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					Infinity Bank
• It is estimated that new branch will be
  serving about one million people
• New branch of Bank Infinity will be set up
  at DLF Gurgaon
• Total population of Gurgaon over 1.8
• It is assumed that the bank is already an
  established private sector bank with
  branches all over the country.
                     LEGAL REQUIREMENTS
                      Source :
•The opening of new branches and shifting of existing branches of banks is governed by the
provisions of Section 23 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
•In terms of these provisions, the bank cannot, without the prior approval of the Reserve Bank
of India (RBI), open a new place of business in India or abroad or change, otherwise than
within the same city, town or village, the location of the existing place of business.
•Section 23 (2) of the Banking Regulation Act lays down that before granting any permission
under this section, the Reserve Bank may require to be satisfied, by an inspection under
Section 35 or otherwise, as to the financial condition and history of the banking company, the
general character of its management, the adequacy of its capital structure and earning
prospects and that public interest will be served by the opening or, as the case may be,
change of location of the existing place of business.
•Therefore, it is mandatory for commercial banks and urban cooperative banks to obtain prior
approval of Reserve Bank before opening a new branch/ office. Commercial banks including
Local Area Banks (other than RRBs) should approach Department of Banking Operations &
Development, Central Office, Urban Co-operative Banks should approach Urban Banks
Department and Regional Rural Banks should approach Rural Planning and Credit
Department in this regard.
• No objection certificate from the various Authorities
• Once the Branch is constructed and ready , the security
  officer inspects the same and gives his approval .
• The branch has to arrange for internal licenses like the
  fax lines , IP phone lines ,Lease lines, cheque books ,
  banker cheques , a 65 kw power backup and load
  requirement permit . The license issued by the RBI is
  also to be displayed at the branch .
Address – ground floor, commercial arcade, Sushant Lok
               Premises Selection
1. Area Selection
      Major market hub for Banking
      Existing Banking Area / Potential Banking Area
      Footfalls ,Competitive data , Visibility
      Final Decision of the Senior Bankers
2. Location Selection
    Infrastructure of the Bank
    Real Estate Agents
                        Why Gurgaon
•   A truly retail centric destination
•   Strategic location for consumer products FMCG, White Goods, Readymade
    Garments, Restaurants, Bank, ATM etc.
•   The 10 lakh strong urban population resides in Gurgaon city.
                                                            ( source: )
•   With the development of Manesar and other industrial and office
    parks,Gurgaon is perfectly situated to fulfill retail needs
•   The advent of the new KMP Expressway will further catalyse growth in the
•   The existing population of Gurgaon is considered to possess large
    purchasing power creating a large demand for banks.chief
•   Over 70,000 upper-middle class households in the immediate vicinity.
•   The target market consists of 50:50 ratio of business and service class,with
    over 65 percent being graduates and above.
•   54 colleges,schools and vocational institutes within the catchment area.
                   Why Sushant Lok
•   Exquisite ambience incorporating lifestyles products with a balanced retail

•   State-of-the-art amenities and well planned facilities.

•   Splendid interiors with magnificent landscaping and water-features.

•   Situated at the intersection of 4 main(over 100 ft. wide) roads,ensuring clear
    access,as well as high visibility.

•   This intersection experiences over 250,000 footfalls in the course of a single
        Competition in Gurgaon
• HDFC Bank
• The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking
• Indian Overseas Bank
• ICICI Banking Corporation
• Indian Bank
• Kotak Bank
• Abn Amro Bank
• Punjab and Sind Bank
• Citi Bank
             Rooms Required
•   Strong Room
•   Vault room
•   ATM Facility
•   Conference room
•   Server room
•   Manager’s room
•   Washrooms – 2
•   Common lobby – shared by RM’s , RO’s ,
    Tellers etc.
        Infrastructure Requirements
3 months security                                                        450000

3 months advance                                                         450000
HUDA                                                                     3000

Fire                                                                     3000

Water                                                                    3000

Electricity                                                              3000
Interiors: Furniture, Flooring, Ceiling, Fixtures – Rs. 750/- per sq.ft. 15,00,000

Split Air-conditioners - 9@12000                                        180000
Generator - 40 KWs                                                      400000

                                ( source:Mr.Ritesh Shivdesani)
      Infrastructure,Furnishings &
•   Both the branches are fully computerized (operate on the Finacle Core
    Banking Solution platform) and are equipped with the requisite infrastructure
    to structure and deliver complete financial solutions and personalized
    banking services, both on the assets and liabilities side.

•   The branch has a unique design aimed at providing the most satisfying
    banking experience to the customers while being aesthetically appealing. It
    incorporates the ambience of a modern high-tech bank with features that
    appeal to the Global Indian viz. privacy when discussing finance, customer
    comfort zones that allow personalized attention from Relationship
    Managers, etc.
•   The use of vibrant colour tones, and design elements give the branch a
    young and, friendly look while the layout and fixtures have been designed to
    be practical, friendly and functional.
     Branch Organization Structure
                                            Branch Manager (1)

     Branch Sales Manager (1)              Service Manager (1)                 Relationship Manager (2)

     Team Leader ( 1 )
                                          Relationship            Service            Privilege Client
                                          Officers(3)            Officers(3)      Acquisition Team ( 2 )

Current          Saving
account          Account

Team Members(5           Team Members(5
      )5)                      )5)
The major activities undertaken by the bank are:
• Accepting deposits of money from the public.
• Borrowing, raising or taking money
• Lending and investing of the money received.
• Drawing, making, accepting, discounting, buying, selling,
  collecting and dealing in bills of exchange, promissory
  notes, coupons, drafts, debentures etc.
• Granting and issuing of letter of credit, travelers’ cheque
• Providing safe deposit vaults.
   Product and services offered
                               NRI Services
Personal Banking
                               NRI Services
   – Accounts & Deposits           Remittances
   – Loans                         Payment Services
   – Investments & Insurance       Loans
   – Cards                         Investments &
   – Investments & Insurance        Insurance
   – Forex Services                Accounts & Deposits
   – Payment Services              Property Solutions
   – ATM
                               Wholesale Banking
   – Customer Care
                                 – Corporate
                                 – Small & Medium
                                 – Financial Institutions
                                    & Trusts
         Advertising Campaign
•   Setting up Banners at the site of the branch
•   Print eg. Pamphlets
•   Advertising on the local cable network
•   Pamphlets distributed with the newspaper a day before
    the opening
•   Promoting the products and services offered by
    associating with various RWA’s by sponsoring local
         Advertising Campaign
• Inviting the presidents of the various residential societies
  and corporates to the inaugural ceremony .
• Initiatives taken by the bank by giving personal visits to
  the nearby offices to capture their CASA accounts.
• Setting up ATMs at the nearby malls . The cost of setting
  up the same would be taken care of by the Zonal office ,
              Bank Layout
24-Hour ATM                 Customer Service
           Cost Estimates
DLF Branch         Area: 2000 sqft @75 per sqft
Rentals- Rs 1.5 lakhs p.m

Expect to mobilize:
Savings Deposit 25 crores@3.5%
Savings Account - sweep facility 10 crore @ 6.5%
Current Deposit 15 crores
Fixed Deposit 15 crores@8.25%

Plan of action- To Break Even the Branch in
maximum 1 year
                    Capital Expenditure
Furniture and Fixtures           15,00,000
2 Copier                         130,000
Fax                              30,000
Generator(40 KW)                 4,00,000
Safes                            1,50,000
Fire Extinguishers, Glow signs   70,000
2 Cash counting machine          50,000
18 PCs                           7,20,000
3 Printers                       150000
Floor UPS cost                   170,000
Servers                          250,000
Modems                           250,000
9 Splits Air conditioners        180000
Alarm Systems                    2,00,000
5 Cameras                        2,00,000
                   Operating Expenses
                                     Per Month   Per Annum
Branch Manager’s Salary              1,50,000    18,00,000
Salary(13 personnel)-p.a             3,50,000    42,00,000
Electricity/ Fuel cost-               75000       9,00,000
2 Runners                             20000       240000
2 security Guards + agency charges    15000       180000
2 House Keeping                       20000        240000
Telephones                            70,000      840000
ISDN Charges                          10000       120000
IT help desk resource                 12000       144000
Lease Line Connectivity                  -        250,000
Parking - 3 minimum                    4,500       54000
Traveling Expenses                    15000       180000
Rentals                               150000      1800000
Postage                                5,000      60,000
Stationery costs                       5000        60000
Thank You
  Armeet Singh
 Chhavi Thukral
  Juhi Kashyap
  Mansi Jindal
 Pratima Kanodia

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