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									       The Firm
       The Law Office of Stavropoulos & Co. is an Athens based law firm
       serving an extensive range of domestic and international clients. We
       practise in all of the principal legal areas. The firm was established in 1984
       by Dimitrios Stavropoulos and is large enough to handle substantial
       transactions yet still remains small enough to offer a personal partner led
       service. It provides legal services to multinational corporations, medium-
       size companies and private and publicly held small businesses in corporate
       and commercial law, litigation, real estate transactions, financing,
       international trade, securities registration and compliance, taxation,
       bankruptcy and trademark registration worldwide. The Firm represents
       individual clients in trust and estate planning, divorce and other family law
       matters. The Firm is recognized for its international capabilities. Our
       knowledge of the legal and commercial requirements of many nations and
       our extensive international network of attorneys enable us to serve Greek
       clients with international operations and non-Greek clients conducting
       business in Greece. Our legal practitioners and staff are fluent in Greek,
       English, French, German and Spanish, which enhances our Firm's ability to
       guide clients through the complexities of various legal systems.

       Civil Litigation
       Stavropoulos & Co. provides in-depth expertise in all areas of civil
       litigation and arbitration. Our associates have many years of experience in
       representing clients before Trial & Appellate Courts and the High Court in
       the territory of Greece. The firm is also experienced in representing clients
       before the Athens Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Council and other
       forums for alternative dispute resolution.

       Our Firm has represented clients in a wide range and variety of cases,
       including international trade and investment disputes, commercial
       transactions, real estate, corporate governance and bankruptcy.

       With the development of Civil Liability and Personal Injury Law and
       increased legislation, claims are on the increase. The Courts have also
       extended liability and claims are no longer restricted to the injured party
       but also to close relatives. Changing social trends have caused an increasing
       tendency to want to claim. Our firm has for many years consistently met

18, Dimokritou 106 73 Athens Greece, tel.: +30 210 3645103, fax: +30 210 3605588 e-mail:
the need for skilled and experienced advice and act as legal counsel for a
number of corporate and private entities including the two largest
insurance companies in Greece.

Stavropoulos & Co. assists clients at every stage of a proceeding. We are
sensitive to the cost concerns of small businesses and individual clients,
and our associates always discuss with clients the merits of pursuing a case
against the likely costs. Consequently, we strive to keep litigation costs
commensurate with the amount at stake and prospects for favourable

Company & Commercial Law
Stavropoulos & Co. provides a broad range of services in many areas of
corporate law. We are versed in the preparation of complex agreements,
such as manufacturing and distribution contracts, buy and sell and
shareholder arrangements and agreements for mergers, acquisitions,
divestitures, joint ventures, spin-offs and other forms of corporate
restructuring. We deal regularly with the formation of corporations,
partnerships, limited liability companies and other business entities,
particularly for international companies and individuals who seek to
engage in business activities in Greece. We provide day-to-day advice to
corporate clients on a variety of corporate issues, such as executive
compensation and employment law, tax law and administrative law.

Our Firm has extensive experience in working with small to medium-size
public companies to handle all aspects of their affairs related to securities.
We handle Securities and Exchange Commission filings for these clients
and frequently engage in compliance work for them as well. In addition,
we provide legal services and advice to companies pursuing an initial
public offering or private placement.

Our skill in assessing the value of small to medium-size public offerings
and our relationships with accounting firms enable us to present an
accurate determination of an offering's financial soundness.

Our Firm's regular involvement with non-Greek companies and their
executives often requires us to arrange for the lawful admission of non-
Greek business people into Greece. As a result, we know what is needed to
obtain all classes of business visas as well as other work visas. Since our
partners and staff speak a wide variety of languages, communicating with
non-English-speaking individuals is facilitated.

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International Trade
Stavropoulos & Co. represents trading companies and multi-national
corporations and provides counsel to them on various aspects of Greek, EU
and international trade regulations. We advise clients on Greek and
countervailing duty laws, quotas, customs duties, VAT and other import
restrictions. We also assist clients in problems of documentary credits and
other means of international payment.

Trade Mark & Intellectual Property
Stavropoulos & Co. handles all aspects of intellectual property such as
patents, trademarks, passing off, designs, copyrights, trade secrets and
unfair competition. The firm obtains, administrates and maintains
trademark registrations in Greece, the EU, United States and around the
world. Through our network of correspondents in scores of nations around
the world, the Firm is able to research trademark matters efficiently and in

We also conduct trademark litigation and have successfully prosecuted and
defended infringement actions within Greece and the EU.

Real Estate
The Firm's experience in the many forms of real estate transactions includes
the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties and the
negotiation of commercial and residential leases, mortgage financing and
construction loans. We have represented non-Greek citizens and entities in
the purchase and maintenance of property in the territory of Greece and we
know how to handle the inevitable tax issues that arise for international
property owners. We also keep current with the changes in housing
regulations in Greece. Our Firm works with architects and contractors on
housing development and related matters, such as the purchase of building
supplies and construction services.

From its initial stages we have been systematically involved in advising,
informing and administrating Title for numerous estates and a large
number of private and corporate owners of property in Greece seeking to
sort out, settle and confirm ownership, to the end of registering Title with
The National Cadastre System. This to replace the present system of

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registrations under which property rights and title of ownership are
registered and referenced.

As the aim of The National Cadastre System is to present an accurate
description of property and an account of all right and title of ownership on
each for the entire territory of Greece, we have developed valuable
experience, knowledge and insight in the usually complex, detailed and
involved work of collecting, comparing, confirming and registering this
data, in and out of Court. As a result, we have acquired, along with an
extensive database, valuable experience with property located in all
provinces and islands of the Greek territory. Further, our legal practitioners
are adept at locating potential problems with Title and equally capable in
the resolution of these problems. Our experience in this field has been
further enhanced by our involvement in the acquisition of large properties
by method of successive purchases of smaller parts, to the end of creating
the desired land required for development. This experience includes, but is
by no means limited to, legal matters relating to forest and environmentally
protected areas, church and monastery property and property protected and
governed under archaeological and cultural legislation. Our interaction
with these and other Public Authorities, including the Authority
administrating state property (KED) is regular, consistent and ongoing.

Stavropoulos & Co. provides efficient and effective legal support and
counsel on corporate, partnership and individual tax planning and works
with a variety of Greek and foreign accounting firms on tax issues
pertaining to corporate and non-profit entities and to individuals. As the
majority of our client group is international we have developed a particular
and extensive network and experience in dealing with international tax
matters. Our tax expertise includes dealing with offshore trusts,
international tax agreements between Greek and other tax jurisdictions and
the tax consequences of ownership of real and personal property in Greece
by non-residents.

In bankruptcy proceedings, including liquidation proceedings and
reorganizations, Stavropoulos & Co. represents debtor or both secured
and unsecured creditor interests. We supervise the strategy and conduct of
bankruptcy proceedings in Athens and other jurisdictions.

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Personal Services-Trust and Estate Planning
The Firm's experience in various areas of Estate Law and estate planning.
Our estate planning ranges from the creation of various kinds of trusts to
the preparation of wills. We can guide clients through such estate planning
procedures as generation-skipping planning (relative to forced inheritance
laws), charitable remainder trusts, qualified domestic trusts and the special
estate problems of foreign residents and citizens of other countries. We
understand the problems and issues involved in establishing and
administering small and large estates, and we have considerable experience
in helping owners of closely held businesses distribute control of the
enterprise and assets among several heirs.

Family Law
Stavropoulos & Co. represents clients in matters of divorce, property
settlement, child custody, visitation and support, spousal maintenance,
adoption and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We place emphasis
on obtaining satisfactory results without undue expense and on working
with clients and opponents in these sensitive matters to avoid expending
time and money unnecessarily or to pursue unattainable or vindictive goals.

EU Legislation
The Firm represents and consults clients in matters pertaining to EU Law.
Our experience in this particular field has been recognized and further
enhanced by our appointment as chief legal counsel to the state authority
administrating all agricultural subsidies to Greece from the EU
(Organization for Payment and Control of EU Subsidies, Direction
Incentives and Guarantees / O.P.E.K.E.P.E.).

Our fees
Our fees are based on the time required to complete an engagement at the
hourly rates appropriate to the level of expertise required. However,
because of the nature of the work / issues we usually encounter, we tend to
use more experienced people than one would find in a similar size law

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Our hourly rates in Euro are as follows:
Level                            Hourly rate

Senior (w/over 25yrs. experience)                 370€

Senior Litigator           (w/over       25yrs.   280€

Junior Litigator          (w/     5-10     yrs.   200€

Senior Researcher                                 220€
Junior Researcher                                 170€
Junior (w/ 2-8 yrs. experience)                   150€

Assistant (w/ at least 4yrs. experience)           80€

It is noted that anticipated total fees for each mandate are estimated in
advance at the client’s request. Also, that all work, disbursals and expenses
are electronically docketed. Finally that fee structure is periodically

At your request, we will gladly provide a short list of clients, located in and
out of Greece, for your referral purposes.

We at the firm of Stavropoulos & Co. place our focus on the client. This
means that our legal advice must not only solve the client’s immediate
problems but must also take into account his objectives, strategies and
plans. We feel it is critical to maintain an ongoing communication, which
enables us to understand the client and contribute to his growth by
addressing his needs with sound, pro-active and cost-effective advice and

Dimitri Stavropoulos
Senior Counsel

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