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#    Title                                    Author                        ISBN          Topic              Recommendation   Source      Comments
1    Moody Atlas of Bible Lands                                                           Atlas              "must have"      Pastor Lyon
2    Elements of Style                        Strunk and White                            English            "must have"      Pastor Lyon
3    Hermeneutics or The Science and Art      Lund, Eric                                  Hermeneutics                        Pastor Lyon
     of Interpreting the Bible
4    Principles and Processes of Bible        Virkler, Henry A.                           Hermeneutics                        Pastor Lyon
5    Rightly Divided                          Zuck, Roy B.                                Hermeneutics                        Pastor Lyon 2 volume set
6    A History of the Baptists                Christian, John T.                          History            "must have"      Pastor Lyon A two book set
7    A manual of Church History               Newman, A. H.                               History                             Pastor Lyon 2 volume set
8    A Short History of Baptists              Vedder, Henry C.                            History                             Pastor Lyon
9    A History of the Baptists: Traced by     Armitage, Thomas              9781177468992 History                             Pastor Lyon
     their Vital Principles and Practices,
     from the Time of Our Lord and
     Saviour Jesus Christ to the Year 1886

10 The Anabaptist Story                       Estep, Wilian R.                            History            "must have"      Pastor Lyon
11 This Day in Baptist History                Thompson, Wayne E.                          History                             Pastor Lyon
                                              Cummins, David L.
12 Getting Things from God                    Blanchard                                   Prayer                              Pastor Lyon
13 How to Pray                                Torrey, R. A.                               Prayer                              Pastor Lyon
14 Power of Positive Praying                  Bisagno, John                               Prayer             with reserve     Pastor Lyon Man is no longer
                                                                                                                                          conservative; Rock
                                                                                                                                          music at his
15   Prayer: Asking and Receiving             John R. Rice                                Prayer             "must have"      Pastor Lyon
16   Revival Praying                          Ravenhill, Leonard                          Prayer                              Pastor Lyon
17   The Power Through Prayer                 Torrey, R. A.                               Prayer                              Pastor Lyon
18   The Practice of Prayer                   Morgan, Campbell G.                         Prayer                              Pastor Lyon
19   Why Revival Tarries                      Ravenhill, Leonard                          Prayer                              Pastor Lyon
20   With Christ in the School of Prayer      Murray, Andrew                              Prayer                              Pastor Lyon

21 Moody                                      Pollock, J. C.                              Biography                           Pastor Lyon

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# Title                                  Author                     ISBN             Topic              Recommendation   Source      Comments
22 The Time Trap                         Mackenzie, Alec                             Business                            Pastor Lyon Time management

23 See You At The Top                    Ziglar, Zig                                 Business                            Pastor Lyon Best book on
24 The Memoirs of Richard Nixon          Nixon, Richard                              Business                            Pastor Lyon
25 The Shadow of Blooming Grove -        Russell, Francis                            Business                            Pastor Lyon
   Warren G. Harding in his times
26 Genesis Record                        Morris                                      History                             Pastor Lyon
27 Don't Talk About It, Do It            Gard, Grant G.                              Business                            Pastor Lyon
28 Christian Conselor                    Adams, Jay E.                               Counseling                          Pastor Lyon
29 Psychology of Counseling              Narramore, Clyde M.                         Counseling                          Pastor Lyon
30 History of English Speaking Peoples   Churchill, Winston S.                       History                             Pastor Lyon 5 volume set.
                                                                                                                                     He also has an
                                                                                                                                     excellent set on
31 Kingdom of the Cults                  Martin, Walter                              Cults                               Pastor Lyon
32 The Shadow of the Broad Brim          Day, Richard Ellsworth                      Biography          "must have"      Pastor Lyon

33 Foxes Book of Maryters                Forbush, William Byron                                                          Pastor Lyon

34 Power of Pentecost                    Rice, John R.                                                  "must have"      Pastor Lyon
35                                                                                                                       Pastor Lyon recommended but
                                                                                                                                     with reservations
     Lectures on Revival                 Finney, Charles G.
36                                                                                   Biography          "must have"      Pastor Lyon recommended but
                                                                                                                                     with reservations
   Autobiography of Charles G. Finney Finney, Charles G.
37 21 Scientists who Believe in Creation n/a                                         Creation                            Pastor Lyon Pamphlet is taken
                                                                                                                                     from a chapter in

38 Acres of Diamonds                     Conwell, Russell                            Will of God                         Pastor Lyon
39 Lectures to My Students               Spurgeon                                    Preaching                           Pastor Lyon
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# Title                                   Author                    ISBN             Topic              Recommendation   Source      Comments
40                                                                                   Biography                           Pastor Lyon
   Russell H. Conwell and His Work        Burr, Agnis
41 Lets Hear Jack Hyles                   Hyles, Jack                                                                    Pastor Lyon
42 George W. Truett, a Biography          James, Powhatan W.                         Biography                           Pastor Lyon
43 Lectures in Systematic Theology        Thiessen, Henry C.                         Theology                            Pastor Lyon
44 The Great Doctrines of the Bible       Evans, William                             Theology                            Pastor Lyon
45 508 Answers to Bible Qusestions        DeHaan, M. R.                              Apologetics        "must have"      Pastor Lyon
46 Here is My Question                    Rice, John R.                              Apologetics        "must have"      Pastor Lyon
47 Great Chapters of the Bible            Morgan, Campbell G.                        Theology                            Pastor Lyon
48                                                                                   Theology                            Pastor Lyon
   The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible   Criswell, W. A.
49 Which Bible?, 5th edition              Fuller, David Otis                         Theology           "must have"      Pastor Lyon
50 The Books and the Parchments           Bruce, F. F.                               Theology                            Pastor Lyon
51                                                                                   Theology                            Pastor Lyon "fun" to read
   Studies in Psalms                      Yates, Kyle M.                                                                             stories
52 Is Jesus God                           Rice, John R.                              Apologetics                         Pastor Lyon
53 Christian Ethics, 2nd ed               Geisler, Norman L.                         Counseling                          Pastor Lyon
54 A Survey of the Old Testament          Archer                                     Theology                            Pastor Lyon
55                                                                                   Theology                            Pastor Lyon Get the one that is
                                                                                                                                     for "Old and New
     Vine's Complete Expository                                                                                                      Testament" words
     Dictionary of Old and New
     Testament Words                      Vine/Unger/White
56                                                                                   Theology                            Pastor Lyon
     Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies MacDonald
57                                                                                   Biography          "must have"      Pastor Lyon
     Autobiography of George Muller       Muller, George
58   Walking With the Giants              Wiersbe, Warren                                                                Pastor Lyon
59   Listening To the Giants              Wiersbe, Warren                                                                Pastor Lyon
60   Living With the Giants               Wiersbe, Warren                                                                Pastor Lyon
61   The Civil War Narrative, 3rd ed      Foote, Shelby                              History                             Pastor Lyon

62 Living In the Time of Jesus of         Connolly, Peter                            History                             Pastor Lyon

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# Title                                   Author                   ISBN             Topic              Recommendation   Source      Comments
63 Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge       Coolidge, Calvin                          Biography                           Pastor Lyon "Easy read", good
                                                                                                                                    for children

64 Famous Hebrew Christians               Gartenhaus, Jacob                         History                             Pastor Lyon
65 Discovering Jerusalem                  Auigad, Nahman                            History                             Pastor Lyon
66 Masada                                 Yadin, Yigael                             History                             Pastor Lyon
67 The Archeology of the New              Finegan, Jack                             History                             Pastor Lyon
68 The Total Woman                        Morgan, Marabel                           Counseling                          Pastor Lyon
69 Emily Post Ettiquette                  Post, Elizabeth                                              "must have"      Pastor Lyon

70 Passion for Souls                      Smith, Oswald                             Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
71 Winning Souls and Getting Them         Hudson, Curtis                            Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
   Down the Aisle
72 Let's Go Soul Winning - Step-By-Step   Hyles, Jack                               Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
   Lessons on How To Win A Soul To
73 Daily House to House Soul Winning      Malone, Tome                              Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
   God's Way
74 How To Work For Christ                 Torrey, R. A.                             Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
75 Personal Soul-Winning: A Guide to      Evans, William                            Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
   Effective Methods
76 Soul Winning                           Spurgeon, Charles                         Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
77 With Christ After the Lost             Scarborough, L. R.                        Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
78 Standing on the Promises: The          Criswell, W. A.                           Biography          with reserve     Pastor Lyon
   Autobiography of W. A. Criswell
79 Pamphlets by Edward Reese              Reese, Edward                             Biography                           Pastor Lyon Multiple
                                                                                                                                    pamphletes with
                                                                                                                                    biographries of
                                                                                                                                    famous christian

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# Title                                   Author                   ISBN             Topic              Recommendation   Source      Comments
80 The Secret File on John Birch          Hefley, James & Marti           929292804 Biography                           Pastor Lyon This is a biography
                                                                                                                                    on the man, NOT
                                                                                                                                    related to the John
                                                                                                                                    Birch Society

81 The Act of Marriage                    LaHaye, Tim                     310212006 Marriage                            Pastor Lyon
82 His Needs, Her Needs: Building an      Harley, Willard F. Jr.          800719387 Marriage                            Pastor Lyon
   Affair-Proof Marriage
83 Abortion and the Conscience of the     Reagan, Ronald                            Abortion                            Pastor Lyon
84 Abortion: The Murder of the Helpless   Rice, John R.            087398000X       Abortion                            Pastor Lyon
85 Personal Soul Winning                  Rice, John R.                             Soul Winning                        Pastor Lyon
86 Plain English Handbook                 Walsh, J. Martin                          English                             Pastor Lyon
87 Miracle of Fasting                     Bragg, Paul              0-87790-039-6    Fasting                             Pastor Lyon Not a Baptist, but
                                                                                                                                    has good things to
                                                                                                                                    say about fasting

88 Thru The Bible                         McGee, J. Vernen                          Commentary         "must have"      Pastor Lyon 5 volume set
89 The Story of my Life and Other         McLendon, Baxter F.                       Biography                           Pastor Lyon
90 Fanny Crosby                           Ruffin, Bernard                           Biography                           Pastor Lyon
91 Freddie Gage                           Redding, Stan                             Biography                           Pastor Lyon
92 Bible Knowledge Commentary             Walvoord & Zuck                           Commentary                          Pastor Lyon
93 Manners and Customs of the Bible       Gower, Ralph                              Commentary                          Pastor Lyon

94 The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Intro by R.A. Torrey                                                             Pastor Lyon

95 Bartletts Familiar Quotations       Bartlett, John                                                                   Pastor Lyon
96 Preaching from Great Bible Chapters Yates, Kyle M.                                                                   Pastor Lyon

97 Interlinerar Greek-English New     Berry, George Rl                                                                  Pastor Lyon
   Testament with Lexicon and synonms

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# Title                                     Author                    ISBN                Topic           Recommendation   Source      Comments
98 Ben Hogan - 5 Lessons: The Modern        Hogan, Ben                                                                     Pastor Lyon
    Fundamentals of Golf
99 Dictionary of Old Testament Words        Pick, Aaron                                                                    Pastor Lyon
    for English Readers
100 American Composition and Rhetoric       Davidson, Donald                                                               Pastor Lyon

101 Soul Winning Bible                      from Bearing Precious                                                          Pastor Lyon pocket size New
                                            Seed                                                                                       Testament that is
                                                                                                                                       compact and easy
                                                                                                                                       to carry
102 The New Open Bible (KJV)                Nelson Publishers                                                              Pastor Lyon "If men don't have
                                                                                                                                       a study Bible, it
                                                                                                                                       tells me they are
                                                                                                                                       not learning"

103   The Minor prophets                    Feinberg, Charles L.             802453058                                     Pastor Lyon
104   The Prophesy of Ezekiel               Feinberg, Charles L.                                                           Pastor Lyon
105   The Revelation of Jesus Christ        Walvoord, John F.                551051957                                     Pastor Lyon
106   The King is Coming                    Willmington, H.L.                                                              Pastor Lyon
107   John R. Rice                          Sumner, Robert                                                                 Pastor Lyon
108   Stanley in Africa                     Godbey, A. H.                                                                  Pastor Lyon
109   A Political Crime                     Gibson, A. M.                    1406994537                                    Pastor Lyon
110   Things to Come                        Pentecost, Dwight J.              310308909                                    Pastor Lyon
111   Life & Sayings of Sam P. Jones        Jones                                                                          Pastor Lyon 1907 version
112   The Great Galveston Disaster          Lester, Paul                     1565547845                                    Pastor Lyon
113   Biography of R. A. Torrey                                                                                            Pastor Lyon
114   The Separation of Church and State:   Church, Forrest                                                                Pastor Lyon
      Writings on a Fundamental Freedom
      by America's Founders

115 Race and Economics: How Much Can Williams, Walter E.                                                                   Pastor Lyon
    Be Blamed on Discrimination?

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# Title                                  Author                    ISBN                Topic           Recommendation   Source      Comments
116 Slouching Towards Gomorrah:          Bork, Robert H.                                                                Pastor Lyon
    Modern Liberalism and American
117 The Communist Manifesto            Marx, Karl &                                                                     Pastor Lyon
                                       Engles, Fredrick
118 Code Blue: Health Care In Crisis   Annis, Edward R.            089526515X                                           Pastor Lyon
119 Democracy in America: The Complete de Tocqueville, Alexis           553214640                                       Pastor Lyon
    and Unabridged Volumes I and II

120 The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the   McCarthy, Andrew C                                                             Pastor Lyon Don't agree 100%
    Left Sabotage America
121 Death at Chappaquiddick              Tedrow, Richard &                                                              Pastor Lyon
                                         Tedrow, Thomas
122 Matthew Henry's Commentary on        Henry, Matthew                   1598562754                   "must have"      Pastor Lyon
    the Whole Bible: Complete and
123 Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words   Delahunty, Andrew                                                              Pastor Lyon
    and Phrases, 2nd Edition
124 Bible Commentary                     Thorpe, R. H.                                                                  Pastor Lyon 6 volume set
125 Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the   Keil &                                                                         Pastor Lyon 10 volume set
    Old Testament                        Delitzsch
126 Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's       Jamieson, Fausset, and                                                         Pastor Lyon 6 volume set
    Commentary On the Whole Bible        Brown

127 Tyndale New Testament                Tyndale                                                       "must have"      Pastor Lyon 20 volume set
128 Word Studies in the Greek New        Wuest, Kenneth                                                "must have"      Pastor Lyon

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