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									ECE 2100: Circuit Analysis Laboratory                                                Dr. Trombetta

                                   Ethics Paper
For this project, you will write a three-to-five page paper discussing the Intel Pentium ethics
issue discussed in class.

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your

      understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
      ability to communicate effectively
      understanding of the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering
       solutions in a global and societal context

This project should contain the following steps:

      Find at least three sources concerning the Intel Pentium case.
           o One source must discuss the facts of the case. You may use the PowerPoint
               presentation from class, but you will also need at one other reference for
               information about what happened during the case.
           o Two sources must concern others’ opinions about the case. These opinions should
               concern what happened and what should have happened, or they should provide
               guidance concerning how individual acted or should have acted.
           o Sources may be from the internet, books, magazines, or journals. For help finding
               appropriate sources, contact Nancy Linden, the engineering reference librarian at
      Draft an analysis of the Intel Pentium case based on the imaginary situation that you were
       a technical manager at Intel during the case. You have recently learned that there is a
       problem with the Pentium chip. Your team works in the area in which there was a
       problem, although other teams work in the same area, and it is not clear whether your
       team’s work had any part in causing the problem. Some of your customers are beginning
       to discover the problem. In talking with your superiors, you learn that Intel has no
       intention of doing anything other than to fix the problem in the next generation of the
       chip because the error is not that noticeable. However, if a customer can demonstrate that
       they have a problem using the chip, it will be replaced for them. Based on this scenario,
       your paper should consider the following questions:
           o Do you have an obligation to try to do something about the problem? Explain why
               or why not? What should be done, if anything?
           o What will you tell your employees about the problem? Suppose that a member of
               your team is very nervous about the legal implications of the case and plans to go
ECE 2100: Circuit Analysis Laboratory                                                Dr. Trombetta

              to “top management” to complain. He or she appears agitated and is heading for
              the Vice President’s office. What will you tell him or her?
      Go to the IEEE website discussed in class (in the PowerPoint presentation) and look at
       the IEEE Code of Ethics. State somewhere in your report which section(s) of the IEEE
       Code of Ethics pertains to this case; state the relevant part of the code in your report.
      Revise your report.
      Turn in your report to Turnitin.com.

Results and Discussion
Your report should include the following sections:

      Title Page that includes the title of the report, your name, the course, and the professor.
      Abstract: A few sentences that work as a complete summary of the entire report for those
       who do not want to read the entire report. An abstract will often begin with a statement
       such as “This report summarizes and analyzes…”
      Introduction: Provide a summary of the case that includes all necessary background
       information. This section should include references from both the course PowerPoint as
       well as the source you found. This section should be approximately one page.
      Discussion: Provide an analysis of the situation using the questions explained above. This
       section should be approximately one or two pages. This section should reference at least
       two sources, as explained above.
      Conclusion: Summarize the entire report in one or two sentences and then offer
       concluding thoughts.
      References: Use IEEE format, found in the 2009 IEEE Style Manual located at
       http://standards.ieee.org/guides/style/2009_Style_Manual.pdf, section 19. An example of
       a citation would look like [1, p. 296]:
             [1] G. Zhao, E. M. Charlson, B. Y. Liaw, Anisul Khan, R. Roychoudhury, E. J.
                    Charlson, T. Stacy, J. M. Meese, Diamond Films and Technology, Vol. 5,
                    No. 2, (1995).

       All information that is not common knowledge should be cited in the text. Consider that
       your audience is composed of students in your same level, so any information that you
       have to look up should be cited in the text.

Format: Your paper should be 3 – 5 pages long, not including the Header and References
sections (so it may be longer than 5 pages). It should be formatted like this paragraph: a 1.5 line
spacing (as specified in the MS Word Paragraph setting) with a font no larger than 12 points,
and 1” margins all around. (This paragraph uses 12 point Times New Roman font and has 1”
margins all around.)
ECE 2100: Circuit Analysis Laboratory                                            Dr. Trombetta

Your assignment will be graded based on the following criteria:

      Writing style and correctness.
      Complete and accurate summary of the situation that uses correct references.
      Analysis that demonstrates critical thinking.

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