the winter, I’ll do                                       tion to the other non-LP songs: “State       a prolific band.
        it because it can be the fastest way to
        get around. If I’m not in a rush I’ll
        usually take a taxi.”
   Passages unlike the one above are few and far between, but it would be
hard to expect any more. Though unintentional, the real irony of this literary
disaster is that Hilton constantly brings up the fact that “once [she] decided to
start acting and singing… everyone snickered and thought [she’d] never re-
ally pull it off.” She goes on to claim that she has now proved everyone
wrong. I’m sorry, but did she miss something? After a few TV appearances,
Hilton has done nothing but prove that she is, in fact, one of the absolute
worst actresses out there.
  If you like to be told what to do, have an inferiority complex, or just enjoy
masochism, then Paris Hilton’s Confessions of an Heiress may be perfect for
you. Otherwise, stay away from this self-indulgent, narcissistic hybrid of au-
tobiography and self-help guide. I had initially intended to award this book 0
stars out of 5 but decided to be generous and give 1 only for the fact that,                         Pictures on this page Courtesy of
compared to the “author,” I now feel much more intelligent.
                    SCHOOL FEATURES                                                                                              7

                                            Has “Going with the Flow” Paid Off?
                                                                Continued from Front Page

arrangement allows labs to be con-         classes or studying students. These
ducted any day of class, not just as-      rooms include three study seminar rooms,
signed lab days.                           which allow a group of students to work
   These new classrooms don’t just         together in their own private room. Ad-
incorporate a built-in lab, but a whole    ditionally there is an information skills
range of new technologies to help          classroom, allowing classes to collabo-
make learning material more interest-      rate and research for class projects.
ing. Many classrooms in the build-         There is even a distance-learning class-
ing, are in the process of being           room for classes to participate in distance
equipped with a new digital projec-        learning over the Internet or television.
tor for showing images and text off a      A reading lounge is located in the corner
computer.                                  among the bookshelves for students to
   In several of the new science labs,     sit down and read, or preview a book
though, this technology has been           before checking it out.
taken to yet another step.                    According to Mrs. Roche, our new
Smartboards have been added in             library is the home of approximately
several rooms to help further enhance      19,000 books and about 60 new com-
the learning experience. These rooms       puters. In her room, the info skills class-
also have been equipped with a DVD/        room, she intends to help reinforce “The
VHS player and ceiling mounted             Big 6” (a problem solving process) and
speakers, allowing videos to be            aid students doing research. She also
shown on a much bigger screen as           explained that, due to the fact that sev-
well.                                      eral bookcases are located in the atrium,
   These science labs are not the only     large activities will not be able to take
improvements that have been added          place, but smaller programs and activi-
to the school. The new library is yet      ties will occur in the future. Nothing,
another huge addition to the building.     though, is planned at this time.
After spending time in the school’s           After spending months in construc-
old library and putting up with its        tion, our school is starting to open up.
cramped, often noisy conditions,           With the addition of new science labs and
stepping into the new one is like en-      a new library our school is slowly com-             The new science clabs
tering into a different world. The first   ing into the 21st century. Technology is            combine classroom and
things you notice is its vast space.       now promising to help make learning                 lab area.
Books are organized on large shelves       more interesting, and the new library’s
along the sides of the room. In the        increased space lets students complete
middle, there are many open desks          work more efficiently. For those that
and computers available for student        have not had the opportunity to check
use.                                       out the new library and science rooms,
   Also, instead of just one big room,     be sure to spend a few minutes and take
the library has several smaller rooms      a look around. You’ll be surprised by
allowing people to complete various        what you see.
tasks without being disturbed by other                                                   Media Center sports new computers and
                                                                                         study areas
                     SCHOOL FEATURES                                                                                                                             8

                 Student Service Opportunities Abundant This Year
                                                                   Eric Stachowiak ‘08

                                                                                  cember 9th.                                       osity and pride within our school.”
                                                                                     Students are asked to bring in new, un-          This season there will be many op-
                                                                                  opened, and unwrapped toys. The toys will         portunities for students to be gener-
                                                                                  be gathered from homerooms by student             ous and giving. The school is also
A Season of Giving

                                                                                  council members, and will be given to Sym-        having a monetary drive called Holi-
                                                                                  phony On Ice taking place on December             day Giving and sponsored by The
                                                                                  11th. Instead of paying for a ticket, you can     Village of Child and Family Services.
                                                                                  attend the event by donating a toy. These         The dates for this event have not been
                                                                                  are all toy drives supported by the U.S.          announced but are expected to take
                                                                                  Marine Corps, a group that gives to charity       place before Christmas. Each grade
                                                                                  all year long but holds events explicitly dur-    will sponsor a child, collect money
                                                                                  ing        the      holiday         season.       and give it to the Student Council. The
                                                                                      Student Council members have high             children will request gifts from each
                                                                                  hopes for this drive. Student Council Presi-      grade that will be bought by the
                        As demonstrated by the school’s generosity in the         dent Elizabeth Cain says, “The student            money students have donated. These
                     Turkey Trot, this year Simsbury High School has no short-    council will be attempting to become more         donations will also take place at
                     age on how much we can give to less fortunate people.        involved with our community this year,            Henry James Middle School
                     For Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza the Toys For Tots         which includes our participation in the Tur-         Hopefully during this holiday sea-
                     group, sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps has invited        key Trot, Toys for Tots and the Holiday           son, everyone in our community will
                     schools to participate in a toy drive. The event will take   Giving Project.” She continued by saying          benefit from these gift-giving events.
                     place from November 29th and will be held until De-          that they “hope to foster a sense of gener-

                                                                                          Turkey Trot Wildly Successful
                                                                                                             Kendra Bartell ‘08
                          Junior Civitan Aids                                        The success of this year’s “Turkey Trot”
                                                                                  drive exceeded expectations of many, in-
                            Salvation Army                                        cluding its organizer, Jack Bannon. In a
                                                                                  meeting with Principal Sullivan he explained
                              Not So Secret Santas                                how our high school, though the largest in
                               Cori Hopkins ‘08                                   the area, had raised the least amount of food
                                                                                  last year: only 300 lbs. of turkey and canned
                         The student service group Junior Civitan, is help-       goods. He challenged Mr. Sullivan and our
                       ing the Salvation Army raise money for the holi-           entire school to step it up this year, and
                       days. They have already assisted with other                show the entire area how much we can truly
                       fundraising activities this year, including helping at     improve.
                       SeptemberFest with the Y.M.C.A. group and                    This challenge by Mr. Bannon proved to
                       loading turkeys and cans for Jack Bannon’s Tur-            be very effective. Says Mr. Sullivan, “I was
                       key Trot.                                                  incredibly proud of our students efforts dur-
                          The group first got involved in this project last       ing that week, to go from 300 lbs. to 2000         Mr. Sullivan collecting donations
                                                                                                                                     during lunch periods
                       year when student volunteers stood outside ring-           lbs and $500 monetary donations was a
                       ing the bell in front of Borders Books and Music           tremendous response and proved what               great way to use school spirit to raise
                       in the Simsbury Commons. The students were                 people can do when they come together.”           the money: by having different bottles
                       such a big help to the Salvation Army that the non-           However, Mr. Sullivan was not the only         set up for the different sports teams.
                       profit organization invited them back again this year      person trying to raise support this year. Stu-    Whichever team had the most pen-
                       on December 11th. Already the slots have been              dent Council played a huge part in the suc-       nies got a pizza party, and this effort
                       filled to help with the project of trying to get people    cess of “Turkey Trot” this year. They were        raised almost $2000.
                       involved in their community by donating some of            the ones making the announcements in the            Another charitable cause is “Hands
                       their extra change to the pot that will later be do-       morning and afternoon, and went around            to Hart” which is a group of people
                       nated to buy clothes for less fortunate children.          the cafeteria during all four lunches to col-     who raise money for a shelter in Hart-
                           Members of Junior Civitan are excited to act           lect money. Once it was all over, student         ford, and once a month serve a meal
                       as these childrens’ Santa Clause by helping to get         council officers went and collected all the       in that shelter.
                       them a few gifts for their holiday celebration. The        cans from the homerooms, showing their              The holiday season is a great time
                       community can also feel the joy of sharing with            true dedication.                                  for charities to try and reach the stu-
                       the less-fortunate by coming to Borders on De-               Fundraisers are often organized by clubs        dents, but the school tries to space
                       cember 11th and donating even a small amount of            in the school, trying to raise money for chari-   out the fundraising, because people
                       money to the Salvation Army to raise money for             table causes. A new club this year is the         can only give so much. This holiday
                       presents. This way a child who would normally              Rotary Interact Club, led by junior Amanda        season, our school should try and
                       not get any presents during the holiday season will        Glassman. This group was in charge of the         keep the momentum from the Tur-
                       be able to get at least one small gift for the holi-       “Cash for a Cow” fundraiser. This raised          key Trot going, and continue the trend
                       days.                                                      money to buy a cow for a small village in a       of charitable student activity.
                                                                                  third world country. The club thought of a
                                       FEATURES                                                                                                                       9

                         Boys: The Growing Minority at Colleges?
                                                                     Connor Warnock ‘06
     In recent years, a push for equal       girls. Boys’ shortfalls have also been
education has closed the gender              blamed on societal reasons. Researchers
achievement gap to a point where girls       point out that girls have been given higher
are now out performing boys in public        expectations in recent years, and have felt
schools. Boys are falling behind in hon-     the push to achieve them, whereas boys
ors classes, which is translating into a     have developed views of school as being
female majority at major colleges.           “uncool.”
     Girls now dominate the honors              Now this gender shift is evident in col-
classes in high school, often comprising     leges across the nation where females are
56% or more of those courses. Ac-            the majority. Colleges have recruited from
cording to the College Board, while          the top of the high school classes, thereby
boys perform slightly better on standard-    unintentionally accepting more girls. Uni-
ized tests, 62% of girls maintain an A       versities such as University of North Caro-
average compared to 38% of males. But        lina, Boston University, and New York
the general female population in high        University already have boy to girl ratios
schools is improving as well. Accord-        of 40:60. At the moment, 133 girls are
ing to a recent study, girls are now less    getting Bachelor of Arts for every 100
likely to repeat a grade or drop out than    boys, a statistic expected to blossom to
boys. Boys’ lackluster performance has       142 women per 100 men by 2010. Fe-
been attributed to a number of reasons.      males have yet to become the majority at
Decades ago a movement known as the          most Ivy League schools, where it’s about
“Girl Project” was initiated by educa-       50:50, and at nearly all engineering-heavy
tional experts to boost girls’ self-esteem   tech schools, where females account for
in schools and encourage them to pur-        only a third of the student body.
sue their academic talents through              The admission impact on those apply-
changes in classroom policies, such as       ing for college this year will be slight, if
teaching style and material. In the          any. Universities such as Santa Clara in
1990’s, grant money was extended to          California have not adopted a policy as
girls in order to boost their educational    serious and controversial as Affirmative
standard after a report by the American      Action, but are discreetly attempting to
Association of University Women              balance the gender gap on their campuses.
claimed girls suffered from low self-con-    The University of Georgia in 1999 dropped
fidence. Some experts argue that the         its policy of giving “bonus points” to male
teaching styles used in school are not       applicants after a female applicant filed a
effective for boys, such as emphasis on      lawsuit. If this revolutionary trend contin-                    Original Artwork by Nabila Khan ‘08
neatness and organization, skills which      ues, women may one day earn more than
boys lack or development later than          their male counterparts in the workplace.

                                     Do SAT Preparation Courses Really Work?
                                                                       Ameya Gokarn ‘06
  Recent studies suggest that more stu-      the College Board to adjust the test’s for-    which administrators argue is
dents are seeking help to improve their      mat and content to better suit the chang-      the best way to achieve high
S.A.T scores through preparatory pro-        ing academic landscape.                        scores. College Board stud-
grams such as Kaplan and Princeton Re-          On June 27, 2002 the College Board          ies have shown that the best
view. Why do so many kids seek help,         announced it will be making a series of        preparation method is con-
and what are the advantages of these         changes to the SAT that will be imple-         stant practice and reading.
courses?                                     mented in March of 2005. This new test         The College Board urges all
   Some say it is the guarantee made         is out of 2400 points with the addition of     students to anticipate these
by these programs: “150 points im-           both a new writing section that includes       new changes and to begin
provement or your money back!” Oth-          an essay and multiple choice questions con-    studying through practice
ers just hope that it is a quick and easy    cerning grammar and word usage. They           tests, books, online tutorials,
way to exceed their potential. With the      have also removed the analogies and            and other study guides. Stu-
growing pressure for students to do well     quantitative comparisons section, a gen-       dent feedback suggests that
on standardized tests, people are look-      eral weakness, from the Reading compre-        prep courses help them un-
ing for ways to relieve this stress. Stu-    hension section and added more short           derstand the types of questions so that there    ing prepared them the most for the
dents not only feel pressure to excel from   reading passages. Finally, the math sec-       are no surprises or trick questions on the       test. The evidence and feedback is
anxious parents and schools, but also        tion will contain problems from Algebra        day of the test. They also learn special tech-   indisputable; when students want to
from colleges. As the admissions pro-        2.                                             niques to maximize their scores. Most stu-       raise their scores, SAT preparation
cess becomes more competitive, col-              The new format for the SAT benefit         dents that have benefited from such courses      courses are beneficial in many
leges have started increasing their stan-    those students that take preparatory           admit that the constant repetition and drill-    ways.
dards. This growing pressure has forced      courses providing them with practice,
                                                      SPORTS                                                                                                        10

Poker Phenomenon Sweeps                                                                        Matt’s NFL Report
        America                                                                                                                  Matt Galici ‘08
                       Rohan Shertuke ‘07

                                                                                               Picture Courtesy of

                                                                                      As the weather becomes colder and                   open. Two divisional races are all
                                                                                   Thanksgiving is behind us, the NFL                     but over. In the south Atlanta at
                                                                                   playoff picture is beginning to take                   8-2, has a four game lead, and in
                                                                                   shape.                                                 the east Philadelphia at 9-1 has
     There is a poker phenomenon           suspense and thrill of playing have        In the AFC four teams are vying for                 already clinched the East.
sweeping the nation. Poker’s appeal        also drawn several people towards       the two available wild-card spots. The                    In the west Seattle has a one-
and its boosted credibility as a legiti-   the game.                               Jets, Chargers, Broncos, and Ravens at                 game lead over St. Louis. Nei-
mate sporting event, has transformed            Poker tournaments have be-         7-3, and the Jaguars at 6-4 are all con-               ther team has a very good record,
the game into a popular social event.      come a common affair, and rarely        tenders to make the playoffs. The Jets                 however, the team that wins the
The most popular brand of the sport,       is there a time when a deck of play-    have a tough schedule in December, but                 division will make the Playoffs. In
Texas Hold’em, is often a favored          ing cards is not easily accessible.     have already beaten San Diego. The                     the North, Green Bay and Min-
Friday night pastime.                          Poker’s recent popularity has       Ravens beat the Jets in overtime in No-                nesota are both 6-4. The loser of
   Traditionally a barroom activity,       had some negative effects as well.      vember. Even with their win in New                     this division should still be a wild
poker now appears primarily in casi-       With an increase in recreational        York, the Raven’s road games in Pitts-                 card team. Green Bay, a team
nos and cardrooms, carefully regu-         play, many people can become ad-        burgh and Indianapolis may make it too                 that generally shows more heart
lated by gambling laws. Played more        dicted to the thrill of the game, of-   tough for the Ravens to make the Play-                 under pressure, will most likely
than any card game in the world, the       ten betting big and losing. The         offs.                                                  win the division leaving Minnesota
sport has gained widespread appeal         website, ironically ad-           The Chargers and Broncos play in                    with a wild-card spot. The play-
with broadcasts on ESPN, the Travel        vises their viewers not to become       December, which will also have playoff                 off predictions for the NFC are
Channel, and other television net-         too extravagant in their gambling and   implications. The Chargers have home-                  the Eagles, Falcons, Packers,
works. The pinnacle of the poker           gives depressing accounts of gam-       field advantage and therefore the hypo-                Seahawks, Minnesota, and the
world, “The World Series of Poker”         bling addicts who went through          thetical edge over the inconsistent Bron-              Giants.
on ESPN has proven to be very              therapy to rid themselves of their      cos. My predictions to make the Play-                     With the playoff drama begin-
popular. Here contestants from             obsession.                              offs are the Patriots, Steelers, Colts,                ning to mount, the NFL season will
around the globe compete for money               Irrespectively, the game of       Chargers, and the Jets.                                only get more exciting as the
and titles as the world’s top Poker        poker has become one of the most              Comparatively, in the mediocre                   weeks progress into Super Bowl
players. It comes as no surprise that      widespread phenomenons in our           NFC, the wild card races are still wide                Sunday, on February 6th.
the ratings of the hour-long programs      generation. Anyone can believe
on ESPN have been considerably             what he or she wants about Texas
high.                                      Hold’em poker, however; nobody
   The mixture of luck, skill, and de-     can dispute the fact that it has
ceptiveness makes Poker unpredict-         evolved into a universally recog-
able and more exciting, especially         nized new-age sport.
when there is money involved. The
                                                            SPORTS                                                                                                 11

                        Turbulent Off-Season May Revitalize NBA
                                                                          Rahul Rao ‘07

    The 2004-2005 NBA season is         Magic hope for a playoff run.                   complement Andrei Kirilenko, giving them         are serious contenders, especially with
officially under way after an off-sea-     After acquiring three-point shooting         an intimidating frontcourt. They are capable     the development of guard Manu
son full of trades, coaching changes,   forward Antoine Walker, the Atlanta             going deep into the playoffs.                    Ginobli and the addition of sharp-
re-ordered divisions, and an expan-     Hawks are in the rebuilding stages of their        The Denver Nuggets surprised every-           shooter Brent Barry.
sion team. As a result of the busy      franchise. The expansion Charlotte Bob-         one by making the playoffs last year. With           The Pacific Division includes a
off-season, several teams have im-      cats are hoping for 20 wins this season,        the continual development of Carmelo An-         much younger and more athletic Los
proved and hope to become part of       which will be solely dependent on the           thony, Nené and Kenyon, the Nuggets are          Angeles Lakers team, who have
the leagues’ elite.                     progress of UCONN alum Emeka                    contenders this year. Despite getting off to     made superstar guard Kobe Bryant
   The Atlantic Division in the East-   Okafor and veteran swingmen Gerald              a slow start, they should get it together come   the cornerstone of their franchise af-
ern conference is filled with athletic  Wallace.                                        playoff time.                                    ter trading Shaq to the Heat. Although
guards and forwards. Knicks’ GM            The Central Division is the home of              The Portland Trailblazers are led by         they will no longer be favorites to win
Isiah Thomas has brought in scorers     the defending champion Detroit Pistons          Zach Randolph. They are rumored to be            the title, they do have a good shot at
Penny Hardaway, Stephon Marbury         who are looking to repeat. Although they        in the process of trading for Vince Carter.      making the playoffs with the acquisi-
and Jamal Crawford, hoping to make      have shown some rust so far in the young        They are capable of sneaking into the 8th        tions of Lamar Odom and Caron
some noise in the playoffs.             season, they have arguably the best start-      spot in the west.                                Butler. As a result of Shaq’s depar-
    With former Coach of the Year,      ing five in the league, which features Rip          The Seattle Supersonics, led by three        ture from L.A., the Sacramento Kings
Doc Rivers, the Boston Celtics will     Hamilton and monster defender Ben               point shooters Ray Allen and Rashard             are favored to win the Pacific divi-
use experience and athleticism pro-     Wallace, not to mention one of the pre-         Lewis, have been a big surprise this year.       sion.
vided by their versatile guards Paul    miere coaches in the league with Larry          Their 9-1 record leads the league for the           The Phoenix Suns have one of the
Pierce, Marcus Banks, and Ricky         Brown. The Indiana Pacers will challenge        first time in many years.                        league’s deepest teams with Amaré
Davis to become a respectable team      the Pistons for the Central Division title,        The Southwest Division is the new home        Stoudemire, Steve Nash and Quentin
once again.                             despite the loss of Ron Artest, who was         of former scoring champions Tracy                Richardson. They have shown
    With the lightning-quick Allen      suspended for the season after a brawl          McGrady and Jerry Stackhouse.                    athleticism and depth by starting the
Iverson, who is looking to regain his   between these two teams on Nov. 19th in         McGrady will team up with Yao Ming to            season with a 7-2 record.
MVP form of 2001, the emergence         which he rushed into the stands and threw       make Houston championship contenders.               With the roster changes, the race
of shot-blocker Samuel Dalembert,       punches at several fans. Indiana’s deep         Stackhouse will team up with Dirk Nowitzki,      for the playoffs will be extremely com-
and the drafting of Andre Iguodala,     bench should be able to keep their play-        Jason Terry and Marquis Daniels to help          petitive. This season could be the
the 76ers should also make the play-    off hopes alive until many of their key play-   the Mavericks fight for the division title.      fresh start that fans have been await-
offs.                                   ers return from either injury or from serv-        The San Antonio Spurs, led by two-time        ing for a long time.
   The Southeast Division has added     ing suspensions. The Pacers have also           MVP Tim Duncan and guard Tony Parker,
dominating center, Shaquille O’Neal,    greatly enhanced their roster with the ac-
to the Miami Heat. With skilled guard   quisition of do-it-all forward Stephen
Dwayne Wade as a side-kick, the
Heat have a legitimate shot at win-
                                        Jackson, who will be able to contribute
                                        after he finishes serving the 30-game sus-
                                                                                                 Favre’s Ironman Streak
ning this year’s NBA title. The Or-     pension he was handed down for his part                                  Ryan Glasspiegel ‘05
lando Magic traded superstar Tracy      in the Detroit melee, and are still capable
McGrady, for the explosive guard        of going deep into the playoffs.
Steve Francis. With the return of for-     Cleveland Cavaliers can be summed
ward Grant Hill and addition of high-   up with two words…LeBron James.
school recruit Dwight Howard, the       Complemented by forward Drew
                                                 Gooden and center Zydrunas
                                                 Ilgauskas, the Cavs have jumped
                                                 out to a 6-3 start. The Milwau-
                                                 kee Bucks who are led by guards
                                                 Michael Redd and Desmond
                                                 Mason could also slip into the
                                                 playoff mix.
                                                    The Northwest Division in the
                                                 Western Conference contains the
                                                 league’s MVP and best all-round
                                                 player, Kevin Garnett of the Min-
                                                 nesota Timberwolves. This year                On November 29, Brett Favre started his 200th consecutive regular
                                                 they will once again contend for           season game at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. That game marked
                                                 the championship, with Garnett,            a milestone that is leaps and bounds over current ESPN analyst and former
                                                 Latrell Sprewell, and a healthy            Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski’s previous record of 123
                                                 Sam Cassell to help carry the              consecutive starts. To play 200 consecutive games in the NFL, let alone at
                                                 load.                                      the quarterback position, is almost unfathomable.
                                                    The Utah Jazz are one of the                Last Sunday, Eli Manning became the 178th quarterback to start at
   Tim Duncan and the Spurs are favorites to
             recapture the title                 biggest surprises of the young             quarterback since Favre replaced the injured Don Majkowski in 1992; the
         Courtesy of                 season, and have added Carlos
                                                 Boozer and Mehmet Okur to                                                                 Continued on Last Page
                         MISCELLANEOUS                                                                             12

  Continued from Pg. 11

   St. Louis Rams have started thirteen different quarterbacks
   in that span. In the past season, Favre has played through a
   broken thumb on his throwing hand, the death of his father,
   the death of his brother-in-law, and the news that his wife
   Deanna had contracted breast cancer.
       The 200-game milestone brings up the question of which
   iron-man streak is more impressive—Favre’s 200 games or
   Cal Ripken Jr.’s 2,632 consecutive games playing shortstop
   and third-base for the Baltimore Orioles. In my opinion,
   Favre’s streak is more impressive in its dominance. Ripken
   only eclipsed Lou Gehrig’s consecutive streak by three sea-
   sons. Assuming Favre finishes the season healthy, he will
   have started more than five full seasons of games since break-
   ing Jaworski’s record. Favre’s streak is also far from over.
        The other reason that Favre edges out Ripken is that
   professional football is so much more physically demanding
   than major league baseball. Quarterbacks consistently take
   tackles by 300-pound lightning quick linebackers, who often
   attempt to injure their prey in order to gain an advantage in
   the game. This season, Favre was thrown to the ground and
   went out to the sidelines with a concussion. He sat out one
   play, then secretly ran back onto the field before his coaches
   could stop him and proceeded to throw a touchdown pass.
   While it is undeniable that Ripken had to have played through
   considerable amounts of pain during his career, the opportu-
   nity to get severely injured is not even comparable between
   baseball and football.
          Favre’s legacy, solidified by his starting record and
   Super Bowl victory, can only be topped by another champi-
   onship win. With the way the Packers have been playing
   recently, that task may be conceivable this season.

                   Upcoming Winter
                    Sporting Events
Boys Varsity Ice Hocke y
Boys Varsity Ice Hocke
Date       Place       Opponent                   Time
12/8/04    Away        Wethersfield HS            8:10 PM
12/15/04   Home        Suffield HS                6:00 PM
12/18/04   Away        Notre Dame: West Haven     1:00 PM
12/22/04   Away        Glastonbury HS             7:40 PM
12/29/04   Away        Windsor HS                 6:15 PM
1/5/05     Away        Ridgefield HS              7:30 PM
                                                                           Varsity      Basketball
                                                                    G irls Varsity & JV Basketball
1/8/05     Away        Conard HS                  1:15 PM
                                                                    Date       Place          Opponent             Time
1/12/05    Home        Hall HS                    6:00 PM
                                                                    12/8/04    Home           Manchester HS        5:30 PM
Boys Varsity Wr estling
Boys Varsity Wr                                                     12/14/04   Home           East Hartford HS     5:30 PM
Date       Place       Opponent                   Time              12/21/04   Home           Bristol Central HS   5:30 PM
12/11/04   Home        Hall HS                    10:00 AM          12/27/04   Away           Hall HS              5:30 PM
12/15/04   Away        Bulkeley HS                6:00 PM           1/4/05     Away           Enrico Fermi HS      5:30 PM
12/18/04   Away        Plainville Tourn.                TBA         1/7/05     Home           Weaver HS            5:30 PM
12/22/04   Away        Glastonbury HS             6:00 PM           1/11/05    Away           Newington HS         5:30 PM
12/27/04   Away        Fermi Duals                9:30 AM                 Varsity Swimming
                                                                    C oed Varsity Swimming
12/30/04   Home        Farmington Valley Tourn.   10:00 AM          Date       Place          Opponent             Time
                                                                    12/21/04   Home           Glastonbury HS       6:00 PM
                                                                    12/23/04   Away           Enrico Fermi HS      4:00 PM
Boys Varsity & JV B asketball
Boys Varsity      Basketball                                        1/5/05     Away           NW Regional HS       7:30 PM
Date       Place       Opponent                   Time              1/7/05     Home           Wetherfield HS       6:00 PM
12/15/04   Home        Hall HS                    5:30 PM           1/18/05    Away           Avon HS              6:00 PM
12/17/04   Away        South Windsor HS           6:30 PM
12/21/04   Away        Bristol Eastern HS         5:30 PM           C oed Varsity X-C Ski
                                                                          Varsity     Ski
12/29/04   Away        Conard HS                  5:30 PM           Date       Place          Opponent             Time
12/30/04   Away        Enrico Fermi HS            5:30 PM           12/31/04   Prospect Mt.   Free Style           9:30 AM
1/7/05     Away        Hall HS                    5:30 PM           1/8/05     Cranwell       Free Style           9:30 AM
1/11/05    Home        Newington HS               5:30 PM           1/15/05    Mt. Greylock   Classical Relays     10:00 AM

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