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                                                                                                                                      Radio Netherlands
and it’s won international awards for its first-person inter-                            
                                                                   a time that suits you. You can listen to our live stream via the
views. Hosted by Jonathan Groubert, the show puts people                                 
                                                                   web, satellite or shortwave in Asia and Africa. Alternatively
first, not experts or pundits, in taking a look at the issues      you can listen on demand via our website. Check out the

facing us all in an increasingly interwoven world. The show is     weekly guide at:                No Brasil:
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                                                                                                                                       Summer Guide
                                                                                                   Caixa Postal 76
South Asia Wired                                                                                   CEP 01031 970
                                                                                                   São Paulo SP
Hosted by award-winning RNW producer Dheera Sujan,                                                 Brasil
South Asia Wired features stories from the region, the Dias-
pora, and events in Europe of interest to people from South                                                                                        From 27th March to 30th October 2011
Asia. Hear the prominent voices from South Asia, cross-
border discussions about anything from new media to
cricket, and international stories with a South Asian focus.
And do visit our blog at

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featuring live performances and studio recordings by the  for The State We’re In
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And Hear the World, our world music and European Jazz    
Stage, also continues online.
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                                                                   P.O. Box 222, 1200 JG Hilversum, The Netherlands
Visit our homepage and sign up for a daily email bulletin of       Tel: +31 35 6724211 (main switchboard open 24 hours)
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   Summer season
                                                                   Africa in Progress
                                                                   If you’re an African who wants to expand your horizon, Africa
                                                                                                                                                Reception Worldwide
                                                                   in Progress is your show. Inspiring guest speakers in round
                                                                   table discussions and in-depth interviews give you food for
                                                                                                                                                    via satellite
                                                                   thought. The weekly show is produced in partnership with
                                                                   local radio stations in Africa.                                                 and shortwave
Radio Netherlands Worldwide continues to provide you with          Bridges with Africa                                                                        Valid from 27th March to 30th October 2011
the best in feature reporting online, on the radio and in video.
Of course, we will still be working hard to improve our broad-     Bridges with Africa is your link with Africans in Europe and
casts and website.                                                 Africans in Africa. This lively weekly radio programme in Eng-
                                                                   lish brings you interviews, feature stories, African music and
                                                                   thought-provoking reports. We discuss the issues that affect                                                                    E
                                                                   your life. From culture and business to scandals and sports.
                                                                   You’ll hear what makes Africans tick. Join us every Friday on                                                                                     F
                                                                   Bridges with Africa on short wave radio or on our website
                                                                   Earth Beat
                                                                   The last few decades have seen big changes in the way peo-                                        A
                                                                   ple perceive the environment around them. Earth Beat keeps
                                                                   you up to date with those changes; unpicking how our lives
                                                                   impact the planet. But it’s no ordinary show about the envi-
                                                                   ronment: Earth Beat is all about you and how you experience
                                                                   the world around you. Host Marnie Chesterton’s easy going                    Using the frequency guide
                                                                   style brings important stories to you in a witty, sometimes
                                                                   irreverent way. It’s a breath of fresh air in a dirty old world.             Locate yourself on the map > Find the region in the frequency table and
Earth Beat: One hour long show about our relationship with                                  check the times of our broadcasts with the help of the time zones on the map

the planet and our environment – is being made for our own
broadcasts and our radio partners around the world includ-                                                                                      Radio Netherlands Shortwave
ing Australia, Canada, India and the US.
                                                                                                                                                Transmission Schedule (in UTC)
The State We’re In is expanding its partnership network too
                                                                   Satellite Reception                                                          Period from 27th March to 30th October 2011
and is looking for more contributions from you. Visit the site     All our programmes are also available on satellite
and find out how your story can be featured in the show and                                                                                     TIME                     SERVICE AREA      KHZ    METERBAND SCHEDULE
                                                                   24 hours a day in digital quality:
don’t forget the Facebook page.                                                                                                                 Asia
                                                                   Astra/Sirius 4, 4.8º E Africa             12.605 GHz/V symbol rate: 29.950
                                                                                                                                                10.00-11.00    F         South and        15110             19           Daily
Our news and current affairs video review of the week’s                                                      FEC: 3/4 Channel RNW2
                                                                                                                                                                         Southeast Asia
Dutch news – In from Holland - can be found on-line every          Intelsat 7, 68.5º E    Southern Africa    10.970 GHz/H symbol rate: 30.000
                                                                                                                                                10.00-11.00    F         Southeast Asia   12065             25           Daily
                                                                   Until May 1st or possible                 FEC: 5/6 Channel RNW 2
Friday. There’s also a radio snapshot of the day’s Dutch                                                                                        14.00-15.00    E         South Asia        9800             31           Daily
                                                                   extended period of time.
current affairs in Network Holland.                                                                                                             14.00-15.00    E         South Asia       11835             25           Daily
                                                                   Thaicom 5, 78.5º E     Asia, Africa and   3.640 GHz/H symbol rate: 28.066
                                                                                          Middle East        FEC: 3/4 Channel RNW2              Africa
African coverage remains strong with Africa in Progress and        Optus D2, 152.0º E     Australia and      12.644 GHz/V symbol rate: 22.500
                                                                                                                                                18.00-19.00    A     Southern Africa       6020             49           Daily
Bridges with Africa, both on-line and on-air.                                             New Zealand        FEC: 3/4 Channel RNW2
                                                                                                                                                18.00-20.00    B,C   East/Central         15495             19           Daily
                                                                   Astra 1, 19.2º E       Europe             12.515 GHz/H symbol rate: 22.000
                                                                                                             FEC: 5/6 Channel RNW2
Our website,, continues to be improved - to                                                                                          19.00-21.00    D     West Africa          11610             25           Daily
                                                                   Hotbird, 13.0º E       Europe and         10.815 GHz/H symbol rate: 27.500
showcase our material, bring you world news and Dutch                                                                                           19.00-21.00    A,B,C South/Central/        7425             41           Daily
                                                                                          Middle East        FEC: 5/6 Channel RNW-2
                                                                                                                                                                     East Africa
news, and let you have your say. You’ll also see RNW stories       SES-1, 101.0º W        North America      12.120 GHz/V symbol rate: 30.000
popping up on other websites around the world as we expand                                                   FEC: 3/4 Channel RNW2
our web partner network.                                           SatMex 6, 113.0º W     North, Central and 12.080 GHz/H symbol rate: 25.635
                                                                                          South America      FEC: 3/4 Channel RNW2

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