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					               Renaissance Magazine: Europe 1300-1650
Directions: Working individually or pairs you will create a magazine that answers the question: How
did innovation and reform during the Renaissance, Reformation, and Age of Exploration change life in
Europe? You will use information found in your textbook and the books provided to research an
interesting, standards-based magazine. Use the index in your textbook to get you started. Also, make sure
to check with Mrs. O for detailed, helpful handouts in red binders on many of the articles. We will review
the Academic Honest Policy because you will need to be careful not to copy directly out of the book, but
make it your own by putting it into your own 7th grade words.

   1. It will consist of at least 8 articles for pairs and 6 for individuals. You must do all of the * articles.
   2. Create a computer generated cover and table of contents. We will use this as the grade sheet like
      the key terms folder. Create a place to check off all articles, bibliography, and cover.
   3. Magazine should be typed. You can use clip art for drawings. If you don’t have a computer and
      printer at home, please see me so we can modify the assignment.
   4. The information must cover the time period from approximately 1300-1650. See chapters 12-14,
      18 in your textbook.
   5. Each mandatory article must fill at least a ½ page of single spaced writing; this doesn’t include
      pictures. Don’t make the font larger than 12 points. Margins should be .5 or .8 at the largest. On at
      least 5 articles include a drawing, chart, or map.
   6. A bibliography will be submitted with the magazine. Only use books. Minimum of 2 sources. Be
      sure to list all the pages you used in the textbook.
   7. At the end of each article, state which sub-standard connects to that article. See to find a list of the standards. Look at the standards
   8. You can earn up to a 100 points (one grade for pair).

Article Choices                (Start on * items FIRST!)
   1. Research humanism. What did humanists believe? How did a new interest in classical learning and
      arts create an interest in humanism (a balance between intellect and religious faith)?

   2. Explain the importance of the city of Florence in the early stages of the Renaissance and the
      growth of independent trading cities (ex: Venice). How did the city help develop and spread
      Renaissance ideas? How and why did city-states develop? Why were they so rich and powerful?

   3. Describe the growth and effects of new ways of spreading information (paper manufacture,
      printing). How did this effect religion (the Bible)?

   4. Describe at least 3 of the following: advances made in literature, the arts, science, mathematics,
      cartography, engineering, and the understanding of human anatomy and astronomy. Make sure to
      mention at least 2 great thinkers/artists. Here are a few suggestions: Leonardo da Vinci,
      Michelangelo, Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Ambroise Pare…) *
   5. Explain the causes of corruption, turmoil, and the weakening of the Catholic Church. Make sure
      to include info on tax policies and the selling of indulgences. What happened when people spoke
      out against the church or tried to reform it? Give specific examples.

   6. Describe the beliefs of the following major figures during the Reformation: 1. Desiderius Erasmus
      (explain how his beliefs prompted the Reformation) 2. Martin Luther (define/explain indulgences,
      papal bull, Reformation, Protestants, Ninety-Five Theses, Lutheran Church) 3. John Calvin
      (define/explain predestination) *

   7. Research Protestantism. Why did it spread quickly and whom did it appeal to? Why did
      Lutheran’s ideas appeal to German princes?

   8. Research the following major churches during the Reformation: Roman Catholic, Church of
      England (Anglican Church), and Calvinist. Compare and contrast them (similarities and
      differences) Instead of writing a traditional research paper, create a spoke diagram for 3 of these
      religions. See binder for a sample. You may not create a diagram for Lutheran.*

   9. Research St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits, Council of Trent. Analyze how the Counter
      Reformation revitalized (recharged) the Catholic Church.

   10. Research the impact of missionaries on Christianity. How did Christianity spread throughout the

   11. Research the Spanish Inquisition. How did the Muslims and Jews get along before it? What was
       Spain like before the Muslims we re persecuted? (advancements in art, literature, science) You
       will need to do outside research and use Ch 4.3.

Scientific Revolution
    12. Describe how the Reformation and Protestants encouraged the Scientific Revolution. Explain the
        new scientific theories made by Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon (scientific method), and Newton. *

Age of Exploration, Age of Reason, Enlightenment
   13. Research at least 3 great voyages of discovery, the location of the routes and the influence of
       cartography in the development of a new European worldview. See red binder for explorers.

   14. Research Enlightenment thinkers (Ch. 18): John Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau. What did
       they believe? What is the Enlightenment? What are “natural rights”? How did these thinkers
       influence America? *

   15. Research the Magna Carta. Summarize the primary source excerpt from the textbook on page
       504. How did the Magna Carta effect/influence the writers’ of the English Bill of Rights and the
       American Declaration of Independence? *

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