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									                                                                                                                 Mercy Update December 2009
                                                                                                                                Includes 2008-2009 Annual Report
                                                        Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation
                                                                                                 The Holiday Spirit: Helping Mercy Make Wishes Come True
                                                                                                For more than a dozen years, Nancy
Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community

                                                                                                Thomas and her army of volunteers have
                                                                                                been playing Santa for children of parents
                                                                                                coming to Mercy‟s Friendship Center at
                                                                                                St. Elizabeth House in Hartford. Parents
                                                                                                give us their children‟s wish lists, and
                                                                                                Thomas, an employee at the state Depart-
                                                                                                ment of Mental Health and Addiction
                                                                                                Services, works with others in state agen-
                                                                                                cies to see that the wishes come true.

                                                                                                This year more than 200 children re-
                                                                                                quested gifts. Thomas posted the re-
                                                                                                quests of the first 51 children on a bulletin
                                                                                                board in her department. She distributed
                                                                                                the rest of the list to fellow head Santas
                                                                                                Karen Buckley-Bates and Jill Kentfield in
                                                                                                the Department of Public Health, which
                                                                                                shares the same Capitol Avenue building.
                                                                                                                                                  Nancy Thomas, left, and Jill Kentfield review the
                                                                                                Employees sign up on the bulletin boards          signup sheet posted at the state Department of
                                                                                                next to each name and agree to spend              Public Health listing the Christmas gift requests of
                                                                                                $50 on a child. “Our employees look for-          more than 100 children. State employees sign up
                                                                                                                                                  next to each name and agree to spend $50 per child.
                                                                                                ward to it every year,” said Kentfield.

                                                                                                Often the children are asking for some-         before Christmas, because the point is to have
                                                                                                thing much more basic than fancy toys.          them be the ones giving the presents, not Mercy.
                                                                                                “One year we had 40 to 50 kids between          It‟s the 26th year that Thomas has organized gift
                Page 2                                                                          the two agencies who wanted winter              drives at the state agencies for needy children.
                Women from                                                                      coats,” Thomas said. This year four chil-       She got the bug after learning of a child who
                UPS volunteer at                                                                dren on her list are asking for sheets and      wanted crayons and coloring books for Christmas
                St. Elizabeth                                                                   blankets.
                House                                                                                                                           because she had never had any. “To think there
                Page 3                                                                          When the gifts pile up at the state agen-       could actually be kids in the state of Connecticut
                                                                                                cies, Mercy picks them up in a van and          that couldn‟t have crayons was more than I could
                A Message from
                                                                                                takes them back to the Friendship Center.       possible deal with,” Thomas said. “We‟ve been
                Sister Pat
                                                                                                The parents come in to pick up the gifts        doing this ever since.”
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                Our Fiscal
                Picture                                                                            Gala At CityPlace Raises $100,000
                Pages 5–11
                2008-2009                                                                          It was a night of swinging music, delicious food, sizzling auctions and generous donors at
                                                                                                   the “Dreams Can Come True” gala Oct. 24 at CityPlace in Hartford, as Mercy Housing
                Donor List                                                                         and Shelter Corp. met its goal of raising $100,000 to fund its programs for ending home-
                Pages 5-11                                                                         lessness. Cityplace‟s three-story atrium, decorated in purple and green, provided a dra-
                Gala Photos                                                                        matic backdrop for the funky grooves of the Shaded Soul dance band, the “mashed po-
                Page 12                                                                            tato martini bar” of Max Downtown and the sleight of hand of David Culton. Despite the
                                                                                                   difficult economic times, about 275 people attended the event, 25 more than last year. “It
                                                                                                   was our best gala yet,” said Sister Patricia McKeon, Mercy‟s executive director. Photos
                2009                                                                               from the gala are included throughout the enclosed Annual Report.
   New Women’s Floor At St. Elizabeth                                                             Mercy Housing
                                                                                                 and Shelter Corp.
   Gets Makeover                                                                                 Board of Trustees
   No more pea green!                                                                                 Ken Rizzio, chair
                                                                                                 Richard Gentile, vice chair
   That could have been the rally-                                                                      Laura Bellotti
   ing cry of the women‟s leader-                                                                      Charles Brooks
   ship group from UPS, who spent                                                                     Ronald Cipriano
   Oct. 28 repainting all the fourth-                                                                   Steven Cote
   floor hallways for the new                                                                      Sister Claire Filippone
   women‟s floor at St. Elizabeth                                                                     William Kennedy
   House in Hartford. UPS also                                                                         Kathleen Lilley
   gave Mercy Housing and Shelter                                                                     Patricia McKinley
   Corp. a generous gift of $10,000                                                                   Catherine Mohan
   for the program. “We try to work                                                                    Austin Perkins
                                      UPS employees who helped paint the fourth-floor hall-
   with a group that really supports ways at St. Elizabeth House.                                     Kathleen Quigley
   women,” said Diane Hagi,                                                                       Sister Maureen Reardon
   employee relations manager for the UPS in Southern New England.                                     Bradley Venne
                                                                                                   Unoma Joyce Weekes
   About 15 volunteers repainted the walls in tan, then added a cream-colored stencil             Sister Patricia McKeon,
   across the middle. The hallway “went from pea green to that, so it was definitely an              executive director
   improvement,” Hagi said. The volunteers enjoyed meeting with some of the resi-
   dents. “It really brings home for the ladies [in the group], to go over and see these          Administrative Office
                                                 women, to see how fortunate we are,              211 Wethersfield Ave.
                                                 that you‟re able to do something,” Hagi
                                                                                                   Hartford, CT 06114
                                                                                                     (860) 808-2040
                                                                                                   Fax (860) 548-0692

                                                                                                    Catherine‟s Place
                                                                                                    Hartford, CT 06103
                                                                                                     (860) 247-7464

                                                                                                       Mercy House
     Steve Abshire, Director of Finance, and Carl                                                       Hartford, CT
     Rodenhizer, Associate Executive Director, ac-       UPS employee stenciling walls                (860) 808-2050
     cept $10,000 grant from Diane Hagi, UPS Em-
     ployee Relations Manager
                                                                                                    St. Elizabeth House
                                                                                                        118 Main St.
                                                                                                    Hartford, CT 06106
                                                                                                      (860) 808-2120

                                                                                                      Shepherd Home
                                                                                                       112 Bow Lane
                                                                                                   Middletown, CT 06457
                                                                                                      (860) 344-0766

                                                                                                Supportive Housing Services
                                                                                                   211 Wethersfield Ave.
                                                                                                    Hartford, CT 06114
                                                                                                      (860) 808-2050

                                                                                                      The Residence
                                                     UPS employee prepares walls
                                                                                                    2021 Albany Ave.
                                                     for painting
                                                                                                 West Hartford, CT 06117
            UPS employee painting
                                                                                                 (860) 570-8200 ext. 8306
                                  You can donate to Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp. using the
                                    enclosed envelope or online at

Page 2
 A Message from the Executive Director:
 Annual Report 2008-2009
Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp. succeeded in taking a number of steps in the 2008-2009 fiscal year toward the goal we
all share of helping to end homelessness in Connecticut. Besides helping hundreds of homeless people move to
permanent housing and caring for thousands of others, we also started expanding our services for women and
participating in a new federal program aimed at preventing people from ending up in shelters.
None of this could have been accomplished without the
dedication of our staff and of the many corporations, founda-
tions and individuals who gave generously to Mercy in so
many ways. For some of you, the gift was money; for others,
it was food or clothing; for still others, it was lending us your
time and skills by helping out in our offices or with our ser-
vices. To all of you who helped us close the gap between
what we receive in government funding and what we need to
operate our many programs, we say thank you.

Through our efforts last year, 244 people have gone from
living on the street to living in apartments or other
permanent housing. More than 5,500 different individuals
received meals, medical care, clothing or counseling. We
provided nearly 56,000 bed nights for people who had no        Sister Patricia McKeon, Executive Director, enjoys time with past
place to sleep.                                                Board member, Mary Onidi, at the 2009 Dreams Can Come True gala.

Besides our core services, we revamped our offerings for women to make them more effective. We reconfigured
the space at the Transitional Living Program at St. Elizabeth House in Hartford to accommodate more homeless women.
The fourth floor is now exclusively for women, with women-only case management, as we build on studies recognizing
that women have special needs best served by gender-specific programs. In addition, we restructured our program at
Catherine‟s Place in Hartford so that the 14 women there recovering from substance abuse receive more formal, on-site
treatment from the staff of Alcohol, Drug and Recovery Centers Inc.

We also broadened our range of services by applying for the new federal Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing
Program. After the close of the fiscal year, we learned that we had won contracts to administer the program in Hartford
and in Middlesex County, Meriden and Wallingford. The program, part of the federal Stimulus legislation, offers short-
term subsidies and other aid to people who have suffered temporary financial setbacks. The goal is to help 600 house-
holds in the two areas from losing their homes.

Other highlights from the last fiscal year (July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009):

        Our Friendship Center for day visitors at St. Elizabeth House served 66,600 meals in our Community Kitchen,
        fulfilled 7,585 service requests and hosted 3,300 medical consultations. The center‟s Family Services Program
        served more than 500 parents and children with counseling, back-to-school supplies, holiday parties and other
        events designed to strengthen family bonds.
        Our Transitional Living Program at St. Elizabeth and at Shepherd Home in Middletown housed 284 for-
        merly homeless, single adults over the course of the year. St. Elizabeth provides 48 rooms and Shepherd, 70
        rooms, for up to two years with three meals a day and case management to help clients recover from their
        homelessness and become independent again. One key to that is landing a job, and our Project Jump Start
        program at St. Elizabeth found employment for 90 out of 91 clients.

                                                                                                 Continued on page 4

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A Message from the Executive Director, Continued...
        We continued to offer permanent, subsidized housing with supportive services for formerly homeless individuals
        and families with special needs. We provided 94 units of scattered-site housing for households with HIV/AIDS or
        suffering from chronic homelessness and 12 beds at the Residence in West Hartford for individuals with psychi-
        atric disabilities. In addition, Mercy House in Hartford provided a group-home environment for nine individuals
        with HIV/AIDS.

In these times of economic troubles, we understand that everyone has choices to make. We hope that you will continue
to think of Mercy and its mission and consider making it a priority on your list of favorite charities.

Sister Patricia McKeon
Executive Director

Our Fiscal Picture
Every year Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp. relies on the generosity of foundations, corporations, individuals and oth-
ers to make up the difference between what it receives in government grants and in service fees and what it needs to
operate all its programs. Government grants typically cover about 80 percent of Mercy’s expenses; program fees
are paid by clients in our residential programs, about 5 percent. The remaining gap of about 15 percent we look to
fill from private grants, other cash dona-
tions and from revenue from special                    Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp.
events such as the annual gala.
                                                                           Fiscal Year 2008-2009
Although some of our services
are almost entirely funded by the
government, several of our chief
programs require substantial
donations each year. Our flagship
St. Elizabeth House in Hartford,
which offers a residential program
as well as a Community Kitchen
and other services for day visitors,
                                                                                                                            1. Friendship
needs over $200,000 in dona-                                                                                                    Center
tions. The $80,000 cost of Project                                                                                          2. St. Elizabeth
Jump Start, our highly successful                                                                                               House
                                                                                                                            3. Shepherd Home
jobs program for St. Elizabeth‟s                                                                                            4. Catherine‟s
residents, is entirely funded by                                                                                                Place
                                                                                                                            5. Mercy House
donations. In fiscal year 2009,                                                                                             6. Supportive
Catherine‟s Place, also in Hart-                                                                                                Housing
ford, which serves women recov-                                                                                             7. Ryan White
ering from substance abuse, re-                                                                                             8. Next Steps
lied on substantial donations.                                                                                              9. St. Mary‟s
Catherine‟s Place is now fully                                                                                              10. St. Elizabeth
funded. Shepherd Home, our resi-                                                                                                Respite
dential program in Middletown,
also requires significant dona-
tions. In addition, government                                                                 Total Revenues -      $ 5,107,344
grants only cover some of the                                                                  Total Expenses -        5,089,873
                                                                                               Surplus/(Deficit) -   $ 17,471
cost of our main staff and offices.
                                       * Program income consists of client fees and reimbursed veteran services
                                       ** Federal, state and local grants
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    With Thanks
    The following list of contributors reflects gifts to Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp. during the fiscal year July 1, 2008 to
    June 30, 2009. We would like to thank all of our donors for their loyal and generous support. Should you come across
    any errors or omissions, please accept our apology and report them to the Development Office at (860) 808-2055 or
    send email to

Anonymous Donors (46)                         Mr. and Mrs. David J. Blume
Ms. Ruth C. Abreu                             Ms. Dorothy C. Blythe
Mr. Stephen Abshire                           Mrs. Lee-Ann Boatwright
The Active Network Inc.                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bocchini
Mr. and Mrs. Justin J. Adinolfi               Ms. Kathleen Bolduc
Aetna Foundation                              Mr. Francis and Mrs. Maryann Boord
Aetna Foundation Matching Gifts Program       Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Botelho
Ahearn Family Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bourbeau
AHEPA 58                                      Mr. and Mrs. George N. Bowers, Jr.
Mr. James J. Ahern                            Ms. Martha and Mr. William Bowman
Ms. Rubi K. Alegria                           Mrs. Marylou L. and Dr. Ralph J. Bozza
Mr. Richard Alleyne                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Brady
Ms. and Mrs. Barrie Almond                    Ms. Elizabeth A. Branch
Mr. Stuart W. Alpert                          Ms. Karen L. Brand and
Alstom Power, Inc.                              Mr. Edward M. Cox, Jr.
Ms. Sheila Amdur                              Mr. Michael J. Brett
American Express Foundation                   Mrs. Carol Brewer
Ms. Grace M. Amodeo                           Ms. Marilyn L. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Anderson                 Ms. Mary M. Brockman
Mr. Constantine Andrews                       Ms. Lois V. Bromson
Ms. Joanne Andrews                            Mrs. Elizabeth C. Brophy
Andrulat Associates, LLC                      Mr. and Mrs. Harlan F. Brose
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Andryuk                  Mrs. Karen A. Brown
Angels On Assignment Christian Center         Mr. Marvin D. Brown
Ms. Margaret A. Annino                        Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Brown
The Rev. and Mrs. Carl J. Anton               Mr. and Ms. William M. Brown
Archdiocese of Hartford, Inc.                 Ms. Patricia and Mr. Richard P. Bruneau       Gala auctioneer the Honorable Nancy Wyman
Ms. Monica Arnold                             Bruyette Family Foundation                    during the live auction.
Ms. Marilyn Askenazer and Mr. Bradley Korth   Mr. Francis J. and Ms. Jean G. Buckley
Thomas J. Atkins Memorial Fund                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Burdett                Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cherlong
The Auerbach Schiro Foundation                Mrs. Shirley Burgh                            Mr. Steven C. and Mrs. Theresa M. Christy
Ms. Gilberta R. Augeri                        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Butterfield           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Chrosniak
Marilyn A. Bacon, M.D.                        Mr. and Mrs. David A. Calibey                 Church of St. Helena
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bainbridge            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Callen                 The Church of St. Timothy
Mr. Randy Baltz                               Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Camerota              Church of the Holy Family
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Banach                Reverend Thomas B. Campion                    Mrs. Elizabeth Cipkas
Dr. Nancy and Mr. Thomas Bancroft             Mrs. Madeline Cannon                          Citizens Bank
Bank of America                               Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Canny                   City of Hartford - Office of
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bannon                   Mrs. Eleanor N. Caplan                          Grants Management
Sister Cecilia Baranowski                     Mr. Nicholas R. Carbone                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Johannes M. Baris                Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Carden                Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Clawson
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Barron                  Mr. Vincent Cardillo                          Ms. Kathleen Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio A. Barros                Sister Judith Ann Carey                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Bartlett              Ms. Lorraine Cariseo                          Mr. and Mrs. John Coghill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barton                   Sister Susan Ann Carlin                       Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Cohn
Ms. Suzanne T. Battos                         Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Carlson                 Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Siobhan Collins
Bayer, Odlum & Hyde                           Ms. Amy Carragher                             Mrs. Christine Collyer
Laura A. Bellotti, Esq.                       Mr. and Mrs. Earl Carrel                      Dr. Joyce B. Comer
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bellucci                   Ms. Anne D. Carroll                           Community Club of So. Glastonbury
Mrs. Patricia A. Belton                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carroll                   Congregational Church of East Hampton
Mr. Jason W. Benedict                         Mrs. Julie Carter                             Ms. Ellen A. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Berrincha                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Casello                Mrs. Jean G. Conway
Ms. Loretta M. Berry                          Mr. and Mrs. Jack Casey                       Sister Mary Joan Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Best                 Ms. Henrietta Cass                            Sister Patricia P. Cook
Ms. Diane Betkoski                            Mr. Richard and Mrs. Dawn L. Cassada          Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bibisi                    Mr. Andrew J. Cataldi                         Ms. Katherine D. Coombs
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Bibisi                 The CBT Charitable Trust, Inc.                The Rev. Francis Cooney
Mr. John Bigos                                Ms. Jacqueline Ceberek                        Cooney, Scully and Dowling
Mr. Jonathan Bilmes and Ms. Barbara Becker    Ms. Veronica Champagne                        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Corbett
Dr. Thomas Binder                             Mr. Johnny L. and Mrs. Diane V. Charles       Ms. Ruthellen Corbett
Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.         The Cheryl Chase & Stuart Bear                Corporation For Independent Living
Ms. Michelle Blackburn                          Family Foundation, Inc.                     Corpus Christi Social Action Committee
Mr. Michael C. Blum and                       Sister Georgette Chasse                       Mr. Douglas J. Corr
  Ms. Monica C. Prokop                        Mr. and Mrs. William Chasse                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Corrigan
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Chatinover

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                                                    DuBose Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cosgrove, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Duffy              Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Mary Lou Costanzo                              Ms. Jane M. Duffy                              Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Costas                        Ms. Nancy D. Dugas                             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Flaherty
Ms. Ann Costello                                    Ms. Cynthia L. Duncan                          Ms. Rita C. Flanigan
Mr. Richard L. Cote                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. John L. Flannery
Mrs. Roberta and Mr. Richard Cote                                                                  Flatbread Canton, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Cote                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Fleming
Ms. Patricia M. Coughlin                                                                           Mr. Thomas A. Flower
Courant Community Fund                                                                             Ms. Alice K. Flynn
Dr. Brian W. Courtney and                                                                          Ms. Millicent Flynn
  Mrs. M. C. Courtney                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John S. Foley
Mr. Wayne Cowell                                                                                   Ms. Patricia A. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Crandall                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Foley, Jr.
Sister M. Gerald Creeden                                                                           Mr. Stephen Fontana
Reverend Robert W. Cronin                                                                          Foodshare Commission of Greater Hartford
Sister Mary Theresa Crowley                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James W. Foote
CT Dept. of Mental Health &                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. F. Bernard Forand
  Addiction Services                                                                               Dr. Stuart M. and Dr. Amy L. Forman
CT Dept. of Social Services                                                                        Mr. Mark and Mrs. Robyn Fortier
The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Frawley
  Memorial Foundation                                                                              Ms. Janet Frazao
Ms. Barbara Cunningham                                                                             Ms. Kathleen Freeburg
Sister Clarice Cunningham          Gala guest, Raymond Peterson, purchases dates on Mercy’s Food   Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Fulco, III
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Curran            for a Day calendar.                                             Ms. Wendy H. Furniss
Mrs. Melody A. and                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fusco
  Mr. Donald M. Currey                              Ms. Kathleen J. Duncan                         Ms. Gail L. Gaboriault
CVS Caremark Charitable Trust                       Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Dunlap, Jr.              Mr. Pat and Mrs. Ellen Gaetano
Ms. Sandy Czunas                                    Mr. Peter R. Dunn                              Mr. Joseph T. Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D'Amato Jr.                    Durham Dental                                  Ms. Judith Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy D'Errico                         Mr. and Mrs. William Early                     Ms. Berthe L. Gagne
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Ann Dahlstrom                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Eckberg                 Mr. Philip Gagnon
Mr. John L. and Mrs. Constance E. Daigle            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Edelson                 Ms. Joan Gallagher and Mr. David McKinley
Ms. Lorraine Daigle                                 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Egan                      Ms. Joan P. Galliher
Dr. Wayne Dailey and Ms. Leslie D. Sandin           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eleck                     Ms. Marilda M. Gandara
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Dal Zin                       Ms. Victoria Elia                              Romilda Garet-Neville
Sister Irene Danaher                                Ms. Kathy Ellis                                Ms. Linda Garneau
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Danaher                        Episcopal Diocese of CT                        Paul and Mary Garofalo Fund
Mr. Thomas D. Daniels                               Dr. Michael J. Esposito                        Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Kathleen Garrity
Daughters of the Holy Spirit                        Ms. Patricia Evans                             Mr. Christopher Gates
Daughters of the Holy Spirit                        Mr. Timothy H. Everett                         Mr. Chris Gaudreau
Ms. Helen A. Daugirda                                  and Ms. Lucy G. Potter                      Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gavin, Jr.
Ms. Charmaine Davis                                 Mr. Gerard A. Fahy                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gaynor
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Davis                       Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Clare Fahy                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Geib
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Deacon                           Sister Mary Catherine Fahy                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gentile
Sister Elaine Theresa Deasy                         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Fahy                   Ms. Carol A. Gershenson
Aldo DeDominicis Foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Fancher, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Gerundo, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy Dee                                     Reverend James G. Fanelli                      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Getek
Sister Mary Ann DeFrancesco                         Mr. William H. and Mrs. Ruth Farley            GFWC/CT, Newington & Wethersfield
Delta Kappa Gamma Epsilon Chapter                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Farrell                  Women's Club
Mr. Frank DeLuca                                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Farrell                Mr. and Mrs. Myles P. Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Dennehy Jr.                  Mr. Thomas J. Farrell                          Ms. Margaret B. Gill
Sister Beverly Ann Derbacher                        Mr. Brian A. Farrelly                          Mr. Joseph Gionfriddo
Ms. Teresa M. Desopo                                Mr. John A. Farrelly                           Ms. Elizabeth H. Gladfelter
Mr. Andrew C. Dickerson                             Ms. Patricia Fay                               Dr. Morton and Dr. Irene Glasser
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Difazio                           Mr. Thornton J. and Mrs. Susan N. Fay Jr.      Glastonbury Jewelers
Mr. John S. DiGirolamo                              Sister Marylouise Fennell                      Mr. John S. Gleason
Ms. Mildred A. Dimock                               Mr. Zaimis Fernandes                           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Godar
Ms. Sharon L. Dingle                                Ms. Nancy Fightlin                             Arthur and Elizabeth Godbout
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Doherty                     Mr. Francis Filippone                            Family Foundation, Inc.
Sister Mary Ida Dolan                               Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Finigan                   Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation, Inc
Ms. Janice Dombrowski                               First Church of Christ Congregational,         Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Gough
Ms. Catherine E. Dondanville                           Glastonbury                                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Donnelly                     First Congregational Church of Bloomfield      Tenesha Grant
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Donovan                        First Congregational Church of Cromwell        Ms. Vera Grant
Sister Eileen Marie Dooling                         First Congregational Church of Granby          Mr. Philip Gravel
Dorcus Society Bethany Lutheran Church              First Congregational Church of Haddam          Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Gray
Ms. Vicki A. Dougherty                              First Congregational Church of Portland        Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Davida Greacen
Ms. Suzanne S. Doyle                                First Congregational Church of Westbrook       Greater Hartford Combined
Mr. and Ms. John Driscoll                           Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Fischer                 Federal Campaign
Mr. Patrick L. Driscoll                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Fischer                 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Green, Jr.
Mr. Thomas M. Driscoll                              Fisher Foundation, Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. James Greenfield
  and Ms. Patricia Teufel                           Ms. Geraldine P. Fitzgerald                    Ms. Barbara A. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Drisdelle                                                                     Mr. James M. Griffin, Jr.

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Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Griffin            International Brotherhood of                Mr. and Mrs. Julien L. Lazar
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Grimes                Electrical Workers                       The Rev. James F. Leary
Ms. Rita C. Griswold                    Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Into                  Ms. Ann D. Leavitt
Mr. and Mrs. William & M. Grothaus      IT Direct                                   Ms. Joan D. Leavitt
Ms. Ellen S. Guertin                    It's a Miracle Group                        Mr. and Mrs. David LeBlanc
Mr. Bill Gullotta                       ITW Foundation                              Ms. Sylvia Lecky
Mr. Alex Gurshman                       Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Jackley               Mr. Charles T. LeConche
Ms. Marie S. Gustin                     Sister Jeanne Jackson                       Ms. Jennifer Lefkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Guzofski         Mr. and Mrs. Kendall J. Jackson             Mr. Michael Leifert and Mrs. Joann M. Leifert
Ms. Cynthia M. Gworek                   The Rev. Charles E. Jacobs                  Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Lemmer
Hadlyme Congregational Church           Ms. Anne M. Jednorowicz                     Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Barbara Leonard
Mr. Joshua Hagstrom                     Mr. Clifford V. Johnson                     Ms. Gretchen Levesque
Mark B. Haims, D.M.D.                   Mrs. Julia Ann Johnson                      The Honorable George Levine
Ms. Mary S. Haley                       Ms. L. Margarita Johnson                    Liberty Bank Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall                Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Johnson, Jr.        Ms. Kathleen Lilley
Ms. Janet Hall                          Mr. Steven and Mrs. Donna Johnson           Lilly Foundation USD
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hallisey         Therese M. Johnson                          Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lindberg
Ms. Rebecca B. Hallock                  Jonathan & Williams Advertising             Mr. John R. Linden
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Halloran III     Mr. Raymond Jones                           Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lloyd
Ms. Jean Hamilton                       Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan                 Mr. Santo A. LoBrutto
Mr. Thomas A. and                       Ms. Janet R. Joseph                         Mr. Joseph Lombardo
  Mrs. Dianne M. Handrahan              Journey Home                                Mr. and Mrs. Jan A. Lommele
Ms. Sharon Hanrahan                     Ms. Anastasia Kalvoda                       George and Grace Long Foundation
Ms. Claudia Hart                        Mr. Randy Kaplan                            Sister Theresa Helen Looby
Ms. Kathleen Hart                       Ms. Marie J. Kapoor                         Mr. Rafael Lopez
Hartford Federal Credit Union           Mr. and Mrs. Murray Katz                    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Loveland
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving   Ms. Marien A. Kauklys                       Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Lubchansky
Hartford Hospital                       Mr. Mathew Keasbey                          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Lubozynski
Hartford Hospital Staff                 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Keily               Sister Margaret Luby
Ms. Martha Hartle                       Ms. Sandra Kelly                            Ms. Lois Luddy
Mr. David Haught                        Dr. Kathleen A. Kennedy                     Ms. Patricia A. Luhan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hayash              Mr. and Mrs. William Kennedy                Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lurate
Ms. Evelyn D. Haydusky                  Ms. Barbara B. Kennelly                     Ms. Bernice T. Luscinskas
Mr. Sean P. Hayes                       Kids N U Inc.                               Lux Bond & Green
HCC Global Financial Products, LLC      The Rev. Eugene Kilbride                    Ms. Ann M. Lynch
Mr. Christopher Healy                   Ms. Mary Jean Kilfoil                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lynch
  and Ms. Suzan M. Bibisi               Mr. and Mrs. John D. Killeen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henderson          Mrs. Elizabeth L. Kingsley
Ms. Irene Hendrickson                   Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Herbert         The Rev. Frederick Klimowicz
Ms. Keryann Heron                       Sister Mary Alice Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herron              Mr. John J. Kliska, Jr.
Ms. Noreen Hickson                      Ms. Karen S. Kloter
Sister Mary Etta Higgins                Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Knierim Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hill            Knights of Pythias
Mr. Eric Hodge                          Ms. Linda Knoedler
Ms. Deborah Hoffman                     Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Kolodziej
Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kononchik
  Foundation                            Ms. Julianne Konopka
Sister Rita Clare Hoffner               Sister Paula Marie Koplar
Mr. Daniel T. Hogan                     Ms. S. M. Kowack
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Holden           Ms. Karen Kowalski
Aaron Hollander Fund                    Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Krause
Simon Hollander Fund                    Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holleran          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kulesa
Sister Irene Holowesko                  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Labbe
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Holzinger          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Labbe
Mrs. Lois D. Horan                      Mr. and Mrs. Steven Labbe
Sister Julie Horvath                    Mr. and Mrs. P. A. LaCava
Mr. Eugene C. Hoyt                      Mr. and Ms. John A. LaForest-Roys
Mr. and Mrs. Myles N. Hubbard           Mr. Wally and Mrs. Christine Lamb
Ms. Mary Ann Hubert                     Mr. and Mrs. James F. Landolina
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Huebner         Ms. Noella Lapierre
Mr. Paul M. Hughes                      Mr. Stephen W. Larcen and
Ms. Marion R. Hultin                       Ms. Susan M. Graham
Ms. Alice E. Hurlburt                   Ms. Fay H. Larson                       Board chair Ken Rizzio welcomes gala guests and
Ms. Deborah Hurst                       Mr. Glen Larson                         thanks committee members and organizers.
Ms. Katherine M. Hynes                  Congressman John B. Larson
Ms. Cathy Iacovazzi                     Rep. Timothy D. and Mrs. Nancy Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ibitz               Sister Lorraine Catherine Lavigne           Ms. Margaret A. Machnicki
ING Community and Volunteer             Ms. Eleanor Lawlor                          Mr. Craig Maciolek
  Matching Gifts Programs               Mr. Jacob Lawrence                          Ms. Beatrice Mackenzie
                                        Ms. Joanne Lawson                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Madey

                                                                                                                     Page 7
Mr. James A. Magennis                            Mr. Robert C. McNally                        Mr. and Mrs. J. M. O'Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mahoney                       Ms. Margaret McNamara                        Sister Margaret O'Neill
Mr. William E. Mahoney                           Mr. Loel Meckel                              Sister Mary Ann O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Mailhot                  Ms. Lindsey R. Meehan                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah O'Sullivan
Ms. Candace M. Majewski                          Mr. Vincent J. and Mrs. Dona Mellon          The Oaklawn Foundation
Mr. and Ms. Peter A. Malinowski                  Mrs. Allen W. Melville                       Mr. and Mrs. Louis Obermeier
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Mangini                    The Melville Charitable Trust                Mr. and Mrs. Erich Ohlendorf
Mangini Family Foundation                        Memorial United Methodist Church             Mr. and Mrs. James D. Oleksiw
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mann                       Mercy Action, Inc.                           Mr. John Oliver
Ms. Virginia P. Manning                          Mercy High School                            Ms. Julian Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marallo                      Mercy High School Students                   Mr. and Mrs. David N. Oliveria
Mr. and Mrs. Tony March                          Ms. Ann B. Metelsky                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Olson
Mr. John T. Marenholtz                           Father William R. Metzler                    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Onidi
Ms. Elizabeth M. Markham                         Mr. Michael Michaud                          Ms. Marie J. Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Marold, Jr.                 Middlesex Fruitery, Inc.                     Ms. Greta Owens
Marsh USA Inc.                                   Middlesex United Way                         Mr. and Mrs. Lino D. Paganetti
Mr. Robert Martin                                Mr. Edmund A. Mikolowsky                     Ms. Nicolina A. Pallone
Mr. David Martineau                                and Ms. Eileen M. Marks                    Ms. Judith Palmisano
Mr. and Mrs. James Martucci                      Mr. Adam Miller                              Mr. and Mrs. Achilles J. Pappano
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Martucci                   Mr. and Mrs. James D. Miller                 Sister Victoria Marie Paradis
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Mass                         Mr. & Mrs. Maynard R. Miller, Jr.            Park Hardware Co., Inc.
MassMutual Life Insurance                        Mr. and Mrs. William T. Miller               Ms. Joyce M. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Nunzio L. Mastromarino              Mr. Anthony R. Milner                        Ms. Carol Pasternak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mathieu                   Ms. Linda C. Miron                           Ms. Mary L. Patrina
Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Matson                     Mr. Robert M. Mittica                        Ms. Sarah L. Peaslee
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Maurer, III                Mrs. Catherine J. Mohan                      Mr. and Mrs. William R. Peelle, Jr.
Ms. Claire A. May                                  and Mr. Brendan J. Hallisey                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pelletier
Sister Mary Janice May                           Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore                   Mr. David A. and Mrs. Laura G. Pels
Mr. and Mrs. George Mazaitis                     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Moore            Dr. and Dr. William P. Pennoyer
Mr. and Mrs. M. Michael Maznio                   Mrs. James R. Moriarty                       Ms. Dorothy Perkins
Ms. Rita A. McCabe                               Ms. Mary F. Moriarty                         Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Perody, Jr.
Mr. Matthew F. McCaffrey                         Mr. Nicholas R. Morizio                      Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Perreault
  and Ms. Sara A. Lourie                         Mr. and Mrs. John Morosky                    Mr. Alfred D. Perugini Jr.
McCarter & English LLP                           Ms. June Morris                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Peters
Sister Mary Agnes McCarthy                       Bernardine Morris-Thielert                   Mr. Jeremy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice McCarthy                    The William and Alice Mortensen Foundation   Mr. Thomas W. and Mrs. Emily N. Pettit
Ms. Patricia F. McClure                          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Moynihan             Anne E. Pidano and Alan H. Lake
Ms. Daphne McCoy                                 Ms. Sarah Mullane                            Pitney Bowes Matching Gifts Program
Mr. James and Mrs. Elizabeth McCullagh           Mr. and Mrs. Garrell S. Mullaney             Mr. and Mrs. John H. Politis
Mr. John McDermott                               Reverend Monsignor William J. Mullen         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Porth
McDonald Family Trust                            Dr. Patricia A. Mulready                     Mr. Edward A. Pouzar
Ms. Judith G. McDonough                          Ms. Anne M. Murphy                           Lucien B. & Katherine E. Price Foundation
Ms. Mary-Gertrude McDonough                      Ms. Celia A. Murphy                          PriceWaterhouse Coopers, LLP
Sister Janice McFarland                          Ms. Clare Murphy                             Benjamin S. Proto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. McGrath                  Ms. Constance D. Murphy                      Kenneth L. Przybysz, LLC
Ms. Theresa B. McGrath                           Sister Marita Charles Murphy                 Mr. Brian Pskowski
Mrs. Rita McGuiness                              Ms. Maureen Murphy                           Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cathy A. Puleo
Dr. and Mrs. Barry R. McGuire                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Murphy                Pullman & Comley, LLC
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Murray, III             Mrs. Kathleen M. and Mr. Kyle Quigley
                                                 Mr. Jim Murray                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Quinn
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Murray                  Ms. Valerie Raggio and Mr. David Desiderato
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Murtha                Ms. Anne E. Randazzo
                                                 Mutual of America                            Mr. Robert A. Randich
                                                 Ms. Valerie Nakonechny                       Sister Eleanor Rathburn
                                                 Mr. Nicholas J. Nardi                        Raffle Raymond
                                                 National Financial Services, LLC             Ms. Theresa Raymond
                                                 Mr. Robert C. Neuman                         Red Shadows LLC DBA Spris
                                                 NewAlliance Foundation, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Reder
                                                 Mr. Nicholas E. Newcaster                    Ms. Dora F. Reese
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nichols                 Ms. Julile Regan
                                                 Mr. Daniel G. and Mrs. Myra Niver            The Reid & Riege Foundation, Inc.
                                                 Noble, Spector, Young & O'Connor, P.C.       Mr. and Mrs. Euler A. Restrepo
Magician David Culton entertains guests at the   Ms. Suzanne Nolan and                        Mr. Kevin N. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Reynolds
gala.                                              Mr. Christopher Wagner                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rhodes
                                                 Dr. Michael Norko                            Ms. Susan L. Richards
Ms. Mary C. McGunnigle                           Norwich Roman Catholic Diocesan Corp.        Mr. Christopher M. Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McGurkin                 Notre Dame Church, Durham                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rizzio
Mr. and Mrs. James McKeon                        Ms. Barbara D. Novak                         Mr. John E. Brymer, Jr. and
Sister Patricia M. McKeon                        Dr. and Mrs. James E. O'Brien                  Ms. Geraldine A. Roberts
Ms. Patricia A. McKinley                         Ms. Mary M. O'Brien                          Ms. Renee Roberts
Mr. Earl F. McMahon and Ms. Dina Plapler         Mrs. Hannah O'Connor                         Charles Nelson Robinson Fund
Sister Mary Frances McMahon                      Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Gorman                Mr. and Mrs. William G. Rock
P. Faith McMahon                                 Mrs. Laverne M. O'Malley                     Rocky Hill Congregational Church

Page 8
                                                                                           United Way of Central and
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rodrigue                    St. Albans Episcopal Church                  Northeastern Connecticut
Mr. Curt J. Roessler                           St. Bernard School                          United Way of Greater Waterbury
Ms. Michele Rosenberg                          St. Elizabeth Seton Roman Catholic Church   United Way of the Central Naugatuck
Rotary Club of East Hartford                   St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center      Valley, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotenberg                 St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral         United Way of West Central CT
Mr. and Ms. Joel J. Rottner                    St. James School                            Mrs. Patricia M. Unkrich
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Rowland, Jr.         St. James's Church, West Hartford           Mr. William B. Upholt and
Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Ryan                     St. John's Episcopal Church                  Ms. Mary Lee Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ryan                    St. Joseph College                          Uptown Consignment
Mr. John Ryan and Ms. Loren Ambinder           St. Joseph Fraternity                       Mr. and Mrs. David Urbanik
Sister Rosemary Ryan                           St. Justin Church                           Ms. Marjorie R. Usher
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan                         St. Mary Catholic School                    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Vandevanter
Ryan Business Systems, Inc.                    St. Mary Gift Shop                          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Varesio
Ms. Ellen S. Ryczek                            St. Mary's Convent
Mr. Robert E. Rykowski                         St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church
S. R. Weiner & Associates, Inc.                St. Paul's League of Sacred Heart
Mrs. Roberta Saal                              St. Paul's Parish
Sacred Heart Church - Suffield                 Ms. Evelyn St. Pierre
Ms. Leita F. Sadowski                          Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Staehly
Ms. Sheila M. Sale                             The Stanley Works Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Sampieri                  State-Wide Electric
Mr. Michael A. Sansevero                       Mrs. Elizabeth Stavola
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Santoro Jr.              Mr. Eric Stearns
Mr. and Mrs. John Sardo                        Ms. Marilyn Steinmetz
Mr. Edward D. Marlowe                          Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Stern
  and Mrs. Barbara A. Sarrantonio              Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stoltze
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Satalino                Ms. Laura Stone
Ms. Jessica Satonick                           Ms. Martha Stone
Ms. Judith E. Saunders                         Ms. Ann Marie Stoppleworth
SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Storey
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schawiak                   Mr. Ian Straus
Ms. Janet Schmaltz                             Ms. Leah Stroman
Ms. Carol S. Schmidt                           Mr. Jose A. Suarez
Mrs. Barbara A. Schnabel                       Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. J. David Schnatz                  Ms. Margaret M. Sullivan
Sister Marie Christel Scholl                   Mr. and Ms. Stephen E. Sunderland
Ms. Laurie Schwartz                            Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Suter
Mr. Neil J. Scott and Ms. Melissa D. Haseley   Ms. Kathleen M. Swanton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Seery                   Mrs. and Mr. Mary D. Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Seifel                    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Swercewski            Gala guests look at Silent Auction items.
Mr. Nicholas Seiser                            SWI Glass & Metal
Ms. Beverly Sesko                              Ms. Monika Szarejko                         Ms. Renate A. Varricchio
Mrs. Louise M. Setaro                          Dr. and Mrs. John J. Sziklas                Ms. Mary L. Vasquez
Ms. Elizabeth Shaker                           Mr. and Mrs. Len J. Tartaglia               Mr. Bradley Venne
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Shannon                     TD Charitable Foundation                    Ms. Denise Venne
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Shannon                The Technology Group, LLC                   Ms. Dolores M. Vinci
Ms. Margaret Ann Shea                          Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Testa                Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America
  and Mr. Timothy S. McCarthy                  Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Testa                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vochis
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Kirsten Sheehan             Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Theodore Jr.            Mr. Frederick Von Pechmann
Eileen L. Shekosky, LCSW                       Ms. Nancy A. Thomas                         Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ms. Elizabeth B. Sheridan                      Ms. Serlena G. Thomas                       Mr. Gerald P. Waite
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Siegel                   Ms. Vickie Thomas                           Wal-Mart Foundation
Ms. Carmen Sierra                              Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thorpe, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Jean F. Walden
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Rayae Sikes               Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Thurston              Mr. and Mrs. Grant Walker
Sister Jane H. Silk                            TJX Foundation                              Ms. Anne E. Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Silva                    Sister Mary Frederick Tkacz                 Mr. and Mrs. Garry Wallace
Simms Memorial C. O. G. I. C.                  Mr. Steven and Mrs. Caryn Toffolon          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walsh
Ms. Ann Sinatra                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Toner               Mrs. Patricia Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Sinatro                 Ms. Maria Torres                            Ms. Lois M. Waters
Olga Sipolin Children's Fund                   Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Trahan              Ms. Rose Waugh
Siracusa Moving & Storage Service Co., Inc.    TRANE                                       Webster Bank
Sisters of Mercy, New Britain                  Travelers Foundation                        Ms. Unoma Joyce Weekes
Sisters of Mercy, New Haven                    Mr. Joseph H. Tully                         Ms. Denise Weeks
Sisters of Mercy, Pawtucket                    Sister Kathleen Turley                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weingarden
Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Twachtman Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. James Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Skoge                       Tzedakah House LLC                          Wells Fargo Advisors
Ms. Maryann M. Smialowski                      U. S. Department of Housing and             Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wentworth
Ms. Barbara Smith                                Urban Development                         Westminster Presbyterian Church
Mr. Halvor C. Sornson                          Ms. Eleanor B. Ubaldini                     Mr. Paul G. Wetowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Sorvillo                  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Uhl                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Spada                   Mr. and Mrs. P. Umashankar                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whinnem
Ms. Linda Jo Spencer                           Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden    Mrs. Kathryn Ann D. Whitford
Ms. Maxine Spitzler                            United Way of America

                                                                                                                              Page 9
                                             Sister Carol Frances Beaudoin                  Bernie and Nancy Guyotte
                                                  in honor of Ron and Lou Gerace                 in honor of Michele and Jack Scanlon
                                             Mrs. Lil Freeman Beauvilliers                  Mr. and Ms. Steve Haggerty
                                                  in honor of Anthony Kennedy                    in honor of Karen Brand
                                                  in honor of Sister Laureen Freeman        Ms. Linda Hanson
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Philip I. Blumberg                     in honor of Lisa Viola
                                                  in honor of Ms. Lisa Blumberg             Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hatch
                                             Mr. Paul Campanelli                                 in honor of Austin Hatch
                                                  in honor of Jody Dechirico                Ms. Michelle and Ms. Natalie Joseph
                                             Mrs. Madeline Cannon                                in honor of Douglas Joseph
                                                  in honor of Sharon Lynch                  Ms. Adele M. Kasinskas
                                             Sister Mary Jane Card                               in honor of Sister Pauline Semko
                                                  in honor of Rev. Michael A. Palmer        Sister Ruth Ellen Kelly
                                             Sister Mary Jane Card                               in honor of Rev. Terry Kristofak, CP
                                                  in honor of Elizabeth and Leon Card       Ms. Barbara B. Kennelly
                                             Mr. and Mrs. David Casey                            in honor of Sisters at Mount
Gala guests Ann Fulco and Congressman John        in honor of Sister Sheila Casey                St. Joseph's Academy
Larson.                                      Sister Sheila Casey                            Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Kirchner
                                                  in honor of DJ Casey                           in honor of the Cloverdale Circle
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Chauvin                      Neighbors
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wierl                        in honor of Harold Pellegrino             Mr. David C. and Mrs. Noreen Knortz
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Wilbur, Jr.          Ms. Margaret F. Collins                             in honor of Mary Kate Kearney
Ms. Evelyn V. Williams                            in honor of Norma Pelletier               Ms. Mary W. Larkin
Ms. Mary L. Williams                              in honor of Carol Gourlie                      in honor of the Larkin family
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. WIlliams                   in honor of Marianne Tomassone            Ms. Eleanor Lawlor
Mr. Ronald D. Williams                            in honor of Marie Smyth                        in honor of the Lawlor Family
Mr. Randall S. Wilson                        Ms. Ruthellen Corbett                          Ms. Mary F. LeFebvre
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Winter                     in honor of Allan Morgan                       in honor of Rita Bliss
The Wiremold Foundation, Inc.                     in honor of Frony Ward                    Mr. Warren Leib and Mrs. Carrie O. Leib
The Solomon and Katie Wohl Foundation             in honor of Elizabeth Corbett                  in honor of Gertie and Morris Lerner
Andy Schatz and Barbara Wolf                      in honor of Dave Goforth                  Ms. Agnes H. Looney
 Family Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Critelli                     in honor of Mary Kate Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woodhouse                    in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Brian Courtney   Sister Margaret Luby
Ms. Florence Woodiel                         Sister Mary Theresa Crowley                         in honor of Robert Desmond
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Woodward                    in honor of Sister Carol Beaudoin         Mr. Robert F. Mathis
Ms. Jeannine M. Wyszkowski                   Mrs. Sue Curnias                                    in honor of Sister Margaret Ann Mathis
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Yacavone                        in honor of Pat Moore                     Mr. John S. Murtha
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yackow                   Ms. Catherine M. Daly                               in honor of Catherine M. D'Amato
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Teresa Yacovone                in honor of the Ed Daly Family            Sister Fay Frances O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Yandow                      in honor of the Mike Daly Family               in honor of the O'Brien Family
Ms. Barbara Yard                                  in honor of the Pat Daly Family           Mr. David M. and Mrs. Laurene Oleasz
Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Young                  Ms. Anne Delaney                                    in honor of Mary Kate Kearney
Ms. Megan M. Youngling                            in honor of Timothy Dionne                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Onidi
Ms. Lorraine M. Yu                           Mr. and Mrs. Costanzo Demarsilis                    in honor of Raymond Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zaffetti                        in honor of Sister Ann O'Neill                 in honor of Shirley Onidi
Mr. and Mrs. John Zaleski                    Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Dennehy Jr.             Mrs. Patricia H. Pabich
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Zampano                     in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coppa         in honor of Ed Pabich's Birthday
Ms. Barbara Zaniewski                        Karen S. Devassy, M.D.                         Mr. James E. Pabich
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Jeffrey Zeman                   in honor of Marianna Devassy-Schwob            in honor of Edward Pabich's Birthday
Mrs. Ilse Zeno                               Sister Mary Catherine Fahy                     Ms. Shyamala Raman
Ms. Josephine Zielski                             in honor of Rev. Henry Cody                    in honor of Sister Dorothy O'Dwyer
                                             Mr. Robert Filippone                           Ms. Barbara L. Reid
Gifts given in honor of                           in honor of Sister Claire Filippone            in honor of Esther Green
                                             Ms. Susan M. Filippone                         Ms. Teresa P. Reilly
Anonymous                                         in honor of Sister Claire Filippone            in honor of Sister Maureen Reardon
     in honor of Juanito Abellanosa          Ms. Margaret M. Folse                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ryan
Anonymous                                         in honor of Ms. Elonie Smith                   in honor of Sister Mary McCarthy
     in honor of Sister Elaine Deasy         Sister Judith A. Fortune                       Ms. Marcia Scholl
Anonymous                                         in honor of Sister Elaine Deasy                in honor of Sister Christel Scholl
     in honor of Mary Kate Kearney           Ms. Sally D. Franz                                  in honor of Sister Christel Nolan
Anonymous                                         in honor is Sister Eileen Hogan           Sister Marie Christel Scholl
     in honor of Sister Patricia McKeon      Ms. Lydia Geduldig                                  in honor of the Sisters of Mercy
Anonymous                                         in honor of Richard Luedke                     of Connecticut
     in honor of Sister Mary Michael Moore   Mr. Isadore Gershman                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Schubach
Sister Barbara Allaire                            in honor of Ms. Margaret Birk                  in honor of Ellen S. Guertin's Birthday
     in honor of the Allaire Family          Ms. Carol Gourlie                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Schubach
Ms. Joanne Andrews                                in honor of Margaret Collins                   in honor of Ellen S. Guertin
     in honor of Rose and John Czop          Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Margaret Goz               Mr. Peter and Mrs. Carrie S. Schwartz
     in honor of Joseph Czop                      in honor of Sister Sheila Casey                in honor of Mary Kate Kearney
     in honor of John Czpo Jr.               Ms. Rita C. Griswold                           Mr. William M. Shaughnessy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Arabolos                     in honor of Msgr. Michael J. Motta             in honor of Greg Loveland
     in honor of Debra Pouliot               Mr. and Mrs. Corrado Guerrieri                 Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community, Inc.
                                                  in honor of Sal                                in honor of Sister Patricia McKeon

Page 10
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Dennehy Jr.              Ms. Mary Ann Hubert
Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community, Inc.
                                                          in memory of Rev. Ernest J. Coppa               in memory of Cynthia Guertin
     in honor of Sister Margaret O'Neill
                                                     Mrs. Lisa B. DePietro                           Ms. Michelle and Ms. Natalie Joseph
     in honor of Sister Maureen Reardon
                                                          in memory of Mr. Sheridan                       in memory of Samuel Joseph
     in honor of Sister Mary Alice Synkewecz
                                                     Sister Beverly Ann Derbacher                    Sister Agnes Frances Kiely
Ms. Maryann M. Smialowski
                                                          in memory of Emma and Robert                    in memory of Steven Haydusky
     in honor of Sister M. Frederick Tkacz,
                                                          Derbacher                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kingston Jr.
     75th Jubilarian
                                                     Ms. Frances M. Digregorio                            in memory of Sister Thomasina Cattafe
Ms. Lillian Solari
                                                          in memory of David Gauthier                Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Knierim
     in honor of Joan Callegon
                                                     Ms. Rose Diskavich                                   in memory of Paul Laffin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Surprenant
                                                          in memory of Stanley J. Diskavich          Mr. and Mrs. P. A. LaCava
      and Family
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius M. Dowd                       in memory of LaCava family
     in honor of Sister Maureen Reardon's
                                                          in memory of Joseph E. Navin               Mr. Doug Lea
     50th Anniversary
                                                     Ms. Elaine J. Driscoll                               in memory of Don Ahearn
Ms. Kathleen J. Swift
                                                          in memory of Helen and Lee Losi            Ms. Norma Maine
     in honor of Grace Mannion's
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Allan T. Driscoll                       in memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
     60th Anniversary
                                                          in memory of Rev. Msgr. Michael                 Evert Goff
Ms. Kathleen J. Swift
                                                          Davitt Fox                                 Ms. Mary E. Mannion
     in honor of Sister Mary Etta Higgins
                                                     Ms. Cynthia L. Duncan                                in memory of James and Grace Mannion
Ms. Nancy A. Thomas
                                                          in memory of Paul Keppler                  Sister Patricia M. McKeon
     in honor of her brother, James Bennett
                                                     Mrs. Amy K. Dupuis                                   in memory of Josephine Keating
Mr. Timothy D. Ward
                                                          in memory of Raynald R. Dupuis             Mr. Timothy McKeon
     in honor of Cathy Mohan
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Ehrhardt                      in memory of Patricia T. McKeon
Ms. Jean Whitney
                                                          in memory of Michael and Anna              Ms. Patricia A. McKinley
     in honor of Sister Arline Vannie
                                                          Coppinger                                       in memory of Aaro and Maureen
Ms. Susan E. Wilton
                                                     Ms. Virginia D. Emmerson                             McKinley
     in honor of Helen Mathewson
                                                          in memory of John O. Emmerson              Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore
Dr. Mary Alice Wolf
                                                     Sister Claire Dolores Filippone                      in memory of Sister M. Herman
     in honor of the Sisters of Mercy
                                                          in memory of Anthony and Lena                   Joseph Moore
Ms. Ruth L. Woodford
                                                          Filippone                                  Ms. Constance D. Murphy
     in honor of Bonnie and George Wasgatt
                                                     Ms. Millicent Flynn                                  in memory of Dominic J. Murphy
Ms. Jeannine M. Wyszkowski
                                                          in memory of Linda Bartoski                Ms. Suzanne Nolan
     in honor of Nicolas' 4th Birthday
                                                     Ms. Millicent Flynn                             and Mr. Christopher Wagner
                                                          in memory of Gail Bersin                        in memory of Genevieve Fahy
Gifts given in memory of
                                                     Ms. Elaine A. Foley                             Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Onidi
                                                          in memory of Sister Catherine Mary              in memory of Michael B. Martin
                                                          Griffin                                    Mr. Stephen R. Park
     in memory of Patricia Delany
                                                     Ms. Margaret M. Folse                           and Ms. Janet Van Tassel
                                                          in memory of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.                 in memory of Billy Smith
     in memory of Ruth Slesinski Lenihan
                                                          Folse Sr.                                  Ms. Norma M. Pelletier
                                                          in memory of Mrs. Odille Pugh                   in memory of Mildred Deasy
     in memory of the deceased
                                                          in memory of Mrs. Gail Stanwick            Mr. Edward A. Pouzar
     Sisters of Mercy
                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Brendan M. Fox                          in memory of Sister Alberta
Sister Barbara Allaire
                                                          in memory of Msgr. M. Davitt Fox                in memory of Sister Emily
     in memory of Geraldine Fahy
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Myles P. Gibbons                        in memory of Sister Mildred
Ms. Margaret M. Ayres
                                                          In memory of John Gibbons Jr., MD          Mr. and Mrs. John J. Provini
     in memory of Mary Waldron Ayres
                                                                                                          in memory of Joseph Alissi
Mr. George H. Baldwin II
                                                                                                          in memory of Richard Dunn
     in memory of George H. Baldwin
                                                                                                          in memory of Richard Garlasco
Mrs. Lil Freeman Beauvilliers
                                                                                                          in memory of Joseph Tirinzoni
     in memory of Sister Laureen Freeman
                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Rourke
Mr. Michael J. Bolduc
                                                                                                          in memory of Msgr. M. Davitt Fox
     in memory of Michael Kreuzer
                                                                                                     Mr. William M. and Mrs. Sally F. Shaughnessy
Mr. Michael J. Bolduc
                                                                                                          in memory of Thomas John Romatzick
     in memory of Michael Kreuzer
                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Premjit Singh
     in memory of Lucien Bolduc
                                                                                                          in memory of Sister Sean Burke
Mrs. Alice L. Brennan
                                                                                                     Ms. Maryann M. Smialowski
     in memory of John C. Brennan
                                                                                                          in memory of Helen and Victoria
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Judy G. Calaci
     in memory of Paul Laffin
                                                                                                     Mrs. Elizabeth Stavola
Sister Mary Jane Card
                                                                                                          in memory of Michael Stavola
     in memory of Richard Card
                                                                                                     Sister Mary Frederick Tkacz
Sister Mary Jane Card                          Board member Brad Venne mingles with members of the        in memory of deceased family members
     in memory of Richard Card                 band, Shaded Soul.                                    Reverend Robert F. Tucker
Sister Sheila Casey
                                                                                                          in memory of his brother,
     in memory of Ann Casey Griffith
                                                     Mrs. Brenda M. Harvey                                Vincent T. Tucker
Ms. Connie Ceberek
                                                          in memory of Fr. T. McCarthy               Sister Marie E. Venturo
     in memory of Sophie Ceberek
                                                          in memory of Fr. Davitt Fox                     in memory of Michael Rimkie Sr.
Ms. Jacqueline Ceberek
                                                     Ms. Evelyn D. Haydusky                          Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Wallack
     in memory of Joseph Ceberek
                                                          in memory of Steven Haydusky                    in memory of Fr. Bill Dudack
Sister Mary Theresa Crowley
                                                     Ms. Eileen C. Hollingsworth                     Ms. Lucy L. Zocco
     in memory of Charlene Crosby
                                                          in memory of Rita Soucie                        in memory of Mary and Sebastian Zocco
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D'Amato Jr.
     in memory of Donald Ahearn
                                                                                                                                       Page 11
                                                                                                                     US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                    HARTFORD CT
                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO 672
Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp.
211 Wethersfield Ave.
Hartford, CT 06114
Phone (860) 808-2040
Fax (860) 548-0692

Mercy’s Mission
Mercy Housing and Shelter Corp., a non-profit
organization sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy,
responds to the needs of those who are homeless or at
risk of becoming homeless by providing them with food,
housing, shelter, education and support services in an
atmosphere that respects each person. Mercy Housing
and Shelter Corp. advocates on behalf of individuals
while challenging injustice in social systems.


    ‘People Are So Wonderful To Us’
    Mercy served turkey with all the trimmings           meal. Other turkeys were roasted for Thanksgiving Day for
    to 142 people at the Friendship Center at            the 48 residents of St. Elizabeth.
    St. Elizabeth House the day before
    Thanksgiving, in a meal made possible by
    myriad donations. More than 100 turkeys
    were donated, courtesy of Stew Leonard‟s,
    Foodshare and dozens of individuals. And
    pies? “Apple, pumpkin, you name it,” said
    cook Karen Wilson. “Oh my goodness,
    people are so wonderful to us—we get at
    least 100 pies, cakes and fruit plates.” A
    team of 15 volunteers helped Wilson in the
    kitchen, while many more helped serve the
    hungry public downstairs in the Friendship
    Center. “People will just drop in” to volun-
    teer, a grateful Wilson said. “They‟ll come
    in and say, „Do you need the help?‟” About
    40 of the turkeys with stuffing and vegeta-
                                                         A family enjoys a turkey dinner the day before Thanksgiving at the Friendship
    bles were given out to households so they            Center at St. Elizabeth House in Hartford.
    could prepare their own Thanksgiving
                                                           If you received duplicate copies of this newsletter, please call
                                                         (860) 808-2055 or send email to

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