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					                  Vol. No. 3                                                               Issue No. 7

August 2002                                It’s Riverfest — Volunteers needed!
The Voice of the East Row Historic            Riverfest—the big fireworks celebration sponsored by WEBN, Toyota
Foundation is published monthly
and paid for by the East Row Historic
                                           and others, will take place on Sunday, September 1. Once again our
Foundation (ERHF). Diverse, respon-        neighborhood association has the opportunity to sell WEBN merchandise
sible commentary is encouraged.
All opinions are those of the authors      in two booths set up on Riverboat Row in Newport. As many of you
and do not necessarily express the         know, this is a major volunteer-driven fundraising event that raises much
opinions of the ERHF and its officers.
Articles, editorials, classifieds or       of the money that supports neighborhood beautification projects and
calendar items should be sent to
Fran Blasing, Nadine Parris, or
                                           other worthy causes.
Bob Yoder. The editors reserve                We seek volunteers to set up and tear down the booths, and to sell
the right to edit all submissions or
reject inappropriate material.             WEBN t-shirts and other merchandise. We also need volunteers to make
                                           telephone calls in advance of the event and to help with various tasks
Deadline for submissions is the
15th of the month.                         the day of. The booths are staffed in three shifts beginning at noon. The
Drop off at 611 Monroe                     final shift, from 6:00–9:00 p.m., offers a front-row view of the spectacular
Street or via e-mail:
   Nadine Parris: nparris@fuse.net,        fireworks. All volunteers get a free t-shirt.
   Bob Yoder: rjyoder@fuse.net or             Please call Ian or Pat Budd at (859) 491-7696 or e-mail
   Fran Blasing: fmblasing@aol.com
                                           ian@icbaudio.com to sign up. Your help is essential to making this event
Next Meeting
Joint meeting for Gateway and              a success! s
Mansion Hill neighborhoods
Tuesday, August 6, 7:30 p.m.,
St. Mark Lutheran Church,                  Beth Sullebarger of the Cincinnati Preservation
corner of Monroe & Eighth Streets.         Association to Speak at August Meeting
Officers of the East Row Historic
Foundation                                   Beth Sullebarger, Executive Director will speak at our August meeting
Chair: Bob Yoder
Treasurer: Larry Bosserman                 on the history and activities of the Cincinnati Preservation Assocation.
Secretary: Angela Siddel                   The CPA is the tri-states largest historic preservation organization with
Gateway Representative: Jeff Hall
Mansion Hill Representative: Christopher   over 550 members. s
Letters of opinion to The Voice are
welcome but must be signed if they are     August Agenda:                          • Old Business
to be published. The editors reserve the   • New Neighbors                           Voting on Donation to Newport
right to edit for length. Thank you.                                                 School-Based Health Centers
                                           • Presentation by Beth Sullebarger,
                                             Executive Director, Cincinnati        • New Business
                                             Preservation Association                Tall Stacks 2003
                                           • Committee Reports                       Should the Neighborhood Yard
                                                                                     Sale become an annual event
East Row Yard Sale Brings                                      2002 Kentucky Historic
Crowds Looking for Bargains                                    Preservation Conference
   On July 13, Newport’s East Row was buzzing with                Members of Newport's Historic Preservation
cars and foot traffic as hundreds of bargain hunters           Commission will travel to Danville for the 2002
combed through tables and boxes of “treasures” at              Kentucky Historic Preservation Conference, August
over 50 yard sales in the neighborhood.                        1-3. Conference highlights include keynote addresses
   Special thanks go to Joyce Chastang and Angela              by Crit Luallen, Secretary of Governor Patton's
Siddall for organizing this event — a huge success.            Executive Cabinet, and Joseph Riley, Mayor of
   At this month’s East Row Historic Foundation meet-          Charleston, South Carolina. Conference attendees will
ing we will discuss if we should make the East Row             see downtown Danville's Great American Main Street,
Yard Sale an annual neighborhood event.s                       tour area landmarks, and attend informative educa-
                                                               tional sessions on historic preservation techniques,
                                                               guidelines and development. For more information,
The East Row List Serve:                                       contact Becky Shipp at Kentucky Heritage Council,
   The East Row neighborhood has an e-mail list                502-564-7005, ext. 133, or
serve that allows members to exchange news and                 Becky.Shipp@mail.state.ky.us s
opinions about what’s happening. Sometimes the dis-
cussion get a little lively, but for the most part it’s just
neighbors talking over an electronic fence. If you             The Kentucky Haus Events for August:
                                                               Aug. 3 - Sat. Noon-3:00pm
would like to join the discussion all you need to do is
                                                               "A Taste of Kentucky" featuring Elmwood Inn Tea
send an e-mail to this address.
                                                               goodies from Perryville, KY
   east_row-subscribe@yahoogroups.com s
                                                               Aug. 10 - Sat. Noon-3:00pm
                                                               Don Drewry, Storyteller & Musician Appalachian Folk
                                                               Tales and Crafts & Hammered Dulcimer concert
                                                               Aug 17 - Sat Noon-3:00pm
                                                               "Mom & Me" American Flag Tobacco stick designs by
                                                               Mildred and Lori Wallingford
                                                               Aug 24 - Sat Noon-3:00pm
                                                               Rose Pohlar, Pohlar Fabrics - quilted vests and jackets
                                                               Aug 31 - Sat Noon-3:00pm
                                                               "Reflections" Kentucky Quarter Pendants &
                                                               Glass Jewelry displayed by Andrea Bradys
Kentucky Symphony to play                               Victorian Christmas Tour
at Devou Park                                           Seeks Homes for Tour
   Bring your blanket, picnic basket and citronella     by John Brewer
candles to a great concert for the entire family! The
                                                               The annual Christmas house tour will again be
Kentucky Symphony Orchestra continues its seventh
                                                        the first weekend in December. We need homeown-
season of free concerts in Covington's Devou Park on
                                                        ers willing to put their houses on the tour. We will
Saturday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m. with "The Magic of
                                                        also need volunteers to help in the houses during the
John Williams." James Cassidy conducts this tribute
                                                        tour. The tour not only makes money for the neigh-
to the master film score compose, which will include
                                                        borhood but, more importantly, it allows people to
music from "Jaws," "Schindler's List," "ET," "Harry
                                                        see and learn about the neighborhood. The tour of
Potter," "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
                                                        1996 was the reason that we bought a house here.
Still shots from these movies will be projected on
                                                        People went our of their way to talk with us during
screens in Devou Park, adding an exciting multimedia
                                                        and after the tour.
aspect as the KSO provides the live musical memo-
                                                              Because of the fair weather last year there was
ries. For information call (859) 431-6216 or visit
                                                        really a "crunch" with over 2500 people visiting the
www.kyso.org s
                                                        houses. This may make many homeowners apprehen-
                                                        sive. The committee is going to discuss increasing the
Upcoming Newport Events                                 ticket price and putting a limit on the number of tick-
Newport Farmers Market                                  ets sold to avoid this in the future. If homeowners
Saturdays July - October                                like to decorate for Christmas they should think about
Second Saturday Sidewalk Sale
                                                        sharing it with others by being on the tour. Let me
August 10, Monmouth St.                                 know if you, or someone you know, are willing to be
                                                        on the tour. John Brewer, Chairperson. 261-4752.
Great Inland Seafood Festival
                                                        jbrewer78@insightbb.com s
August 9-11, Riverboat Row.
August 16, Riverboat Row.
Chili Cook-off & Car Show
August 25, Riverboat Row.
September 1, Riverboat Row.
September 7-15, Wiedemann Hill Project.
This Month
Newport City Commissioners Meetings
Monday, August 12, 26
7 p.m., Multi-Purpose Room, City of Newport,
998 Monmouth Street. Information: 292-3666 or

Newport Historic Preservation
Commission Meetings
Wednesday, August 28
7 p.m., Multi-Purpose Room, City of Newport,
998 Monmouth Street. Information: 292-3666 or
Newport Board of Education Meeting
Wednesday, August 28
7:30 p.m., Central Office 3rd Floor, 301 E. 8th
Street, Newport, KY (859) 292-3001 or

Newport Business Association Meeting
July 28
7:00 a.m., Detroit Joe’s, 115 E. 9th Street, Newport
Kentucky Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m
James Cassidy, Music Director — Devou Park

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