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Function of the heart skipping a good role in promoting: it allows the blood to get more oxygen, so stay strong and healthy cardiovascular system. Skipping can burn excess body fat: From the exercise, continuous rope for 10 minutes, jogging for 30 minutes with the same intensity, skipping an hour can make the body consumes 1300 calories Ah card. Every day is sure to make your body more light, agile. Skipping can improve the ability to breathe: continuous rope skipping can increase the respiratory rate and volume of each breath, so as to promote the body's respiratory function, may reduce the risk of respiratory disease.

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									                             HOW TO SET UP A
                              SKIPPING CLUB
            IN SCHOOL                                 OUT OF SCHOOL
1. Keep it lively and interesting             1. The club will need insurance, e.g.
                                                 Public Liability (to cover both
2. Don’t forget to warm up
                                                 instructors and children). Register your
3. Make sure pupils understand the               club with the British Rope Skipping
   basics of skipping before trying              Association (BRSA) to be covered
   harder tricks                                 automatically

4. Get pupils in pairs so only one skips at   2. Make sure anyone employed by the
   a time and the other watches/counts           club who may be in contact with the
   to record results. This also gives each       children are checked by the Criminal
   person time to recover                        Records Bureau

5. Have different types of tasks for pupils   3. Set up a committee (chairperson,
   to mix in and out of (Double Dutch,           treasurer and secretary) to manage
   single rope with two turners or               the club
   individual rope skipping)
                                              4. Think of a catchy name for the club
6. Pupils could bring in their own music         and design a logo
   to skip to
                                              5. Should there be a uniform (t-shirt /
7. Encourage progression by setting              shorts or skirt / trainers)? You could
   simple competitive targets. For               provide a branded club t-shirt. This will
   example: ‘See how many consecutive            make members feel ‘part of the gang’
   jumps you can get, see how many side
                                              6. Ensure the clubs future by setting up
   straddles you can do, how many
                                                 child subscription (include club t-shirt
   crossovers’ etc
                                                 in the cost)
8. Pupils could record results after
   Jumping Class in a booklet to see their    7. Make sure your venue is big enough
   weekly progression. They should also          for the ‘size’ of the club. Is there a
   record any new skills learned                 maximum membership number?

9. Remember to cool down                      8. Identify what equipment you need
                                                 (ropes / stereo etc) and in
10. Build up to something big!                   what quantity?
   Have a skip-a-thon at the end of term.
   It’s a great way to get extra pupils       9. See the In-School lesson guidelines.
   involved and an opportunity for pupils        They should give you an idea of how to
   to show off their new tricks. Why not         conduct your sessions.
   raise money for charity!

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