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					                                        DAMODAR VALLEY CORPORATION
                                              BERMO MINES
                                               P.O. BERMO

NO.BM/Consumable/Explosives/ 904                                                 Date : 05/08/2011

                                         NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION

        For & on behalf of DVC, sealed quotation (in duplicate) is invited by DVC Bermo Mines for the supply of
following items as given below:

   Sl. No.             Explosives & its Accessories                                Quantity .
   1          Large Dia 83 mm Explosives (Booster)                     36 Ton
   2          Large Dia 83 mm Explosives (Column charge)               36 Ton
   3          Nonel                                                    14400 nos. (length 3 to7 mtrs.)
                                                                       Average length 4 mtrs.
   4          Electric detonator CED ( 2.5 m)                          1200 nos.
   5          Cordtex/Detonating fuse                                  As & when required

Terms & Conditions:

    1. Quotation (in duplicate)in sealed envelop shall be received at the office of the Coal Superintendent &
        Agent, DVC Bermo Mines upto 12.00 hrs. on 09.09.2011. Due date &time of opening of Technical bid is
        09.09.2011 (after 12.30hrs.),. However, in unforeseen circumstances or due to administrative reasons, if
        the bid are not opened on the date, the same will be opened on next working day at same time without
        any further information. Intending bidders or their authorized representative may be present at the time
        of opening of the tender.
    2. Envelope must be super-scribed with the ’ENQUIRY NUMBER & DATE OF OPENING’ otherwise the same is
        likely to be misplaced/rejected.
    3. Tender shall be submitted in two bid mode and two envelope system.
    4. The tender shall be submitted in one large main envelope containing two envelopes marked ‘A’ (Techno-
        commercial Part)& Marked ‘B’ (Price part) on the body of the respective envelopes.
    5. The main large envelope will be superscribed with NIT Number and date of opening whereas A, B
        envelopes will be superscribed with NIT number only.
    6. ‘A’ Envelope will contain” Techno-Commercial Part “ which will comply the Technical parameters and
        its testing certificate and approval, etc. from DGMS /CMRI or any other statutory bodies.
    7. All documents to be submitted along with the tender shall be self –certified.
    8. There should not be any marks of erasers. Alteration, if any, shall be initiated with date by the person
        signing the tender.
    9. The Techno-commercial bid (Envelop-A) will be opened after 12.30 PM on the date of opening of tender in
        presence of intending bidders.
    10. The sealed price bid envelop (Envelop –B) of the bidders who will satisfy the techno commercial part &
        terms and conditions during the course of scrutiny will be opened, the date of which will be intimated on
        the later date.
    11. Quotation received after due date may not be considered. If you submit more than one offer against the
        NIQ within the due date, the latest offer received against the NIQ at this office may only be taken into
    12. Unsolicited offer will not be considered.
    13. There should not be any marks of erasers. alteration, if any, shall be initialed with date by the person
        sighting on behalf of the tenderer. Every attempt should be taken to avoid any cutting/over writing.
        Preferably, effect to be submitted should be typed/computer printed to avoid any confusion/ambiguity in
        the quoted rates/terms and conditions.
    14. Validity: Validity of the offer should be 180 days from the date of opening of tender.
    15. Documents to be submitted with the tender: The following documents should be submitted by the
        tenderer along with the tender:
        a) Valid SRC and/or VATRC, as applicable.
        b) Technical parameters details of explosives and accessories .
        c) Random testing certificate etc. approved by CMRI /DGMS /CCOE/or any other statutory body.
        d) Any other related certificates.
16. Rates: The rates quoted by the bidder should be firm on FOR destination (i.e. Bermo Mines) basis and in
    Indian Rupees and should be all inclusive FOR destination basis. Bids will be evaluated on total landed
    price FOR- Bermo Mines basis. No price escalation will be entertained.
17. Rates shall be quoted both in words & figures. If there is a discrepancy between words and figures, the
    amount in words will prevail.
18. Delivery period./Delivery schedule:
    As per our indent. The materials should be delivered at Bermo Mines, Magazine with proper security
    arrangement from your ( Supplier) parts.
19. Duration of contract:
    This contract is valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of issue of this supply order.
    However DVC reserved the right to short close in case of breach of terms and condition of the contract by
    the supplier, DVC also reserves the right to shorten/extend the validity period of the contract.
20. Price & other charges: The price are on FOR destination basis includes all charge up to destination except
    Taxes & Duties.
21. Payment : in case of failure to submit SDBG and non acceptance by DVC ,90% payment will be made
    within 15 days on receipt and acceptance of materials or submission of bills whichever is later. 10% will be
    paid after completion of the contract.
22. LIQUIDATED DAMAGE CLAUSE: In case of delay in delivery, for the reason attributable to the vendor, the
    tendering authority reserves the right to recover from the vendor, a sum equivalent to 0.5% of the value
    of the delayed materials for each week of delay and part thereof subject to maximum of 5% of the total
    value of the order as L.D.
23. The supplier should comply the technical parameters related to large dia explosives and its accessories
    regarding its testing and approval from DGMS /CMRI or any other statutory body. Supply of materials
    must be strictly in accordance with the specification and/or sample etc. furnished or approved by us.
    Suppliers will be responsible for deviation whatsoever.
24. Special provision for Detonators:
    The supplier of all kinds of Detonators/Non Electric Detonators should follow a system by which the
    Electrical Continuity, Resistance Testing & other tests should be ensured by them and they shall give a
    certificate accordingly, in addition to the condition to be complied with in reference to the permission
    being accorded to you by DGMS/CCOE.
25. Random Testing:
    DVC Bermo Mines reserves the right to ask for a joint test of your products, DVC Bermo Mines will draw
    periodic random samples from your supplies and get the same test by CMRI/CMPDIL to ascertain the
    quality of materials being supplied by you. Fees for such tests shall be born by you. Random Testing is
    must and will be done on every two months or at least quarterly basis of your product. It is also your
    responsibility to get you supply product tested at least once in quarterly basis with the help of the
26. Inspection clause : Materials will be inspected after delivery at our store. Goods supplied will also be
    subjected to our inspection and approval on arrival at destination.
27. Defective replacement clause : If any material is found defective on inspection, will be intimated to the
    supplier/vendor. The vendor will replace the same within 15 days from receipt of such notice in this regard
    from DVC Bermo Mines authority, cost involved for replacement must be bear by supplier.
28. Transit insurance of the materials towards any defect or damage shall be to the supplier’s account.

29. Statutory Obligation:
    a) The above items should be supplied only with the approval of the valid statutory authority like
              DGMS, CCOE etc. wherever it is mandatory.
    b) You are requested to ensure to get proper indents RE-11 and no explosives van should be sent without
         any indent in RE-11 this is absolutely impetrative.
30. Permission/license:
    It will be your responsibility to obtain valid permission/license from Chief Inspector of
    Explosives/Govt./Any other statutory Body as may be required for manufacture and supply of explosives
    at site. Any DGMS/Statutory permission, if necessary, will be obtained by you. Necessary assistance will be
    provided by the projects. No supply should be entertained without having valid permission from
    DGMS/license from CCOE for the product even if there is an allocation for supply of the production from
    DVC Bermo Mines.

31. PERFORMNCE PENALTY: In the even of failure of Blast, the cost etc. will be recovered from the supplier..
   32. Cancellation/Short closure: The tendering authority may terminate/short close the contract, by not less
       than 15 days’ written notice to the bidder, to be given after occurrence any of the events specified below:
       i)      If as a result of Force Majeure, the Bidder is unable to supply a material for a period of not less
               than 60 days .
       ii)     If the Owner, at its sole discretion, decides to terminate this Contract.
   33. Cancellation of tender: The tender may be cancelled at the sole discretion of the tender issuing authority
       without assigning any reason whatsoever.
   34. DVC reserves the right not to accept the lowest rate quoted by a tender and reject any or all the tender
       and to split up and award the order to more then one tenderer without assigning any reason thereof.
   35. Please furnish you e-mail No. Contract No., FAX No., Tax identification No. and details of your banker &
       bank account no. please also mention the name of the contact person with his contact no. who may be
       contacted for queries related to the subject procurement.

                                                                           (S.R. Maji)
                                                                  Coal Superintendent & Agent
                                                                        DVC Bermo Mines
                                                                    For & on behalf of DVC
Copy to:-
   1. The Coal Mines Manager, DVC Bermo Mines.
   2. The Sr. Divisional Engineer (Elect.), DVC Bermo Mines.
   3. The Accounts Officer, DVC Bermo Mines – He is requested to upload the NIQ in the DVC Website.
   4. AMM (Blasting)/Officer In-charge Store, DVC Bermo Mines.
   5. The Resident Audit Officer, Bokaro Steel City .
   6. Magazine In-charge, DVC Bermo Mines.
   7. The Dy. Manager (Vig.), DVC, BTPS.
   8. Master copy.
   9. Office copy
  10 . Notice Board.


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