; Meridiths catering the exceptional people behind the Awesome Food
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Meridiths catering the exceptional people behind the Awesome Food


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Above: If employees are a company’s biggest asset, Meridith’s Catering is priceless. The Berwyn catering company has a dynamic team of hardworking
professionals, many of whom have been with the company for the past five to 10 years.

Meridith’s catering:
the exceptional people
behind the Awesome Food
by betsy Dru Tecco

   f employees are a company’s biggest asset,                                That’s impressive given the fickle nature of the
  Meridith’s Catering is priceless. The Ber-                                 foodservice industry.
wyn catering company has a dynamic team of
                                                                                 According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the foodser-
hardworking professionals, many of whom                                      vice industry has the highest voluntary job turnover by a
have been there for the past five to 10 years.                               large margin. people switch jobs as fast as they flip burgers.
                                                  CHESTER COUNTY LIFE | 82 | SEpTEmbER/OCTObER 2010
Right, Top: Lisa Mincarelli says, “Everyone here
is a joy to work with. They have great energy, a
positive attitude, and a real desire for the business
to succeed. Because the employees enjoy what
they’re doing, they naturally go the extra mile.”
Pictured left to right are Deana Finch, Nichole
Pucci, and Lisa Mincarelli.

Right, Bottom: When it comes to customer
satisfaction, Meridith’s Catering knows what
matters most: phenomenal food, on-time delivery,
personal attention, and nothing forgotten. Erin
Hagar and team members are in action, delivering
on this promise.

For that reason alone, meridith’s cater-
ing is exceptional. Listening to the staff
members talk, you might think they live
and breathe their work every waking
moment. In fact, that’s not far from the
    “this is a 24 hours a day, seven days
a week job because we’re always on call
for our clients and our staff,” confesses
Lisa mincarelli, Director of Sales at meridith’s catering,
without a hint of negativity. “I love my job. I love the people
that I work with; we’re a fine-tuned machine.”
    After 12 years as a stay-at-home mom, Lisa convinced
George mcLoughlin, owner of meridith’s catering, to give
her a chance at re-entering the workforce. “He saw my
enthusiasm and thought my personality would be an excel-
lent addition to the staff,” Lisa recalls. “I thrive in a fast-
paced environment. I stay calm and keep everyone focused
on their tasks and responsibilities.”

     meridith’s catering provides event planning in the tri-
state region, including corporate and social caterings. on
any given day, meridith’s catering may be catering a small
office meeting for six, or putting on a lavish cocktail party at
penn State Great Valley for 200 guests. monday through
Friday, the team is delivering delicious and fresh breakfasts,
lunches, and meeting snacks to local businesses of all sizes.
the weekends focus on social gatherings, including birth-
days, pool parties, graduations, baby showers, wedding and
engagement celebrations, cocktail parties, funerals, and
more. meridith’s catering prides itself on its ability to
accommodate just about any request for any occasion.
     earlier this year, meridith’s catering became indepen-
dent of meridith’s American bistro, a berwyn restaurant
with which it shares the same name. the two businesses are                      has had a positive impact on the business, from both a client
located about one-half mile apart from each other. “this                        and employee perspective.”
division of businesses has allowed us to focus our energies                          the management at meridith’s catering credits the
entirely on catering,” George explains. “We have the same                       success of the business largely to having the right employ-
staff, same chefs, and same excellent food everyone has come                    ees on board. Lisa mincarelli explains, “everyone here is
to expect and love over the years. As our clientele has grown,                  a joy to work with. they have great energy, a positive
our services have become more flexible and complex to                           attitude, and a real desire for the business to succeed.
allow us to customize every event. the business separation                      because the employees enjoy what they’re doing, they
                                                        CHESTER COUNTY LIFE | 83 | SEpTEmbER/OCTObER 2010

Above: Jose Gaytan

Right: Michele Lalli, Michael Martin, and Nichole Pucci

naturally go the extra mile. their dedication shows
in how they constantly provide our clients more
than what’s expected.” client Steph m. recently
raved, “You will be pleased to know that I’m still
receiving compliments about last week’s summer
luncheon. It was really fun, and the success of our
event was in large part due to you and meridith’s
catering. I can’t thank you enough for providing
all the decorations. You certainly went above and
beyond on that aspect of our gathering; it helped
transform a very plain room into something bright
and cheery. I look forward to working with you
again soon.”

    When it comes to customer satisfaction, meri-
dith’s catering knows what matters most: phenome-
nal food, on-time delivery, personal attention, and
nothing forgotten. “We strive to be consistent with our food              often arrives at 4:00 a.m. and is still going strong 12 hours
and service,” says michael martin, who handles scheduling                 later.
of kitchen staff and drivers. “consistency is very important                   “people love our food first and foremost. our chef is
to customers.”                                                            fantastic on so many levels,” adds Donna mcNally, Sales
    michael has dedicated his time to meridith’s catering                 manager. “but it’s the personal touches we provide that
for more than eight years. When he left to try his hand at a              really set us apart. For example, at social events, we leave
desk job in the financial industry, michael soon realized he              kitchens cleaner than when we walked in. We assist clients,
missed the fast-paced environment of meridith’s catering,                 both corporate and social, and plan each client event as if
and returned. “It’s nice to work with people who appreciate               they were our only client and event.”
what I do. All of us work hard together and that results in                    From assembling menus to designing the room layout
giving our best effort to our clients,” says michael, who                 and selecting props, Donna loves every aspect of event plan-

                                                  CHESTER COUNTY LIFE | 84 | SEpTEmbER/OCTObER 2010
Right, Top: Deana Finch, Dena Monastero, Michael Martin,
and Donna McNally

Right, Middle: Lisa Mincarelli and Donna McNally

Right, Bottom: George McLoughlin and Michele Lalli

ning. Some evenings, Donna will get together
with Lisa on their own time to work on schedul-
ing and menu planning, while their children play
together nearby. “I love working with our staff
and clients to make every event even better than
clients envisioned,” says Donna. “I look forward
to going to work every day.”
     Nichole pucci feels the same way. on staff at
meridith’s catering for the past three years, Nic-
hole is an expert on both residential and corpo-
rate events. “I absolutely love catering parties,”
Nichole says emphatically. “customers always
tell us our food is spectacular, and our service is
second to none.”
     A quick review of the company’s testimonials
on Facebook had this residential client’s comments
from June 1, 2010: “We had such a great time yes-
terday! the food, presentation, Donna and maggie
could not have been better. Food exquisite and pre-
sentation stellar. Donna and maggie were attentive,
gracious, and so hard working. I felt celebrated as a
mom at my own party.” only to be followed by
this testimonial, regarding a corporate event: “I
really prefer having meridith’s cater my meetings.
You’re always dependable, on-time with awesome
food, and when I place my order, I get a very
prompt confirmation. It’s so nice to have someone I
can depend on for meetings. especially when deliv-
ering to various clients, it’s reassuring to know
you’re always going to be on-time. thanks so
much! I really enjoy working with you.”
     meridith’s catering consistently gets rave
reviews (and awards) for its service and fresh,
flavorful food that happens to be all homemade,
not processed or packaged. that’s a big draw
with today’s focus on healthy eating. but how the
company turns simple dining into a sublime and
memorable experience is through impeccable ser-
vice carried out by a robust team of profession-
als. everyone thrives in the dynamic work
environment. It’s a win-win situation that ulti-
mately benefits clients. •

Meridith’s Catering
10 Leopard Rd.
Berwyn, PA 19312

                                               CHESTER COUNTY LIFE | 85 | SEpTEmbER/OCTObER 2010

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