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					DAIG minutes for April 2011(meeting delayed from March due to trades-union
march in Westminster on usual date)
At Westminster Central Hall

1. Attendance
The following were present:

         Chair
         PI officer
         Treasurer and party organisation committee.
            email outreach contact
            Minutes Secretary
         21st party organisation committee
         GSR, Sat Hyde Park Crescent
         GSR Cambridge
         GSR Wednesday BDA Mayfair
         GSR Friday am Westbourne Grove
         C - visitor
         T - visitor
         P - PI Hyde Park

       loner support

       4 GSRs were present so the meeting was not quorate for voting purposes.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
There were two corrections to the Treasurer report:

    Page 4 says 407..should say £427.09
    Literature float says 600, it is in fact £580.20
Matters arising:

Last IG had a question about what the £427. 09 was made up from:

       prudent reserve 236.33
       unspent funds for party 93.02
       one donation carried forward from last year 97.74

3. Service Positions

Service positions are available are:

       Webmaster:
       Events Co-ordinator

GSRs please take these available positions to your groups. We have been advertising these for one year!! People have
expressed some interest but not yet confirmed.

4. 21st Anniversary Celebration Saturday 25th June
JS reported a reasonably slow sale of tickets and asked for our feedback. As a result of the thoughts at IG, the following
actions were agreed:

JS will post out some copies of the posters to present GSRs. It was noted that if GSRs don't come to IG then they would not
know about this, so members to take posters and tickets to meetings they go to:

       Monday morning. G
       Monday - 1-2 Hinde Street J
       Tuesday HOW B
       Tuesday flood street - JS
       Weds BDA - J
       Thur DA Hinde St G
       Richmond T
       Friday Westbourne Grove G
       Hyde Park - members present.
       sat 11.30-12.30 Hinde St.. plus UA G
       Swiss cottage Sunday 33.0 E

Not covered:

       Swiss cottage Monday 7pm
       Tuesday BDA How

JS will send out tickets with the posters. Action TL to call NS for a flashy party sign on the website. Tickets can be got at
Intergroup or please email intergroup with your big orders! We are open to people coming from other fellowships. We
never turn down an opportunity for PI!! Later on the Party Committee will need people to set up, help with food and clear-
ups. Nancy needs a kitchen to make food. JB BDA will approach people to do chairs a month before hand. We will need
creative types to decorate the room.

5. DA UK Convention

The next DA UK convention is October 15th 2011. The theme Living in Abundance

Intergroup voted to organise the convention in 2012, it has been asked if Intergroup would also organise it in 2011. The
venue has been booked and paid for. The convention is self supporting. ITA (Hyde Park) volunteered to co-ordinate the
convention committee, who has experience in organising conventions. J joined the committee, N offered to do the door.
PRGs are the biggest thing to organise on the day. J Cambs has done the job and has experience.

6.Treasurers report and donations
Please see PDFs attached for current bank balance and literature funds. Literature account is separate.


        Westbourne grove Friday £50
        Cambridge £20

Literature float: 456.03 available to do another order

The current position on sending ISR to WSC this year:

£599.86 has been collected and donated by Hyde Park Saturday meeting, ring-fenced for sending the ISR to WSC. Our total
so far for WSC is 1231.61. Last years spending plan was about 1600, however flights are more expensive this year and may
need 1700. Currentlyabout 470 short. PRG not yet done. Decision to send ISR will be made next intergroup. There is also
the possibility of John H fund which can help with shortfalls of money.

7.Other reports

a) Literature
TL as Frt

b) PI report

PI committee meet by Skype as well as in person and this gives the member from Lyndhurst a chance to join in. They are
currently working on the PI announcement. OMOA - One Member One Action flyer needed. G stepped up to do it. Next
steps: Updating the website and having a PI page. We often refer people to the US website but it would be nice for us to
have our own. Committee is working on the content.

Working on a PP document for health professionals.

Query from someone asking if they could use leaflets as PI documentation. YES, to one leaflet: the Twelve Signs.

Conference call: GSRs please tell your groups that the next PI meeting is a Skype call on Wednesday 27th April 8.30pm.

World Service organises conference calls . Fantastic experience to speak and listen to experienced members going through
the 12 traditions. Every 6 months, next one about 5 months.

Jackie S suggested: We should have something in Ways and Means for people visiting the Olympics.

c)Information email

NMc reports about one email a week, as ever.

d) webmaster

No report

e) ISR

JB reports for ISR. Apologies for not yet editing November workshop. There is now a report up on the World Service site
which is "better than she could do".

ISR asked if GSRs pass the information emails she sends round from WSO on to their groups: response: sometimes not
always... Cambridge sometimes prints it out. GSRs requested emails continue and then they can decide whether/what to
take to meetings. Requests for emails to be bulleted and pithy for ease of reading.

Discussion on sending ISR to conference. We could not vote a decision either way as not quorate. We did reach a consensus
though that G would send an email appeal to Intergroup email address to send a second pot round to make up the money if
we can by 21st May. If we raised £25 per meeting we'd be able to send ISR. Other fundraising ideas were discussed:

        Make a cake and sell it at a meeting?
        Perhaps Loner members might like to contribute to Tradition seven.
           We had a spontaneous collection at Intergroup and raised £33

f) Outreach and Loner support

The chair read report: A steady number of calls and emails coming in, nothing out of the ordinary to report

8. Group Reports

           Westbourne Grove Friday am: attending - around 15 people every week, people come and go. People get work etc.
            About to have a rotation of service positions, which is interesting. Well run and serene meeting.
           DA HOW Tuesday: attendance remains steady around 20 and all service positions are filled.
           BDA Wednesday Mayfair: meeting is flourishing, strong recovery, service positions filled.
           Hyde Park: Big group 4 newcomers today. Mostly posts are filled.
           Cambridge : Unfortunately convention didn't go ahead. Simply not enough bodies on the ground to undertake it.
            There's a desire for another event later in the year but it hasn't been formulated yet. Adopted the OMOA (one
            member one action) slogan for PI as a resolution. Each business meeting, one person takes one job. New comers
            appear to be sticking around. Emphasis on steps and tradition

           There is a letter from GSB who want to begin having discussions about there being different boards in different
            parts of the world. - rolled over to the next meeting.
           GSR asked: are there job descriptions for each post? There is a Group Service Handbook on the WSO website
            which all meetings could refer to.

Summary points for GSRs

1. Election of officers:
Webmaster: While the position is unfilled, Neil S is maintaining the website

Events officer - This is a position for someone to co-ordinate (bring news of/keep calendar of etc) events at Intergroup.
GSRs please take it to your groups

2. Party!

DA is 21 in the UK and we're celebrating on 25th June. Contact Intergroup via the website for Tickets to sell at your

3. Another date for your Diary 15th October 2011- DA Convention at The Bloomsbury Baptist Church on Shaftesbury Avenue.
More details at next IG. Come and get involved.
4.PI - Skype Conference calls

GSRs please tell your groups that the next PI committee meeting is a Skype call on Wednesday 27th April 8.30pm.

World Service also organises conference calls . Fantastic experience to speak and listen to experienced members going through
the 12 traditions. Every 6 months, next one about 5 months time.

5. Fundraising for delegate to go to WSC

Despite some generous donations we still have a shortfall in the spending plan for sending the ISR to WSC in Detroit this year.
We need about £500. That's £25 for every DA meeting.

6. In discussion about service roles in groups, you can refere to the Group Service Handbook on the US site

Next meeting 28th May 2011, same time same place: Methodist Central Hall, Westminster.

Useful information

Getting literature
    Reminded that the way to get literature is as follows:

       To receive your order by post:

                Fill out an order form, remembering to add 15% to the total for postage.
                Preferably (though not essential) email the list to
        to check that all items are in stock, and
                 to notify the Literature Secretary to expect your order.
                Send form and payment to BM DA Intergroup, London WC1N 3XX (cheques
                 made out to DA Intergroup). If in doubt about the payment, contact the
                 literature Secretary at (these emails are
                 also forwarded automatically to the treasurer).
                Your order will be posted to you; it may take up to 2 weeks for you to receive
                 your order.

       To collect your order at Intergroup:

                Fill out an order form, and email the list to
        You will receive confirmation of your
                 order. You may either pay by post ()see above) or when you pick up the
                Pick up your order and make payment at the pre-arranged time.

For all queries about literature availability and orders, email

               [taken from the website (]

    Any comments should be fed back to

Intergroup email addresses:

           General Enquiries:                       
           Changes to meetings and the website:     
           Public information:                      
           Loner Support:                           
           Intergroup treasurer/donations:          
           Intergroup officers and GSRs:             


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