Mosaic stone tiles

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					                     A truly realistic collection of porcelain
                     tiles echoing the delicate characteristics

                     and subtle pigmentation of natural
                     stone, Stontech lends calm, tranquillity
                     and an air of cool modernism to any
                     environment. Technically superior to
                     natural stone, this range is durable,
                     stain proof and chemical resistant.

                                                                                                         This product range is manufactured to satisfy
                                                                                                         exacting environmental criteria and certified to
                                                                                                         meet the following global standards:

• Full-bodied porcelain
• For use on walls, and all interior floors
• Also available in innovative SLIM 4mm format
• Samples available

                                                                         STONWHITE 2.0   STONWHITE 3.0

397 x 397 x 11mm            397 x 797 x 11mm

                                                                         STONBEIGE 1.0   STONBEIGE 2.0

                                                                                                         SURFACE TILES BATTERSEA
                                                                                                         60 Queenstown Road
597 x 597 x 11mm*                                                                                        London
                                                                                                         SW8 3RY
                                                                                                         T: 020 7819 2300


                                                                                                         SURFACE TILES ISLINGTON
25 x 25mm mosaic                                                                                         316 Essex Road
on 300 x 300 x 11mm sheet                                                                                Islington
                                                                         STONBEIGE 4.0   STONGREY 5.0    London
                                                                                                         N1 3PB
                                     597 x 1197 x 11mm*                                                  T: 020 7354 7000


50 x 50mm mosaic                     * Also available in 4mm thickness                                   SURFACE TILES SURREY
on 300 x 300 x 11mm sheet                                                                                3 Molesey Business Centre
                                                                                                         Central Avenue, West Molesey
FINISHES:                                                                                                KT8 2QZ
                                                                                                         T: 020 8481 9588

                                                                         STONGREY 6.0    STONBROWN 3.0

Description: We offer Mosaic stone tile which bring an unparalleled level of meticulous artistry to any surface in your home. Visit and see SICIS mosaic stone floor collection.