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					RWD Magazine: Front Cover
When you first get a glimpse of the magazine the thing
you notice immediately is the blue light effect in the
background. The effect consists of a blue colour on the
outside and then a white glow in the centre. The shining
effect covers some of the main image. This mergesit with
the background and also makes it stand out. This effect
also covers the masthead ‘RWD’which has been made
see through. Because it is see through it is quite hard to
see with the shining background behind it. Although it is
hard to see at first, when you look more closely you can
make out their main masthead, which is also their logo.
With their logo being their masthead this is what
distinguishes them from other magazines and this is how
they are recognized. The rest of the text on the front page
is well stood out from the white glowing background, as
the font colour is grey. All of the fonts on the front cover
are sans-serif. All of the text is a very thin and narrow font
except the masthead, which is bold. The text to the left of
the main image tells you about the other artists that will be
featured in the magazine, which is a great idea as it
givesthe reader a clear idea of what’s inside before they
buy it. The text to the right states it is ‘THE ESSENTIAL
ISSUE’ meaning it is a must buy for music lovers of this
genre or fans of this magazine. The target audience for
this magazine would be mostly teenagers who are
interested in the genre, which is Hybrid. It consists of the
genres Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and UK Grime. The main
image of this front cover is the artist EXAMPLE. His name
is very well and clearly stated under his image. The text
‘BLINDED BY THE LIGHT’ and ‘EXAMPLE’are captions of
the image, which anchors it. Overall I think this cover is
well designed and will catch your eye on the shop shelve
or where ever it is presented. The only thing I think they
could change is the masthead. I think they could leave it
see through but just outline it in a dark colour so it stands
out from the bright background and is more visible.
RWD Magazine: Contents Page
The purpose of a contents page is so the reader can find
what they want to read as soon as they open the
magazine. The contents page sticks to the overall House
Style of the magazine. It carries the flow of the font, which
is sans-serif and the language, which is used throughout
the magazine and previous issues of it.
The reader is able to easily navigate through the
magazine by just quickly looking at the contents page.
Instead of using a list they have gone with something
unique and made it all into two paragraphs. The first
paragraph being the regular content that is found in all of
the issues and the second being the featured contents
that is only found in this issue. The page numbers are in a
bold font, which are then followed by the contents label of
that page which is in a narrow font. This makes it easy to
see and a bit more exciting than a regular contents list.
The layout of this contents page is very simple. There are
just four basic images that relate to the magazine at the
top and at the bottom are the contents and page numbers.
The images displayed at the top of the page relate to the
magazines content, as they are of artists that are featured
in this particular issue of the magazine.
The contents page reveals interests to the reader as it
contains the titles of every page in the magazine. The
reader then can look for what he likes for example, his
favourite artist or band and then turn to the page with
either news, information or an interview with that chosen
RWD Magazine: Double Page Spread
The double page spreads are laid out in the following way.
The fist one is an introduction to the second one, which is
the main double page spread.
The fist page is a very graphically designed imaged that
says ‘essential listening’ and three stripes, which
symbolises the clothing, make ‘adidas’ and then some
introductory writing going vertically down in the centre of
the page. The second page is then just filled up with one
big image of the focus artist who is featured in the
following double page spread who is ‘Example’.
The second double page spread again contains one large
image on the second page of it but of the first page is the
main interview/article of ‘Example’. The first page carries
on the three stripes but this time has changed the main
coloured from blue to red. Under the three stripes is then
the main article, which is a white font on a black
background so it is easy for the eye to read. The second
page is another large image of ‘Example’. He is again
wearing ‘adidas’ clothing but this time instead of being
blue it is red.
These two double page spread are easily distinguished by
the colour change which goes from blue to red.
It still keeps a flow going through out though, despite the
colour change. This is done by using the simple three
stripes that go vertically down the page on both first
The main written article sticks to the overall house style of
the magazine by using the same narrow and bold sans-
serif fonts and using the same language style through out.

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