Damon Weaver, at the White House by fredoche25


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									Damon Weaver, at the White House

Damon Weaver, an 11-year old journalist from Florida followed his dream to get an interview with Pres Obama at the White House yesterday.

The student from Kathryn E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary school in western Palm Beach County Florida had interviewed Vice-President Biden on the campaign trail. Today he told ABC News that “President Obama is not much long-winded as Biden”.

He compared both men favorably saying, “Both are nice, both give good on details” and he likes to “hang around with both of them.”

He had specifically wanted to know if the president “had the power to improve school lunches”, because they “have a bad taste.” If Damon had his wish, school lunches would include “mangoes and French fries” but the president encouraged the young man to “eat his lunch to grow big and strong”.

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