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           British Cycling North East

National Junior Men's Road Race Championship

                                       Sunday 3rd July 2011

                                         Barnard Castle
                                         County Durham

                   This event is run under British Cycling Technical Regulations

In association with British Cyclings North East Cycling Clubs Hetton Hawks Cycling Club, Cestria
Cycles RT and Durham University Cycling Club

National Junior Men's Road Race Championship

Welcome to British Cycling North East’s promotion of the 2011 National Junior Men's Road Race
Championship. This biggest Junior event on the calendar comes to County Durham over 80 riders
will compete against each other over a race distance of 78 miles. The course is designed to
provide a perfect back drop to allow the riders to use their skill, fitness and tactical minds to find
the 2011 National Champion.

The profile of cycle sport & British Cycling is continuing to grow, this event is part of a broader
strategy within County Durham to bring sporting events to a wider audience. Everyone involved in
this event has a part to play in delivering a quality experience, we thank you in your support.

Please take a few moments to read through this manual which is designed to guide you through
the day’s proceedings.

                       Bring a new experience to local youngsters

During the morning of the event British Cycling coaches are running FREE coaching sessions for
locals, anyone aged between 10-16 years with or without a bike (bikes can be provided) can come
along and enjoy learning some new skills session 1 starts 10.30 Session 2 starts 11.30 at Teesdale
Leisure Centre, Strathmore Road, Barnard Castle, DL12 8D contact

Championships Event Schedule

10.00 Sign on & Gear check Opens
10.30 Support staff briefing, Police Motos, NEG, Officials & drivers, course marshals HQ
11.15 Sign on & Gear check Closes
11.30 Riders depart HQ under Police escort

11.45 Rider briefing at Bowes Museum (congregate in marked area)
12.00 Rider roll out, race de neutralized at Weswick Village

15.00 race finish

Podium presentations (Top three presented with Medals/National Champions Jersey/Prizes)
10 minutes after race finish

The organising team would like to wish all riders the best of luck.

Event Sponsors

Thanks to all the sponsors who have made this event possible, most of the support has been
secured regionally. The organisers hope to continue to bring high profile cycle events to County
Durham in the Olympic year.

Durham County Council, thanks for all the support in bring the National Championships to County
Durham, special mention for all the hard work of the Events Team in Sport and Leisure Services.
We look forward to building on this event in 2012.

The Bowes Museum, for use of the grounds during the rider briefing and convoy assembly point,
the museum has been most accommodating towards this event. If you have time, give them a
visit or call in at the café.

Supporting Sponsors

Cestria Cycles, are an independent cycling shop, serving the needs of the North East cycling
community. We have been trading for over 20 years, and are located in Chester-le-street, Durham.
We pride ourselves in not only offering a wide selection of stock but also our care, attention and
personal, friendly service in guiding you through your purchases and aftercare. Talk to any of our
experienced staff; they will be more than happy to help guide you through your choices without
any pressure.

Cestria Cycles will be at HQ selling a range of energy products for that last minute top up should
you need it.

Moore Large & Co are based in Derby, UK and specialise in distributing bicycles, accessories, parts
and motorised products to the trade.

Established in the 1970s, the business has been family owned ever since and continues to grow

Forme bikes developed in Derby, England and aim to target the British Fitness and Commuting
sector of the cycling market. Our ethos is to fuse British practicality & affordable, functional
componentry and European style to create the perfect machine.

Race Overview

The race is run over 6 laps, under a road closure, implemented by a rolling road closure operated
by Police Motocycles and National Escort group, there is also a traffic management plan deployed
by Premier Traffic Management. Please ride carefully your safety should be your first priority it’s
certainly ours! Beware aware of other riders, other road users and farm vehicles who do work at

First 3 laps, Approximate lap duration 40-45mins,

Finishing 3 circuits 3, Approximate lap duration 17-20mins,

There are a number of central reservations on the run in, these will be covered by marshals who
will be blowing a whistle and waving a flag.

Race Conduct

Riders are reminded that the following infringements may result in a fine or relegation:

   •   Littering – gel wrappers, energy bar wrappers, bottle
   •   Calls of Nature - Please use the toilets provided
   •   Fowl language
   •   Feeding – No feeding will be permitted outside of the designated area or times,covered
       separately in the manual

Neutral Service

There will be two neutral service vehicles, one provided by Velo 29 available for those who want
to use it. Riders are required to bring spare wheels, please make sure you can identify then after
the race.


Arrival at HQ there is plenty of car parking (follow Yellow arrows) please use the main site car park
(park sensibly, maximum speed 10mph and be aware of pedestrians and other car park users)
which is on the left opposite reception 100m further down the main road from the
GlaxoSmithKline Sports & Social Club entrance on the right.

GlaxoSmithKline Sports & Social Club, Strathmore Road, Barnard Castle
Co Durham, DL12 8DT

Signing On

Please remember your British Cycling 2011 Race Licence

Signing on opens at 10.00 and closes at 11.15 licenses will be retained until the end of the race.
Two numbers must be worn during races, both body numbers should be worn next to each other,
you DON’T need to return numbers.

Gear Check, once you have your race numbers please proceed to gear check, your race numbers
will be initialled by the gear checkers. Top three riders will need to return to gear check after the
podium presentations.

11.30 Riders escorted to Bowes Museum by Police outriders (PLEASE RIDE CAREFULLY) riders
gather in front of the museum for Commissaire briefing and photo opportunity in front of the

magnificent museum building. Race convoy to assemble in grounds
ready for departure, Police to stop oncoming traffic as convoy leaves.

12.00 Riders roll out race is neutralised, along Newgate & Westwick Road, race begins as riders
exit Weswick Village.

Feed Zone, feeding is only allowed within the zone which will be open on laps 2, 3 and 4. Please
park carefully off the road. Feeding from the LEFT verge only. There will be a race official
monitoring the feed station during active laps. Feed station located on the road between
Whorlton village and the Darlington Road (A67 crossroads), the zone will be marked by yellow

Time cuts off, in order for the race to managed safely and effectively there will be time cut off
points. We do not expect to have to implement these until the race enters the finishing circuit
phase. However the commissiare & chief judge will inform riders who are affected, if your race is
over please return to the HQ.

Retirements, should any riders retire from the race, please inform one of the following
commissaire, judge or course marshal.

15.00 is the estimated finish time.

15.10 Immediately after finishing the top free riders report to the Podium for presentations –

Presentations conducted by Mike Smith

Presentation of medals Bronze, Silver & Gold medals
By Chairman of the County Council, Councillor Dennis Morgan

Presentation of National Champions Jersey¸ + tbc
By Head of Sports and Leisure Services, Steve Howell

Photo opportunity on podium truck


1st, £200
2nd, £150
3rd, £100
4th, £75
5th, £50

Prize payments made by Cheque on the day

                                    Rider List
1    Alistair      Slater           Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott's-GSI
2    Jonathan      Dibben           Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott's-GSI
3    Luke          Grivell-Mellor   Mid Shropshire Whls
4    Alex          Peters           Cycling Club Hackney
5    Brennan       Townshend        Mid Devon CC
6    Dante         Carpenter        Asfra Racing Team
7    Owain         Doull            Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott's-GSI
8    Samuel        Lowe             Raleigh Racing Team
9    Christopher   Latham           Planet X
10   Jack          Bowyer           Team Wallis CHH RT
11   Oliver        Rossi            PCA Ciclos Uno
12   Harry         Tanfield         Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
13   Josh          Papworth         Cult Racing
14   Matthew       Holmes           Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
15   James         Baillie          Sheffield Sports CC
16   Daniel        Young            Glendene CC
17   Hugo          Humphreys        Mosquito Bikes/London Cyclesport
18   Daniel        Pearson          Port Talbot Wheelers/CJ Construction Group
19   Josh          Hannan           Glendene CC
20   Brock         Duncumb-Rogers   Progressive Cycle Coaching Developement Squad
21   Liam          Brennan          Birkenhead North End CC
22   Hugh          Carthy           Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing
23   Alex          Pantelides       Twickenham CC
24   Adam          Martin           Cestria Cycles RT
25   George        moore            CC Giro
26   Shaun         Nicholson        Colomba Cycle Club
27   Jonathan      Cregeen          Team Microgaming Isle of Man
28   Thomas        Armstrong
29   Sam           Boast            Cycle Sport Pendle
30   Lawrence      Carpenter        Rapha Condor CC
31   Jordon        Matthews         Hetton Hawks
32   Jess          Wieckowski       Team Nemesis GB
33   Charlie       Fawke            Progressive Cycle Coaching Developement Squad
34   Matthew       Clarke           Halesowen A & CC
35   Richard       Walkerdine       Wolverhampton Whls
36   Jordan        Hargreaves       Wills Bros Racing
37   Daniel        Murphy           Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha R.C
38   Robert        Lambton          Brooks Cycles
39   Ashley        Marshall         Aire Valley Racing Team
40   Lewis         Tarnai-Wilson    Ashfield RC
41   Stephen       Bradbury         AW Cycles
42   Alastair      Hepworth         Batley Cycling Club
43   Will          Stephenson       Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
44   Declan        Byrne            Brooks Cycles
45   Matthew       Haase            Cardiff JIF
46   Joe           Brown            Colomba Cycle Club
47   David         Swan             Cycles Dauphin Racing Team
48   Jordon        Skinner          Dinnington RC

49   Greg      Brown          Dooley'
50   Samuel    Williams       Epic Cycles
51   Alex      Bottomley      Fietsen Tempo
52   Sam       Connolley      Glendene CC
53   Jim       Lewis          Glendene CC
54   Craig     Wallace        Granite City RT
55   Edward    McParland      GT Racing UK
56   Callum    Bramley        Langdale Lightweights Racing Team
57   Aaran     sayers         Leicestershire Road Club
58   Ross      Baillie        Leicestershire road club
59   Thomas    Mazzone        Manx Viking Whls CC
60   Joshua    Penrice        Maxgear RT
61   Alex      Welburn        Maxgear RT
62   George    Rowlands       Mid Shropshire Whls
63   Kirk      Vickers        Mid Shropshire Whls
64   Chris     Wilkinson      Mid Shropshire Whls
65   joseph    moses          Paul Milnes/Bradford Olympic RC
66   Tom       Laker          Progressive Cycle Coaching Developement Squad
67   Joe       Fox            Rapha Condor CC
68   Ashley    Proctor        Sheffrec CC
69   Jack      Penrice
70   George    Thompson       Sleaford Whls CC/Chandlers Mitsubishi/Solo Club
71   Nathan    Williamson     Sleaford Whls CC/Chandlers Mitsubishi/Solo Club
72   Simon     Alexander      Southend Wheelers
73   Tom       Neale          Spalding CC
74   Ross      Green          Stewartry Wheelers
75   Joshua    Teasdale       Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing
76   Alex      Haddock        Team Microgaming Isle of Man
77   Jack      Wolstencroft   Team Microgaming Isle of Man
78   Jordan    Bason          Team Nemesis GB
79   Sean      Hughes         Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
80   Declan    Higgins        Twickenham CC
81   Joshua    Swords         VC Meudon
82   Simon     Winston        VC St Raphael
83   Kieran    Brady          Velo Schils - Interbike RT
84   Michael   Knight         Wills Bros Racing
85   Joe       Charley        Wolverhampton Whls
86   Dan       Whelan

Car Parks

Queen Street (Hole in the Wall), Barnard Castle, Barnard Castle, DL12 8GB

Monday to Sunday 24 hours.
Over 4 hours: £1.50

Galgate, Barnard Castle, Galgate, DL12 8EJ

Monday to Sunday 8.00am - 6.00pm
Over 4 hours: £5.00
Please note that some of the off road parking in the town is suspended due to the cycle event.

Town Centre Map

                              Race HQ

                                                                  Race direction




It’s ¾ of a mile to the Market Place

Officials & Event Support

Lead Car – TBC

Chief Commissaire – TBC

Assistant Commissaire – TBC

Moto Commissaire – TBC

Neutral Service – Velo 29

Chief Judge – Ben Dobson & team

Sign on – Cestria Cycles

Announcer – Mike Smith

Course Marshals – Members of Teesdale CRC, Cestria Cycles RT, Hetton Hawks CC & Durham
University CC

Medical Cover – Medics UK

Nearest A&E

Darlington Memorial Hospital
Hollyhurst Road

01325 380100
14.23 miles


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