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									Grilling Fish Recipes - Delicious Cooking Ideas

<p>Grilling fish recipes should be a staple in everyone's cookbook. The
health benefits of eating fish are endless. Fish is low in bad fat, high
in good fat like- omega 3 fatty acids, and high in protein.</p><p>Leading
health experts are advising for people to eat one or two serves weekly.
There is evidence eating regular servings of fish can reduce the risk
and/or lessen the symptoms of diseases like:</p><p>Childhood asthma
<br>Prostate cancer<br>Cardiovascular disease<br>Depression<br>Dementia
<br>Arthritis <br>Autoimmune diseases<br>Obesity</p><p>Of course, these
are just a few of the diseases. However, the key to a good fish diet is
to avoid fish with high mercury content. Instead, look for the high omega
3 fatty acid fish , with low mercury content. Here are a few high omega 3
fatty acid fish:</p><p>Atlantic Salmon<br>Lake
Trout<br>Mackerel<br>Herring <br>Albacore Tuna</p><p>Fad diets come and
go; often leaving the dieter with more weight than what they started
with. Research has proven that a healthy diet should be a lifestyle
change, not a temporary restraint from certain foods. Drinking only water
and eating only broccoli may make a person loose weight, but how long is
it sustainable? Adding grilling fish recipes to a diet, for a couple of
days a week, is a life style change that is sustainable.</p><p>Not only
is fish good for you, but the low cooking time and ease in preparation,
make it a fast and easy meal for working families.</p><p>Grilled fish
isn't as boring as it may seem. Nearly every species of fish will have a
different taste and texture. For example, Salmon and Trout taste nothing
alike. Likewise, grilled fish is very versatile. It can be served with
pretty much any sauce: pesto, lemon, béchamel, butter, tomato, garlic,
etc..</p><p>These are a few idea for ways to grill your fish.</p><p>Wrap
the fish in aluminum foil and place on the grill.<br>Place the fish
directly over grill heat.<br>Soak a brown paper bag in olive oil, and
tightly seal fish in the bag.<br>Place bricks over hot coals, place fish
on bricks, place another brick on top of the fish.</p><p>A simple Google
search for "grilling fish recipes," will give you hundreds of ideas that
will give you a wide variety in you fish menu. Here is one to get you
started:</p><p>Blackened Cajun Kicking Fish</p><p>You will need:<br>1
teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning<br>1 teaspoon white pepper<br>1 teaspoon
Creole seasoning<br>1 teaspoon blackened fish seasoning<br>1 teaspoon
paprika <br>1 garlic clove or 1 tsp of garlic powder <br>1 lemon <br>4
fillets or 1 ½ pounds of trout <br>2 Tbsp of olive oil</p><p>Cut lemon in
half; squeeze one half and cut the other half into circular slices.
<br>Mince garlic.<br>Combine dry ingredients, lemon juice, and garlic in
a small bowl. <br>Roll both sides of fish in the mixture. <br>Allow to
sit for 10- 20 minutes. <br>Get the grill ready while fish is marinating;
brush the grill with olive oil, and heat coals to 400 degrees. <br>Grill
fish for 7 to 10 minutes on each side. The fish is done when it flakes
easily. <br>Garnish with lemon slices.</p><p>There you have it. Simple
fish recipe that is done in 30 minutes.</p><p>Wendy Pan is an
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