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									Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council of the 21st September, 2011
                       in Dalswinton Village Hall.
Present – KCC Members - Jean Muir, John Young, Neil Munro, Derek Ivy, Hugh Johnstone, Fiona
Meikle-Latta, Peter Landale

Non-KCC Members – Claire Corlett, Gordon Bisset, Pam Taylor, John Charteris, Jackie Bodle,
Suzanne and Trevor Hayward, PC Wheeler

1 – Apologies – none

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 17th August, 2011

2.1 - That point 5.2 of the minute should read: “It has been recommended that £500 be donated to
Duncow Primary School Fundraising and Events Committee, £120 be donated to Kirkmahoe Parish
Hall and £100 to Kirkmahoe Parish Church”.

2.2 - That point 5.3 of the minute should read: “£355 plus the cost of delivery, slabs, fixtures, and
decorative plaque”.

2.3 – Approved the minutes of 17th August, 2011 moved by NM and seconded by HJ.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes - none

4 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)

4.1 – First bench faulty on delivery so was sent back. Second bench to be delivered 28th or 29th
September. GB, NM to get decorative plaque made for the bench. NM suggested fixings of epoxy
resin and hooks. JY and NM volunteered to co-ordinate the installation of the bench. Other volunteers
can contact NM.

4.2 –NM met with Locharbriggs Sandstone Quarry re sandstone slabs on which to place bench.
Possibility for gifting/partially gifting slabs. NM awaiting outcome.

4.3 – BT telephone box - NM negotiating with BT.

4.4 – NM received a letter from D & G Council confirming permissions for all Village Green
Enhancements including acknowledgement that the request for a footpath from the Green to the
Church had been added to the minor works programme. JY has also approached Graham Alison
about this subject.

4.5 - The village water pump dates from the early 1800s, probably unique. Decision to be taken on
level of restoration. JM suggested a sub-committee reporting to KCC. Restoration quotations to be
sought (NM).

4.6 - JM to contact gardening volunteers in order to plan and commence the work on the village green.
(Suzanne Hayward, Hugh Johnstone, Jean Muir)

4.7 - Thanks to NM for work done on the village enhancements project.

4.8 - NM and JY have established that there is money available for community enterprises, such as
the village green enhancements, if required.
4.9 - Agreed NM to buy more Christmas lights for the village green.

5 – War Memorial GB

5.1 - Photographs of current condition passed around those present.

5.2 - D & G Council have been very helpful. Grant to be applied for through the War Memorial Trust
for the replacement of the railings. Photographs have already been sent to them.

5.3 - FL spoken to John Robertson, landowner, for permission to tidy up surrounding area and install a
swing gate. It was agreed that KCC would pay up to £300 for a gate to the War Memorial.

5.4 - GB to contact Kenny Piercey re War Memorial. John Charteris to arrange to get stonework

6 - Treasurer’s report

6.1 – The Annual Accounts have been presented to the Independent Examiner Robin McClelland. The
final version will be available for the AGM in October.

6.2 – Grants from D & G Council - As soon as the AGM has approved the Accounts, bids will be made
for the annual administrative grant and grants to support the 2012 Gala and the Senior Citizens
Evening 2013. Separately, the Honorary Secretary is making a supplementary grant application for
2011 to refurbish the Kirkmahoe War Memorial.

6.3 – Donations to Local Community Organisations after the Gala - The suggested donations were
accepted by the last KCC Meeting and payments will be made according to the recorded KCC

6.4 – Kirkmahoe Barbecue (26th August 2012) - The outcome was better than expected. It was well
supported and the Raffle brought in a record sum; thanks to all the prize donors. The actual profit was
£14.36 and on-night donations to KCC events was another £18.16, so the successful evening brought
in £32.52 Considering the entertainment success of the evening, this was a most encouraging result.

6.5 - Windfarm Grants 2011/2012 - The grant of some £1,620 is due by the end of September, but no
notification of payment has yet been received.

6.6 - Overall Financial Position - The KCC funds amount to some £2,500 so the financial situation is
most satisfactory.

7 – Councillors’ Report – JC

7.1 - The Council is looking into the question of insurance for Community Council events.

7.2 - The Council is continuing to budget. Savings of £12 million are to be made through reducing
staff, less money to schools and social services, fewer classroom assistants and teachers.

8 – Police Report
8.1 - PC Wheeler reported that there was no crime of any significance to report on in the area apart
from a rural theft in Dalswinton and that a tarring group was active in the area. PC Wheeler advised
that it was better not to get involved with strangers to the area.

8.2 - A Kirkton resident had reported a car being driven at high speed through Kirkton village.

8.3 - John Charteris reported that he had called the police at the end of August about incidents of
vandalism on his land.

8.4 - Bushes have grown up obscuring the Kirkton sign on the A76 road at Auldgirth. PC Wheeler to
follow this up.

8.5 - Roadside vegetation between Riggfoot and Aughencrieff Farms and at Portobello corner is
affecting visibility at these corners. JC to email Graham Alison.

8.6 - Pam Taylor informed the meeting that Duncow School now has an intruder alarm.

8.7 - The Police will write an article for the next edition of Grapevine.

9 – Planning Matters

9.1 – The plans for felling of two trees at Carnsalloch, confirm that both trees need to be felled. The
applicant proposes to plant 12 hardwood trees within the site. Agreed there were no grounds for
objection provided the planting scheme is a condition of the consent.

9.2 - JY to clarify any conditions attached to the felling of a mature tree in Kirkton.

9.3 - DI enquired about the car parking provision at a proposed development site at Broomdykes.
However, as this development is currently at the pre-consultation planning stage, no firm answer could
be given.

10 – Events

10.1 – Thanks to one and all for good teamwork resulting in a successful barbecue.

10.2– Race Night - provisionally 11th November. Events Sub-committee to finalise at meeting on 11th

10.3 – Carol singing Sunday 18th December at 6.30 pm.

10.4 - Senior Citizens Night - Friday 24th February.

11 - Correspondence

11.1 - Winter Equipment - Noted that the Council had forwarded two hand gritting machines, snow
shovels, high visibility jackets and instructions etc and that the grit bins were awaited.

11.2 - Blackwood Windfarm Application - Agreed John Young attend the exhibition on the 28
September in Auldgirth Hall.

11.3 - NCVS Funding Roadshow - Noted the Funding Roadshow by NCVS the following day.
11.4 - Area Committee - Minor Capital Projects - Noted that the footpath between the church and
Kirkton village green would be on a list of projects to be considered by the Area Committee on 5
October 2011.

11.5 - SEPA Floodline - Noted the flood alert system offered by SEPA to anyone joining their Floodline
scheme via their website.

12 – Any other business

12.1 – JY has received two pavement gritting machines, (one for Kirkton, one for Dalswinton) together
with shovels etc. Salt bins are expected to be positioned soon. The gritters will be housed for the
meantime in the hall. A plan would be needed for the use of the equipment. Information about this will
be inserted in Grapevine.

12.3 - HJ informed the meeting that the road from Kirkton to Kirktonfield is a right of way and that he is
working with D & G Council to register an application of enforcement. Currently the road is often
blocked by a lorry.

12.4 - PT said that pupils from Duncow School will plant a tree to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond

13 – Date of Next Meeting - The next meeting will be the AGM on Wednesday, 19th October 2011 in
Kirkton Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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