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					St. Paul’s Secondary School

   School Annual Report
                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
   Our Mission
   Our Vision
   Our History
   Management and Organization
     The School Management Committee (SMC)
     The School Advisory Board
     The Academic Committee
     School Organization Structure
   Teaching Staff
     Teachers’ Qualifications
     Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
   Student Enrolment
     Students’ Early Exit
     Number of Active School Days
     Lesson Time for the 8 Key Learning Areas
   The Curriculum
   Clubs / Societies / Teams / Groups for Extra-curricular Activities
   School Theme in 2007-2008
   Major Concerns in 2007-2008
   External School Review
   The Parent-Teacher Association
   The Alumnae Association
   Major Concerns for 2008-2009
   Results of Public Examinations 2007-2008
   Internal Awards and Scholarships
   External Awards and Scholarships
   Achievements of Past Students
                          St. Paul’s Secondary School

                  School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)

Our Mission :
We are committed to providing:
 an all-round education based on Christian values that enhance the quality of life both
    spiritually and materially for our Paulinians so that they can contribute positively to
    their home, profession and society with “7C”s – charity, conscience, courage,
    creativity, confidence, competence and commitment.
 a positive learning environment that enhances each student’s opportunity to develop
    through a balanced educational programme which recognizes the needs for growth in 7
    areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes, namely: the moral, intellectual, physical,
    social, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual areas known as the “Paulinian Spectrum”.

Our Vision:
    That with a dynamic thinking culture, St. Paul’s Secondary School may become an
excellent learning and caring community.

Our History :
    St. Paul’s Secondary School was first founded by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres in
1960 as an extension of St. Paul’s Convent School to meet the growing needs of science
education of girls in Hong Kong. Its mission is to provide an all-round education based on
Christian values that enhance the quality of life both spiritually and materially so that the
graduates can contribute positively to their family, profession and society.

      In keeping with the school’s founding principle of meeting the changing needs of the
times, St. Paul’s Secondary School always endeavours to take on a leadership role in
curriculum renewal. It has been the forerunner of science education for girls in Hong Kong
in the early 60s, Integrated Science in the late 60s, Computer Studies in the late 70s,
Computer Literacy, Civic/Moral and Family Life Education in the early 80s, and
Information Technology in education in the 90s. It has widened its curriculum and
developed itself into a fully integrated educational institute with Arts, Sciences and Social
Sciences at all levels, while Ethics, which is only for school-based assessment and not for
public examination, has always been a core subject for the senior secondary classes. In this
century, high-order thinking workshops, media education, cross-disciplinary enquiry
approach and project-based learning have also been implemented so as to develop self
initiative, collaboration and commitment to life-wide and life-long education in the students.

                                               1              School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Management and Organization :

The School Management Committee (SMC) 2007/08
      Sr. Lily Fung, the Supervisor, chaired the meetings of School Management Committee.
Other members of the School Management Committee were: Sr. Julia Chan, Sr. Joanna
Marie Cheung, Sr. Margaret Wong and Sr. Damian Lai. The School Management
Committee met two times in the academic year to discuss or make decisions on some major
matters related to the direction of school development and management. Rev. Mother
Jacqueline Ho, the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, the Sponsoring
Body of our school, also attended the meetings of the SMC to show her concern and to give
full support to the development of the school.

The School Advisory Board
     The School Advisory Board served as a consultative group and also as liaison between
the SMC and the teachers who were working in the frontline. It comprised of three teachers
representatives elected by the teaching staff, a representative from the Executive Committee
of the SPSS Alumnae Association, the Vice Principal, Principal and the Supervisor. The
Board met twice in the year to discuss matters related to school improvement, taking into
consideration the suggestions from the staff.

The Academic Committee
      The Academic Committee served as a supervisory and steering committee to pursue
academic excellence. Based on the revised organization structure, the Academic Committee
further re-structured itself to align well with the school goals in education. The committee
composed of the Curriculum Development Team and various units aimed at formulating the
curriculum development plan, ensuring smooth curriculum implementation, enhancing
students to become self-directed and life-long learners, and promoting learning and teaching
in the various Key Learning Areas. To streamline the duties and avoid redundancy, clear
division of labour was observed in the units to address the four key tasks, the New Senior
Secondary Curriculum, gifted and remedial education, assessment and bridging programmes.
The Academic Committee met at least 3 times a year to discuss academic matters and
disseminate plans and works of the Curriculum Development Team and the units. In
addition, the committee also ensured that the various subject departments and units worked
in line with the school major concerns.

                                               2             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
                                   School Organization Structure
                                          School Management Board

                                                 Supervisor                      School
                                                                              Advisory Board

                         Vice-Principal                         Vice-Principal

           School Development                                 Academic
            & Evaluation Team                                 Committee

   Staff             Curriculum            Administration       Extra-Curricular               Supporting
Development         Development             Committee              Activities                   Services
   Team                Team

Staff Appraisal
                   Moral and Civic          Admission &             E.C.A.                  Discipline Team
                   Education Unit            Streaming           Co-ordination
                                             Committee              Team
                     Reading to                                     Life-wide
                     Learn Unit                                     Learning                    Careers
                                                                                             Guidance Team
                  Project Learning                               All Clubs and
                        Unit                                       Societies                  Library &
                   IT for Interactive                               Student
                                            Web-SAMS                                         Reading Team
                    Learning Unit                               Editorial Board
                                            Committee                                            IT Team
                  Assessment Unit
                                            Examination                                       Contingency
                    Gifted and                 and                                            Management
                   Remedial Unit                                                                 Team
                                             Committee                                       Green School
                    Bridging Unit
                                                                                             Working Team
                      NSS Unit                                                               Home-School
                                                                                             Co-operation –
                                            Clerical Staff
                                                                                              Past Students
                                            Janitor Staff                                      Association
                                                                                              Prefect Board

                                                       3            School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Teaching Staff :
     The approved teaching staff establishment including the principal was 60. There were 5
part-time teachers sharing 3 full-time GM posts and 3 part-time teachers sharing 2 full-time CM

Teachers’ Qualifications
Highest academic qualifications attained by teachers :
           3.28% of teachers have attained Tertiary non-degree qualification.
           63.93% of teachers have attained Bachelor Degree qualification.
           32.79% of teachers have attained Master or above qualification.

Teachers’ professional qualification :
           98.36% of teachers have attained professional qualification.

Teachers’ teaching experience :
    Table showing the percentages of teachers’ years of teaching experience (including
years of teaching in other schools) :
                       0-2 Years      3-5 Years        6-10 Years      Over 10 Years
 % of teachers’
years of teaching              1.64%              18.03%             11.48%                68.85%

Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
    The Principal undertook 159.5 hours of CPD.
    The following bar chart shows the average number of CPD hours undertaken by a
teacher of our school in the past 3 years.

                                       Bar Chart Showing Teachers' C.P.D. Hours
                                Average no. of CPD hours undertaken by a teacher of SPSS

             40              76.89
             20                                        67.08
                            05/06                      06/07                         07/08

                                                      4             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
 Student Enrolment :
      There were 1123 students enrolled in September 2007.
      The number of operating classes, the number of students in each level and the average
 attendance of the students for the entire school year are as shown in the following table :
          Level            Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 Form 5 Form 6 Form 7
Number of classes              5          5         5          5        5         3           3
Number of Students            199        200       186       189       175       88          79
Average Attendance (%)       98.63      98.72     98.36     97.48     93.88     97.34     96.32
 All the Form 4 places were filled by our own F.3 students.
 98% of the Form 6 places were filled by our own F.5 graduates.

 Students’ Readmission
     No student readmitted during the academic year.

 Students’ Early Exit
     Seven students withdrew before the end of the academic year, mainly for studying

 Number of Active School Days
 The numbers of school days for S.1-4 and 6 in the past 3 years are shown below :
  Level        Year            05/06                    06/07                 07/08
  F1 – F4, F6                   194                      194                   191

 Lesson Time % for the 8 Key Learning Areas for S1-3 compared to the lesson time
 recommended by EDB :
Key Learning Area                               EDB Recommendation (%)               07/08 (%)
Chinese Language Education                              17 - 21                        17.81
English Language Education                              17 - 21                        19.86
Mathematics Education                                   12 - 15                        12.33
Personal, Social & Humanities Education                 15 - 20                        19.86
Science Education                                       10 - 15                        10.27
Technology Education                                     8 - 15                         7.53
Arts Education                                           8 - 10                         8.22
Physical Education                                        5-8                           4.11

 The Curriculum
             Chinese Language, Remedial Chinese, Putonghua, English Language,
  Form 1     Literature in English, Oral, English Enrichment, English Extensive Reading,
             Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Integrated Science,
             Religious Studies, Liberal Studies, E.P.A., Chinese History, History,
  Form 2     Geography, Family Life Education, Reading, Form Period, Visual Arts, Music,
             Physical Education

                                                5             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
           Chinese Language, Remedial Chinese, Putonghua, English Language,
           Literature in English, Oral, English Enrichment, English Extensive Reading,
           Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Physics, Biology,
 Form 3
           Chemistry, Religious Studies, Liberal Studies, E.P.A., Chinese History, History,
           Geography, Family Life Education, Reading, Form Period, Visual Arts, Music,
           Physical Education
           Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, English Language, Literature in
 Form 4    English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Computer and Information
           Technology, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Religious Studies, Economics,
           Principles of Accounts, Chinese History, History, Geography, Word Processing
 Form 5    & Business Communication, Reading, Form Period, Visual Arts, Physical

 Form 6    Chinese Language & Culture, Chinese Literature, Use of English, Literature in
           English, Maths. & Statistics, Pure Maths., Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Liberal
           Studies, Chinese History, History, Geography, Economics, Principles of
 Form 7    Accounts, Reading, Form Period, Physical Education

Clubs / Societies / Teams / Groups for Extra-curricular Activities :
Academic Activities
  Chinese Literary & Chinese History Club        中文演說及辯論小組
  Putonghua Club                                   Computer Club
  English Debating Society                         English Society
  Home Economics Club                              Mathematics Society
  Science Club                                     Social Sciences Club
  Liberal Studies Team
 Religious Activities
  Legion of Mary                                 Mass Liturgy Group
    China Praesidium,
    Miraculous Medal Praesidium
  Young Friends of St. Paul
  Sports Activities
   Athletics Club                                Badminton Club
   Basketball Club                               Rope Skipping Society
   Swimming Club                                 Table Tennis Club
   Volleyball Club
  Performing Arts
   Chinese Drama Club                              Chinese Operatic Singing Group
   Dance Club                                      English Drama Club
   Instrumental Classes.                           Music Society
   School Choir                                    School Orchestra
   Visual Arts Club

                                             6             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
  Service to Community
   CYC (Community Youth Club)                        Ecology & Health Club
   Girl Guides                                       AYP (HK Awards of Young People)
   Road Safety Patrol                                Sister School Scheme
   Social Service Society                            SPSS Nursing Cadet Division
   Z Club
  Service to School
   Campus TV Team                                    Editorial Board (Yearbook)
   Green Campus Team                                 I.T. Prefect Board
   Paulinian Spectrum Editorial Board                Peer Group Counselling Team
   Prefect Board                                     Student Careers Team
   Student Civic Education Team                      Student Librarian Society
   Student Moral Education Group

    The numerous programmes and life-wide learning activities organized by different
subject departments / clubs or teams to meet the diverse needs and interests of the students
had been evaluated and reported separately and also in the Annual Report on the Use of
Capacity Enhancement Grant and Report on the use of Additional Time-Limited Funding of
Capacity Enhancement Grant. (Please refer to the school webpage.)

School Theme in 2007-2008 :          Aspire to Excellence Share for Synergy
     Our school theme in 2007-2008 was ‘Aspire to Excellence, Share for Synergy’. The
spirit of this school theme was fully reflected in our major concerns of the year. We pursued
excellence by raising students’ learning motivation and effectiveness, and generated synergy
by means of collaboration.

Major Concerns in 2007-2008
     The strategic annual school plan of the year 2007-08 was achieved through carrying out
the strategies stated in the two major concerns:

(1) To enhance students’ motivation and learning effectiveness so as to foster a
    high-achieving school culture
(2) To pursue a culture of collaborative learning and teaching among students and

     These two major concerns were essential in preparing all of us, teachers and students,
to face the challenges of life-long education in the fast-changing and knowledge-based
society and to confidently meet the needs for educational reforms.

                                               7             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
1.   To enhance students’ motivation and learning effectiveness so as to foster a
     high-achieving school culture

          To ensure a more balanced development in student learning, and to scaffold
     students’ generic skills for their life-long learning and to prepare a more coherent
     curriculum at school, teachers carried out continuous work of internal curriculum
     reforms. The allocation of lesson time was refined to help students of the junior forms
     get a smoother transition to the NSS curriculum. On the other hand, NSS program plans
     kept being reviewed and refined.

          The school joined the ‘Assessment Project’ organized by HKIED. Teachers applied
     different modes of assessment and focused more on formative assessment and
     assessment for learning. All subject departments formulated strategic plans to promote
     ‘assessment for learning’ in the school. A significant number of students found the
     assessment rubrics and teachers’ feedback useful, and felt that they were moving closer
     to the identity of ‘self-directed learners’.

          To create a diversified yet coherent learning environment in the school, life-wide
     learning experiences were closely intertwined with the formal curriculum. Special
     time-tabling and life-wide learning (LWL) days were practised to facilitate the logistics
     for students to enrich their learning experiences in a whole-school approach.
     Class-based LWL activities were also arranged by teachers to offer students more
     hands-on experiences, such as visits, field trips, excursions, sharing sessions and
     workshops. Students found that the activities facilitated their whole-person
     development and saw a more distinct relationship between classroom learning and
     real-life experiences. Thus their learning motivation was further enhanced.

          Reading to learn could not be over-emphasized. Thus special periods for students
     to do extensive reading and write reflections on their selected books, newspapers and
     magazines were allocated. Handouts were also prepared by the Reading Team
     periodically to help students pick up more advanced skills of reading and of book
     review and appreciation.

          The staff establishment’s capacity was also enhanced so that teachers could have
     their teaching and administrative workload reduced, and thus they could concentrate
     more on teaching and caring for their students’ needs.

          With increased manpower, split-class teaching could be carried out. This was
     arranged for English Language in Form 1 and the three core subjects in Form 2.
     Teaching strategies like pair work, group work, reports and presentations were
     modified and adopted by different subject departments to enhance academically weaker
     students’ motivation and learning effectiveness.

                                                8             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
         The provision of electronic learning resources, such as English Builder, Wise News
    and Campus TV programmes, also played an important role in catering for individual
    learner differences. Students of different abilities could utilize the online materials
    available to them to maximize their own learning. Such resources could encourage
    the spirit of self-directed learning.

2. To pursue a culture of collaborative learning and teaching among students and teachers

        The framework of collaboration was reinforced to enhance interaction among
    teachers, between students and teachers, and among students themselves.

        Regular collaboration was carried out on both inter- and intra-departmental levels
    to enhance the overall effectiveness of the school curriculum so as to create a more
    student-centred learning environment in the school. Teachers further collaborated and
    organized cross-disciplinary activities with other clubs or teams.

         Teachers found peer lesson observation a particularly useful tool for collaboration,
    especially between junior and senior form teachers. Therefore this would be further
    strengthened and encouraged.

         In class, teachers gave ample chances for students to interact with them, by
    encouraging them to try to respond to their high-order thinking questions or inviting
    them to voice their opinions or raise their queries. Outside class, students were also
    welcome to consult their teachers or to receive individual coaching for internal or
    external activities such as competitions. These created chances of student-teacher
    interaction and collaboration.

         In classroom activities and project assignments, students were given more chances
    to do group work and peer assessment. This could help them learn from and with one
    another, and thus encourage students’ peer collaboration. Such peer collaboration was
    even extended to the group discussion via the SPARK platform.

        With excellence and synergy, it is hoped that our school will be able to nurture
    more talents to contribute to our society.

External School Review (ESR)
     The External School Review (ESR) of our school was conducted in October 2007. The
ESR team issued an ESR Report validating our school’s self-evaluation report and recording
the details of the performance of our school after observing lessons, shadowing students,
conducting focus group meetings with school personnel, students and parents, and
scrutinizing existing school documents for four days.

                                               9             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
    The ESR had been a growing experience for the school community at all levels – the
students, the teaching staff, the middle managers and the school administrators. The school
was empowered by the judgment made by the ESR Team on our strengths and treasured the
advices and suggestions on the developmental direction of the school.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
     The bond of cooperation between home and school is one of the key elements of
student education. The PTA organized tea gatherings, talks, workshops, visits and published
periodical newsletter for parents. Parents actively participated in our school activities such
as Sports Day, Dance Competition, Verse and Play Competition, Reflection Day, Famine
Lunch and visit to the St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly. All these activities helped
strengthen the home-school, teacher-student and parent-child cooperation and

     Apart from active participation of school activities, parents also played a vital role in
school development. Funds raised from “Paulinian Sparkle 2008”, a biennial spectacular
variety show jointly organized by the school and PTA on 6 July 2008, were used to facilitate
needy students’ participation in cultural activities within and outside school. It was a
wonderful opportunity to display our students’ artistic accomplishments and performing

SPSS Alumnae Association (SPSS AA)
    At the 2008 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 25 April 2008, members voted
unanimously to approve the name being changed from SPSS Past Students Association
(SPSS PSA) to SPSS Alumnae Association (SPSS AA).

     The SPSS Alumnae Association continued to give support to the school with donations
to the publication fund, awards and a scholarship to students who excelled in their
respective services and extra-curricular activities. In support of the School Orchestra, a
fund-raising Starlight Concert was organized by the Past Students Association on 30
November 2007. A number of past students came to school and shared their professional
life and working experiences in the career talks for our senior form students. The new
committee members also participated in school activities like Speech Day, St. Paul’s Day,
Christmas celebration and Paulinian Sparkle actively to maintain our close linkage and
harmonious relationship.

Future Direction – Major Concerns for 2008-2009.
1. To sustain, explore and share good educational practices so as to further foster a
   high-achieving school culture
2. To ensure a smooth transition to the NSS curriculum

                                               10             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
                                                                                Results of Public Examinations 2007-2008

                                     HKCEE Result
                                    香港中學會考成績 2008
96% of SPSS F.5 students passed in at least 5 subjects


  Pass %





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A. Math
                                                                                      Lit in Eng

                                                                                                                                                                   Rel Stud
                                           Chin Lang

                                                        Eng Lang



                                                                       Chin Lit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Prin of
                                                                                                        Chin Hist

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Visual Arts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Compu &

                  Passing % of SPSS F.5 students                                                                      Average passing % of all students in H. K.

                The average passing rates of the core subjects of SPSS F.5 students in 2008 :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Passing in at
                                                                   Chin. Lang.                                                Eng. Lang.                                                    Maths.
                                    2008                                                                                                                                                                                                    least 5 subjects
                                                                        97.7%                                                     100%                                                           100%                                                               96%

                                    HKCEE Result
                                    香港中學會考成績 2008
Percentage of SPSS students awarded Grade C or above
 % of Students Awarded Grade C or





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Compu & IT
                                                                                                   Chin Hist

                                        Chin Lang

                                                       Eng Lang

                                                                                  Lit in Eng



                                                                                                                                                        Rel Stud
                                                                     Chin Lit



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A. Math

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Prin of Accts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Visual Arts

                  % of SPSS F.5 students awarded grade C or above                                                                                      % of all students in H.K. awarded grade C or above

                                                                                                                                                       11                                               School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
    HKAL Exam. Result
    高級程度會考成績 2008
The passing rate for SPSS students in at least 2 AL or 1AL+2AS subjects is 98.73%

  Pass %































                  Passing % of SPSS F.7 students                                                    Average passing % of all students in H. K.

    HKAL Exam. Result
    高級程度會考成績 2008
Percentage of SPSS students awarded Grade C or above.
      % of Students Awarded Grade C or above






























                                                       % of SPSS F.7 students awarded grade C or above                      % of all students in H. K. awarded grade C or above

                                                                                                                   12                    School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Number of graduate students in the following destination categories
Early Admission to University
Name of student HKCEE (2007)             University Course             University (Sept 08)
   Jean Cheng           8A 1C             Medical Studies                    CUHK

Total number of Form 5 students in 2007/2008 = 175                                   07/08
Form 6 course                                                                         119
Form 5 course                                                                           7
Local full-time post-secondary/vocational training course                              26
Overseas studies                                                                      22
Full-time employment                                                                    1

Total number of Form 7 students in 2007/2008 = 79                                    07/08
Local university course                                                               47
Form 7 course                                                                          1
Local full-time post-secondary/vocational training course                             25
Oversea studies                                                                         6
Full-time employment                                                                    0

                             ACADEMIC AWARDS

                Rev. Sr. Mary Patrick Campbell Memorial Awards
                            First in Class (2007-2008)
           Shaliman Cheung           (4A1)                  Peony Chow                (2A)
           Emily Choi                (4A2)                  Joey Ma                   (2B)
           Claire Wong               (4A3)                  Tina Kwan                 (2C)
           Agnes Cheung              (4S1)                  Alexandra Koo             (2D)
           Anna Fung                 (4S2)                  Clara Li                  (2E)

           Wisdom Mak                (3A)                   Christy Mak               (1A)
           Katy Li                   (3B)                   Christine Chiu            (1B)
           Gigi Lee                  (3C)                   Jaime Cheung              (1C)
           Kathleen Leung            (3D)                   Cindy Cheung              (1D)
           Elsie Chang               (3E)                   Natasha Chak              (1E)

                                             13              School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Best in English Language :         Sharmaine Kwan       (4A1)           Nathalie Lam         (3A)
Best in Chinese Language :         Tracy Lee            (4S2)           Jessalyn Teoh        (3A)
Best in Religious Studies :        Arica Chan           (4S2)           Gloria Lai           (3A)
Best in Form 5 Science Stream :    Lily Cheng           (5S1)
Best in Form 5 Arts Stream :       Louise Ma            (5A1)
Best in Form 7 :                   Ivy Leung            (7AS)

                             Sr. Pierre de Marie’s Shield
        Best Student in Form 4 :                             Anna Fung           (4S2)

               Mrs. Ruby POON Law Mei Wah Memorial Shield
        Best Performance in Mathematics :                    Fiona Chow          (5S1)

                                      SPSS Shield
        Best Performance in Mathematics :                    Angie Li            (5S2)

                 Mrs. NG Sun King Man Memorial Scholarships
       for Improvement in Chinese Language :                 Canace Tang         (3D)
       for Improvement in Chinese History :                  Alicia Ho           (5A2)

                     Ms. Esther Tsu Memorial Scholarships
Awarded to Current SPSS F.6 Students Who Achieved Excellent Results in HKCEE
    Vivien Li        (5A1)        Belle Wong       (5A1)      Lily Cheng           (5S1)
    Florence Chan    (5S2)        Isabelle Hung    (5S2)

                    LEADERSHIP & SERVICE AWARDS

            Rev. Sr. Mary Patrick Campbell Memorial Scholarships
                              for Catholic Action
                Karen Lee          (6B)           Karen Li            (6B)

                     Mr. Chau Chun Pong Memorial Shield
           Awarded to the Editors of School Newspaper (Chinese Section)
                Yuki Li            (5A2)          Hyris Ma            (5A2)

                                             14               School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
                             Paulinian Gold Award
                     Janet Pang                       (7AS)
                     Suki Lee                         (7B)
                     Emily Cheng                      (6AA)
                     Jean Cheng                       (6AS)
                     Tiffany Wan                      (5A3)

                          Paulinian Diamond Award
                     Karen Ng                      (7AA)

                          Paulinian Platinum Award
                     Denise Tsang                  (7AS)

                      SPSS Alumnae Association Awards

Music                                        -     Janet Pang                      (7AS)
Sports                                       -     Tiffany Wan                     (5A3)
     Community Youth Club                   -      Wilphia Lee                     (6AS)
     25th Island Girl Guides Company        -      Jenny Yeung                     (6AS)
     Road Safety Patrol                     -      Mancy Yeung                     (6B)
     Social Service Society                 -      Anita Yuen                      (6B)
     SPSS St. John Nursing Cadet            -      April Tang                      (4S2)
     Peer Group Counselling                 -      Celia Yu                        (4A1)

                             Paulinian Scholarship
        Awarded for Excellent Performance and Contribution in English
                     Janet Pang                    (7AS)

                 Paulinians Alumnae (Toronto) Scholarships
Awarded to the Editor-in-chief of the School Magazine :       Lorraine Chiu        (6AS)
Awarded to the Vice-Head Prefect :                            Kelly Poon           (6B)

         SPSS Alumnae Association Scholarship & Paulinian Cup
         Awarded for Excellent Leadership and Service as Head Prefect
                     Karen Li                      (6B)

                                          15              School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
SPSS’s Next Top Writer Story Writing Competition
Organized by English Society
Form 1 :
Champion :            Emily Wong       (1C)
1 Runner-up :         Priscilla Wong   (1C)
2 Runner-up :         Rosanna Sum      (1D)
Finalists :           Denise Ho        (1A)        Eva Ip                  (1A)
                      Ashley Kong      (1A)        Tiffany Lam             (1A)
                      Nora Lam         (1A)        Karen Ng                (1A)
                      Jessica Siu      (1A)        Rosalind Lee            (1C)
                      Joice Chan       (1D)        Mondi Cheung            (1D)
                      Coco Leung       (1D)        Adeline Leung           (1E)
                      Vanessa Ma       (1E)
Form 2 :
Champion :            Angela Cheung    (2C)
1 Runner-up :         Joey Ma          (2B)
2 Runner-up :         Mary Ng          (2C)
Finalists :           Annis Chan       (2A)        Catherine Wong          (2A)
                      Rose Chan        (2B)        Gladys Chan             (2C)
                      Dorothy Kwong    (2C)        Natalie Lam             (2C)
                      Candy Wong       (2C)        Winky Chu               (2D)
                      Jordana Chui     (2E)
Form 3 :
Champion :            Lydia Ip         (3A)
1 Runner-up :         Kalinda Au       (3A)
2 Runner-up :         Odilia Chan      (3C)
Finalists :           Angela Wong      (3A)        Angel Cheng             (3B)
                      Christine Chu    (3C)        Harriet Chan            (3D)
                      Alice Chung      (3D)        Claudia Kwok            (3D)
                      Cynthia Leung    (3D)        Phoebe Wong             (3D)
Form 4 :
Champion :            Carol Yam        (4A1)
1 Runner-up :         Stephanie Shiu   (4A3)
2 Runner-up :         Arica Chan       (4S2)
Finalists :           Jacqueline Choi  (4A2)       Mina Li                 (4A2)
                      Kiki Sun         (4A3)

                                         16          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Science Knowledge Contest
Organized by Science Club
Form 1 :
Champion :          Coco Yeung        (1D) Kina Liu          (1D) Tiffany Chan           (1D)
1 Runner-up :       Theresa Cheng     (1B) Vicky Lee         (1B) Sara Choi              (1B)
2 Runner-up :       Nicole Yam        (1A)
Form 2 :
Champion :          Winnie Chuen      (2A) Zoe Leung         (2A) Tanya Cheng            (2A)
1 Runner-up :       Sindy Liu         (2D) Joanne Lam        (2D) Jessica Lui            (2D)
2 Runner-up :       Chelsea Leung     (2E)
Form 3 :
Champion :          Kalinda Au        (3A) Gloria Lai        (3A) Vivian Lee             (3A)
1 Runner-up :       Cris Chen         (3C) Anita Hui         (3C) Vanessa Law            (3C)
                    Gigi Lee          (3C) Joyce Ng          (3C) Helen So               (3C)
2 Runner-up :       Ross Leung        (3E)

                      Paulinian Award Scheme 2007-2008
    The aim of the scheme is to promote a sense of belonging and a strong Paulinian spirit
among the students. It is designed to acknowledge the students’ personal achievements and
to encourage active participation in extra-curricular activities throughout their secondary
schooling. The students are given different awards according to the points they have
accumulated through the years.

Paulinian Platinum Award : Denise Tsang      (7AS)
Paulinian Diamond Award : Karen Ng           (7AA)
Paulinian Gold Awards :    Tiffany Wan       (5A3) Emily Cheng (6AA) Jean Cheng (6AS)
                           Janet Pang        (7AS) Suki Lee    (7B)

Paulinian Silver Awards :
 Angela Chow        (3A)       Edith Ho             (3A)     Giselle Ho                (3A)
 Lam Nathalie       (3A)       Yvonne Puk           (3A)     Jessalyn Teoh             (3A)
 Angela Wong        (3A)       Cynthia Chan         (3B)     Vivian Hui                (3B)
 Janet Lam          (3B)       Theodora Tang        (3C)     Jessica Cheng             (3D)
 Joanne Hong        (3D)       Shaliman Cheung      (4A1)    Mickie Choi               (4A1)
 Sharmaine Kwan     (4A1)      Tina Kwong           (4A1)    Catherine Lee             (4A1)
 Carol Yam          (4A1)      Anne Yeung           (4A1)    Celia Yu                  (4A1)
 Agnes Lam          (4A2)      Pui Leung            (4A2)    Gloria Man                (4A2)
 Priscilla Ho       (4A3)      Rosaline Kwan        (4A3)    Phoebe Wu                 (4A3)
 Fiona Wu           (4A3)      Melvina Cheng        (4S1)    Agnes Cheung              (4S1)

                                              17            School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Gabby Chow         (4S1)    Stella Liu         (4S1)    Cherry Sy                 (4S1)
Chloe Tso          (4S1)    Jenny Fan          (4S2)    Natalie Kung              (4S2)
Cecilia Kwan       (4S2)    Jojo Lau           (4S2)    Tracy Lee                 (4S2)
Katy Li            (4S2)    Rena Li            (4S2)    Cherry Ng                 (4S2)
Sally Ngai         (4S2)    Leona Sham         (4S2)    Chole Wan                 (4S2)
Carey Wong         (4S2)    Polly Wong         (4S2)    Jasmine Pun               (5A1)
Mona So            (5A1)    Natelie Wong       (5A1)    Naomi Cheung              (5A2)
Yammy Tang         (5A2)    Hilary Leung       (5A3)    Bonita Tong               (5A3)
Jean Wong          (5S2)    Erica Chuk         (6AA)    Irene Ho                  (6AA)
Sylvia Lai         (6AA)    Stephanie Lam      (6AA)    Tiffany Lee               (6AA)
Florence Tam       (6AA)    Emily Tsang        (6AA)    Emily Wong                (6AA)
Margaret Yu        (6AA)    Francesca Chiu     (6AS)    Angela Hui                (6AS)
Joey Leung         (6AS)    Melody Ngai        (6AS)    Anna Siu                  (6AS)
Candy Tong         (6AS)    Kristy Yeung       (6AS)    Cherry Ho                 (6B)
Heidi Lau          (6B)     Mancy Yeung        (6B)     Anita Yuen                (6B)
Tracy Lee          (7AS)    Hermine Lee        (7AS)    Candy Lo                  (7AS)
Candy Lo           (7B)

Paulinian Bronze Awards :
 Bridget Chak      (3A)     Alice Chan         (3A)     Hilary Chang              (3A)
 Swiss Cheng       (3A)     Rachel Chui        (3A)     Michelle Ha               (3A)
 Lydia Ip          (3A)     Venus Kwok         (3A)     Gloria Lai                (3A)
 Alice Luk         (3A)     Tiffany Mak        (3A)     Teena Tse                 (3A)
 Helen Wong        (3A)     Brigit Au          (3B)     Claudy Chan               (3B)
 Carmen Chiu       (3B)     Vanessa Fong       (3B)     Michelle Lee              (3B)
 Stephanie Lee     (3B)     Kelly Leung        (3B)     Esther Leung              (3B)
 Angeles Li        (3B)     Sandra Ling        (3B)     Winnie Lo                 (3B)
 Christine Lu      (3B)     Joanne Sy          (3B)     Crystal Tseung            (3B)
 Kokusa Wong       (3B)     Rebecca Chan       (3C)     Aisling Chan              (3C)
 Katie Chan        (3C)     Odilia Chan        (3C)     Vivian Cheung             (3C)
 Tracy Ho          (3C)     Tiffany Lai        (3C)     Jennifer Lau              (3C)
 Gigi Lee          (3C)     Romilda Leung      (3C)     Pian Lo                   (3C)
 Helen Tang        (3C)     Charlotte Yeung    (3C)     Jacqueline Yiu            (3C)
 Harriet Chan      (3D)     Michelle Chui      (3D)     Janejira Ip               (3D)
 Claudia Kwok      (3D)     Cindy Lam          (3D)     Kathleen Leung            (3D)
 Cynthia Leung     (3D)     Jenny Tseng        (3D)     Vicky Wong                (3D)
 Phoebe Wong       (3D)     Alice Wong         (3D)     Bridget Au Yeung          (3E)
 Janet Chan        (3E)     Elsie Chang        (3E)     Esther Ho                 (3E)
 Alison Ho         (3E)     Miranda Leung      (3E)     Ross Leung                (3E)

                                          18           School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Cathy Luk            (3E)     Heba Shina            (3E)     Amy Shiu                  (3E)
Francis Shum         (3E)     Lily Tse              (3E)     Myrilla Li                (4A1)
Vivian Yu            (4A1)    Connie Leung          (4A2)    Sharon Mak                (4A2)
Tracy Tse            (4A2)    Kelly Wong            (4A2)    Candy Cheung              (4A3)
Kitty Choi           (4A3)    Christy Lau           (4A3)    Stephanie Shiu            (4A3)
Katherine Tam        (4A3)    Mia Chan              (4S1)    Kristy Chan               (4S1)
Allison Lee          (4S1)    Vivian Li             (4S1)    Jessica Luk               (4S1)
Jo Ngan              (4S1)    Suez Tsui             (4S1)    Joyce Wu                  (4S1)
Jessie Yau           (4S1)    Jenny Choi            (4S2)    Ivy To                    (5A1)
Polly Cham           (5A2)    Anita Chow            (5A2)    Eva Leung                 (5A2)
Ruby Tong            (5A2)    Fenela Ho             (5A3)    Joyce Wan                 (5A3)
Eugenia Mok          (5S1)    Jennifer Chan         (5S2)    Esther Au                 (6AA)
Anna Lam             (6AA)    Tabitha Lee           (6AA)    Wincy Lee                 (6AA)
Nicole Li            (6AA)    Jane Wong             (6AA)    Isabella Chan             (6AS)
Mavis Cheng          (6AS)    Cherry Sze            (6AS)    Phoebe Au                 (6B)
Vivian Lam           (6B)     Natalie Lau           (6B)     Christy Lau               (6B)
Connie Leung         (6B)     Gloria Ng             (6B)     Janet Si                  (6B)
Peggy Wong           (6B)     Joanna Wong           (6B)     Joyce Cheung              (7B)

                      Civic & Moral Education / Service
Dress Special Day
Organized by Prefect Board
Classes with the highest donation amount
Champion          : 4S1
1 Runner-up       : 1A
2 Runner-up          3C
Students with the highest donation amount
Champion          : Mia Chan           (4S1)
1 Runner-up       : Karen Ng           (1A)
2 Runner-up : Charlotte Yeung (3C)

CD for Recycling Competition
Organized by Green School Working Team and Green Student Council
Collected the most CDs in their forms
1A, 2D, 3D, 4S2, 5A1, 6B, 7AA

                                               19           School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Singing Contest
Organized by Music Society
                       Champion             1st Runner-up              2nd Runner-up
Junior Solo :   Billie Ho       (2C)    Cherry Ng      (4S2)      Shaliman Cheung (4A1)
Senior Solo :   Susana Cheng (5A1)      Telesia Tsang (6B)        Clarie Lee       (5S2)
Duet :          Billie Ho       (2C)    Denise Tsang (7AS)        Cherry Sze       (6AS)
                Cherie Ho       (6B)    Catherine Tse (7AA)       Tiffany Ching    (6AA)
Group :         3A                      5S2                       7B

                                    Visual Arts
Inspirational Photo Contest
Organized by Moral & Civic Education Unit
 Division 1 :
 Junior Section :      Emily Hung        (3B)    Jacqueline Yiu      (3C)
 Senior Section :      Wendy Lam         (7B)
 Division 2 :
 Junior Section :      Jacqueline Yiu    (3C)
 Senior Section :      Winnie Yim        (7B)

Programme Cover Design Competition
Organized by Visual Arts Club
                       Champion             1st Runner-up              2nd Runner-up
Junior Section : Niki Wong     (2D)      Alice Tam     (3C)       Jennifer Lau     (3C)
Senior Section : Vickie Ma     (6AS)     Chloe Wan     (4S2)      Chloe Li         (6AA)

                                            20          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
                                  Speech and Drama
Audio Dubbing Competition
Organized by English Society
The Best Oral Presentation Awards :                  2C, 3C
The Best Script Awards :                             2A, 3B
The Most Creative Production Awards :                2B, 3B
The Most Outstanding Audio Effect Award :            3E
Paulinians’ Pick Award :                             3B
Champion :                                           3B
Poem Writing Competition
Organized by English Society
The Outstanding Poetry Awards        Aisling Chan    (3C)     Charlotte Lee          (3C)
  with Distinction :                 Christy Cheng   (4A3)
The Outstanding Poetry Awards :      Annis Chan      (2A)     Joanne Cheung          (2A)
                                     Ronnie Hung     (2E)     Tracy Ho               (3C)
                                     Gigi Lee        (3C)     Nicole Yu              (3C)
                                     Yvonne Law      (4A3)

Annual Verse & Play Competition 2008
Organized by English Department
Form 1 Verse :
Champion :                      1A     - Teaching Practice
1 Runner-up :                   1E     - What Teachers Wear in Bed
Form 2 Play :
Champion :                      2A     - SWAP
1 Runner-up :                   2D     - The Forest Bride
Best Rendition :                2C     - The Star Child
Most Resourceful Award :        2B     - The Witches’ Wishes
Best Stage Effect :             2B     - The Witches’ Wishes
Best Supporting Actress :       Grace Wong        (2B)
Best Actresses :                Louisiana Chan    (2E)      Lily Pui                 (2D)
Form 3 Play :
Champion :                      3B     - Lunacy
1 Runner-up :                   3E     - I Gotta Go My Own Way
Best Rendition Award :          3C     - The Path of Trials
Most Resourceful Award :        3A     - Cool!
Best Stage Effect :             3D     - The King and I
Best Supporting Actresses :     All 3B students
Best Actress :                  Teresa Li         (3B)

                                            21          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Inter-class Debating Competition
Organized by English Debating Society
 Senior (Preliminary)
 Best Debaters :              Fiona Wu             (4A3)    Mary Lam                (4S2)
                              Wincy Lee            (6AA)    Kelly Poon              (6B)
 Senior (Semi-Finals)
 Best Debaters :              Anne Yeung           (4A1)    Mary Lam                (4S2)
                              Kelly Poon           (6B)
 Senior (Finals)
 Champion :                   4A1
 1 Runner-up :                4S2
 2 Runner-up :                6B
 Best Debater :               Tina Kwong           (4A1)

Inter-class Public Speaking Competition
Organized by English Debating Society
Junior :     Champion :      Chantelle Hsueh        (2A)
             1 Runner-up :    Billie Ho             (2C)
             2 Runner-up : Joyce Leung              (2C)
             Merit Prizes :   Natalie Lam           (3A)    Charlotte Yeung          (3C)
                              Sharon Kayne Cheng    (3C)
Senior :     Champion :      Joanna Wong            (6B)
             1 Runner-up :    Anne Yeung            (4A1)
             2 Runner-up : Jo Ngan                  (4S1)
             Merit Prizes :   Winnie Chow           (6B)    Telesia Tsang            (6B)

中一 :           冠軍 -              霍美瑩 (1D)
               亞軍 -              李洛妍 (1C)          梁碧瀠 (1C)
               季軍 -              黃諾希 (1A)
中二 :           冠軍 -              薛采彤 (2A)
               亞軍 -              張彥明 (2A)          施慧華 (2B)
               季軍 -              張欣雪 (2C)
中三中四 :         冠軍 -              鄭翠雯 (3D)          康頌恩 (3D)            葉慧儀 (3D)
                                 劉涵        (3D)    黃靖妮 (3D)
               亞軍 -              梁善        (4A1)   梁斯朗 (4A1)           黃夢瑤 (4A1)
                                 余安盈 (4A1)         余詩雅 (4A1)

                                            22          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
最佳辯論員 :   初賽 -       陳嘉彤 (3C)     葉慧儀 (3D)
          總決賽 -      黃靖妮 (3D)
          初賽、準決賽 -   謝嘉瑩 (3A)     余詩雅 (4A1)
中六中七 :    冠軍 -       黃雅琳 (7B)     洗詩慧 (7B)
          亞軍 -       黎影喬 (6AS)    趙樂琳 (6AS)
          季軍 -       鄭玉瓊 (6AA)    魏沛琳 (6B)

中一 :      冠軍 -       沈瑩    (1D)
          亞軍 -       王穎彤   (1C)
          季軍 -       田中望夢 (1B)
中二 :      冠軍 -       張軒婷   (2A)   黃雅媚 (2B)
          亞軍 -       陳嬋締   (2A)   吳楚儀 (2B)
          季軍 -       趙穎欣   (2A)
中三 :      冠軍 -       陳芝妤   (3A)
          亞軍 -       成敏    (3B)
          季軍 -       呂欣怡   (3B)

                           23        School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)

Sports Day Results           A Grade                   B Grade
100M         Champion        Joanne Siu      (6AS)     Lily Pui                (2D)
             1st Runner-up   Fiona Wu        (4A3)     Hayee Lam               (2E)
             2nd Runner-up   Karen Yuen      (6B)      Christy She             (2B)
200M         Champion        Joanne Siu      (6AS)     Joanne Hong             (3D)
             1st Runner-up   Zoe Wu          (5S2)     Euchine Ng              (2B)
             2nd Runner-up   Phoebe Wu       (4A3)     Angel Churk             (3C)
400M         Champion        Brigette Kwok   (4S1)     Kristy Tsui             (2D)
             1st Runner-up   Gloria Man      (4A2)     Grace Wong              (2B)
             2nd Runner-up   Suki Hong       (7AS)     Gigi Chan               (2C)
800M         Champion        Alison Wong     (7B)      Kristy Tsui             (2D)
             1st Runner-up   Ruby Cheng      (5A1)     Michelle Wong           (2D)
             2nd Runner-up   Florence Chan   (5S2)     Janet Lam               (3B)
60M          Champion                -                 Gladys Lee              (2E)
             1st Runner-up           -                 Joanne Hong             (3D)
             2nd Runner-up           -                 Rachel Fan              (3E)
Javelin      Champion        Coco Yeung      (5S1)              -
             1st Runner-up   Tiffany Wan     (5A3)              -
             2nd Runner-up   Hilary Leung    (5A3)              -
Discus       Champion        Anna Siu        (6AS)              -
             1st Runner-up   Tiffany Wan     (5A3)              -
             2nd Runner-up   Gloria Li       (7AS)              -
Softball     Champion                -                 Janet Lam               (3B)
             1st Runner-up           -                 Stephanie Chan          (2D)
             2nd Runner-up           -                 Coby Yeung              (2E)
Shot Put     Champion        Coco Yeung      (5S1)     Janet Chan              (3D)
             1st Runner-up   Janice Lee      (5S1)     Celine Chiu             (2C)
             2nd Runner-up   Natelie Wong    (5A1)     Cindy Woo               (3C)
Long Jump    Champion        Phoebe Wu       (4A3)     Wisdom Mak              (3A)
             1st Runner-up   Clara Cheung    (4S1)     Holly Wong              (2B)
                             Regine Loo      (5S2)              -
             2nd Runner-up           -                 Cherry Li               (1D)

                                     24          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Sports Day Results                 A Grade                   B Grade
High Jump    Champion              Clara Cheung   (4S1)      Christy She             (2B)
             1st Runner-up         Tammy Chu      (5S2)      Amelia Chan             (2E)
                                          -                  Jenny Wong              (3D)
              2nd Runner-up        Denise Chan    (4A3)              -
                                   Anna Fung      (4S2)              -
                                   Whitney Too    (5S2)              -
4x100M          Champion           4A3                       2D
                1st Runner-up      6B                        2E
                2nd Runner-up      6AS                       2C
Cheering        United             Form 6                    3A
Competition Creative               7AS                       1B
                Resourceful        5S2                       3C
                Enthusiastic       5A1                       1C
                Environmentally    4A1                       2C
                Best Formation   4S2                         3B
Cheering Team Overall Champion :     7AS
Overall Results
         Champion                 1st Runner-up                   2nd Runner-up
            2B                          2D                             6AS

Inter-class Dance Competition 2007-2008
Organized by Dance Society and P.E. Department
Junior Section
Champion             :   2E
1 Runner-up          :   1A
Best Choreographer :     2E
Best Dancer          :   Jessica Tsim (2E)
Intermediate Section
Champion             :   3A
1 Runner-up          :   4A1
Best Choreographer :     3A
Best Dancer          :   Pian Lo       (3C)
Senior Section
Champion             :   6AS
Best Choreographers :    Florence Cheng (6AA)     Irene Ho (6AA)
Best Dancer          :   Joyce Lai        (6AS)

                                           25          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Inter-class Rope Skipping Competition 2007-2008
Organized by Rope Skipping Society and P.E. Department
Single Rope Skipping Competition :
                                Champion                   Record
Junior Section :        Veronica Lam        (2A)     170 jumps per minute
Senior Section :        Mickie Choi         (4A1)    208 jumps per minute
The Fastest 1-minute Single Rope Skipping School Record : 229
Record holder         :    Winnie Tam (4A2, 2004/2005)

Inter-class Rope Skipping Competition :
                             Champion          1st Runner-up        2nd Runner-up
Junior Section :                 1C                  2C                   2A
Senior Section :                6AA                  6B                  6AS
Best in Form          :    4A1, 3A
Overall Champion       :   6AA


Punctuality Awards
Organized by Prefect Board
Junior Section        :   1B, 2A, 2C, 3B
Senior Section        :   7AS, 7B

Discipline Awards
Organized by Discipline Committee
                                                            Junior             Senior
                                                            Section            Section
1st Best Behaviour Award nominated by teachers :              1A                4A1
1st Best Behaviour Award nominated by school prefects :       3D                6AS
1st Most Outstanding Uniform Awards :                     1D, 2A, 3D         4A3, 5S2,
                                                                             6AS, 7AA
2nd Best Behaviour Award nominated by teachers :              1D                4A1
2nd Best Behaviour Award nominated by school prefects :       2A                6AA
2nd Most Outstanding Uniform Awards :                     1B, 2B, 3D          4S2, 6B

                                             26            School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships
Organized by Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council
Bonnie Chau (7AS)

Wan Chai Park Improvement Research Project
Organized by Central & Western District Council and Tai Hang Youth Centre
Grand Champion Award
Francesca Chiu (6AS)        Vickie Ma        (6AS)         Candy Tang     (6AS)

The 7th Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition 2008
Organized by Pui Ching Middle School
Certificate of participation with scores at the top 10% : Mimi Chan (4S2)
Certificate of participation with scores at the top 30% : Jessica Wong (3A)
Certificate of participation with scores at the top 40% : Cecily Li    (1A)
Certificates of participation with scores at the top 50%
Claudia Yuen        (1A)         Cherry Chan        (2A)    Cici Tam        (3A)

Hong Kong & Macau Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest
Organized by Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Association
Individual Event Silver Honours
Mimi Chan         (4S2)      Anna Fung       (4S2)
Individual Event Bronze Honours
Claudia Yuen      (1A)       Winkie Choi     (4S2)     Katie Li                 (4S2)
Polly Wong        (4S2)      Carey Wong      (4S2)
Junior Event Merit     :      Yoyo Chan (1B)
Junior Event Mentions
Charmaine To      (1A)       Kylie Cheung    (1A)      Sarah Kan                (1B)
Crystal Chan      (1B)       Priscilla Choi  (1B)      Rosalind Lee             (1C)
Jessica Wong      (3A)       Kelly Cheung    (3A)

Hong Kong Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest
Organized by Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong
Certificate of Third Honor Award :  Kelly Cheung (3A)

                                            27            School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Hong Kong Mathematics Project Competition
Organized by EDB
Good Performance Award
Kelly Cheung    (3A)     Giselle Ho       (3A)          Wisdom Mak            (3A)
Teena Tse       (3A)     Angela Tsui      (3A)          Jessica Wong          (3A)

Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award 2007-2008
Organized by EDB
Poets of School      :    Joyce Cheung    (1B)

“Dos and Don’ts” Webpage Design Competition
Organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Champion               :    Sally Chan        (4A1)     Shirley Chan          (4A1)

2008 年「青年資訊科技大使獎勵計劃」–YITAA 中文輸入比賽
初中組亞軍     : 陳嘉彤 (3C)
高級組季軍     : 邱曦慧 (4S1)

Hong Kong Young Information Technology Ambassador Award 2008
Organized by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education
Bronze Awards
Priscilla Wong (1A)         Natalie Leung    (2A)       Edly Wai              (2A)
Joey Ma          (2B)       Bonnie Cheng     (2C)       Rebecca Chan          (3C)
Aisling Chan     (3C)       Cynthia Leung (3D)          Jessie Yau            (4S1)

ThinkQuest Competition 2008
Organized by ThinkQuest Education Foundation
Certificates of Merit
Angel Cheng       (3B)     Vivian Hui        (3B)       Teresa Li             (3B)
Jenny Yau         (3B)

Think Again Awards 2008
Organized by National Geographic Channel
Documentary Making Competition
Distinction Award – Villain Hitting
Vickie Ma        (6AS)         Michelle Tang    (6AS)   Candy Tong            (6AS)
Cathy Yau        (6AS)
Merit Award – Narcissism
Francessa Chiu (6AS)           Irmina Ng        (6AS)   Melody Ngai           (6AS)
Vanessa Siu      (6AS)

                                               28       School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Best Music Award – Do you get it?
Angela Hui      (6AS)       Crystal Lam        (6AS)   Klaine Wong           (6AS)
Miranda Wong (6AS)

English Builder Hong Kong Top Achievers
Organized by Wiseman Education
Champion         – Level 1
2 Runner-up      – Level 2
Silver Award     – Level 3
Rachel Lam (2A)
Bronze Award     – Level 1
Bronze Award     – Level 2
Nora Lam (1A)
Bronze Award     – Level 6
Lily Cheng (5S1)

Think Great Snapshot Competition
Organized by Wiseman Education
Junior Section – Top 20% Distinction Awards
Jasmine Pang      (1A)        Wendy Shiu       (1D)    Coco Leung            (1D)
Senior Section
Best Photo Award :     Emily Cheng (6AA)
Best Title Award
Bonita Leung      (6B)        Karen Li         (6B)    Kelly Poon            (6B)
Best Caption Award
Gloria Ng         (6B)        Janet Si         (6B)    Telesia Tsang         (6B)

健康家庭,手寫深情 全港原子筆中文書法比賽
馬子晴 (2B)    張樂昕 (2C)                                   林胤孜 (3A)
陳曉楚 (4A1)   梁斯朗 (4A1)                                  黃子殷 (5S1)
劉紫晴 (6B)    梁康妮 (6B)                                   吳芷荍 (6B)
魏沛琳 (6B)    楊文思 (6B)                                   吳婷婷 (7AA)
陳綽姿 (7B)
中六級特別獎      梁康妮 (6B)
中七級特別獎      陳綽姿 (7B)

                                              29       School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
「講文字站舞台–7-11 話劇人生,創意生活」劇本創作比賽
任嘉琪 (4A1)        龔烯婷 (4S2)    李家兒 (5S1)
李曉陽 (7AS)        梁倩琦 (7B)
創意大獎    : 任嘉琪 (4A1) 李曉陽 (7AS)
優異獎     : 龔烯婷 (4S2)

4、23 世界閱讀日創作比賽–「體育與我」
初中中文組優勝獎 :   陳倬羚 (1C)

08 復活節盃
乙組亞軍    : 李曉瑜 (2E)

戊組亞軍  : 李曉瑜 (2E)

2007 Best Improved Students Awards
Organized by Lion & Globe Education Trust
Stephanie Chow (2B)          Cindy Fan           (2B)      Cindy Wong            (2C)
Michelle Lam      (2C)       Jessica Tsim        (2E)      Wenny Yiu             (3A)
Helen Tam         (3B)       Claudia Kowk        (3D)      Tsui Yan              (3E)
Cheryl Lam        (4A2)     Chaire Wong          (4A3)     Gloria Kwok           (4S2)
Leona Sham        (4S2)      Annie Po            (4S2)     Jamie Ho              (5A1)
Joanne Yiu        (5A2)     Cherry Li            (5A3)     Cecilia Cheung        (5S1)
Regine Loo        (5S2)     Carrie King          (6AA)     Fiona Chan            (6AS)

                                            30           School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
             Civic & Moral Education / Leadership / Service
St. John Ambulance International First Aid Competition 2007
Organized by St. John Ambulance
Individual Written Test Winner : Gabby Chow (4S1)

第九屆消費文化考察報告獎 2007-2008
高級組冠軍–「Speed up」
陳曉茵 (6AS)    鄭雁心 (6AS)                         張文雅 (6AS)             楊芷蔚 (6AS)

60th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
                                                                        Name of
Name of Event                                      Rank     Class
Clarinet Solo – Secondary School Junior            1st        1D        Amanda Fok
Piano Solo – Grade Six                             1st        1D        Kelly Leung
Piano Duet – Senior                                2nd        1D        Kelly Leung
Piano Solo – Chinese Composers Intermediate        2nd        2C        Michelle Lam
Piano Solo – Grade Eight                           2nd        2C        Michelle Lam
Flute solo – Secondary School Junior               3rd        2B        Serena Chan
Flute solo – Secondary School Intermediate         3rd        2C        Helen Tse

                                   Visual Arts
Green Christmas 2007 Environmental e-card Design Competition
Organized by Friends of the Earth
Merit Prize :    Jean Cheng (6AS)

Hong Kong Senior Secondary School Student eCard Design Competition 2008
Organized by Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Award        :  Vickie Ma (6AS)

冠軍  : 陳穎怡 (2A)
季軍  : 鄧穎妍 (2A)

                                              31          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Exhibition of Secondary School Students’ Creative Visual Arts Work
Organized by Education Bureau
Outstanding Awards :          Natelie Wong   (5A1)        Heidi Hou            (5A3)

薪火行動賣旗日海報設計比賽 2007
Vincci Lau (4S2) Rena Li                       (4S2)     Hilton Tai            (4S2)

                              Speech and Drama
59th Hong Kong Speech Festival (English)
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
  Name of Event              Rank      Class    Name of Student
  Solo Verse Speaking          1st        1B    Zina Hung
  Solo Verse Speaking          1st        3A    Teena Tse
  Dramatic Duologue           2nd        4A1    Sharmaine Kwan
  Dramatic Duologue           2nd        4A1    Catherine Lee
  Dramatic Duologue           2nd        6AS    Klaine Wong
  Dramatic Duologue           2nd        6AS    Crystal Lam
  Solo Verse Speaking         2nd         3A    Ava Law
  Solo Verse Speaking         2nd         3A    Angela Lai
  Solo Verse Speaking         2nd         3A    Jessalyn Teoh
  Solo Verse Speaking         2nd        6AS    Michelle Tang
  Solo Verse Speaking         2nd         6B    Cherie Ho
  Dramatic Duologue           3rd        4A1    Anne Yeung
  Dramatic Duologue           3rd        4A1    Amina Yam
  Dramatic Duologue           3rd       6AA     Erica Chuk
  Dramatic Duologue           3rd        6AS    Florence Cheng
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         1A    Natalie Au
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         1B    Priscilla Choi
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         1B    Jessica Mak
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         1D    Debbie So
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         2B    Beatrice Yu
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         3E    Esther Ho
  Solo Verse Speaking         3rd         6B    Joanna Wong

                                          32           School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
級別                                      獎項         班別         學生姓名
中學六年級散文獨誦                               冠軍         6B         曾嘉怡
中學三年級二人對話朗誦                             亞軍         3A         張煒梃、林胤孜
中學三年級二人對話朗誦                             亞軍        3B, 3C      丘雅琼、楊煥昕
中學一年級散文獨誦                               季軍         1B         林亦淇
中學一年級詩詞獨誦                               季軍         1D         黎錦瑩

59th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
Merit :       Choral Specking - Non-open (Secondary 1 : Girls)
Merit :       Choral Specking - Non-open (Secondary 2 : Girls)
St. Paul’s Secondary School

Hong Kong School Drama Festival
Organized by Hong Kong School Drama Festival
Secondary English Category - Outstanding Script
Anna Fung     (4S2)

1st HK Students Open Speech Competition
Organized by Speech & Music Recital Development Foundation
Secondary Verse Speaking – Certification of Participation
Leonie Fung (3C)

優異獎 : 林胤孜 (3A)

香港清新空氣廣播劇比賽 2007
關朗怡 (4A1)     李泓                (4A1)                      陳思樺 (4S2)
顧雲雲 (4S2)                    郭靖妍 (4S2)

                                            33             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
2007-2008 A.S. Watson Group HK Student Sports Awards
Organized by A.S. Watson Group
Tiffany Wan (5A3)

Hong Kong Windsurfing Competition 2007 – Hong Kong Circuit 2007
Organized by Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
Tolo Championship        :   2nd Runner-up
Shek O Championship      :   2nd Runner-up
Stanley Main Beach       :   1st Runner-up
Charlie Ngai (1A)

Hong Kong Windsurfing Competition 2007
Organized by Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
1st Runner-up   :    Charlie Ngai (1A)

Hon Hong Kong Circuit
Organized by Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
Kowloon Championship         :    Champion
Cheung Chau Championship :        2nd Runner-up
Charlie Ngai (1A)

Windsurfer Girl’s Below 15 Years Old
Organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
1st Runner-up    :            Kristy Tsui       (2D)

The Sixth Inter-City Games of the People’s Republic of China
Girls’ Tennis Team Event
Organized by the Municipal Government of Wuhan
7th Runner-up    :           Tiffany Wu       (5S2)

Inter-School Badminton Competition (Division 1) 2007-2008
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
4th Runner-up
Fiona Wu        (4A2)       Angela Tsui       (3A)      Autoria Lai             (3B)
Janet Lam       (3B)        Coby Yeung        (2E)

Inter-School Fencing Competition 2007-2008
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
1st Runner-up    :          Elka Luk          (2C)

                                            34          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Inter-school Swimming Championships 2007-2008
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
Name of Event           Award                         Name of Student
50M Butterfly           Champion          Sally Ngai   (4S2)
100M Freestyle          Champion          Sharon Leung (4A1)
4X50M Freestyle Relay   Champion          Sharon Leung (4A1) Sally Ngai              (4S2)
                                          Queenie Wong (2B) Kristy Tsui              (2D)
100M Breaststroke       1 Runner-up       Kristy Tsui  (2D)
200M Individual Medley 1 Runner-up        Sally Ngai   (4S2)
50M Breaststroke        2 Runner-up       Queenie Wong (2B)
50M Freestyle           2 Runner-up       Sharon Leung (4A1)
100M Freestyle          2 Runner-up       Zoe Lai      (2C)
4X50M Medley Relay      2 Runner-up       Sarah Hui    (5S1) Angela Ngai             (6AA)
                                          Jessica So   (7B) Vivian Kwan              (7B)

The Eastern District Swimming Competition
Organized by Leisure and Culture Services Department
100M Breaststroke
2nd Runner-up    :    Kristy Tsui (2D)

10th Hong Kong Life Saving Marathon
Organized by Hong Kong Life Saving Society
1st Runner-up   :   Ruby Cheung (5A1)

PowerBar Splash’n Dash Aquathon Series & Ocean Swim Series
Organized by Revolution Asia
Aquathon Series
2nd Runner-up   :    Ruby Cheung (5A1)
Ocean Swim Series
2nd Runner-up   :    Ruby Cheung (5A1)

Swimming Invitation Relay
Organized by Marymount Secondary School
2nd Runner-up :
Queenie Wong (2B) Kristy Tsui (2D)      Sharon Leung      (4A1) Sally Ngai             (4S2)

                                             35        School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
Inter-school Athletics Competition (Division 3) 2007-2008
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
Grade     Name of Event Award                           Name of Student
Grade A: 100M              Champion          Joanne Siu  (6AS)
          High Jump        1 Runner-up       Tammy Chu   (5S2)
          Long Jump        3 Runner-up       Phoebe Wu   (4A3)
         Javelin           3rd Runner-up    Tiffany Wan (5A3)
Grade B: 100M              1st Runner-up    Fiona Wu     (4A3)
         800M              3rd Runner-up    Kristy Tsui  (2D)
         4X400M            3rd Runner-up    Gloria Man   (4A2) Kristy Tsui   (2D)
                                            Janet Lam    (3B)   Crystal Chan (1B)

Hong Kong Junior Age Group Athletic Meet 2007-2008
Organized by Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association
Name of Event            Award                              Name of Student
4 x 100M                 1st Runner-up    Fiona Wu           (4A3) Joanne Siu               (6AS)
                                          Karen Lee          (6B)   Karen Li                (6B)

Invitation Relay of Athletics Relay
Organized by Sheng Kung Hui Lui Ming Choi Secondary School
1st Runner-up
Fiona Wu      (4A3) Phoebe Wu       (4A3) Karen Lee     (6B)             Karen Li           (6B)

Invitation Relay of Athletics Relay
Organized by Ying Wa Girls School
2nd Runner-up
Katie Mok     (2C)    Angela Chow (3A)       Joanne Hong (3D)           Fiona Wu           (4A3)

7th National Day Cup Wanchai Badminton Invitation Tournament
Organized by the Wanchai District Board
Junior Secondary Schools Girls Section - 2nd Runner-up
Adeline Leung (1E)           Vanessa Ma       (1E)     Euchine Ng                (2B)
Angela Tsui      (3A)        Janet Lam        (3B)
Senior Secondary School Girls Section - 2 Runner-up
Fiona Wu         (4A3)       Tiffany Wan (5A3)         Clara Kwong               (5S1)
Gillian Lam      (5S1)       Coco Yeung (5S1)

                                            36              School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
The 44th Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival
Organized by Education Bureau
Two Highly Commended Awards
Nora Lam           (1A)     Olivia Mak           (1A)    Wien Lee               (1D)
Tiffany Chung      (1E)     Jasmine Leung        (2C)    Edith Law              (2E)
Jessica Tsim       (2E)     Venus Kwok           (3A)    Yvonne Puk             (3A)
Jessalyn Tech      (3A)     Vivian Hui           (3B)    Jenny Yau              (3B)
Leonie Fung        (3C)     Tiffany Lai          (3C)    Cherry Law             (3E)
Agnes Cheung       (4S1)
Two Honours Awards in Dance Sport Section
Natalie Chan     (1B)      Wien Lee              (1D)

2007 年第六屆全港校際標準舞及拉丁舞大賽
李穎 (1D)

2007 中順潔柔第十七屆全國體育舞蹈錦標賽
業餘少年 A 組 A 級賽 L
第二名 :   陳灝汶 (1B)

2007 香港標準舞及拉丁舞公開大賽
陳灝汶 (1B)

2007 香港國際標準舞及拉丁舞公開大賽
李穎 (1D)

                                            37          School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
2007 Diamond Cup Asia Open Championship
陳灝汶 (1B)
十六歲以下單項牛仔 –第一名
十六歲以下單項倫巴 –第一名
十六歲以下 B 級喳喳 –第一名
十六歲以下雙項           –第五名
李穎 (1D)

全國少年組喳喳舞     – 第一名
全國公開喳喳舞      – 第一名
全國公開 B 組拉丁舞  – 第一名
全國公開 C 組拉丁舞  – 第一名
國際公開新秀拉丁舞 C 組– 第一名
國際公開業餘拉丁舞 B 組– 第一名
高級組花步 A 組拉丁舞 – 第一名
高級組花步 B 組拉丁舞 – 第一名
高級組花步 C 組拉丁舞 – 第一名
全國公開 A 組拉丁舞  – 第二名
陳灝汶 (1B)

2007 國慶盃柔道錦標賽
亞軍    : 廖婷欣 (1C)

2007 元朗柔道錦標賽
亞軍    : 廖婷欣 (1C)

裴俐 (2D)

                                     38   School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
2007 全港武術分齡賽
裴俐 (2D)

范曉晴 (3E)

DOHA 2006 Asian Games Torch Relay in Hong Kong
Organized by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Subvented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Recognition of Meritorious
St. Paul’s Secondary School

香港中小學環保成就獎 2008
優異獎   : 聖保祿中學

                                          39           School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
             ACHIEVEMENTS OF PAST STUDENTS 2007-2008

                                Local Universities

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
 Last year
               Student’s Name         Programme               Awards Received
  at SPSS
7AS           Chan Wing Nang,     BEng in EComE      -   C.V. Starr Scholarships
(03-04)       Wanda
7AS           Leung Chi Lok       LLB                -   HKU Worldwide
(03-04)       Charlotte                                  Undergraduate Student
                                                         Exchange Scholarships
7AS           Leung Wing In,      BSW                -   HSBC Social Work
(03-04)       Windy                                      Scholarships
7AA           Lee Cho Yi Joey     BSocSc in          -   “Young Leaders of
(05-06)                           Govt&Law               Tomorrow” Community
                                                         Leaders Scholarship
7AS           Chau Pui Ling,      MBBS               -   HKU Foundation Entrance
(06-07)       Bonnie                                     Scholarship
                                                     -   Sir Edward Youde Memorial
7AS           Lam Suk Hang,       BSc                -   John Swire Donor Scholarship
(06-07)       Elizabeth

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
 Last year
               Student’s Name         Programme               Awards Received
  at SPSS
7B            Shiu Ling Fung,     BSc                -   Dean’s List
(03-04)       Daphne
7AA           Chiu Ka Man         BBA                -   Dean’s List
(04-05)       Crystal
7AA           Lau Mei Ting,       BBA in Finance     -   Student Ambassador
(05-06)       Maggie
7AS           Lam Wing Yue        BBA                -   Dean’s List
(06-07)       Winnie                                 -   Outstanding of GPA
7AS           Yu Wing Shan,       BBA                -   Outstanding of GPA
(06-07)       Betty

                                          40             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Last year
               Student’s Name       Programme                 Awards Received
  at SPSS
5AA          Mak Kar Yan,         BSc(Hons.)         -   Student Ambassador
(00-01)      Karen
7B           Chang Miu Ching,    BSc(Hons.) in       -   Dean’s Honours List
(00-01)      Cecilia             Building Services
7B           Chan Ying Ying,     BA(Hons.) in        -   First Class Honours
(02-03)      Grace               English Language
7AA          Lee Kwan Tai,       BA(Hons.) in        -   Dean’s Honours List
(03-04)      Cherry              Accountancy         -   Dean’s List
7AA          Sin Ling Pan, Tracy BA(Hons.) in        -   Dean’s Honours List
(03-04)                          Accountancy         -   Dean’s List
7B           Ha Sin Lung,        BSc(Hons.) in       -   Dean’s Honours List
(03-04)      Cheryl              Civil and
7B           Lam So-wah          BSc(Hons.) in       -   First Prize in the American
(05-06)                          Mechanical              Society of Mechanical
                                 Engineering             Engineers Student Design
                                                         Competition 2008

City University of Hong Kong
 Last year
               Student’s Name       Programme                 Awards Received
  at SPSS
5BS          Cheung Hau Man,      BBA                -   CityU Student Marketing
(01-02)      Chris                                       Consultancy Project
                                                         Champion Award – eBay
                                                         Hong Kong
6B           Lui Ka Wai, Carrie   BBA                -   CityU Student Marketing
(03-04)                                                  Consultancy Project
                                                         Champion Award – eBay
                                                         Hong Kong

                                          41             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)
The Hong Kong Baptist University
 Last year
              Student’s Name         Programme                 Awards Received
  at SPSS
7AA          Ng Yuen San, Flora    BSocSc(Hons.) in   -   First Class Honours
(02-03)                            Communication      -   President’s Honour Roll
                                                      -   Dean’s List
7AA          Tang Shuk Kwan        BA(Hons.) in       -   First Class Honours
(03-04)      Lilian                English Language   -   President’s Honour Roll
                                   and Literature     -   Dean’s List
7AA          Wong Chui, Tracy      BA(Hons.) in       -   President’s Honour Roll
(03-04)                            Humanities
7AA          Wong Pui Yi,          BSocSc(Hons.) in   -   First Class Honours
(03-04)      Jasmine               Communication      -   Dean’s List
7AS          Wong Wing Chi,        BSocSc(Hons.) in   -   Dean’s List
(03-04)      Margaret              Communication
7B           Ha Kit Ying           BSocSc(Hons.) in   -   Dean’s List
(03-04)      Hamida                Communication
7AA          Chan Ka Yi Cathy      BSocSc(Hons.) in   -   Dean’s List
(04-05)                            Communication
7AA          Chiu Sin Alice        BA(Hons.) in       -   Dean’s List
(04-05)                            Translation
7AS          Chau Wing Sze,        Bachelor of        -   Dean’s List
(04-05)      Queenie               Chinese Medicine
                                   and BSc(Hons) in
7AS          Lam Sai Yee,          BSc(Hons) in       -   First Class Honours
(04-05)      Eunice                Applied            -   Dean’s List
                                   Chemistry          -   President’s Honour Roll
7B           Tso Nai Chiu,         BA(Hons.) in       -   Dean’s List
(04-05)      Rebecca               Translation
7B           Ng Aggie Sin Yu       BA(Hons.) in       -   President’s Honour Roll
(05-06)                            English Language   -   Dean’s List
                                   and Literature
7AA          Cheung Ka Yue         BA(Hons.) in       -   Dean’s List
(06-07)      Rita                  Translation
7AA          Lee Kam Ha, Alice     BBA(Hons.)         -   Dean’s List
7AA          Ng Tsz Yan, Flora     BA(Hons.) in     -     Dean’s List
(06-07)                            Humanities
7AS          Lie Fanny             BSc(Hons) in     -     Computer Science Entrance
(06-07)                            Computer Science       Scholarship
7B           Wong Yin Wa, Eva      BSc(Hons) in     -     Dean’s List
(06-07)                            Applied Biology

                                           42             School Annual Report (2007 – 2008)

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