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Meltdown Glass


									Meltdown Glass
           Art & Design
      kiln-cast glass for art & architecture

        PO Box 3850, Chandler AZ 85244
        TEL 800-845-6221
        FAX 480-633-3344
                              Welcome to Meltdown Glass, where decorative glass applications are limited
                              only by the imagination, where what begins as an idea can easily be trans-
                              formed into a work of art or architectural glass that exhibits the multi-sensory
                              qualities of form, texture, color, and light.

                              Meltdown Glass is a creative architectural glass company that specializes in
                              kiln-cast, etched, and colored glass. We are committed to achieving the highest
                              artistic principles using state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained staff
                              of artisans, designers, and glaziers. We specialize in transforming raw plates
                              of glass into an architectural product that exhibits dimension, refracts light,
                              and induces an emotive response from the viewer. The cast-glass created in
                              our studio delivers a new design aesthetic, capable of transforming any space
                              into an environment of visual intrigue and sophistication.

                              This PDF catalog is intended to offer a brief introduction to our company,
                              the range of products we offer, and to showcase some of our recent instal-
                              lations. To view a more extensive profile of our studio, please visit us online
                              at where you can view over 50 installations we
                              have completed, as well as our full product catalog consisting of cast-glass
                              textures, color applications, and specialty treatment options.

                              Meltdown Glass is leading the trends with art and architectural glass. Our
                              studio is committed to producing the highest quality work in this versatile
                              medium, and we are dedicated to delivering a product that is unmatched
                              by any other company. We hope you enjoy the enclosed information on our
                              studio. To request samples or discuss a project, please contact us by phone or
                              e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

PO Box 3850, Chandler AZ 85244 • TEL 480-633-3366 • FAX 480-633-3344 • • EMAIL:
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
                                            studio profile
                         general facts:     Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC was started in 1993 by glass artist BJ Katz.
                                            Since it's inception, Meltdown Glass has been in a state of constant growth and
                                            expansion and has a new state-of-the-art facility located in Chandler, Arizona.
                                            Meltdown Glass serves the art, architecture and design communities all over
                                            North America.

                       kiln-cast glass:     Meltdown Glass specializes in the art and science of kiln-fired glass. Compared
                                            to other forms of glass art, kiln-cast glass is a relatively new medium that
                                            developed recently with the advent of kiln technology. The process involves
                                            placing raw plates of glass over one-off molds and heating the glass to approxi-
                                            mately 1500 degrees. The result is a deeply textured glass surface with amazing
                                            optical and tactile qualities. Many treatments can be applied to kiln-cast glass
                                            including coloring agents, dichroic glass, fused metals, and etching. All steps of
                                            this process are performed by hand. Kiln-cast glass can be tempered to meet
                                            safety codes and is easy to maintain.

                              facilities:   With over 5000 square feet of studio space, Meltdown Glass is one of the
                                            largest kiln-cast art glass studios in the United States. Among the many kilns
                                            on site, the largest is twelve feet long and six feet wide. Besides kilns, Meltdown
                                            Glass is fully equipped with state-of-the-art sand-blasting, painting, cutting,
                                            and polishing facilities. The most recent addition to Meltdown's equipment line
                                            is a glass crane capable of moving panels weighing up to 700 pounds in and
                                            out of the kilns.

                             products:      Meltdown Glass offers an extensive product line for art and architectural glass
                                            applications. This includes 32 standard textures that can be cast in any glass
                                            thickness, over 50 cataloged color options, and numerous treatment options.
                                            Some options include sand-blasting, fused metals, and over 20 different colors
                                            of iridescent dichroic glass. Besides these products, Meltdown Glass has endless
                                            capabilities for custom works of art and architectural glass.

                              artwork:      Art director BJ Katz creates several different varieties of artwork including her
                                            torso series, abstract work, museum exhibit art work, and custom glass for art
                                            and architectural installations.

                                clients:    Clients include architects, interior designers, builders, facilities managers, art
                                            collectors and end users. Installations can be for public art, corporate, commer-
                                            cial, hospitality, institutional, healthcare, and private residences.

PO Box 3850, Chandler AZ 85244 • TEL 480-633-3366 • FAX 480-633-3344 • • EMAIL:
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
                PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
                tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344
                                                                       Applications         for   Meltdown Glass

                                            Everyday we discover new applications for our glass...but some general uses are:

signature lobby installations            floor-to-ceiling walls                   waterwalls                      niche artwork

                      tabletops and furniture               decorative windows               sinks and vanities              shower enclosures

               room dividers                             doors               logos and signage            countertops and desks

                  COMMERCIAL & HOSPITALITY: Glass curtain walls, fountains, doors, room dividers, tabletops, reception desks,
                                            glass mural walls and signage.

                                 RESTAURANTS: Signage, booth dividers, doors, windows, decorative glass walls, tabletops,
                                              fountains, light sconces, vases and ornamental details.

                                   RESIDENTIAL Sidelite and transom windows, tabletops, room dividers, privacy windows, works
                                               of art, bathroom and kitchen countertops, sinks, and shower enclosures.

                                    FURNITURE: Contemporary designer furniture such as tables and fire screens by Meltdown
                                               artists. Fabrication of custom commissioned furniture.

                                    LITURGICAL: Church and chapel windows, room dividers, religious theme art screens, baptism
                                                bowls and religious art work.

                                WORKS OF ART: Custom commissioned glass sculptures and art screens for commercial and
                                              hospitality industries and private collectors.
                                                                            project sites
                                                                            Featuring ground-breaking design and new
                                                                            developments in the application of architectural
                                                                            kiln-cast glass, from water features to intricately
                                                                            designed curtain walls, Meltdown Glass creates
                                                                            an environment of beauty and creative grandeur
                                                                            in commercial spaces.

                                                                            Meltdown Glass can help transform hospitals, medical centers,
                                                                            municipal buildings, and educational facilities from mundane to
                                                                            magnificent with creative installations of decorative glass. Besides
Kiln-cast glass is the perfect medium to enhance corporate lobbies,
                                                                            being beautiful and uplifting, kiln-cast glass is easily maintained,
interior spaces, courtyards, and is useful for signage, logos, conference
                                                                            sanitary, and safe in high traffic areas.
room tables and curtain walls. The decorative glass produced at
Meltdown studios can help establish company identity and show
corporate vision in supporting the arts.                                    Residential:
                                                                            The only limit to the use of glass in the home is that of the
Liturgical:                                                                 imagination. Meltdown Glass can work with homeowners, builders,
Meltdown Glass and artist BJ Katz have created beautiful glass              and designers to create a unique decor with specialty art and
installations for religious centers. Functional, aesthetically pleasing,    architectural glass.
and spiritually uplifting, kiln-cast glass created at Meltdown studios
will enhance any liturgical space.

             What better way to welcome visitors than with a dazzling
             art or architectural glass installation? Meltdown Glass has
             been commissioned to create glass for restaurants, hotels,
             cruise ships, and casinos. We pride ourselves on our ability
             to create and maintain a hospitality environment that will
             impress even the most discerning clientele.
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

   American College Testing HQ                   case study: site specific sculptural wall
installation facts:
cast-glass sculptural wall. 88’ W x 11’ H. twenty
two separate panels make up entire installation.
Individual panel size is 4’ W x 11’ H. Ten panels are
moveable and twelve are fixed.

commissioned by: American College Testing.
National HQ and Training Center. Iowa City

glass: 1/2” tempered glass with multi-colored
fused dichroic.

texture: custom magical river texture spans
installation. texture is composed of sand,
water, rocks, and stone.

total square footage: 968 sq ft.
total weight of glass: 6,776 lbs.

architecture & interior design: Flad & Associates.
Madison WI.

Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing. Chicago IL. (cover photo)
Derek Nadeau (inside photos)
Pete Hayes (back cover photos)
The ACT Headquarters project is among the
most ambitious completed by Meltdown Glass.
The immense scope of the glass, combined with
the fact that every square foot is hand-crafted
custom artwork, makes this project unique
and ground breaking.

The idea for this project was spawned when
Meltdown Glass artistic director BJ Katz met
Flad & Associates designer Randy Schmitgen
at a Chicago tradeshow. Randy and his clients
at ACT knew they wanted something really
special as a signature installation for their
newly constructed training center in Iowa.
After viewing samples of Meltdown’s cast-
glass and comparing them to those produced
by other cast-glass companies, they decided it
was just what they were looking for.

Originally, Flad and ACT were interested in a
standard texture. After visiting the Meltdown
Glass studio and seeing the process and capa-
bilities, they opted for a custom compositional
design that spanned all 22 panels of their
glass wall, which separates a conference area
from the ACT training center servery.

“The final product is definitely a master work
of art,” Schmitgen reports. “The glow, reflec-
tion and transparency of each piece are unique
and inspiring...When the final art and design
were communicated to ACT, they confirmed
that it was exactly what was wanted.”
Making the ACT Glass
After the design phase, creating the art glass for American College     to the surface, coloring the magical river that flowed throughout
Testing took 7 weeks with each panel of glass cast separately in        the design. Casting for each panel took more than 24 hours to
Meltdown Glass’ largest kiln. The mold making process involved          complete, firing at a temperature of 1500 degrees. After the casting
creating full scale reproductions of the design and carefully coor-     phase, the glass was tempered and crated for shipment to the
dinating the transition of the pattern from panel to panel. All 22      project site.
molds for this project were hand crafted with all elements, river,
sand, and stone, sculpted by hand.                                      photos:
                                                                        above: flat glass on mold, with dichroic (before casting)
                                                                        center left: glass glowing red as full casting takes place at 1500 degrees. After this, the kiln lid
Each piece of glass weighed over 300 pounds and was maneuvered          is closed and the glass goes through the annealing (de-stressing) process.
in and out of the kiln with a glass crane. After the glass was placed   center right: glass after firing when it is fully cooled and ready for tempering.
                                                                        bottom: final concept drawing that molds were made from. this section shows panels 10-18.
on the mold, the dichroic glass was hand-cut and carefully applied
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

          7 cast-glass suspended panels, 3/8” tempered clear glass.
                       108" H x various widths. texture: Big Spheres
                     Betzold Research and Trading Inc., Chicago IL.

                                                    architecture: OWP/P
                                                            Chicago IL

                                                            Steve Hall
                                                      Hedrich Blessing
Betzold Research and Trading Inc., Chicago IL.
        Meltdown Glass texture: Big Spheres
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
                   PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
                   tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                         Feeling Fall. cast-glass sculptural wall, 8’ H x 35’ W.
                                                         custom texture. 3/8” tempered bronze glass.
                                                         American Express Financial HQ, Phoenix AZ.

 interior design: Knipp Design Assoc.
                        Phoenix AZ.

        architecture: RSP Architects.
                        Phoenix AZ.

      photography: Richard Abrams
         rendering: Robert Jenkins
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
            PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
            tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                  cast-glass sculptural wall, 1/2” tempered glass 108” H
                                                  x 210” W. texture: Circles and Squares with dichroic.
                                                  Maricopa County Forensic Science Center, Phoenix AZ.

              interior design:
          Knipp Design Assoc.
                 Phoenix AZ.

             Richard Abrams
Maricopa County Forensic Science Center, Phoenix AZ.
view from corridor above lobby
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
                 PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
                 tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

  The Big Bang. waterwall and stage backdrop.
  cast-glass with dichroic, 11' H x 15' W.
  Desert Ridge Marketplace, Phoenix AZ.

  contractor: Desert Jewel Pools and Spas, Gilbert AZ • photography: Daniel Braha
evening photos. The Big Bang
waterwall and stage backdrop.
cast-glass with dichroic, 11' H x 15' W.
Desert Ridge Marketplace, Phoenix AZ.
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                 4 cast-glass liturgical windows, 46" H x 18" W.
                                                 3/8” tempered glass. Meltdown texture Brushed.
                                                 Diocesan Pastoral Center, Phoenix AZ.

           architect: ADM Group, Phoenix AZ.

                     photography: Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                 cast-glass alter enclosure, 120" H x 168" W.
                                                 7 starphire panels, custom texture. edge lighting.
                                                 Texas Childrens’ Hospital chapel, Houston TX.
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                              Oriental Herbs.
                cast-glass sculptural wall.
              84” H x 66” W. custom texture.
           Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix AZ.
                         photography: Bill Timmerman
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                 Tree of Life. sculpture, cast-glass and steel, 6' H x 8' W.
                                                 Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council, Chicago IL.

                                                               photography: JB Spector
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                 cast-glass sliding door. 3/8" tempered starphire glass.
                                                 92" H x 54" W. fused copper metallic color. custom mold
                                                 prepared from Meltdwon textures Anime, Splash, and Palette.

                                                                 design: Studio V Interiors, Scottsdale AZ.
                                                                 photography: Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
             PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
             tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                  cast-glass door panels and reception wall.
   Meltdown standard texture Brushed, 3/8” tempered glass.
   door inserts: 72" H x 24" W, reception wall: 30" H x 108" W.
                                  Sunrise Bank, Scottsdale AZ.
                                                                         design: Studio V Interiors
                                                                         Scottsdale AZ.
                                                interior design: Space
                                              photography: Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                              cast-glass interior walls. 108” H x 70” W. standard
                                                              texture Flowing Linen, 1/2” tempered starphire glass.
                                                              private residence, Scottsdale AZ.

                                              interior design: Space
                                            photography: Pete Hayes

                                                                                                              Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                   cast-glass entry door. 108” H x 65” W.
                       standard texture Flowing Linen,
                          1/2” tempered starphire glass.
                        private residence, Scottsdale AZ.

                                                                       Pete Hayes

                                              interior design: Space
                                            photography: Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                   cast-glass sidelite and room divider.
                 room divider: 1/2” starphire glass with edge lighting.
                       60” H x 30” W. etched glass. custom rock texture.
           sidelite: 3/8” clear glass. 54” H x 10” W. texture: Rock n Roll.

                                                       Daniel Braha (left photo)
                                                   Pete Hayes (two right photos)
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
             PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
             tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

          cast-glass entry door, 3/8” tempered glass.
 78” H x 36” W. custom texture, fused with dichroic.

                                              Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                 cast-glass sculpture. 3 pieces of 1/2” starphire with fused dichroic.
                                                 each piece approx. 30” H x 30” W. Meltdown texture: Riviera

                                                                                       Interior Design: Susan Lindberg
                                                                                       photography: Pete Hayes
                                                                                       and Amanda Abelein
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
               PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
               tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

decorative range hood, cast-glass and steel.
   3/8” inch curved cast-glass, painted with
      opaque metallics, fused with dichroic.
          48" H x 12” W. texture: Cobblestone.

                                   interior design:
                                  Susan Lindberg

                                 Marztech Metals

                                 Amanda Abelein
                                     Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                 cast-glass shower enclosure.
                                                 3/8" tempered clear glass. 95" H x 36" W.
                                                 customized Tuscany texture.

                                                           Pete Hayes
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
               PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
               tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                     cast-glass shower enclosure.
                                                     1/2” tempered starphire glass.
                                                     98” H x 60” W. texture: Riviera.

cast-glass shower privacy window.
3/8” clear tempered insulated glass.
 48” H x 50” W. texture: Cobblestone.

                   photography: Pete Hayes
                     and Amanda Abelein
BJ Katz glass artist
          PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
          tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                Rhapsody (galaxy series). niche sculpture. 3/4” cast-
                                                glass with layers of fused dichroic. 4' H x 8' W.
                                                American College Testing HQ, Iowa City IA.

                   photography: Derek Nadeau
Nebuli (cosmos series). 1/2” cast and
sand-carved glass, fused with dichroic.
Meltdown textures: Anime and Flow.
ART Architects, Phoenix AZ.
 BJ Katz glass artist
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

          BJ Katz’s torso series explores the literal and
          interpretive aspects of the human figure in
          painted cast-glass. She communicates her ideas
          by making reference to the figure's superfi-
          cial skin as a conceptual membrane, the pro-
          tective barrier between the person's interior
          and exterior world. Each torso metaphorically
          explores the uniqueness of human existence
          by drawing attention to the juxtaposition of
          the inner emotional and psychological world to
          surface appearance.

          The Winged Victory torso series pays tribute to
          the perfection of the human figure. The sculpted
          forms emulate the grace and harmony depicted
          in early Grecian art. These elegant forms with
          subtle colors and textures reveal the inner
          aspects of individual personality and soul. The
          Romanesque series is conceived as a reflection of
          contemporary society's focus on surface appear-
          ance. They embody the importance placed
          on fitness and concomitant muscular defini-
          tion in our society, and are highly decorative in
          surface treatments. These torsos are inspired by
          the sculptural style of early Roman figurative
          sculpture. Other torso series by BJ Katz include
          the transformation series (pictured bottom left)
          and self acceptance series (not shown).

          BJ Katz’ torsos can be displayed on stainless steel
          floor stands, wall-mounted, or cabled from the
          ceiling. For further information and complete
          galleries, please visit the BJ Katz Art Gallery of
          the Meltdown Glass website.

                                          top: Winged Victory female. Cleopatra. cast/slumped glass fused with metallic luster paints, 30" H x 20" W x 6" D.
                                          bottom left: Transformation female. slumped glass painted with metallics, 44" H x 30" W x 9" D.
                                          bottom center: Winged Victory male. Silent Strength. cast/slumped glass painted with metallics, 34" H x 24" W x 4" D.
                                          bottom right: Romanesque female. Aqua. cast/slumped glass painted with metallics, fused with multi-colored dichroic glass,
                                          21" H x 14" W x 5" D.
BJ Katz artwork series
Cosmos series (top and center right)
Wave series (bottom left)
Orb series (bottom right)
get to know the Meltdown Glass website:
               Online catalog features full            Over 60 installations are featured         The artwork of Meltdown Glass
               product information for textures,       in this online portfolio which             artistic director BJ Katz is
               colors and treatments. Detailed         displays the work of Meltdown              organized and beautifully
               information is also available on        Glass. Each installation is                displayed in her online gallery.
               dichroic glass options as well as       featured with multiple photos              Included are BJ Katz' Torso
               cold-applied and fused colors.          and project details.                       series, Sealife series, Cosmos
                                                                                                  series, and abstract artwork.

Current news and events
at Meltdown Glass
featuring new products,      Company profile, history, and      Click here to get to know        General information         Complete company
announcements, and           information about the process      Meltdown Glass founder           about the applications of   contact info for
studio events. Also in       of kiln-cast glass. The Working    and artistic director BJ Katz.   Meltdown Glass can be       phone, mail, and
this section is a list of    with Meltdown section provides     BJ's artist statement,           viewed here as well as      email. Full contact
recent articles and          detailed information about         resume, and gallery list can     product specifications      details for Meltdown
publications, tradeshow      specifying, ordering from, and     all be viewed here. Also         and FAQ's about             Glass domestic and
schedule, and info about     working with Meltdown Glass.       included is a photo              company history,            international sales
art glass exhibits by        All project paperwork such as      documentary of BJ's creative     products, and all steps     representatives can
Meltdown Glass artistic      job order forms and instructions   process for a site-specific      of ordering from quoting    be viewed here.
director BJ Katz.            can be downloaded here.            residential sculpture.           to shipping.
product ca alog

                     How to order Meltdown Glass products:
                     When ordering or specifying Meltdown Glass products, the following criteria should be considered
                     in deciding upon the details of your order. If you have questions, need recommendations, or require
                     further info please visit or call 800-845-6221.

 glazing details 1   Available thicknesses for our glass products are 1/4 inch and up. Maximum single-panel
                     dimensions are 72 inches x 144 inches. Some general glazing options are tempering, laminating,
                     drilling holes, hand polishing, notching, and shape-cuts. Meltdown Glass can also be tempered
                     and bent to a specified radius. Our glass products can be placed in insulated glazing units.
                     Hardware can be included in your order.

          glass 2    What type of glass is appropriate for your order? In most cases, we create our products using
                     standard clear float glass but we also can use low-iron (starphire), tinted glass, art glass, or glass
                     with specialty coatings and finishes.

        texture 3    We offer over 30 unique textures as part of our standard product line. Most of our standard
                     textures are available in our maximum panel size. You can choose one of these patterns, or we can
                     make a new texture for you. Custom textures can be made as repeating patterns, patterns that
                     span multiple panels of glass, or original artistic compositions. Meltdown Glass also offers
                     industry-standard machined glass textures. These are significantly less expensive than our
                     handmade textures and they can be fabricated with some of our specialty treatment and color
                     options such as sandblasting or cold-applied paints.

    safety glass 4   Depending on the nature and location of your installation, certified safety glass may be needed.
                     Meltdown Glass can temper panels up to 3/4 inch thick. We can also laminate our glass with hand-
                     poured resin or a PVB interlayer. Decorative interlayers are an available design option for
                     laminated glass.

          color 5    Meltdown Glass offers several methods of applying color to our cast-glass product line. These
                     include tinted glass colors, cold-applied colors, hand-applied fused colors, metallic lusters,
                     shimmers, and specialty or custom colors.

    treatments 6     Among our specialty treatment options are fused dichroic glass, fused metals, mirroring,
                     decorative sandblasting, and fused glass elements. These treatments can be applied to any glass
                     texture and can also be combined with our color options.
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

                                                     product catalog

              Meltdown Glass handmade textures can be fabricated in any glass thickness and most can be tempered for safe
              installation of large panels. These patterns can be combined to create hybrid textures and can also be incorporated
              into custom designs. Meltdown Glass can also create custom textures. Additional textures and product info can be
              viewed at

                                             anime                               bamboo                     circles and squares

                                      cobblestone                                crackle                        distressed brick

                                          egyptian                                fissure                                   flow
 flowing linen      neo-strata    palette

bird of paradise    rocky road      sand

         splash    starry night    stone

         strata         weave      wood
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244                              product catalog
           tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344

              Color can elevate cast-glass products to new heights of aesthetic appeal and visual interest. At Meltdown Glass color
              applications can take many forms including tinted glass options, hand-applied fused color (opaque or transparent),
              metallic colors, cold-applied colors, and specialty or custom hues. Colors at Meltdown Glass can be designed to match
              any environment and can be applied individualy or combined to create multi-colored compositions. Color applications
              can be applied to any Meltdown texture, standard or custom, and can also be combined with any number of specialty
              glass treatments. More detailed information about our color options is available at

              Cold-applied paints are the newest option available to Meltdown Glass clients for specifying color with our cast-glass
              products. The paints are cold-applied and then cured, creating a durable glass coating. Meltdown Glass can also apply
              these paints to regular plate and machine-textured glass. This color option is available in limitless colors, both opaque
              and transparent. Because the paints are cold-applied as a glass coating, these colors can be offered at a much lower
              cost than fused colors, which require a second kiln-firing after casting.

                          custom cold-applied color                custom cold-applied color      cold-applied color: MD901 Pearl Blue
                              texture: small spheres                          texture: anime                    texture: flowing linen

                          cold-applied color: md601                cold-applied color: md602                cold-applied color: md603

                          cold-applied color: md604                cold-applied color: md605                cold-applied color: md606

                          cold-applied color: md607                cold-applied color: md608                cold-applied color: md608
Hand-applied fused colors are most appropriate for those who seek hand-crafted color that is extremely durable
and provides a beautiful enhancement to the depth and variation in kiln-cast glass. Hand-applied fused colors are
rendered permanent by firing paints in a glass emulsion directly into the glass. This process creates color that will not
scratch or fade in ultra-violet lighting conditions, and is suitable for exterior applications. These colors can be applied
individually or combined to create colorful compositions.

            fused color: ocean cobalt                fused color: emerald green                        fused color: amber

              fused color: chartreuse               fused color: solstice yellow                   fused color: terra cotta

  specialty color: ice blue bubbleglass          specialty color: copper metallic    specialty color: mixed enamels/metals

Pre-colored or tinted glass is the most cost-effective way to achieve color for decorative glass applications. These
colors are rendered by changing the chemical composition in the raw material as the glass is being manufactured.
Because these are standard colors in the glazing industry and are not produced on-site at Meltdown Glass, their avail-
ability is limited and some colors are only available in certain thicknesses. Tinted glass is a good option for budget
conscious projects, projects where color consistency is crucial, and for exterior applications.

        tinted glass color: arctic blue              tinted glass color: azurlite           tinted glass color: blue green

           tinted glass color: bronze                   tinted glass color: clear            tinted glass color: evergreen

              tinted glass color: grey                 tinted glass color: peach              tinted glass color: starphire
Meltdown Glass Art & Design
           PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
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                                                 dichroic glass
                                                 Meltdown Glass is an industry leader in the use of fused dichroic
                                                 glass for kiln casting. This spectacular glass, which is a bi-product
                                                 of the aerospace industry, has brilliant refractory and reflective
                                                 properties. It is produced in a heated weightless chamber by
                                                 vaporizing quartz crystal and metal oxides and allowing them to
                                                 permanently adhere (through crystallization) to a glass surface. The
                                                 result is a mesmerizing glass product that simultaneously displays
                                                 transmitted color and reflective color. These colors shift depending
                                                 on the angle of view, thus each color of dichroic glass is composed
                                                 of multiple embedded colors that show differently depending on
                                                 background and viewer perspective. When introduced to various
                                                 lighting conditions, dichroic glass becomes enigmatic and illusive,
                                                 creating a dazzling visual display of reflected light and shifting

                                                 Meltdown Glass specializes in the fusion of dichroic as an applied
                                                 treatment to our glass products. We catalog up to 20 different colors,
                                                 which can be viewed at Meltdown
                                                 Glass can apply dichroic as large solid pieces, ribbons, flecks, and frit
                                                 (crushed glass) well as custom specified shapes or designs. We
                                                 can also temper panels with fused dichroic bits.

                                                 top left: multi-colored dichroic bits, fused to 1/2” tempered clear glass. texture: Circles
                                                 and Squares. Maricopa County Forensic Science Center. Phoenix AZ.
                                                 bottom left: multi-colored dichroic bits, fused to 3/8” tempered clear glass. custom
                                                 texture. private residence.
                                                 right: rainbow dichroic logo, fused to 3/8” clear glass. texture: Flow. Paradise Valley
                                                 Hospital. Paradise Valley AZ.
 Meltdown Glass Art & Design
                      PO Box 3850. Chandler AZ 85244
                      tel 800.845.6221 • fax 480.633.3344                                                             product catalog

                                                                                        Sandblasting makes an excellent addition to art or architectural
                                                                                        glass. This application can be used to achieve a range of effects
                                                                                        on Meltdown textured glass, including solid frosting for increased
                                                                                        privacy or to reduce light transmission, detailed etched designs
                                                                                        (literal or abstract), and deeply carved surfaces that further increase
                                                                                        the tactile quality of textured glass. Frosting can be applied as a
                                                                                        solid layer or can be done in gradation. Meltdown Glass can seal the
                                                                                        etched surface with an applied clear-coat to prevent finger prints. We
                                                                                        can also temper or laminate sandblasted glass for safer installation
                                                                                        of large panels.
                                                                                        left top: decorative sandblasting, custom texture
                                                                                        left bottom: overall frost sandblasting. texture: anime

fused metals
Meltdown Glass can fuse any number of metals into our cast-glass
products, including aluminum, copper, silver, and gold. Fused metals are
sandwiched between two layers of glass, allowing them to remain per-
manently sealed inside the glass. This treatment can be applied as mixed
metals or a single layer of metal. Designs can range from random shapes to
detailed intricate cuts which can represent anything from autumn leaves,
fish, to human figures. Like all treatments at Meltdown Glass, the fusion of
metals can easily be combined with other treatments or color applications.
Glass with sandwiched metals cannot be tempered because trapped air
bubbles cause breakage during the tempering process, but laminating is a
viable alternative to create safety glass with this treatment.

right top: fused copper and aluminum in clear glass. custom cut leaves. texture: Sand
right bottom: fused aluminum in arctic blue glass. custom texture
working with
  meltdown glass
  Meltdown Glass provides a limited number of samples free of charge for the 100 & 200 series
  textures. There will be a charge for other samples such as custom-designed textures and
  specialty finishes.

  Meltdown Glass design staff will consult with you on the aesthetic aspects of your job.
  However, if there are any safety and engineering factors to be considered regarding your job,
  Meltdown staff members are not qualified to answer these questions. Meltdown staff will
  recommend that these be contracted out to a licensed engineer at your cost and if desired, we
  can refer you to such an engineer. Meltdown staff provides no warranty regarding the safety of
  your use of their product.

  There are often changes in job specifications during the period in which an order is being
  placed. All such changes are reflected in changes to the price. Quotation Forms specify what
  products and services are to be provided. If the customer wants more or less than is specified,
  this needs to be communicated to Meltdown in writing, and will be reflected in a change to the
  Quotation Form.

  Before a job is scheduled for production, the following must be received by Meltdown Glass:

  • Signed and dated final Quotation Form. please also review our Terms and Conditions.

  • 50% deposit received.

  • Fully completed, signed, and dated Job Order Form with any templates and samples to be
  considered in designing and fabricating the job.

  These forms are available from Meltdown Glass or they can be downloaded from our website
  by clicking on the about meltdown link and then working with meltdown on the upper menu.

  Jobs that require tempering are subject to breakage during the tempering process. This is
  beyond the control of Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC. Meltdown will remake such orders
  without further charge, but the expected date for shipment may be delayed.

  Payment in full is required prior to shipment.

  If you have further questions about working with our studio, please contact us. We are a
  customer service oriented company and we look forward to answering any questions you may
arch tectural
architect ral
 glass specifications
 glass specifications
                      Manufactured float glass is the raw material of our architectural kiln-cast glass.

                      Our glass is custom textured on handcrafted one-off molds so that every piece produced is a
                      unique work of art. Unlike manufactured glass, slight variations in texture and appearance give
                      added value to our kiln-cast glass. Our finished glass product is of the highest quality.

                      Heating glass accelerates the movement of glass molecules. Every type of glass has its own
                      annealing point (the temperature in the cooling cycle at which glass molecules lose the movement
                      and stress acquired from the heating process and regain the stability of manufactured glass). Our
                      glass is properly annealed based on its size, thickness, and chemical composition to regain its
                      original factory specifications, ASTM c1036 code of the American Society for Testing and Materials

                      Holes and notches are cut after casting to achieve the exact size and position required by the job

                      A professional standard of finished work is achieved (with techniques such as etching and
                      polishing when designated).

                      Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC can texture glass from 1/4" to 1" in thickness. Thicknesses
                      greater than 1" can be achieved by fusing layers of glass together.

                      Our glass when tempered meets ASTM 1048 and CAN 12.1M90 codes for strength and durability.
                      When laminated, our glass meets ASTM C1172 code.

                      If our glass is to be used for purposes that exceed these standards, Meltdown Glass Art & Design
                      LLC must be advised and Underwriters Laboratory approval must be obtained.

                      Installation of kiln-cast glass is the same as regular plate glass.

  size limitations:   Most Meltdown Glass standard textures can be fabricated with a maximum single-panel size of
                      72" Wide X 144" High.

     safety glass:    Most Meltdown Glass textures can be heat-strengthened or fully tempered. The maximum
                      thickness of tempered glass cannot exceed 3/4".

             color:   Meltdown Glass can apply color to our glass products using several methods. For details,
                      strengths and limitations of each method, please see the "Color" section under the product
                      catalog of the Meltdown Glass website.

                      note: These specifications are for general information only. If more detailed specs are needed,
                      please contact us by phone or email.

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