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                                            Janet Callow                    EDITOR
                                                      VOL. 1 No. 43                            April, 2008

         COMING EVENTS                                      DEDICATION OF HENES PARK
  27 April 20078                  Sunday       On Oct. 6, 2007 Henes Park celebrated its 100th year with
                 ANNUAL BALL                  a reenactment of the dedication ceremony from October 1907.
              “HERITAGE BALL”                                    The Menominee High School
         See Back page for Details                               Band led the procession from
21 May 2008                   Wednesday                          the gate to the first pavilion
          Annual Orientation Day                                 where the festivities were
          All guides & Substitutes                               staged. Dignitaries represent-
     1pm-3pm Heritage Museum                                     ing those from the past were
26 May 2008                      Monday       driven to the ceremony site in antique automobiles. Mayor
               MEMORIAL DAY                   George Krah; City Manager Eric Strahl,;
                 OPENING DAY                  City Attorney Rob Jamo; Henes Park Board
            HERITAGE MUSEUM                   President Bruce Caley; Director Menominee
-------------------------                     Historical Society, Mike Kaufman; family
                NEW DISPLAYS                  representative John Henes Johnson, .
 Photo Display of actual artifacts owned         Mike Kaufman presented the speech that
       by the Baroness de Pallandt            honored John Henes that had been given by
      Fine Art by Menominee Artists
-------------------------                     George McCormick, Supt. of Menominee
26 May 2008                      Monday       Sugar Co., at the 1907 dedication.
        ANUTA RESEARCH CENTER                    Rob Jamo as Joseph Cuddy, read the
         OPENS FOR THE SEASON                 poem “ The Forest Hymn”.
                  1pm to 5pm                     Bruce Caley representing his great-
  ------------------------                    grandfather John B. Henes , presented the
              SPECIAL EVENTS                  park.
June 7,2008                       Sunday                    Jon Nutter sang in german a
                HERITAGE DAY                            favorite song of John Henes " The
       City of Menominee—125 years                      Watch on the Rhine" .
                  Marina Park
                                                            Current Mayor George Krah as
June 29 2008                      Sunday
                                                        Mayor Spies read the original City        Bruce Caley
     DOWNTOWN WALKING TOURS                             proclamation.
           (see Curator’s report)            Jon Nutter      John Henes Johnson read the Congressional record
-------------------------                               entered by U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak.
4 July 2008 HAPPY FOURTH!
                 Closed all Day
                                              Eric Strahl portrayed Senator William Alden Smith who was the
-------------------------                                    featured speaker in 1907.
1 Sept. 2008           Labor Day   Monday                      Following the ceremony, the children who are de-
               END OF SEASON                                 cedents of John Henes planted three trees to com-
              Heritage Museum
          Anuta Research Center
                                                             memorate the occasion.
                                                           Our Thanks go to the planning committee, Rebecca Wellens,
        Open by appointment only
                                                           Liz Furlong and Katherine Muwin and all who participated to
                 Call 863-9000
                                                                   make this a great day in Menominee History.
         WELCOME                                                                                WEB SITE
          To our
      NEWEST MEMBERS                                                               Are you checking out our web
                                                                                   site often?
       Stanley Hruska                         A MOMENT OF PRAYER
         Redford, MI                                                     
   Kris Beisser - Matthies                    for those Members who
          Green Bay                                     have
        Carol Herman                         passed from our sight but               We update it every Month to
          Wallace MI                         remain in our memories.                    keep your current on
        Arthur Baron                              Marie LaMack                             happenings at
    William & Anne Kelly
    Donald & Carol Mick                               Cheboygan                            Menominee County
       Lou Ann Borski                                Aug 31 2007                            Historical Society
     Doris Zimmerman                             Frances Decker
       Menominee, MI                                 Menominee
                                                                                            You even get the
       Larry Melegary                                Feb 22 2008                           newsletter in color.
         Marinette WI

 DONATIONS 2008                3/24 /08          NOTE FROM                               SPECIAL THANKS TO
Supporter                                    FINANCIAL SECRETARY                   Bruce Gerber -for maintaining
           Harriet Bonn                                                            the website
         Lou Ann Borski                               Thanks                       To those members -
         Betty Degenaar                    to all of you who included              who contribute their time and
            Carol Hoida                   a self addressed stamped                 donate many small items that we
       Mrs. William Jones
                                          envelope with their dues to              never hear about.
            Judy Kropf
           John LaMack                    receive their membership
          Joyce Murphy                    card.                                                DONATIONS
  Jean, Clare, Will, Kathryn, Liz
                                                                                          Jean Stegeman and family
                                                                                                James Meyer
             Bob Wells                           CHANGING YOUR
Contributor                                        ADDRESS ?
        Gwendolyn Bagley
           Larry Ebsch                        Please inform us by                                MEMORIAL
         Georgia Jensen                                                             Mary Lueskow for Emil & Millie Ewald
      Lemieux-Theilen Home
        Wells Fargo Bank
Sustaining                                      or by snail mail to                     Heritage Donations 2007
          Frances Decker                        Menominee County                             Granskog Memorial
         Margo Wells Stork                       Historical Society                          Armstrong Memorial
          Marlene Monson                           P.O. Box 151                                 Janet Callow
         James B. Nelson                                                                      Katherine Murwin
                                              Menominee MI 49858
Patron      Janet Callow                                                                       Marlene Monson

                                MENOMINEE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY
                      2008 OFFICERS                                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President                             Pat Krah                       Janet Callow                   Beverly Johnson
1st Vice-President               Arnold Organ                        Norma Armstrong                  Bruce Johnson
Secretary                     Katherine Murwin                       Kurt Berge                          John Helfert
Financial Secretary              Mary Lueskow                        Clayton Parcels                  Mike Kaufman
Treasurer                      Marlene Monson                         Denise Taylor                     James Borski
                                                                      Barbara Kell                    Barbara Pesola
                      PAST-PRESIDENTS                                 Eileen Behrend                   Amber Allard
                       Marie Swanson                                  Rose Barker                    Bonnie Paulsen
                      Dr. Dorothy Granskog                            Lou Ann Borski
                          Katie Jones
                       Germaine Vincent
                          Pat Mallgren
The Board of Directors is composed of those named above, plus all Officers and Past Presidents as listed above.. The Board of
Directors meet on the 1st Monday of each month at 12 noon, in the Board Room of the Wells Fargo Bank, 962 1st St., Menominee .
                                            All Meetings are OPEN Meetings.
Welcome to the Menominee County Heritage Museum 2008 Summer Season.
Opening day is Monday, May 26, 2008. Museum hours are 10-4:30 p.m. Monday
through Saturday. The Museum will be closed July 4th.

An orientation meeting for the Museum Greeters will be held on Wednesday, May 21
at 1:00p.m. All guides are asked to attend as this is where we will discuss all safety is-
sues, any opening and closing information and anything new that has happened since the
2007 season. Cake and refreshments will be served. This is a special opportunity to see the new displays and
discuss any questions you may have. Being a museum greeter can be fun. If you know of someone who may
have a morning or afternoon to spare during the week, please have them think about joining the museum group of
volunteers. Money is available for travel expenses if you are in an age group over age 55. Norma Armstrong has
all the information.

New this season will be the Downtown Walking Tours to be held on Sunday, June 29th. Tours will include
most of the Downtown and will be divided into one hour guided walks. Tickets may be purchased on that day at
the South end of Memorial Park. Ticket price is yet to be determined. Ticket price will include a walker’s guide
brochure describing people and places along the routes. Tours can be taken with or without a guide. More infor-
mation will be presented in local papers, at the Museum and on radio.

Inside the museum will be a new photographic display of actual artifacts owned by the Baroness de Pallandt,
the “Brightest business woman in the world is the Baroness de Pallandt”, says the Milwaukee Free Press in 1902.
If I tell you more about it I will spoil the surprise. You must come in and see this!

The museum continues to expand it’s collection of fine art created by Menominee County artists. Our current
collection is displayed throughout the museum. If you are an artist from Menominee County, please consider
donating one of your works to the museum. Currently, our largest work, done by T. Wells, is nine feet by 4 feet in
size. Your work can be of any size, shape or form. We would like all mediums to be represented.

Approximately 300 children from area schools visited the museum last fall. Some very special people, Direc-
tor Mike Kaufman and Board of Director member Marlene Monson, along with museum friend Anita Graziano
dressed in period costumes to help the kids experience the museum by making real butter from cream in an old
glass butter churn, listen to stories about “old Menominee” as told by founding father Sam Abbott from an old
rocking chair, and to understand just how important it is to keep a old fire hat free from dust even if you are wear-
ing it. No one was safe from the feather duster. We certainly had fun sharing the museum with the kids!

Make it a point this summer to stop in and visit your Menominee County museum.

Barb Pesola,

                     ARE YOU CONFUSED ABOUT THE DUES?
     In revising and updating the Historical Society Bylaws , it was decided to change the way we
allocate dues from the members.
     The Bylaws now state that “any person, business, organization interested in the history of
this area who requests membership shall become a member upon supplying contact informa-
tion and paying any level of donation.
Membership (for each member) shall be maintained by donating annually at any of the do-
nation levels. Donation levels are Friend- $15.00, Supporter-$25.00, Contributor-$50.00, Sustain-
ing-$100.00, Patron - $250.00,Benefactor -$500.00 Heritage-$1000 and above.
   All levels of donation allow full membership privileges which include voting rights and the receiv-
ing of the newsletter.
    Those of you who have Life memberships will be “grandfathered” in ,but the new system
allows you to donate as you may wish. Six Life members have contributed this year so far.
              Your donations are valuable to us as
           75% of the Society’s income comes from you!
It’s official. Spring has arrived in Menominee and after this year’s record-
setting winter it is more than welcome. Although difficult, and at times
risky, we have managed to get to the Anuta Research Center often enough
to keep up with the requests for information that have come in this winter.
The past year has been a learning experience for me---not only have I
learned the “lay of the land” at the Research Center but I have learned a
                      great deal about the history of our area.
                      Silvertooth Traders in Montana asked for our help in deter-
                      mining what this item may have been. It had a date of 12-
                      22-1919 inscribed on the back. L. D. Parish lived in Menomi-
                      nee—his occupation was a miller. Mike Kaufman had a similar
                      item that belonged to his father---a key fob.
                        Searching for ancestors and where they lived---sending out photo-
                       graphs of the homes or buildings as they looked back then or per-
                       haps as they look today. Researching early physicians in the area,
the Donovan & O’Connor mill, Henes & Keller, who revolutionized the bottling of bever-
ages---these are just a few of the many things I had a chance to learn more about be-
cause of requests for information.
 I look forward to continuing to merge my love of history with technology to enable me to
put this valuable historical information in the hands of those who want it.
   Come and visit the Anuta Research Center this summer. Our hours are Monday and
     Wednesday from 1:00 PM. until 5:00 PM from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

                               ORIENTATION DAY 2008                        Norma Armstrong
       The Orientation program for our Greeters will be held Wednesday, May 21, 2008
from 1:00 PM to 3:00PM at the Museum. A big THANK YOU to our Greeters who are so
faithful to their commitments.
      Although many Greeters signed up again for their same schedule , we will still be
looking for additional people to fill a few shifts or work as Substitutes.
      Mornings are 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and afternoons are 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM, Monday
through Saturday.
      We will open Memorial Day, May 26, 2008 through Labor Day, Sept. 1, 2008. We will
be closed July 4th, 2008.
      So if you haven't joined us yet, give us a hand and volunteer to take a shift or be a
Sub. Call me today, Norma Armstrong - -863-3251.

                         Gift Shop at Heritage Museum           Rose Barker, Gift Shop Manager
   The Gift Shop will be open when the Heritage Museum opens on Memorial Day.
There are many items available for purchase. Many historical books such as "So Cold a
Sky", Judge Anuta's Autobiography, Queen Marinette, and others plus historical newspa-
pers and pictures of Menominee.
   Other items include a Cross Stitch kit of the Menominee Lighthouse, stationery, Indian
jewelry, maps, Heritage Museum t-shirts, and small toys for the children. Postcards of the
Heritage Museum, Menominee, and the Upper Peninsula.
   Yearbooks are also available that date back to 1924, but not all years are available,
but there is quite a large selection.
                              HOPE YOU COME AND VISIT US
                       we are to the left when you enter the Museum.
                                            WEST SHORE FISHING MUSEUM
                                         Open Saturday and Sunday afternoons
                                                  1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
                                           Memorial Day through Labor Day

                                 The State of Michigan has designated the Museum an
                             Historical Site and this plaque was unveiled at the Dedication
                                               Ceremony on June 17, 2007
                                                   The Plague reads:
                            Mathias Bailey was a Commercial fisherman who moved his
family from Egg Harbor Wisconsin in1870 seeking more abundant fishing on the west side
of Green Bay. In 1893 his son Charles bought 123 acres of land and built this house for
his wife Aurora. Charles operated one of the area’s largest fisheries on this site from 1893
to 1950.His daughter E. Leone Bailey, who died in 1994, willed the house, the fishery and
100 acres of the land to the county for use as a museum and natural area.
Four buildings at the Museum have been made ready for public viewing:
        1. The Charles and Aurora Bailey family home built in 1897 has been completely
restored and features furniture and accessories from the late 1890s through the 1940s.
        2. The former carriage garage has been restored and now contains early com-
mercial fishing exhibits as well as Native American fishing exhibits.
        3. The Bailey twine shed has been completely rebuilt on its old foundation and
contains many regional artifacts of interest such as the Anderson sail sleigh once used
for ice fishing, a pike net with large wooden hoops, an old wooden net reel used for drying
gill nets, wooden fish boxes, hundreds of metal and wooden fishing floats, several an-
chors, and numerous other artifacts.
        4. The exterior of the old poultry house has been restored and its interior has
been completely reconstructed to become a combined gift shop and meeting room. An-
tiques donated for sale will be featured among the items available in the gift shop.
Since 1997, the Bailey Property Preservation Association has been working to develop the
West Shore Fishing Museum and will now maintain and operate it on behalf of Menominee
County which owns the buildings and property. The all-volunteer Association, will continue
to have work-bees every Wednesday, to maintain the buildings and gardens as well as
develop the boat shelter area which contains five historic fishing boats in various stages of
Volunteers are always needed at the West Shore Fishing Museum. If you would like to work
with a dedicated group of people call Eileen Behrend at 906-863-9716 .

                                                                        VOLUNTEER HELPERS
              WANNA BE A VOLUNTEER?
The Historical Society has many wonderful, always available
Volunteers , but we do need more.
  Do you like to meet people- become a Greeter at the Museum.
  Do you like to plan parties– events need planning for the Society
  Do you like to put information into a computer database?
  Do you like to fix things? Shovel walks? Build simple things?
  Do you like to write, research, file, sell gifts, arrange displays?
     What do you like to do? We can use your talents.                   Clayton Parcels and Bruce
Contact any of our officers or Board members on page 2 and                  Johnson help with
                                                                        winterizing the Museum.
         Volunteer for this summer—you’ll enjoy it!

Let's talk about early March, 1892 .. in
Menominee. In the first week of March,
the stage that ran across the ice from
Menominee to Sturgeon Bay "Overturned
on the rough ice and the stove set fire to
the canvas. One passenger was seriously
                                             The Washburn-Putnam Stage ( Sturgeon Bay) meets the
burned and another had his overcoat
                                             Barclay Stage ( Menominee) on the ice of Green Bay.1902
Then, on March 17, 1892. which was St. Patrick's Day. stage driver Henry Spencer lost his
way coming from Sturgeon Bay to Menominee. It was early evening when "The stage
broke through the ice. There were five men, one woman and one girl on board when the
stage began to sink through the ice. The horses were reached in the water and rescued.
They were 10 miles off the regular path." They all must have been Irish or had the luck of
the Irish, for they found a fishing shanty and huddled together in it till morning when
Spencer rode one of the horses the two miles to shore to get help. Another stage came
and took the passengers to town and we hope to a good hot breakfast”. The Democrat
Newspaper editor noted that "No body parts were frozen."
Another ice story said "Sturgeon Bay has a new ice boat. Last week it took about 150 pas-
sengers on a trip down the shoreline. She made about six miles per hour but will not be
put into service this winter due to the lateness of the season."
                                                              From The Way We Were by Chet Krohn

STAGE SERVICE ACROSS THE ICE to Door County had begun almost as soon as there
was substantial population on both sides of the bay. Rail lines never extended up the Door
peninsula beyond Sturgeon Bay. Road improvements, to encourage automobiles also were
slow in developing. A 75-year-old picture (see above) shows Barclay's' stage from Me-
nominee, drawn by four horses, meeting Washburn - Putnam's stage from Sturgeon Bay
in the middle of the bay and pausing for a rest and visit. Putnam's coach was pulled by
three teams. With the Twin Cities the closest supply source and market for crops and fish
for Door county, sleighs crossed the ice often during the winter. A late freeze-up one year
caused delays that resulted in a "train" of 14 horse-drawn sleighs from Egg Harbor, carry-
ing their crops to Menominee. Returning home with needed supplies after an overnight
rest.                       From Menominee’s Golden Stagecoach Days Revisited By Howard Emich

Menominee's "Worst Storm": The Washington's Day Blizzard of 1922
"The storm was ushered in ... like the arrival of a commanding officer before his troops
when cannon boom the salutes." With this military analogy, a newspaper reporter in Me-
nominee tied in Washington's Birthday with this unprecedented blitzkrieg of snow and
wind. During the peak of the storm, the "cannon boom" of thunder could be heard follow-
ing lightning strikes, which were "the most vivid ever seen ... before in the winter time."
The storm began late on the 21st and contained the key elements found in a crippling
event: prolonged snow and raging wind. Two feet of snow fell on the Twin Cities of Mari-
nette-Menominee, blown into drifts up to 10 feet deep by northeasterly winds as high as
50 miles per hour. In addition, sleet and freezing rain fell for a time on the 22nd leading to
a hard, frozen covering over the top of the huge mass of freshly fallen snow.
Telegraph and telephone service was disrupted and trains and streetcars became snow-
bound. By nightfall on Washington's Birthday, Menominee was virtually isolated from the
rest of the world. While there had been greater falls of snow, this blizzard was unrivaled in
its duration, coupled with the ice that even caused railroad plows to slide off the tracks
into the ditch.                   Quoted in “So Cold A Sky” by Karl Bohnak from Herald Leader article.
                              ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

The Annual Meeting was held Nov 4th at the Pullman House. Mike Kaufman, Director,
welcomed thirty- eight members and guests . The officers voted for 2008 are Pat Krah,
president,; Arnie Organ ,vice-president; Katherine Murwin ,secretary; Mary Lueskow, finan-
cial secretary; Marlene Monson , treasurer. Bonita Paulsen is the newest board member.
  The program "Voyagers" was presented by Randy Smith, who was
garbed as a voyager of the 1750's. He told us about Great Lakes Fur
    French explorers were looking for a passage to the East (China).
They traded with the Native Americans and thus began the fur
industry. Their canoes carried 6 tons of goods and 5 could travel
together. They were called freighters; a term still used today. There
were many portages that made the hauling of goods difficult.
Along the Menominee River they encountered many different tribes
The voyagers got along well with them. They lived with them in the
winter. Many of them took wives and had children who were called
    In order to trade they needed a license from King Louis. If they traded without one they
were renegades and had bounties placed on them. Chappee was such a person. When men
were selected as voyagers they were not chosen if they could swim as it made it easy for
them to jump overboard and flee to freedom. They were chosen for strength and youth.
    Mr. Smith went on to talk about the dress of the voyagers. They wore sashes to avoid
hernias. This was a main cause of death and due to carrying all the weight of the goods.
 Each man carried 160 pound bundles of furs.
Chappee was not one of the first fur traders, but did establish the first trading post on the
Menominee River. He actually worked at the end of the trading period.

                           FIRST QUARTERLY MEETING Feb 23, 2008
Approximately 40 people attended the first quarterly meeting held in the Garden Room of
Schloegel's Restaurant.
      Administrative Director Mike Kaufman presented a report on current activities of the
Menominee County Historical Society. Mike informed the group that in addition to the Mu-
seum and Anuta Research Center, we have a third building across the street to be used for
storage and repairs. This will allow more space in the Research Center.
       The Chapee Rapids property is being used for an outreach program for children.
Plans are being made to sponsor a walking tour in place of the cemetery tour this summer.
A balanced budget proposal for $20,000 has been passed for 2008.
      Several programs are being planned to celebrate the 12Sth anniversary of the City of
Menominee. On April 27th, we will hold a Heritage Ball. Plans are being made by the City,
the Opera House Committee and the Historical Society to sponsor Heritage Day on June 7th
      Amber Allard's grant request for Connecting to Collections (a resource library) has been
accepted. The membership letter reflects a new donation (formerly dues) structure. Current
life members will continue to be recognized; there will be no new life memberships.
       Arnie Organ stated that volunteers are needed for various activities.
Germaine Vincent introduced Casey Kadlubowski and her Mother. Casey is 15 years old. She
is home schooled, artistic, a member of the Victorian Ladies group as well as being musically
talented. She is a member of the Green Bay Youth Symphony.
       Casey, dressed in a lovely Victorian ensemble, played a selection of ethnic pieces on
her violin. The music included Celtic, French, Swedish, Italian, Scottish, Gypsy and Russian
selections. She also performed four compositions she wrote herself. She received a standing
ovation for an excellent performance.
        Menominee County Historical Society Invites You to Celebrate the
                   125th Anniversary of City of Menominee
                                       At the

                    Heritage Ball
                             Sunday , April 27, 2008
                                   VFW Hall
                            3937 10th Street, Menominee MI
                    Social Hour at 5:00 PM — Dinner at 6:00 PM
                        Dancing to the Music of the “Diplomats”   Any style of
                                   $16.00 per person                 dress
                        Make Reservation by April 20 with          1880’s to
                     Germaine Vincent     Norma Armstrong            2008
                         863-3890              863-3251                is
                      Non-canceled Reservations must be paid      Appropriate.
                       THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO ATTEND

Menominee County Historical Society Inc.                                  Non-Profit Corp.
P.O. Box 151                                                               Standard U.S.
                                                                           Postage Paid
Menominee Michigan 49858 –0151                                             Permit No. 22
Address Service Requested                                                   Mich. 49858

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