Steering Committee Minutes, September 19, 2011 by cpcommunitygarden


									                         Calvin Park Community Garden
                          Steering Committee Meeting
                                 Sept. 19, 2011

Present: Cheryl Fischer, Nancy Mucklow, Joanna Cooke, Donna Hamilton, Alan
Regrets: Kim Sutherland Mills, Parker Locke, Lisa Lovett, Kate
         Sparrow, Mike Putnam

Communal Garden

 Cheryl reported that the feedback from communal garden members (who replied
  to her e-mail that was sent out in August) was positive. Members were satisfied
  with their harvest, although some reported that they didn’t take very many
  vegetables because they hadn’t volunteered enough.
 Nancy and Cheryl put in a lot of the labour themselves. Members of the
  communal plot didn’t always understand what needed to be done. Even with
  written updates in the tool shed, some members weren’t sure whether or not to
  water or harvest. Some vegetables were picked too early. Large beans that were
  left on the plant to provide seeds for next year were picked. Education of novice
  gardeners was difficult.
 St. John’s Anglican Church was happy to receive extra produce for those in need.
 Cheryl met with Rev. Bartlett about one month ago. He suggested using the
  garden as an outreach project for people who come to the church looking for
  help. They could do weeding and other jobs in the garden to make a contribution.
 There was some theft from the donation plot and family plots.
 Signage is needed to clearly define the areas: communal plot, family plots
  (“These are family plots. Please do not take produce.”), educational children’s
  area (“Please help yourself”), and a welcome sign that could encourage people to
  join the garden. Grant money may be available for the signs.
 Difficulties with the communal garden included
 Nancy suggested that the communal garden be redesigned as family plots with
  one section (closest to the shed?) as a designated donation plot. A small group of
  volunteers could be responsible for the donation plot including harvesting and
  taking the produce to St. John’s Anglican Church or the Food Bank. The focus
  would be on easy, high-yield vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli and beans.
  Nancy recommended that we refrain from planting cucumbers, squash and
  zucchini next year to prevent another infestation.

Family Plots

 There are presently 27 family plots. Some plots have not been tended regularly.
  E-mails were sent to certain members asking if their produce could be donated,
  but there was no response. It’s a shame to see vegetables going to waste.
 Cheryl agreed to send an e-mail to members who currently have a family plot.
  The e-mail will encourage them to come to the Harvest Party where $20 will be
  collected to hold on to their plot for next year. Members who are unable to attend
  the Harvest Party need to contact Cheryl and arrange to drop off $20.
 Also, Cheryl will ask members to clean up their plots by a certain date. Plant
  material can be composted. (see composting below)

 The composters are presently full and the material will not decompose quickly
  because there are too many large branches and sticks.
 Rotten tomatoes and other vegetables should be put in the black composter
  rather than the wooden ones.
 Cheryl will arrange for a truck or trailer to cart the large materials away to KARC.
  Volunteers will be needed to help move the material.
 We will be more careful about what we put in the composters in the future and
  strive to create a good medium for decomposition so mature compost can be
  used to amend the soil.
 Alan will build another composter so there will be room for all of the garden

Water Barrels

 Water barrels will be turned over during the winter. Some barrels will fit inside
  each other and could be stored in the shed. The large tote is to be moved to the
  back of the church.


 Nancy volunteered to make a poster encouraging new members to join the
  Community Garden. Joanna agreed to photocopy the posters and Nancy and
  Joanna will distribute them to neighbourhood apartments, Ann Clachin residence
  and near the townhouses.

Membership Guidelines

 Current membership guidelines were reviewed and the following changes were
  approved: Adding the word “quiet” to #1. Adding another guideline: “I agree to
  mulch my plot (mulching material will be available) and use the rain water
  conservatively.” #14. “If I am unable to pay the fee I will discuss this with the
  treasurer. Financial assistance is available”. (instead of “waive the fee”).
 Volunteer teams will include the following: compost, donation plot, site
  maintenance, social planning, grass trimming, permanent crops (strawberry and
  raspberry plants), flower maintenance.
 Joanna will have the new form ready for the Harvest Party (for registrations).

Suggestions for next year

 Once/month potlucks at the garden in the evening on a week day (not weekends)
  so members can socialize.
 Educational evenings (with experienced gardeners on hand) could be arranged for
  members who are new at gardening and would like to get advice.
 Grow strawberries instead of pumpkins in the current pumpkin patch. Cheryl has
  already planted donated trimmings.
 Educational workshop on starting seeds indoors. This could be held in Jan. 2012.
 Alan reminded us of the idea to plant fruit trees.
Harvest Party

 Saturday, October 22 at 4:00pm. Music and games followed by a potluck dinner
  and AGM. Registrations for next year and a $20 fee will take place as well.

Fall Soil Amendment

 Members who are keeping their family plots for next year are encouraged to bring
  raked leaves to the garden to amend their soil. This is highly recommended for
  clay soil.

Canning Workshop

 Thank you to Lisa for leading a wonderful canning workshop in August! Everyone
  left with a jar of beans and a head full of information!

Next meeting: TBA

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