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									                                   Ilana Simons
                                  New School University
                                   Eugene Lang College
                                  65 W 11th St, 3rd Floor
                                   New York, NY 10011

Ph.D. English Department, New York University, May 2003
M.A. English Department, University of Sussex, in Renaissance English Literature, 1997
M.A. Psychology, New School University, May 2005; Ph.D. expected, 2009
B.A. magna cum laude in English and American Literature, Brown University, 1996

Dissertation: Modernist English Literature PhD, 2003
Modernist Masochism: The Return of the Law in Hegel, Lawrence, and Joyce
Dissertation Advisor: John Maynard

Psychology Training, as part of Psychology PhD:
Externship at Beth Israel Hospital, dual-diagnosis floor, conducting group therapy and
     intakes, 2005-6
Externship at Height Hill Outpatient Clinic, conducting individual and group therapy,


A LIFE OF ONE’S OWN: A Guide to Better Living through the Work and Wisdom of
Virginia Woolf, forthcoming, August 2007, Penguin Press.
A tour through Virginia Woolf’s life and letters on a search for psychological insight.
Each chapter begins with a scene from Woolf’s life and includes details from my own life
in teaching and reading in a search for clues to good living. Chapters are short and
thematically direct, including “Accept Solitude” and “Take on Challenging Friendships.”

CONVERSATIONS WITH JANE: How Jane Eyre Models a Life Well Lived, under
review, Penguin Press. A tour through the classic novel Jane Eyre, showing how the
book’s wisdom sheds light on modern life.

Academic articles:
“Haruki Murakami,” “Norwegian Wood,” and “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of
     the World,” tree entries for The Compendium of World Novelists and Novels,
     published by Facts on File, 2006.
“An Unwritten Novel,” entry for The Companion to the British Short Story & Short
     Fiction, published by Facts on File, 2006.
“The Adelphi: The Brothers.” The Left Bank Review, Summer/Fall issue, volume 7
“The Sick and The Unexpected.” M/C, Sick Issue, 2001.

Over thirty pieces of published fiction, including
“My Confidence,” awarded Notable Story of 2003, storySouth Million Writers Award
“Showing My Brother Matt,” Word Riot, July 2004
“Stevey and Aunty,” City Writers, Vol VI, January 2004
“Making Good on the Bed,” ProseToad, Spring 2004

In Proliferations (1997), Chain (1997), Porcupine (1996), (A)Literary Text (1995), and
Issues (1995,1994). Poetry Slam Competitor, Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, 1995; Fez 1998.

Over 150 articles on city life, for Cosmopolitan, The Miami Herald, The Manhattan
Spirit, The Jewish Sentinel, The Resident, and Jewish World.

Honors and Awards
Graduate Faculty Fellowship: Fifty Percent Merit-Based Tuition Scholarship, New
School University, 2003-present
Molberger Fellowship, $5000 award for work in modernism, New York University,
Willy Gorrissen Award for Teaching Excellence, New York University, 2001
English Department Nominee, Deans’ Dissertation Award, New York University, 2002.
New York University Travel Grant, two-time recipient, 2000, 2001
John Woods Scholarship ($1000) to the Western Michigan University Prague Summer
Writing Program, 2003
Notable Story of 2003, awarded to “My Confidence” in storySouth Magazine Million
Writers’ Competition, 2003
Marshall Scholarship, finalist, 1996
Rhodes Scholarship, Brown University nominee, 1996; finalist, 1996

Academic Conferences
Organized NYU Modernism Conference, March 2002. Hosted “Philosophical
     Foundations” panel. Organized panels for 6 speakers including Jonathan Culler and
     Marianne DeKoven. Edited website:
“Three Guineas and The Defeat of Seligman’s Dogs,” The 17th Annual Conference on
     Virginia Woolf, Miami University of Ohio, June, 2007
“The Ill and The Unexpected.” The Interdisciplinary Conference on Language and
     Literature, Texas A&M, October 20, 2000
“Hegel: The Form of Masochism.” The Future of Form Conference, University of
     Virginia, January, 2001
“Empathy and Law in Billy Budd.” The American Comparative Literature Association
     Conference, April, 2001
“Rigid Designators: Hegel Through Kripke.” American Name Society, December 2001

Teaching Experience
Department of Literature, Eugene Lang College, New School University
      Privacy and Social Obligation in British Victorian Fiction, 2005-2006
First Year Writing Program, Eugene Lang College, New School University
      Metaphor and Thought, 2007-2008
      International Modernism: Freud, Kafka and Woolf, 2006-2007
      Knowledge and Opinion: Philosophy and Modernist Literature, 2004-5
     Empathy and Communication in Modernist Literature, 2004-5
     The Social Contract and Antisocial Impulses, 2003-2004
     Inexpressible Emotions: Modernism in Kafka, Mann, and Woolf, 2003-2004
Young Writers Conference, Eugene Lange College, New School University
       Writing Fiction from Memory, Summer 2005
Department of English, New York University
     Instructor, Major British Novels, 2002-2003
Morse Academic Program, New York University
     Teaching Assistant, Conversations of the West: Antiquity & 19th C., 2001-2002
Expository Writing Program, New York University
     Instructor, Writing Workshop 1; Writing Workshop 1I. 1999-2001. In 1999, I
     initiated my own curriculum entitled “Existentialism and Human Communication.”
New York Pre-College Program, New York University
     Instructor, Writing the Essay, Summer 2001
Writing Center, New York University
     Writing Consultant, 1999-2001
New York University Center for Students with Disabilities
     Tutor and Writing Consultant, 1999-2001
Foxpoint Elementary, Rhode Island.
     Instructor. I initiated and ran a creative writing program at Foxpoint, 1995-1996

Organizational Commitments and Honors
Academic Advisor to undergraduates at Lang College, 2004-present.
Facilitator for First Year Student Workshops, Lang College, Fall 2005
President, Modernist Group, New York University, 1999-2002.
      I led this bi-monthly forum for Modernist discussion and study. March 8-9, 2002,
      we hosted the NYU Modernism Conference; keynote speaker Jonathan Culler.
Member, American Comparative Literature Association, American Name Society,
      Modern Language Association

I paint oil portraits which can be seen on my website, I’ve run a 3:18 marathon.
Languages: Spanish, reading knowledge of French and German.

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