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                                           The Weekly

   February 2, 2006                       The Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo                            Established 1964

      The Poway Center for Performing Arts
                            Backstage with Veteran Impresario Henry Korn
          By Ann Calvert                                                                     Arts Fellowship in Fiction. He
                                                                                             has written about art and cul-
   Henry Korn brings a lifetime                                                              ture for national magazines
   of theater management to his                                                              and the flagship newspaper of
   position as Director and CEO                                                              the S.I Newhouse chain.
   of the Poway Center for the
   Performing Arts. Formed in                                                               Henry produced the comedy
   1990, the PCPA Foundation is                                                             Tempting Fate at the John
   the non-profit organization                                                              Drew Theater that was desig-
   responsible for booking pro-                                                             nated “the best theatrical
   fessional artists into the city-                                                         event on Long Island” by
   owned Center. Each year the                                                              Newsday in 1997. In 1998, he
   Foundation, in partnership TWO UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS: “Alexander Who Is Not produced a dance perform-
   with the City of Poway and the Going To Move” and the music of Dave Mason.              ance on Santa Monica Beach
   Poway        Unified     School                                                         called Boundary Waters that
   District, assembles a line up of                                                        was designated the “Best
   top-notch talent from the worlds of     Weekly designated the City of Santa    Dance Event” by the LA Daily News.
   drama, dance, music, comedy and         Monica Public Arts program directed    The world’s first “Dawns Early Light”
   more. Additionally, the Foundation      by Henry as the                        Fireworks show was another of his cre-
   sponsors the Arts in Education initia-  Best Municipal                         ations. Set off on Santa Monica beach
   tive, a series of programs designed to  Art Program in                         at 5 a.m., it was attended by 200,000
   give students up close and personal     1989. In Beverly                       people
   experiences with living, working        Hills in 2001,
   artists via workshops and master class- Henry directed                         The first New York Art Parade was pro-
   es. Henry, with his wide experience,    an art and culture                     duced by Henry as well. The New York
   has added new luster to the already     program for the                        Times designated the parade grand
   thriving Poway theatre scene.           City that won                          finale as among the “Best Dance
                                           awards from the                        Events of 1983.” The parade was cov-
   Before coming to Poway, Henry start-    California Parks       Henry Korn      ered by network TV and radio and
   ed local arts agencies in both Beverly  and Recreation                         caused a monumental East Side traffic
   Hills and Irvine. The local arts agency Society and the California Association jam
   he directed for the City of Santa       of Public Information.
   Monica won a coveted City Livability                                           It’s no wonder that Henry is also listed
   Award from the US Conference of         Henry is the author of three books and in Who’s Who in America and Who’s
   Mayors. In addition, the Los Angeles    received a National Endowment for the  Who in American Art.

The RB Rotary Club meets Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. at the Stoneridge Country Club at 17166 Country Club Lane in Poway.
          Address correspondence to the club at Box 28005, San Dingo, CA 92198. Telephone 858.485.5820.
                                                                                             career. In 1988 he moved to Rancho
                                                                                             Bernardo. His two sons graduated
           MEETING HIGHLIGHTS                                                                from Harvard; one is a medical doctor
                                                                                             and the other is a clergyman.

                         By Benita Page , Scribe Extraordinaire                              Member Recognition by Jim Edwards
                                                                                             included Susan Bleicher, a former club
          resident Jim Hyldahl called the                                                    member, who thanked Ann Calvert for

                                              at the meeting
          meeting to order. Bud Fellows       on February 16                                 introducing her to Rotary.
          led the Pledge of Allegiance and    for Valentines
    Paul Donick gave the Invocation.          Day and guests                                 Ann Calvert introduced our speaker,
    Larry Valente led us in singing America   are encouraged.                                Michael Marcotte, the News Director
    the Beautiful.                            The        next                                at KPBS. He is responsible for daily
                                              D i s t r i c t                                newscasts and the programs These
    The Greeter was Bud Fellows. Visiting     Assembly     is                                Days and Full Focus. KPBS’ mission
    Rotarians were Susan Bleicher from        March 25.                                      is to serve the community’s communi-
    San Diego Sunrise and Dick Van Ormer                               Benita Page           cation needs. Its largest audiences are
    from Morrison, IL. Our guests includ-     Larry Valente                                  children and older individuals. KPBS
    ed Gary Mancini, Steve LaPointe, and      discussed Rotarians at Work Day on             is situated for the digital age and is the
    Rick Risner.                              April 29. Various projects are being           first station in San Diego with digital
                                              considered and every Rotarian is asked         television and new digital radio trans-
    President Jim thanked Benita Page for     to contribute a few hours that day.            mission. Other highlights are pod-
    handling the Raffle and for being         Custom tee shirts will be available.           casting for downloading into I-Pods, a
    Scribe. He then thanked the club vol-     Hot meal drivers for route one are             Calexico station to transmit program-
    unteers who will act as Wild Animal       needed in February. The Flag Court             ming, a monthly community poll, and
    Park guides and as dinner hosts for 34    project funding of $6000 is completed          off-air outreach. Oral histories can be
    visitors from the International           with $2350 in pledges from club mem-           gathered by utilizing a traveling booth
    Assembly of District Governors.           bers and the balance from the club treasury.   where interviews can be recorded and
    Additional activities needing volun-                                                     later broadcast.
    teers are book packing for schools in            an Malloy announced golf at
    Mexico on February 19 and food pack-
    aging for the San Diego Food Bank on
    February 22.
                                              D      Oaks North on February 1 –
                                                     both 9 hole and 18 hole four-
                                              somes are available.
                                                                                             KPBS is part of a media partnership,
                                                                                             Envision San Diego, which identifies
                                                                                             the community’s needs for informa-
                                                                                             tion. By pooling its resources, local
    Bill McMahon reported that Carl           Jim Hyldahl asked that RBHS reading            media sponsored two major mayoral
    Hoffman is doing well.                    volunteers see him after the meeting.          forums last year. This year forums
                                              Also, additional volunteers are needed.        will be sponsored on the choice of a
         ohn O’Neill presented their first                                                   new airport site. Bill Bonner won the

    J    Paul Harris Fellowships to Tim
         Whyte and Diane Law. Multiple
                                              Who Am I was given by Eric Teutsch..
                                              Eric left Germany when he was 20 after
                                                                                             Raffle but did not draw the joker.

                                                                                                        ike Stelman shared what

    Paul Harris Fellow pins were awarded      spending some time in a concentration
    to Jim Hyldahl, John O’Neill, David       camp. He went to Salt Lake City, via                      Rotary means to him. To
    Brooks, and Benita Page.                  New York, where he spent 33 years and                     him the most important
                                              had a career in accounting. He met his         things in life are God, family, country
    Dan Malloy discussed International        wife there and they have been married          and Rotary. He firmly believes in
    Music Camp and the need for more vol-     for 62 years. Eric worked for a prede-         Rotary’s volunteer services and finds
    unteers especially someone to act as      cessor company of Beatrice Foods and           the gratitude of recipients touching;
    Secretary-Treasurer.                      then for Beatrice Foods. In 1974 he            however, it is easier to give than to
                                              moved to Amarillo and joined a New             receive. Some of the programs he
    Shirley Napierala announced the next      York based company – this is where he          cited are polio, wheelchairs, clean
    District Council was on Tuesday,          first joined Rotary. Eric used the prin-       water, and MicroCredit. Mike loves to
    February 7. Jerry Saunders will speak     ciples of the Four Way Test in his             help other people feel good.

                Web site of the club is Web site of Rotary International is
                 To submit information for this newsletter email Marty Judge at
                                       Rotary Golf: Meets 1st Wednesday of        Wednesday of each month at the San
  CALENDAR                             each month at the Oaks North Golf
                                       Course at 10 a.m. Reservations are a
                                                                                  Diego National Bank in the upstairs
                                                                                  conference room at 4 p.m.
                                       must! Call Dan Malloy for information.
                                                                                  Rotary Foundation Board: Meets
                                       Rotary Poker: Meets the 1st Thursday       the 4th Wednesday of every third
       Recurring Events                of each month at Stoneridge Country        month at 4 p.m. at Rancho Financial
                                       Club at 7 p.m. Reservations are neces-     in the conference room.
Rotary Club Meetings: Weekly on        sary. Contact Bill Sullivan for a reser-
Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.      vation and for more information.           Newsletter Deadline: Friday 5 p.m.
Buffet opens at 11:30 a.m. for early
birds to socialize.                    Rotary Board:         Meets the 3rd

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