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									USSD Aggregation

Founded in 2000, Clickatell has grown over the years to become a leading mobile messaging
provider offering services such as global messaging aggregation & delivery, USSD aggregation,
messaging enablement & applications and the provision of mobile developer centric platforms,
APIs and toolkits. Strategic relationships with worldwide operators, a customer service centric
approach and world-class operations provide Clickatell’s customers with first-class solutions,
securing them the best competitive advantage, with less expense and fewer risks.

In addition, Clickatell’s production platform also delivers multimodal messaging and alerting
communications for major enterprise and government customers. Multimodal messaging
allows users to choose on which devices they would like to be reached for time-critical alert
messaging. Text, USSD, voice, email, fax and pager alerts can be sent to one or more
communication devices according to customer preference; including every mobile phone, fax
machine, land line phone, text pager and IP-connected device in the world.

USSD Overview
USSD is a GSM service that allows high speed interactive communication between the
subscribers and applications across a GSM network. Unlike SMS, which is a store and forward
base service, USSD is a session-oriented service. The service looks remarkably similar to
WAP and SMS, but the benefits of USSD over both WAP and SMS are huge: immediate
guaranteed delivery, easier to use, works while roaming and inexpensive. USSD is also
supported by nearly 90% of all GSM networks (though not all GSM networks have USSD
Phase 2 available as a commercial offering yet), and is available on almost 100% of all GSM

USSD is becoming widely accepted as the ideal channel for services such as mobile information,
mobile commerce, mobile entertainment and any service that requires interaction between
the user and the application.

USSD in Mobile Banking
USSD is quickly becoming the preferred bearer of choice for mobile banking, especially in
many African countries. USSD is ideal to enable mobile banking transactions such as:

•   Balance enquiries
•   Mini-statements
•   Inter-account transfers
•   Ability to pay pre-loaded beneficiaries
•   Pre-paid top-ups of airtime and other services (e.g. electricity)

The popularity of USSD, compared to other bearer channels, for mobile banking is increasing
due to:

•   USSD is a session-oriented technology and hence it supports menus and transactions.
•   Reliability: The state of the interaction between the user and the Mobile Network Operator
    / financial services is tracked by the USSD server.
•   Response times for USSD messages are shorter than SMS because SMS is a store and
    forward technology.
•   All USSD services are accessed by dialing numbers between * and #. The handset
    recognises those numbers and forwards the request to the USSD server instead of
    initialising a normal call or a data call.
•   Availability: No additional application, phone menu or SIM menu is needed for USSD to
    function as USSD is supported by every GSM handset.
•   Security: No information entered by the user (e.g. username, userID or password) is
    stored on the handset.
•   More cost effective and in some cases at no cost to the end user (Mobile Network
    Operator dependent).

Clickatell’s USSD Aggregation Services
Clickatell’s USSD aggregation services provide the ideal platform and communication channel
to be utilised for mobile banking and financial services transactions. The service provides a
single and secure access point for banks to establish a session-based communication channel
with their customers on any one of the GSM Mobile Network Operators utilising the USSD
channel. Using the Clickatell PURPOSE™ platform as the hub for USSD services will
guarantee a proven software solution which has been in production since 2003, and is currently
                                                                                                                        What you get
deployed in +20 countries on a commercial basis. The Clickatell PURPOSE™ platform can
manage your monitoring needs across vast territorial distances due to its Service Oriented
Architecture.                                                                                                                Customer reach more than 99%
                                                                                                                             Comes with access to 750+ global carrier SMS
Description                                                                                                                  connections
Due to the nature of wireless operator networks and SS7 complexity the notion of USSD                                        Secure and managed USSD connectivity into
aggregation is not an easy feat to complete and we take much pride in the software and
hardware we supply to manage your product mobilisation. The Clickatell’s USSD aggregation
service bundle consists of the following components:                                                                         Mutlimodal – SMS, USSD and WAP
                                                                                                                             Supports Push and Pull alerts model on both SMS
•    Clickatell deploys the Clickatell PURPOSE™ platform at each one of GSM Mobile
     Network Operators (MNOs). The PURPOSE platform is responsible for establishing and                                      and USSD
     securely managing the USSD sessions being initiated between the MNO subscriber                                          Out of band authentication for increased security
     (bank customer) and the bank via the MNO.
                                                                                                                             Auditing, analytics and reporting
•    Clickatell aggregates all USSD sessions from the MNO subscribers and pass the
     information in a secure session to the bank. This is done via the necessary carrier-grade                               Billing and customer segmentation
     USSD equipment deployed at Clickatell (i.e. our USSD Gateway Server and Application                                     Short code management
     Engine - the PURPOSE platform).
                                                                                                                             Service code management
•    The bank will connect to Clickatell via an industry standard API (e.g. XML) which will be
     the communication medium for facilitating the USSD sessions between the bank and the                                    USSD Workflow management system
     MNO subscriber.                                                                                                         Support for “Quick Access” to application functions
•    The bank can issue, if desired, the mobile application using the PURPOSE Workflow
                                                                                                                             Secure connections between you and the end
     Manager. The workflow manager is easily accessed in a secure environment and allows
     for banks to make changes to their mobile banking application without being concerned                                   customer
     about deployment compatibility, the application is instantly deployed to millions of handsets
                                                                                                                             Rich client interoperability
     throughout the region.
                                                                                                                             Support for multiple active applications
                                                                                                                             Multilingual application support
                                                                                                                             Multitenant platform

                        Mobile Network Operator
                        (with USSD Phase 2 Capability)
                     SMSC              MMSC           USSD SS7
                                                                                                                        Planning the future
                                                                                                                        Clickatell’s core business competency is to deliver mobile
                                                                                                                        messaging capabilities to enterprise clients globally. Clickatell
                                                                                                                        have however been expanding its communications footprint
                                                                                                                        into the space of new bearer channels such as USSD, email,
                                                                            SMPP 3.4
                           Clickatell          Clickatell                   or similar           XML                    Fax, IM and pager as well as remaining strong in the SMS
                         Admin Server         USSD Router
                                                                                                                        space. Clickatell’s research is exploring 3G technologies and
                                                                                                                        how they can benefit our corporate and network operator
                        Mobile Network Operator                                   BANK
                       (without USSD Phase 2 Capability)                                               Mobile Banking
                                                                                                                        clients. As an active forum and GSM association member we
                                                                                                        Solution or
                     SMSC              MMSC            Clickatell                                       E-business      have 15 dedicated resources looking purely at R&D, ensuring
                                                   USSD SS7 Gateway                                       system
                                                                                                                        we bring the latest technology at the most affordable rates.
                                                                                                                        SMS may be the key communication differentiator for now
                                                                                                                        but this is sure to be enhanced in the future. By selecting
                                                                                                                        Clickatell as your mobile enabler, you are ensuring that you
                                                                                   Back Office         Back Office      partner with a company that can cater and assist you in
                          Clickatell        Clickatell                              Systems             Systems
                         USSD Router      Admin Server                                                                  evolving as your technology needs increasingly take up white
                                                                                                                        board space.
A high-level conceptual architecture is depicted above.

Contact details                                                             Physical Address                                  Postal Address
                                                                                         Clickatell (PTY) Ltd                              Clickatell (PTY) Ltd
Office Phone:        +27 21 910 7700                                                     7th Floor Manhattan Plaza                         PO Box 4929
Office Fax:          +27 21 910 7701                                                     100 Edward Street                                 Tygervalley
                                                                                         Bellville, 7530                                   7536
                                                                                         South Africa                                      South Africa

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