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Pete Conrad-Owner Judgement Recovery Company Peter Conrad is an


									                Pete Conrad-Owner Judgement Recovery Company

       Peter Conrad is an experienced repossesser, specializes in aircraft. His
company Judgement Recovery Co, services the Pacific Northwest, for standard
repossessions. It also specializes in Aircraft Repossession nationwide as well as
He is experienced with all phases of the repossession process, and is a published
author on the subject.
He currently holds a Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) certificate, Airline
Transport Pilots License, and numerous Flight Instructor licenses.
He is available for expert testimony on all phases of the repossession process.


    BA University of Washington
    Commercial Pilots License Single Engine Land/Sea
    Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine Land
    Certified Flight Instructor Single Engine Land/Sea, Multi-Engine Land,
    CARS Course (Certified Asset Recovery Specialist)


      Owned and operated Northway Aviation flight school.
      Owns and operates Judgement Recovery Company.
      Skip Tracer
      Familiar with all aspects of the repossession process.
      Experienced in Aircraft repossession.
Published Articles-Partial list 2006-Present

Business Credit Magazine September 2006-The Airplane that Repossessed the Car
Michelle Dunn online October 2006-The Aircraft Repossesser vs. The Airport
World of Special Finance Magazine February 2007-Repossession Companies: How
to Hire the Worst of the Worst.
BizQuest February 2007-To be or not to be…your own boss
Business Credit Magazine March 2007-Avoiding Lawsuits When Hiring a
Repossession Company
World of Special Finance Magazine September 2007-Repossession: From the
Mexico or Busted Business Credit Magazine October 2007-Mexico or Busted

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