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Predictive Analytics Innovation
                   Driving Profits & Growth Through Data Insight
                                           Effective Decision-Making

                Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit
                22nd & 23rd November, 2011 | Hilton | Amsterdam, NL
     IEG. Summits                                                        Gain Insight. Optimize Results.

  the experts....
  There is no question that IE Group provides the gold standard summits in the industry and will connect you with
  decision makers within business forecasting & planning. You will be meeting senior level executives from major
  corporations and innovative small to medium size companies.

  Con rmed speakers include:

  • Nick Bridgett, Head of Fraud Analytics, Santander
  • Steve Bridgeman, Director of Operations & Business Analytics, QVC
  • Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, Director, Consumer Analytics, Nokia
  • Dr Rashmi Joshi, Director, Analytics, Ernst & Young
  • David Pollington, Head of Technical Research, Vodafone
  • John M Zazzera, SVP, Director Global Payment Transaction Services and Commercial Loan Operations, RBS
  • Babacar Seck, Head of IT Development & Business Analysis, Vizada
  • Alvin Burns, Chief Advisor & Director of Intelligence, EULEX
  • Dr Stuart Shulman, Founder & CEO, Texifter
  • Ariane Van de Ven, Global Trends Expert, Telefonica
  • Matthijs Koorn, VP Business Development, Worldpay
  • Gwendal Collis, Commercial Executive, Mobile Analytics, Vodafone
  • Barry McIntyre, Business Development Director, Presidion Ltd

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   the content....
   Effective predictive analytics is central to business success. In the modern business environment
   technological developments and the advances of globalization have created unparalleled
   opportunities for businesses to expand their markets. But new opportunity has opened the door
   to new challenges.

   This summit will focus on the solutions offered by innovative predictive analytics and business
   forecasting. It will comprise of learning objectives, illustrated intermittently with a number of
   exploratory case studies, to include:

   - Strategies to engage senior leadership around implementing advanced analytics processes.
   - Insight into the use of predictive analytics as the vehicle to drive accountability of results.
   - Tactics to optimise the role of predictive analytics in your organisation.
   - Methods designed to deliver the most effective impact on your business through effective analysis
   of data.

   and much more..........

   who will you meet?....
   Previous delegates (partial list):

          - VP, Intelligence, CitiGroup                   - Head, Global Channels, Sony Ericcson

          - Director, Analytics, Kimberly Clark           - Head, Fraud Analytics, Santander

          - Head, Analytics Practice, SAS                 - Chief Executive, QuantumBlack

          - Head, BI, Microgaming Software                - CTO, Brandwatch

          - Head, Global Analytics, Experian              - Senior Manager, BI, Procter & Gamble

          - Director, Analytics, Capita                   - Head, Business Development, Mazepoint

          - Senior Manager, EDF Energy                    - Senior Manager, Heineken

          - Head, Market Intelligence, Goldsmiths         - Director, Strategy, Kraft Foods

          - Director, Risk Analytics, Teradata UK Ltd     - Specialist Analyst, SAS

          - Manager, Marks & Spencer                      - Senior Manager, Nokia

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the speakers....
             Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen,                    Nick Bridgett,                      Steve Bridgeman,
             Director, Consumer                       Head of Fraud Analytics,            Director, Operations &
             Analytics,                               Santander                           Business Analytics,
             Nokia                                                                        QVC

             John M. Zazzera,                         Ariane Van de Ven,                  Babacar Seck,
             SVP, Transaction Services                Global Trends Expert,               Head of IT Dvpts &
             & Commercial Loan Ops,                   Telefonica                          Business Analysis,
             RBS                                                                          Vizada

             Matthijs Koorn,                          Dr Rashmi Joshi,                    David Pollington,
             VP, Business                             Director Forensic Data              Head of Technical
             Development,                             Analytics,                          Research,
             Worldpay                                 Ernst & Young                       Vodafone

             Dr Stuart Shulman,                       Alvin Burns,                        Gwendal Collis,
             Founder & CEO,                           Chief Advisor & Director            Commercial Executive,
             Texifter LLC                             of Intelligence,                    Mobile Analytics,
                                                      EULEX                               Vodafone

              Barry McIntyre
              Director, Business
              Presidion Ltd

previous speakers....
             Evgueni Ivantsov,                        Keith Burgess,                      Vladmir Anisimov,
             Head of Global Analytics,                VP, Global Sales                    Senior Director, Research
             HSBC                                     Development                         Statistics Unit,
                                                      Sony Ericsson                       GlaxoSmithKline

             Pierre-Andre Donzier,                    Soterios Soteri,                    Milan Wadher,
             Global Head of Customer                  Head of Economic                    Head of Business Intel &
             Views & Values                           Forecasting,                        Commercial Ops,
             eBay                                     Royal Mail                          Dixons Retail

             Mike Bugembe,                            Bala Krishnan,                      Gaurav Gaur,
             Head of Business                         Vice President,                     Director, Product
             Analytics,                               FirstCapital Bank                   Management,
             JustGiving                                                                   RBS

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 the presentations....
   Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, Director, Consumer Analytics, Nokia

                  Utilizing Consumer Usage Panels for Business Development
                  Since two years, Nokia has hosted a longitudinal consumer panel in several countries
                  where volunteers have installed a software on their mobile phones that records their
                  phone use including calls, application and feature usage (e.g. downloads, camera, phonebook usage), Internet
                  browsing, as well as system-level events (e.g. battery, memory). This presentation explores how these data can be
                  used for a multitude of use cases such as identifying new behavioral phenomena, product quality validation,
                  consumer targeting, and contextual analytics.

                  Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen is Director, Consumer Analytics at Nokia. Her team of Data Scientists focuses on predictive
                  analytics and insight generation in consumer CRM targeting, real-time personalization of services and websites,
 segmentation, and consumer reporting. Her background is in economics and management consulting. She holds a PhD in Economics
 (Econometrics) from the Helsinki School of Economics.

   Ariane van de Ven, Global Trends Expert, Telefonica

                  The consumers of the future:
                  who are they, what do they aspire to, how to engage with them

                  The presentation will provide an overview of the key trends that will impact consumer behaviours in the future (focus
                  on Europe and LATAM). It will explain the importance of data analytics in order to build strong and meaningful
                  connections with consumers.

                 Ariane van de Ven is a Global Trends Expert with international experience, having worked as a trend consultant and
                 strategist at Promostyl trend forecasting agency (Paris), 180 advertising agency (Amsterdam) and Brandhouse
                 strategic creative agency (London). Her experience spans across diverse industries including luxury, FMCG, public
sector, NGOs, fashion and technology. She currently works at Telefonica, where she is responsible for developing a global trends
programme providing leading edge thinking to inform innovation and business strategies. Ariane is passionate about understanding
what motivates the human brain and consider herself a techno-optimist.

  Dr. Stuart Shulman, Founder & CEO, Texifter LLC

                  Machines and Humans Working Together
                  The future will see a robust marketplace for text analytics delivered via
                  customizable machine classi ers and proprietary language models. Machines and
                  humans working together will more seamlessly alter the way we collectively gather and manage large text datasets
                  with terabytes or petabytes of metadata. At Texifter, we think the key is a shared platform on which machine
                  classi ers can sit and compete for use and re-use. The future market will include free offerings, cheap but effective
                  apps, and premium re-usable classi ers trained on customer data and responsive to change and expert human or
                  crowd sourced intervention over time.

                  Dr. Stuart Shulman is founder and CEO of Texifter, LLC and an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University
of Massachusetts Amherst. He is the founder of Qualitative Data Analysis Program (QDAP) and the current Director QDAP-UMass. In
2009, he launched a software start-up Texifter, which aims to help individuals, teams, organizations, and crowds when they are
archiving, ltering, searching, classifying and analyzing large numbers of documents. Stu is a former Oregon Tilth certi ed organic
farmer and garlic enthusiast and a boys travel soccer coach. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Boston University and a Ph.D. from the
University of Oregon.

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  Steve Bridgeman, Director, Operations & Business Analytics, QVC

               Steve is responsible for QVC UK’s customer contact and ful lment centre, in addition to supporting
               the business direction of future technology and data analysis. Steve joined QVC UK in 1999 and has
               been central to the strategic development of its multi-channel offering in recent years, with the
               launch of QVC Beauty in 2010.  He played a critical role in the launch and evolution of QVC Active, a
               multi-screen service of four additional channels. Previously he was responsible for the planning and
               scheduling of QVC’s airtime and products. Before QVC, Steve worked for Kurt Geiger Shoe Retailer
               for four years, running the Inventory Control team, responsible for warehouse distribution accuracy, store auditing,
               stock control and new systems’ implementation.   With 18 years’ retail management experience across multiple
               companies - from sport and leisure to high fashion and electronics - Steve was involved in the development and
               growth of sales systems, infrastructure and processes.

  David Pollington, Head of Technical Research, Vodafone

               David Pollington graduated from Imperial College, London with a Masters degree
               (MEng) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Joining Vodafone back in 1995, David has
               worked on a number of key projects within Vodafone ranging from deploying mobile
               satellite systems, introducing multimedia capabilities & services into the mobile industry,
               de ning Vodafone's terminal platform strategy and working on the next generation of
               mobile Web 2.0 services. David is now responsible for leading all the technical research areas across VF
               Group R&D related to behavioural & predictive analytics with a primary focus on developing new business

 Gwendal Collis, Commercial Executive, Mobile Analytics Vodafone

               Gwendal Collis is an international executive at Vodafone Group with 10 years cross-
               functional experience in mobile telecommunications and adjacent technology sectors.
               He has held positions for Vodafone in London, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Milan and
               Newbury. His present role is commercial executive for business development of the
               Mobile Analytics Unit within Vodafone Group. In this capacity he is responsible for
               productisation and end-to-end commercial delivery of innovative data analytics solutions for non-telco
               industries. Gwendal is a Harvard Business School alumnus, holds an MA in European Business with
               distinction from the University of London, and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

 Presentation details coming soon from...

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the schedule....
22nd November         Day One

08.30 - 10.00        Session One

10.00 - 10.30        Coffee Break

10.30 - 12.00         Session Two

12.00 - 13.30              Lunch

13.30 - 15.00       Session Three

15.00 - 15.30        Coffee Break

15.30 - 17.00        Session Four

17.00 - 19.00   Networking Drinks

23rd November         Day One

08.30 - 10.00        Session One

10.00 - 10.30        Coffee Break

10.30 - 12.00         Session Two

12.00 - 13.30              Lunch

13.30 - 15.00       Session Three

15.00 - 15.30        Coffee Break

15.30 - 17.00        Session Four

                   End of Summit
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the information....
 Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit

 Date:                             22nd-23rd November, 2011
 Location:                         Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Hotel:                            Hilton Hotel

 Registration Pricing

 Early Bird Price:                                              Regular Price:
 Silver Pass:                      €995                         Silver Pass:                     €1295
 Gold Pass:                        €1195                        Gold Pass:                       €1495
 Diamond Pass:                     €1395                        Diamond Pass:                    €1695
 Pass Descriptions:

 Silver Pass: Access to all sessions & networking events
 Gold Pass: Access to all sessions, networking events & annual subscription to IEG membership worth $800
 Diamond Pass: Access to all sessions, networking events, annual subscription to IEG membership & Strategic Analysis Report

 Team Discount Offers

 3 tickets:                        €2700 (€900 per attendee)
 5 tickets:                        €4250 (€850 per attendee)
 For special opportunities for groups, contact us at

 Three Ways to Register

 Phone                             +44 415 692 4481
 Fax                               +1 323 446 7673

For more information, contact us at
                                               REGISTRATION FORM.
                                               Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit
                                               22nd & 23rd November, 2011 | Hilton Hotel | Amsterdam

Regular Summit Price: €1695
Before September 30th: only €995

For registration or more information on the program, please visit our website at call (310) 933 6017, or fax this registration form to (323) 446 7673


TITLE                                                                                                              DEPARTMENT

COMPANY                                                                                                            INDUSTRY

ADDRESS                                                                                                            CITY

STATE/PROVINCE                                              ZIP/POSTAL CODE                                        COUNTRY

EMAIL OF EACH ATTENDEE                                                                                             BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER

Payment Options

    Check Payable (Make check payable to The Innovation Enterprise Limited)                                                                  Invoice me

     Visa                       Mastercard                         American Express                        Diners Club                       Discover

CARD NUMBER                                                          EXPIRATION DATE                               SECURITY NO.

CARDHOLDERS NAME                                                                                                   CARDHOLDER’S SIGNATURE

Pricing (Exclusive offer until September 30th 2011)

    Early Registration Summit Price: €995 Attendees_____________

     3 Tickets €2700 (€900 Per Attendee)

     5 Tickets €4250 (€850 Per Attendee)

 Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before 15th October 2011 incur an administrative charge of 50%. If you cancel your registration after
 15th October 2011 we will charge the full fee. You must notify IE Group in writing of a cancellation, or we will charge the full fee. IE Group reserve the right to
 make changes to the program without notice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
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the sponsors....

 Previous Sponsors

 Media Partner


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the upcoming summits....

PA Innovation                            PA for Banking               IBP
San Diego, USA                           NewYork, USA                 Berlin, DE
February, 2012                           September, 2012              March 2012

         Business Analytics
         Las Vegas, USA                                    PA Innovation
         January, 2012                                     London, UK
                                                           June, 2012
                            Pharma Analytics
                            Chicago, USA
                            April, 2012

 Contact Information

Summit Director:                   Zoë Nolan               Tel: +44 207 558 8301    Email
Sponsorship Director:              Pip Curtis              Tel: +44 207 193 9857    Email
Delegate Manager:                  Rose Palmer             Tel: +44 207 193 9385    Email
Hotel Information:                 Customer Services       Tel: +44 207 193 9385    Email

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