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     at Roehampton

        Sam Matthews
Admissions & Enquiries Manager
                                      Admissions Team

                         Admissions and Enquiries Manager

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  1 Assistant        1 Assistant                  1 Assistant      1 Assistant
                Undergraduate Admissions

• All applicants applying for Full Time Undergraduate
  study at Roehampton University must apply via

• All applications to UCAS are made on-line

• Applicants start to submit their applications to UCAS
  from September through to August however there are
  some important dates during this time
                    Key Dates

• 15 January - final date for applications to be guaranteed equal
  academic consideration, applications received after this date are
  regarded as LATE

• 26 February - applicants who receive no offers (or decline any
  offers received) may apply to other universities one at a time
  from this date through UCAS EXTRA.

• 30 June - final deadline for receipt of applications for immediate
  consideration. Those received after this date are held for
                   Key Date cont.

• 3 reject by default dates (vary each year) usually in May, July
  and September . It is the responsibility of the Admissions Team
  to have input all decisions to applicants that applied via UCAS :
   – by the May date for those applying prior to 15 January
   – by the July date for all LATE applicants
   – the September date is for applicants that have not been able
      to be Confirmed

• Applicants also have a variety of dates to which they must
  respond to UCAS by, these are dependant on when they made
  their application and received responses from the University
                    Assessing applications

• Staff do not only look at the applicant's academic qualifications
  (qualifications gained so far and predicted grades)
• Also take into account personal statement e.g.
   – significant interest in the courses applied for
   – voluntary work or interests/hobbies of relevance

• This information is particularly relevant for those applicants who
  apply to us from non traditional backgrounds.

• The reference is also a major factor in the staff being able to
  make an informed decision about an applicants suitability for a
  place at the University
                    Entry Requirements

• Applicants are generally expected to meet Roehampton’s
  minimum entry requirements.

• However if this is not met, Roehampton will still consider
  applications from individuals who can demonstrate the same
  academic potential as applicants with conventional qualifications
  for most programmes. There are however some courses where
  the entry criteria cannot be flexible - typically where these are
  governed by outside bodies.

• Qualifications that do not have a tariff score are also considered
  e.g. Access courses.
                 14-19 Diploma

• The Advanced and Progression Diploma have been
  accepted for entrance onto all undergraduate

• However, some programmes have additional
  requirements e.g. a specific A-level in addition to the
  diploma, for example;
• Biological Sciences
• English Literature
• Sport
                UCAS Tariff Points by School

• 10 Departments - each subject sets its own entry

• The range of the entry criteria varies between
  programme and we currently have a tariff level or 200
  to 340.
Tariff Points
               International Applications

• International applicants apply in the same way
  through UCAS
• We have an International Team in place as we
  understand that International students need more
• We require them to pay a deposit to secure their
  place and to help assist them with the Visa
  application process.
• We issue the CAS through the UKBA system
                Further Information

 All our communication is via email
 Our decisions are sent via Weblink in real time
 We aim to turn around applications in 10 days
 We arrange interviews and auditions for Primary
  Education and Dance
 Our Interview Team attends Primary Education Interviews
  every week.
 We carry out all the CRB/ISA checks
 We run the Clearing and Confirmation process
     Contact Details

         Sam Matthews
Admissions & Enquiries Manager
         020 8392 3779

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