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									         Share Dial Up Internet Connection
Connecting your network to the Internet is the next logical step in getting everybody online. If
you have installed an Internet gateway, chances are that you are already online. The
instructions that come with the gateway are all you need to get the job done. If you need
assistance with this setup, the manufacturer of the gateway and the technicians at your ISP
are able to get you set up right. Due to the variations in settings and connection options, we
cannot cover all the possible combinations here. In this section first we will show you how to
share an Internet connection when you do not have an Internet gateway device. Windows XP
Internet Connection Sharing allows your computer to function as an Internet gateway. Later
we will show you how to share internet with proxy server.

How to make dial up connection in XP?
To      connect       with    internet      via      dial-up      follow     these       steps:-
* Physically attach the modem and install driver

                               My network place ==> properties

                              Click on Create a new connection
        Click on Next

Choose Connect to the internet
Now choose Connect using a dial-up modem

  Select Set up my connection manually
                      Fill your ISP's name

Now fill the number provided by your ISP ( Be careful about these
dialing number you will never be able to connect with your ISP in
                      case of mistaken )

Check mark the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop

         Now you can dial from your desktop directly
                   Double click on short-cut

 Give your user name and password ( will be provided by your

               Now you can see dialing process

After few seconds later (depending on your ISP’s speed) you will
 be successfully connect through internet. Now can surf on net
Next step is how to share the dial up
      My network places ==> properties ==> Right-click your Internet
                    connection and select Properties.
Click the Advanced tab and you will see the following dialog box.
     Click “Allow other network users to connect through this
                          computer’s Internet connection.

Enabling Internet Connection Sharing will change your IP address to
and enable a simple DHCP server on your computer. If you have already chosen
another IP address range, you will have to reconfigure any Static IP addresses
you may have configured. Your devices and computers with dynamically set IP
addresses will change next time you start them, and they will then be able to
access the Internet.

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