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                                                                           July 2010


      The 2010 Memorial Day Badger State Boys and Girls readers were:
 (left to right) Alex Wiegert, Brad Tischendorf, Ryan Fuss, Katie Hipschman,
                   Kristin Fuss, Logan Elandt, Jacob Overman

                                    Wisconsin Veterans Home at King
                                          Caring for America’s Heroes
State News

             WDVA             Secretary’s Column

                    by Kenneth B. Black
                          Secretary of the Wisconsin
                                Department of Veterans Affairs

   As We Celebrate in July, Let’s Remember
         Our Korean War Veterans
   In America, the month of July is known for the Fourth, when fireworks,
   parades and gatherings with family and friends all mark the celebration
   of Independence Day.

   July is less well known as the month of Korean War Armistice Day. In
   2009, Governor Jim Doyle signed into law the designation of July 27 of
   each year as “Korean War Armistice Day” in observance of the date of
   the military armistice agreement that ended the Korean War.

   The Korean War is sometimes called the “Forgotten War.” This year,
   60 years after the Korean War began, we will remember. We will remember
   that over 132,000 Wisconsinites served in the Korean War. We will
   remember that this conflict claimed the lives of over 33,600 Americans,
   more than 700 from Wisconsin. We will remember that over 7,000
   Americans were taken Prisoner of War during the Korean War. Just over
   4,400 of them eventually returned and more than 2,700 perished. And
   many are still Missing in Action.

                                                                        State News

There are close to 50,000 Korean War veterans living in Wisconsin
today. Beginning with the 60th commemoration of the beginning of
the Korean War, let us not overlook a single important opportunity to
thank and honor these heroes for their service to our country.

We enjoy freedom and democracy because of the service and sacrifice
of all of our veterans and their families. From the Revolutionary War
for independence through present day conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan,
America’s military veterans have earned the thanks of a grateful nation.
Therefore, they deserve the best programs and services we can provide.

In our mission to help veterans and their families receive benefits and
services earned, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA)
is hosting Supermarket of Veterans Benefits events throughout Wisconsin
in the coming months. A Supermarket was recently held July 3 at the
Milwaukee Zoo as part of Milwaukee County’s “Operation Freedom”

Supermarket of Veterans Benefits events provide “one-stop shopping”
for veterans of all eras to learn about and apply for both state and federal
benefits. To learn more about the Supermarkets, go to the WDVA website

All veterans, their families and the public are encouraged to attend
WDVA outreach events, to call us toll-free at 1-800-WIS-VETS
(947-8387) and to visit us online at

State News

     Wisconsin Woman Veteran of the Year
             Nominations are Due September 30, 2010
   About the Award
   Since the September 2008 Women Veterans Conference, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans
   Affairs has annually recognized a woman veteran at the Women Veterans Conference.

   The Wisconsin Woman Veteran of the Year Award recognizes women veterans who have
   compiled a record of exemplary service as a military service member, a veteran and outstanding
   member of the community.

   The award is part of WDVA’s ongoing effort of its commitment to take women veterans
   issues to where women veterans live, work and enjoy the freedoms of our great country and
   to encourage greater participation in the Women Veterans Conference.

   Nominations for the Award
   The Women Veterans Coordination Committee will select the recipient. The selection criteria
   focuses on the nominee’s achievements in the military, in veterans affairs, her commitment
   to women veteran issues and as a citizen in service to her hometown, the State of Wisconsin
   and the United States of America.

   Nominations will be accepted from any Wisconsin resident. Submissions are especially
   encouraged from Wisconsin veterans, Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), County Veterans
   Service Officers (CVSOs) and other veterans groups.

   Nomination forms must be submitted in writing and the narrative, explaining why the
   veteran is being nominated for the award, may not exceed 500 words in length. Nominations
   that are not selected may be retained for future award consideration at the discretion of the
   committee. The award will be presented at the Women Veterans Conference, which will be held
   October 22-24, 2010 at Fort McCoy. For more information about the conference or the award,

   Nomination forms (WDVA 2068) are available online at, by
   calling toll-free at 1-800-WIS-VETS (1-800-947-8387) and asking for the Women Veterans
   Coordinator or by mail:
                                  Women Veterans Coordinator
                             Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
                                         P.O. Box 7843
                                   Madison, WI 53707-7843

                                                                                             State News

     Menominee Nation Veteran Warren K. Wilber, Sr. Receives
              Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs
             Veteran Lifetime Achievement Award
                                                           A 25-year member of the Veterans
                                                           of the Menominee Nation, Vietnam
                                                           veteran Warren K. Wilber, Sr. of Keshena
                                                           was presented the Veteran Lifetime
                                                           Achievement Award for June 2010 by the
                                                           Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs at a
                                                           June 18, 2010 ceremony at the Wisconsin
                                                           Veterans Home at King. Wilber is the
                                                           fifteenth recipient of the Veteran Lifetime
                                                           Achievement Award.

                                                          Wilber was born on August 14, 1946
                                                          in Keshena. He enlisted in the United
                                                          States Marine Corps in April 1966 in
Milwaukee, went through basic training at Camp Pendleton, California and was deployed to the
Republic of Vietnam in October 1966 and was assigned to Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 4th
Regiment, 3rd Marine Division at Dong Ha, 11 miles south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
In the Dong Ha area, he served as a member of a 60mm Mortar Crew and participated in ground,
amphibious, and air insertion operations on the DMZ, to include Operation Beacon Hill. In March
1967 he was wounded in action, sustaining shrapnel wounds, and returned to duty immediately
after receiving medical treatment. In April 1967, his unit was caught in an ambush by enemy
forces and during the ensuing two-day battle and while assisting in med-evac operations, he was
severely wounded by a mortar round, sustaining shrapnel wounds and blast injuries from the top of
his boots to his upper torso and was paralyzed below the waist. He was reassigned to the Marine
Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia as a staff member in the Replacement Center, where he completed
his active duty obligation. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) in
May 1969. His military decorations include the Purple Heart with one Gold Star, Good Conduct
Medal, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Presidential
Unit Citation, and Expert Rifleman Badge.

This decorated paralyzed veteran worked through VA Rehabilitation Training and began his new
27-year career as an electrician and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
He also received extensive treatment for both his physical war injuries and for Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder at the Milwaukee VA Hospital. That experience inspired his commitment to support other
returning veterans, participating in healing ceremonies for Native American veterans, transporting
Menominee Nation veterans to the Milwaukee VA Hospital, helping guide them in filing VA claims,
and personally welcoming home new veterans.

               Commandant’s Column
                                                by Acting Commandant Jackie Moore

                                Looking Forward
                      The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Wisconsin
                      Veterans Homes are engaged in developing strategic
                     plans for the future. Part of the initial process involves
                   an analysis to identify and evaluate the strengths of the

In assessing the strengths at King, many positive areas were identified from
which to build upon. I’d like to share some of the areas we have distinguished
as our greatest strengths and which set us apart from most healthcare facilities:

Quality Health Care—Each of our nursing care buildings rate above average in
the 5-star rating system. We also receive very positive feedback about the care
we provide—from members, families and surveyors. Countless comments are
received, which indicate staff are very helpful, caring and have a good rapport
with the members.

Staff Commitment and Experience—We have many staff who have been
working for 10, 20 and even 30+ years. When asked how long staff had been
working here, many responded they had been at King for more than 20 years
(about 20% have passed the 20-year mark). Some commented other members of
their family or previous generations had worked at King as well. The incredibly
low turnover of nursing staff at King is almost unheard of in the world of long
term care.

Strong Sense of being a Veterans Community—Everywhere you go at King,
you are reminded of the strong tradition (nearly 125 years) of serving Wisconsin’s
veterans. From the flags, to the beautiful cemetery on the hill, to the Veterans

Museum and to the Veterans Living Memorial in Quadrangle Park, you feel
commitment to honoring veterans. When you talk to members, you hear pride
in their voice when they speak of their service to our country. You also feel that
King is more than a nursing home—it is a strong and vibrant community, much
like that of a military base.

Veterans and spouses are not confined to their residence. They have the freedom
and mobility to travel about the Home and grounds to many destinations, similar
to that of a community—the park, coffee shop/café, theater, bowling alley,
woodworking shop, gift shop, museum, outpatient clinic, therapy departments,
library and computer lab, post office and even their job—without ever leaving the
safety of King. Veterans and their spouses can live and be active and productive
members within their own community.

Stakeholder Support—We are very fortunate to have a high level of engagement
from all of our stakeholders. Members are actively involved in many of the
decisions and sometimes make donations in support of those decisions affecting
their daily lives. Volunteers provide thousands of hours of service and bring so
much enjoyment to the lives of the members. Their dedication and commitment
is inspiring. The greater veterans community (including WVH members), service
organizations and the public provide support for many special events, as well
as donations for activities or providing the “extras” that make life so special.
Examples include: new computers for the computer lab, recent renovations to
the bowling alley and the theater, new pontoon boats and motors and our new
fitness center (currently under construction).

King is more than just a home, it’s a community. Together, we contribute to its
success each and every day.

The mission of the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King is to provide an outstanding
living experience for veterans and eligible dependents who have rendered unique
service to their country, state and fellow citizens.


               Chaplain’s Column
                                submitted by Chaplain Wayne Schwanke

           Fostering Friendships
Several weeks ago, I attended my daughter’s college graduation.
At the ceremony, Dr. Morton Schapiro, President of Northwestern
University, addressed the outgoing students. I expected to
hear the typical graduation remarks: “You’ve received a great
education, now go out with your newly acquired knowledge, work
hard, change the world and be successful.” But the university president’s address was
entirely different. Rather than focusing on their education, their potential and their
goals, President Schapiro encouraged the graduates to “foster their friendships.” He
advised them to keep in touch with each other. “Your friends,” President Schapiro
said, “are the people you want to have with you in joyful times and the people you
need to have with you in difficult ones.”

According to the dictionary, a friend is defined as a person whom one knows well and
is fond of; someone who is helpful and reliable; a supporter or sympathizer. The Bible
says that a friend “loves at all times” and “sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 17:17
and 18:24) Friendships are often forged by people sharing a common experience.
In college, students are brought together and united by attending classes, studying
for exams, struggling through finals, rooting for their school’s sporting teams and
enjoying an occasional party or two.

College is not the only place where friendships are made by sharing life events. At
the Wisconsin Veterans Home, we are also united in a common experience. Whether
as soldiers or citizens, as veterans or staff, we are united by a love for our country
and a passion for serving others. As I make my visits at King, it is wonderful to
see friendships develop between members. I see members celebrating each others’
joys—birthdays, anniversaries and special events. I see members expressing concern
for one another—helping a roommate, offering an encouraging word or speaking a
prayer. A friend places oneself in the other person’s life, expresses true empathy and
provides a presence of help and support.

Our spiritual lives are also based on friendship. The Bible portrays God as the One
who in love and mercy befriended us. Jesus was described by the people of His day
as “a friend of tax collectors and sinners.” (Luke 7:34) In Christ Jesus, God took
on our humanity and became one of us to share in our common experiences—in our
joys and our sorrows, our accomplishments and our struggles.

So often, you and I forget our friends or lose touch with them over the years and so
we miss out on the mutual support and sharing that we could have enjoyed giving
and receiving. God is not that way. He promises never to leave us, nor forsake us.
In Psalm 27:10, David declares, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the
Lord will receive me.” God is not a fair-weather friend who is only with us when
everything is going well, but is a friend who truly loves at all times. In fact, He loves
us enough to die for us. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay
down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) Jesus did that for us at the cross where
He overcame our lack of love, our failure to befriend and our sin. Through the life,
death and resurrection of Jesus, God has re-established our relationship with Him
and made us His friends. God has first loved and befriended us so that we can in turn
love and befriend others, and so be blessed by Him.

I believe that Northwestern President Morton Schapiro had it right. The best way to
make a difference, change the world and be successful is by fostering our friendships.
Apart from our love and concern for others, all our knowledge, wisdom and success
accomplishes very little. It is only our relationship with God and our love for others
that continue into eternity.

We recently celebrated our Nation’s Independence Day. I believe that friendship to
one another —our care and concern for each other—is the true strength of our Nation.
Our freedom is best celebrated by remembering friends who gave their lives for us,
and by using our freedom for the good of others. The United States has often been
described as a compassionate nation—a nation that befriends those in need. It is by
fostering our friendships with one another that we follow in the footsteps of God and
continue to keep our Nation both strong and caring. God bless our friendships and
God bless the United States.

Home News

            Changes Taking Place at King
 Many of you are aware Wisconsin passed a new law concerning smoking.
 As of July 5, 2010, the Wisconsin Clean Indoor Air Act (Section 101.123, WI
 Statutes) will prohibit smoking in all indoor public places and workplaces.
 We value the members, staff, veteran service organizations and visitors of
 the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King and recognize this may be a difficult
 change for many.

 If you wish to use tobacco, smoking will be allowed in designated outdoor
 areas only:
                 Designated Smoking Areas for Members
 Initially, member areas will be covered patio areas as the Home works toward
 construction of more permanent and comfortable structures:
      1. Outside Olson Hall
      2. Between Ainsworth Hall and Stordock Hall
      3. Outside the Marden Center Coffee Shop
      4. Gazebo in park near the chapel and Stordock Hall
      5. Site next to the icehouse/King Fisher

      Designated Smoking Areas for Visitors, Guests and Employees
      1. Between Stordock Hall and Ainsworth Hall
      2. Between Olson Hall and the Moses Central Services building
      3. Outside the Security building
      4. Across Hwy QQ past the Maintenance building

                     MARKED WITH SIGNS

 We are committed to working with all of you as the Wisconsin Veterans
 Home implements this change.
                                                                             Home News

             Changes Taking Place at King
Pet Therapy Program: We recognize the importance of pet visits and how much
pets enrich the lives of our members, but we must keep in mind pets also present some
challenges in a health care setting.

Pet Visit Guidelines:

      1. When inside member residence halls, it is a requirement
         for all pets to have identification indicating they have been
         approved for visits.
      2. For any pets lacking proper identification, please have
         the pet owner/handler contact the Volunteer/PIO Office
         (located in the Marden Center or call 258-4247) where
         they will receive the Pet Policy, Waiver of Liability
         form and be asked to provide a record of vaccines and
         prevention treatment.
      3. Once appropriate documentation has been received and the
         Volunteer/PIO Office staff completes the Animal Assisted
         Activity Health Assessment form, the pet owner/handler
         will be issued a card indicating they have provided all
         required documents and have been approved. (Identification tags/
         badges, which will display the pet’s picture and be given to each
         pet owner/handler indicating approval, are being coordinated.)
      4. All pet owners/handlers must sign in and out on the Pet
         Handler Sign In Sheet located at every nursing station.
         Family pet owners must also sign the Waiver of Liability
         Sheet upon each visit.

THANK YOU for your continued support as we implement and improve upon our pet
policy and procedures. Please continue to encourage family, visitors and volunteers
to register their pets with the Volunteer/Public Information Office (PIO) and if you
have questions, please call Laura at (715) 258-4247.

Home News

                       55th Annual
                 American Legion King Day
             A great day of music, a parade and camaraderie
             was enjoyed by King members, including a
             delicious chicken dinner, thanks to the American
             Legion, the Auxiliary and Sons of the American

                                Home News

More American Legion King Day

Home News

                           May L. Luchsinger
                             1878 - 1956
                                   May L. Luchsinger was born in Monroe, Wisconsin, on
                                   May 9, 1878, the daughter of Henry and Lida Conde Ludlow.
                                   She married Frank B. Luchsinger on December 25, 1900. May
                                   served as the Wisconsin Department President of the Women’s
                                   Relief Corps in 1921 and National President in 1941-1942.

                                   Upon her death on October 14, 1956, May L. Luchsinger left
                                   a portion of her estate, in trust, at the First National Bank of
                                   Monroe, (now owned by AMCORE), specifying that the interest
                                   each year be used “…to provide comforts and pleasures for the
                                   veterans living in the Grand Army Home for veterans at King…”

                                   According to her will, each year on the Saturday closest to May
                                   Luchsinger’s birthday, a committee will meet to decide how
                                   the trust income will be spent for the benefit of the members of

   Since 1998, the May Luchsinger Memorial has contributed $99,600 to benefit the members at
   WVH-King. Representatives currently serving on the committee are:

                      Anita Kapp - United Spanish War Veterans Auxiliary
                 Jim LaSage - Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Wisconsin
                  Dave Jensen - The American Legion Department of Wisconsin
                   Sue Waid - Women’s Relief Corps Department of Wisconsin

 Tammy Schiedermayer joined us as the Bureau of Information
 Systems (BOIS) Supervisor at King on Monday, May 3 bringing
 extensive Information Technology experience and expertise to this

 Tammy was the Systems and Development Manager at F+W Media/
 Krause Publications for the past 13 ½ years. Prior to that position,
 she served as Data Processing Director for Waupaca County. Please
 welcome Tammy when you see her.
                                                                                    Home News

                                                   It’s Cookout Time
                                                   Stordock Hall members were treated to
                                                   a cheeseburger cookout thanks to the
                                                   American Legion Auxiliary. This was
                                                   their first cookout of the season.

Members Willie Miller (left) and Marty
Ciszewski (right).

                                                    (left to right) Members Chuck Klutz,
                                                    Duane Parks and Mike Stanza.

Members Ilda Lewis (left) and Bea Dries (right).

Home News

             Green Bay Naval Reserve Center

 Staff from the Green Bay Naval Reserve Center toured King on Friday, June 18 to check out training
 and volunteer opportunities for their drill weekends. King employee, Gary Kluck, (front, second
 from right) is a lieutenant with the Reserve Center. Ryan Knocke, Staff Assistant to Senator Herb
 Kohl (back left) also attended.

                                       The Seeds of Wisdom
                                           written by member Joe Neveaux
                                           Follow the source of wisdom
                                        And find the Great and Miraculous
                             And learn the pure, rich, extraordinary knowledge of God,
                                                       Who is.

                                                                             Home News

                                             Eighth grade band students from
                                             Luxemburg-Casco entertained King
                                             members in the WVH-King park.

      Thank You
“Yesterday’s News” barbershop quartet
performed at the Olson Hall Father’s
Day party while King members enjoyed
delicious root beer floats.

                                                    Thank You
                                             Students from the Wautoma Parkside
                                             Middle School played for members in the
                                             park on the WVH-King grounds.

Home News

            2010 Memorial Day

                          The Memorial Day program began
                          with the traditional placement of flags
                          on over 5,800 grave sites. A waterside
                          service followed along with a parade
                          processional to the cemetery where the
                          formal program was held.

                          The main speaker was WDVA Executive
                          Assistant José M. León, Jr. and readings
                          were delivered by the Badger State Boys
                          and Girls representatives (see cover).

                                                 Home News

More 2010 Memorial Day
                A picnic in the
                park with music,
                food, refreshments
                and door prizes
                was sponsored by
                the Blue Knights
                Law Enforcement
                Motorcycle Club
                WI Chapter XV of
                Wisconsin Rapids.

                Master Sergeant
                Chet Millard (right)
                shared his recent
                experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq at the

Home News

                               A Cool Treat
 Thanks to the Wautoma American Legion for sponsoring a delicious, cool custard treat for
 Stordock Hall members from Culver’s.

  Members Duane Parks (left) and Chuck Klutz (right).

                                                          Member Richard Patterson
                                                          enjoying some delicious custard.

   Member Ed Kraft poses with members
   of the Wautoma American Legion.

                                                Home News

                          Re-Creation Returns
Re-Creation, an energized
group of ten young entertainers,
presented “Love” on Sunday,
June 13 at WVH-King.

The live performance was held
in the park and included a salute
to the swinging styles of the Big
Bands of the 1930s and 40s,
favorite songs from the 50s and
60s, a tribute to Elvis with a high
energy retro revue from the 80s
and more! The show ended with
rousing patriotic music in honor
of America’s veterans and troops.

Home News

                              Four Generations
        Proud great grandpa, member Norb Bodway, poses with his new great grandson
       Aiden Schroeder, his daughter Linda Schroeder and his grandson Joseph Schroeder.

             Special Memorial Service for
              Chaplain Tracy Hamelink
            A special memorial service will be held for
                     Chaplain Tracy Hamelink
                    on Thursday, July 22, 2010
                           at 2:00 p.m.
               in the WVH-King Quadrangle Park.

               All members, staff and friends are invited to attend.

                                               Home News

 Summer Storm
     written by member Anne Bruechert
        Summer day, hot and humid.
    Huge leafy crowns woven together,
 Sheltering people from the heat of the sun.
              Evening air heavy.
   Just a hint of breeze as activities cease
              And people retire.
      Sleepy night, dark and peaceful.
                  All at rest.

     Suddenly, a wind from the West,
          Strong and determined,
 Forcefully shaking the dust off the leaves.
   The ocean of green alive and rustling,
 Like the whistling sound of a storm at sea
  With threatening waves rising in anger.

        A flicker, faint and far away.
Then another—and another—getting stronger.
      Distantly the rolling thunder —
    Like a band of Heaven’s bass drums
      Boldly waking the world below.
      Lightning spreads across the sky
    With an almost blinding brightness.

  The darkness of the moment that follows
       Seems even deeper than before.
 Lightning—Thunder, Lightning—Thunder!
      Intervals shorter. Tempo intense!
                Clashing duet
    Undisturbed by the downpour of rain.

          All at once, a fiery flash,
             A deafening crash!
       In an instant, a towering tree
      Is felled by the furious storm.
    As if satisfied by the damage done,
          The storm calms down;
   Then catches its breath and moves on
     To the next unsuspecting town.

Library News

                                  Library News
                   submitted by Librarian Linda Hagen and member Clifford Poppy
           The library has added several books to its permanent collection. Following are
           some of those books.

           THE FEW by Alex Kershaw. It was the summer of 1940 and World War II had
           been raging for nearly a year. Hitler was now planning an invasion of England to
           seal Europe’s fate. Although the United States was still a neutral country, a few
           Americans decided to join the British Royal Air Force to help defend the country.
           The Few tells the dramatic and unforgettable story of these Americans who defied
           their own country’s neutrality laws and risked their own citizenship to fight side-
           by-side with England’s finest pilots. They became the “Knights of the Air,” who
           with minimum training and plenty of guts, dueled the skilled aces of Germany’s
           Luftwaffe. By October 1940, they had helped England win the greatest air battle
           in the history of aviation. Only one of them would be alive at War’s end. Winston
           Churchill, once said, of those who fought in the Battle of Britain, “Never in the field
           of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Now Alex Kershaw
           tells their story for the first time.

           THE QUICKIE by James Patterson. When she sees her husband with another
           woman, Lauren Stillwell’s heart nearly stops beating. Their marriage was perfect,
           she has a great job and she likes her life. But his betrayal turns her into someone
           she never imagined she could be—a woman out for revenge. It was supposed
           to be a quickie, a way to even the score—but, Lauren’s night of passion takes a
           shocking turn when she witnesses a deadly crime. Her secret threatens to tear her
           life apart and forces her to uncover the truth, even though it may be too horrible
           to bear. Whatever choice she makes could cost her dearly—her job, her marriage,
           even her life.

           TWELVE RED HERRINGS by Jeffrey Archer. This book contains a dozen
           startling tales, each making use of misleading clues to surprise you. You will
           read about a woman who fools her husband and her lover in the same day, a
           leading lawyer’s attempt to prove his client is not blind, an honored guest whose
           expectations are something more than the red carpet and a young painter who finds
           an unlikely way to call attention to herself. In each of these stories, human beings
           are under pressure. There is also buried in each story a diversion, a red herring,
           and the author challenges his readers to find all twelve.

                                                                                   Library News

                          Tom’s Picks                   submitted by member Tom Leas

               These movies are available at the WVH-King library, which is located on
               the third floor of the Marden Memorial Center.

That Darn Cat - Hayley Mills, Dean Jones and Dorothy Provine - 1 hr. 56 min. -
DVD - rated G

A typical Disney film, but this time, a cat is the star. A great movie for those who
are still young at heart.

Charles and Anne Lindbergh Biography - 1 hr. 40 min. - DVD - not rated

A look at America’s first aviation hero.

Space Cowboys - Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones - 2 hr. 10 min. - DVD -
rated PG-13

This film shows that you are never too old to accomplish anything.

Ben Hur - Charlton Heston - 2 hr. 20 min. - DVD - not rated

This is one of Hollywood's greatest classics that will never grow old.

Memories of the Fifties Documentary - 50 min. - DVD - not rated

A look at a time, in America, when everyone truly felt safe. If only we had those
morals today.
Library News

          All movies are shown in the Marden Theater.
           Tugger service and popcorn are available.

     Tuesday, July 20 at 1:30 p.m. - Dial M for Murder starring
       Grace Kelly, rated PG, 1 hr. 45 min.

     Wednesday, July 21 at 1:30 p.m. - Happy Feet starring the voice of Robin Williams, rated PG,
       1 hr. 48 min.

     Thursday, July 22 at 6:00 p.m. - High Plains Drifter starring Clint Eastwood,
       rated R, 1 hr. 45 min.

     Tuesday, July 27 at 1:30 p.m. - Pride of the Yankees starring Gary Cooper, not rated,
       2 hr. 8 min.

     Wednesday, July 28 at 1:30 p.m. - Show Boat starring Ava Gardner, not rated, 1 hr. 48 min.

     Thursday, July 29 at 6:00 p.m. - RV starring Robin Williams, rated PG. 1 hr. 39 min.

     Tuesday, August 3 at 1:30 p.m. - My Favorite Brunette starring Bob Hope and Dorothy
       Lamour, not rated, 1 hr. 27 min.

     Wednesday, August 4 at 1:30 p.m. - Ike: Countdown to D-Day starring Tom Selleck,
       rated PG, 1 hr. 29 min.

     Thursday, August 5 at 6:00 p.m. - I Am Legend starring Will Smith, rated PG-13,
        1 hr. 41 min.

     Tuesday, August 10 at 1:30 p.m. - Immortal Sergeant starring Henry Fonda,
       rated G, 1 hr. 30 min.

     Wednesday, August 11 at 1:30 p.m. - Just My Luck starring Lindsey Lohan,
       rated PG-13, 1 hr. 43 min.

     Thursday, August 12 at 6:00 p.m. - Wooly Boys starring Peter Fonda and
       Kris Kristofferson, rated PG, 1 hr. 39 min.

                                                                                   Member News

Family and friends helped members Don and
Hanayo Meyer celebrate their 60th wedding
anniversary with a Hawaiian theme.

                                             Members Ralph and Jackie Tramm celebrated
                                             their 50th anniversary with family and friends.

      Good Job
Member Mary Stockton has a talent for
acrylic paintings.

Member News

                       July Birthdays
   2 James Whitney          SH 379B
     James Bruckner         AH 140

   3 LeRoy Cornelison       MH 261
     Patrick Bushman        AH 160          17 Helen Dolezal       OH 202
                                               Paul Kosiba         MH 212
   4 Roy Gray               SH 353
     Michael Stanz          SH 249A         20 Robert Sneller      OH 233
                                               William Pasterski   SH 366
   5 Rushton Johnson        OH 225             Gordon Haack        SH 219B
     Clifford Van Heuklon   MH 364
     Eino Suomi             SH 229          21 Sharon Wonderly     AH 128

   6 James Lunde            OH 446A         22 Dennis Keller       AH 358
     Gary White             OH 406
                                            24 Darrold Trudeau     SH   483
   7 Meda Radley            AH 227             Margaret Moyer      SH   323

   8 James Bunnell          OH 472          25 Josephine Buss      AH   343
     Arlene Woolsey         SH 435             Charles Gordon      AH   224
                                               Thomas Vincent      SH   309
   9 Merle Barr             OH 302             Adolph Krueger      OH   503

  10 Arnold Lamers          AH 303          26 Roger Hanson        OH 236
                                               Alfred Murray       SH 339
  11 Frances Buehler        OH 419A            John Vanderwall     AH 221

  13 Sharla Jensen          AH 231          27 Lance Holderness    SH   382
     Harold Lingen, Sr.     OH 402             Anton Pflanzer      AH   234
                                               Doris Deering       MH   335
  14 Thomas Muller          SH 468             Cora Schwersinske   AH   352B
     Edmund Hart            SH 476A
                                            28 David Satre         MH 209
  15 John Weyker            SH   332           Florence Landon     AH 336
     Robert Dunbar          AH   405           Violet Premo        AH 327
     Robert Gill            SH   505
     Kenneth Femrite        SH   225        29 Raymond Paul        MH 322
     Bruce Kloehn           OH   471           Forrest Weise       MH 234
                                               Glenn Georgson      OH 482
  16 Harriet Uecker         AH 440
     Jim Weggel             OH 241          30 Betty Martin        AH 423
     Edward Podjaski        OH 269             Harland Zick        OH 580
                                                                 Member News

                      August Birthdays
1 Joseph Hoehl           OH 409         17 Willis Gessler      AH 418
                                           Joseph Osterling    AH 229B
2 William Weinmann       SH 476B           James Haire         AH 163
  Charles Albashian      MH 377A
                                        18 Robert Gravelle     AH 141
 3 Dorothy Magelund      OH 346A
   George Bresnahan      MH 379         19 Stephen Misiewicz   OH 465
   Donald Schwoch        OH 276B
                                        20 Joseph Prindle      SH 220
4 Alice Eichman          AH 325            Jim O’Donahue       CT 125
  Roger Schwartz         SH 24B            Shirley Trindrud    AH 309B

 5 Ronald Rugg           SH 403         21 Allen Gnotke        SH 352
   Eugene Koerner        SH 563            Raymond Gibert      OH 255
   Anne Bruechert        OH 323
                                        22 James Butcher       AH 240
7 Sue Graeszel       SH 542
  Ken Rettshlag      OH 227             23 Warren Hidde        SH 568
  Lowell Sommerfeldt AH 455                Lloyd Morton        OH 420

8 Orrin Kasten           OH 335         24 Claire Brissette    SH 449A
                                           Richard Bleskey     AH 159
9 Altheda Adams          SH 432
                                        25 Steven Van Hulle    SH 572
10 Vincent Sroka         OH 411
   Toby Neidl            OH 305         26 Virginia Bures      AH 302A
   Edward Hassmer        OH 439
                                        27 Armand Rich         SH 429
11 Courtney Coffing      MH 257A           Robert Olson        SH 420
   Remi Wolski           OH 509
                                        29 Donald Titus        OH 516A
13 Jay Perry             AH 138            Shirley Lunde       OH 446B
   Lowell Peronto        OH 376A
                                        30 Nicholas Ferguson   OH 505
14 Doris Boyden          MH 315
                                        31 Alvin Volmer        MH 227
15 Jackie King           MH 232

16 Joseph Drexler, Jr.   SH 211

Member News


                July Anniversaries                         August Anniversaries
         4    Kenneth and Ilda Lewis                     26 Roy and Patricia Jacobson
         5    Ruggles and Elizabeth Doudt                28 Willis and Carol Gessler
         6    Myles and Dorothy Magelund                 30 Charles and Evelyn Russell
         8    Robert and Mary Stockton
        12    Courtney and Wanda Coffing
              Oscar and Sue Shryock
        13    Carl and Marjorie Williams

         In Memory of                       “Heaven is my throne and
                                            the earth is my footstool.” Isaiah 42:10

                   Edward H. Kubiak Jr.               Thomas J. Doney
                     Dale R. Augustin                William H. Mitchell
                     Armand A. Rich                   Eugene S. Vance
                      Irvin D. Putney                  Ernest K. Weier
                    Harold E. Zwickey                 Gerald H. Renish
                    Leonard P. Leberg                 Morres H. Jensen
                                                                                    Member News

                                  (Due to the Federal HIPAA Privacy Act only those members
                                              who have releases on file are listed.)

ROBERT BEMBENEK, a WWII Navy veteran from Rosholt, joined us on May 20. He is
living at MH 274B.

DONALD CARNITZ, a WWII Navy veteran from Oshkosh, moved into SH 279A on May 24.

DONALD WESLEY, a WWII army veteran from Iola, joined us on May 26. He is living at
SH 346B.

ANNA SEIBERT, a Gold Star Mother of a Vietnam War veteran from Chilton, arrived on
May 28 and is living at AH 259B.

HOWARD CARMODY, a WWII Army veteran from Hortonville, moved into AH 332B on
June 2.

DONALD PETERSON, a WWII Army veteran from Schofield, joined us on June 3. He is
residing at MH 277B.

SHELDON KLUTZ, a WWII Army Air Corps veteran from Neenah, arrived on June 3 and is
living at SH 419A.

OTTO KORTH, a Korean War Air Force veteran from Neenah, moved into MH 329B on June 4.

EARL AND FRANCES BUEHLER, joined us on June 14, from Athens. Earl is a WWII Navy
veteran and the couple is residing at OH 419.

DONALD ZINK, a WWII Army veteran from Montello, moved into AH 126 on June 15.

EDMUND HART, a Korean War Army veteran from Wittenberg, arrived on June 16 and is
living at SH 476A.

EDWARD McCARTHY, a Korean and Vietnam War veteran from Wausau, joined us on June
18. He is residing at AH 209A.

ROYCE BLANKINSHIP, a Vietnam War Army veteran from Omro, moved into OH 379B on
June 18.


  Volunteer Dorothy Dutzle (right) delivered King
  Cafe coupon books to Evelyn Schroeder (left) on
  behalf of the VFW Auxiliary 10406 in Buffalo
  City, Wisconsin.

  The VFW Auxiliary takes part in the adoption
  program which is designed to reach out to members
  through letters and cards, small gifts and personal
  visits. To learn more about the program, call Laura
  at (715) 258-4247.

                                                        Vicky Scherck accepted a donation of a framed
                                                        print History of the American Soldier from
                                                        Dan Weyenberg. The print will be on display
                                                        in the tunnel area.

 Laura Mays accepted several donations from
 Jerome Rabetski of the Polish Legion of
 American Veterans.


                                  Roger Fetterly, from The American Legion Post 333,
                                  presented a donation from the John T. Robinson Gift Fund
                                  to Laura Mays for King Cafe coupon books.

                                  Roger also presented a donation from the Fredrick Gerber
                                  American Legion Trust Fund to help maintain the bird aviary
                                  at Ainsworth Hall.

Marion Wanty, daughter of June Cobb, donated
a blanket made by her mother for the Home.
June lives in Lathia Springs, Georgia.

                                      (left to right) Shirley Grant, Deanna Hunt, Dianna Lunk
                                      and Bessie Varvitsiotes from the Women’s Relief Corps
                                      donated nine bags of apples along with a check for the
                                      purchase of a new bench. The bench is their 2009-2010
                                      President’s Project.


   On behalf of the members, we sincerely thank the following for their generous donations.

               We Need Your Help                         The American Legion Post #333 of Sun Prairie
    When making a donation, please provide                     in memory of Fredrick Gerber
       the full name and complete address
      (including zip code) of the person or                 The American Legion #11 of Green Bay
    group to be acknowledged. Thank you!
                                                            The American Legion #336 of Onalaska

     MOPH Auxiliary - Department of Wisconsin                      Ace Hardware of Appleton
                                                                    in memory of Art Brazee
                  Member Mary Stockton
                                                                 VFW Post #1318 of Madison
    AMVETS Auxiliary - Department of Wisconsin
                                                               PLAV Post #185 of Stevens Point
                 AMVETS of Sturgeon Bay
                                                           Neuville Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Waupaca
                  AARP #4388 of Nekoosa
                                                                TREA Chapter #66 of Appleton
            The American Legion #122 of Phillips
                                                           Gogebic Iron Marine Det #1133 of Hurley
        Richard McCrory of Neenah in memory
          of Arthur Brazee and Bev Mitchell               The American Legion Post #102 of Walworth

            Marc and Isabel Anderson of Madison               The American Legion Auxiliary #69
               in memory of David Tompkins                 of Mayville in memory of Loretta Magyar

        The American Legion #161 of Waupaca                    MOPH - Department of Wisconsin

            The American Legion #118 of Thorp                  Milwaukee Firefighters Post #426

    The American Legion Auxiliary #413 of Crivitz           The American Legion #295 of Bloomer

     William Laux, Jr. Memorial Trust of Appleton                     Member Ed Watson

               Sally Rampier of Solon Springs                       Member Charles Dewey
              in memory of Eugene Heideman
                                                                     Member Ray Schutte
               Jacqualine Schreck of Nekoosa
                 in memory of Paul Schreck               Bonnie Oleson of Stetsonville, Don and Marty
                                                         Lekie, Dick and Betti Lekie, Dave and Lynnette
       The American Legion #333 of Sun Prairie             Lekie, and Bonnie (Lekie) and Jack Oleson
            John T. Robinson Gift Fund                        in memory of Roy and Sylvia Dodge
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             Governor                     Editor                   preceding month.

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