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									Introduction                                                Retaining your Social Welfare Payment
This leaflet outlines financial incentives, business sup-   There are two types of Enterprise Allowance which
ports and practical information available to unem-          may allow you to retain a Social Welfare Payment /
ployed people looking to start their own business.          Secondary Benefits and start your own business.

                                                            BACK TO WORK ENTERPRISE ALLOWANCE (BTWEA)
                                                            Qualifying for BTWEA
Services                                                    You will qualify for the BTWEA if you:
CITY/COUNTY ENTERPRISE BOARDS (CEBs) provide                 q     Are starting your own business that has been
advice and support on the steps involved in setting up             approved in advance in writing by a Facilitator or
a business. This includes providing grants for feasabil-           Enterprise Officer
ity studies, financial support for the establishment of      And
new businesses and a range of soft supports such as                Are 12 months unemployed and getting
training and mentoring.                                            Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA) or Jobseeker’s Benefit
w                                       (JB) and have an entitlement to JA.
                                                            Payment on BTWEA
PARTNERSHIPS / LOCAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES                  The amount of time you can participate on the
Provide supports for people starting their own busi-        BTWEA is 2 years. You will receive 100% of your
nesses. An Enterprise Officer provides advice, training     Social Welfare payment for the first year, and 75%
and business mentoring supports. There are 53 Local         for the second year.
Development Companies in Ireland.
w                                           If you have previously participated in the BTWEA
                                                            scheme and exhausted your entitlement, you can
FÁS is the National Training and Employment                 participate a second time after a period of at least 5
Authority. FÁS is organised as a network of regional        years has elapsed.
and local offices nationwide which includes 20 train-
ing centres. FÁS provide day-time and evening cours-               You may also qualify for BTWEA if you are in receipt of
es in starting your own business. Duration of courses              other types of Social Welfare payments, including a
varies and participants on certain Social Welfare                  One Parent Family Payment.
Payments may be entitled to courses free of charge.
An Employment Services Officer is available to offer        Applying for BTWEA
advice about training courses which may best suit           You will need to complete the application form BTW
your needs.                                                 2 (available from and send it to:
w                                              The Enterprise Officer in your local Partnership /
                                                            Local Development Company. If you do not live in a
                                                            Partnership area you should send your application to
LOCAL SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICE Facilitators may be             the Facilitator in your local Social Welfare office.
able to provide some smaller scale funding e.g. train-
ing. Facilitators also approve applications to
Enterprise Allowances.                                      Your application will be examined by the Enterprise
w                                          Officer or Facilitator who may wish to discuss certain
                                                            aspects of your proposal with you.

ENTERPRISE IRELAND focus on business start-ups
                                                            Do not begin self-employment until you have
which have a high potential to create jobs and devel-
                                                            received written approval from your local
op an export market.
                                                            Partnership/Local Development Company or the
w ancial Assistane
                                                            Department of Social Protection.
Retaining your Social Welfare Payment                            Obtaining Finance                                             Points to Consider

SHORT-TERM ENTERPRISE ALLOWANCE                                 BANKS — It may prove to be difficult to get a loan in       A BUSINESS PLAN is essential. You will need one if you
Qualifying for the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance              the current economic climate so it is very important that   are looking to secure finance from financial institutions
You will qualify for the Short-Term Enterprise                  you present your business plan as clearly and confident-    or schemes such as the BTWEA. An Enterprise Officer in
Allowance if you have an entitlement to Jobseeker’s             ly as possible.                                             your local Partnership / Local Development Company

Benefit.                                                                                                                    can help you prepare one. The Department of Social
                                                                     Be prepared for a range of detailed questions          Protection provides its own business plan workbook
                                                                     including how you plan to guarantee the loan           through local development companies. Downloadable
Payment on Short-Term Enterprise Allowance                           that is being applied for.
The Allowance will be paid for a maximum of 1 year.                                                                         from:
It will end when your entitlement to Jobseeker’s                Most banks also offer a range of different services
                                                                                                                            A CASH-FLOW PROJECTION SHEET helps to estimate your
Benefit (JB) ends. If you are already on JB, you will           and supports to start up businesses which include:
                                                                free banking services on certain account types;             business income and expenditure on a monthly basis. An
only receive the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance for                                                                        Enterprise Officer can help you prepare one.
                                                                waiving account transaction fees; and access to pro-
the remaining time you have left on JB.
                                                                fessional advice.                                           LEGAL IMPLICATIONS – There are numerous legal impli-
     Example: John has an entitlement to a JB payment for                                                                   cations when setting up a business such as: registering as
                                                                CREDIT UNIONS link with local City/County Enterprise
                                                                                                                            self-employed with the Revenue Commissioners, under-
     12 months. He applies for the short-term enterprise        Boards to provide small loans. Check with your local
                                                                                                                            standing your responsibilities with regards to income tax
     allowance after being in receipt of a JB payment for 3     Credit Union for further information.
                                                                                                                            and VAT or preparing a health and safety statement. An
     months. He will receive this allowance for the remaining   w
                                                                                                                            Enterprise Officer may be able to provide you with
     9 months he has left on JB.                                PARTNERSHIPS / LOCAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES                  information on these areas.
                                                                may have their own loan facility or may have an             BUSINESS TRAINING is provided by a range of different
                                                                arrangement with the local Credit Union. Check              organisations including FÁS and City/County Enterprise
SECONDARY BENEFITS AND THE BTWEA/SHORT-TERM                     with the enterprise officer.                                Boards.
ENTERPRISE ALLOWANCE                                            CITY/COUNTY ENTERPRISE BOARDS provide low inter-
Participants may be able to keep some or all of their           est or interest free loans for selected projects.            Useful Links
Secondary Benefits while on either scheme.
                                                                FACILITATORS in your local Social Welfare Office may
                                                                                                                             Companies Registration Office                                          
                                                                provide small grants from the Technical Assistance and
Secondary Benefits not affected by income:                                                                                   Pobal (formerly Area Development Management Ltd)                    
                                                                Training Fund.
 q    Fuel Allowance        q Medical Card                                                                                   Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement                      
 q    Diet Supplement       q Differential Rent                 FIRST-STEP provides regional micro-enterprise net-           Citizens Information                             
                                                                works where you will receive free training, mentor-
 q    Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance                                                                         Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation                        
                                                                ing and access to start-up loans of up to 25,000.            Department of Social Protection                                   
Secondary Benefits that may be affected by income:              w
                                                                         279                                                 FÁS                                                                    

 q                                                              ENTERPRISE IRELAND offer matched funding of up to            Health and Safety Authority                                            
      Rent Supplement

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 q    Mortgage Interest Supplement (for own home only)           15,000 284 High Potential Start-up companies.
                                                                        for                                                  Industrial Development Authority                              
                                                                                                                             Irish Business and Employers Confederation                            
  Qualified Adults – Spousal Swap                                                                                            Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority                        
  A qualified adult is a spouse or partner who does
                                                                            Irish National Organisation                      Irish Small and Medium Enterprises                                   
  not receive a social welfare payment in their own                         of the Unemployed
                                                                         Information Service
                                                                                                                             Money Advice and Budgeting Service                                  

  right. A qualified adult may be eligible for an                                                                            National Standards Authority of Ireland                               

                                                                    ¥ 01 856 0088
                                                                          .                         .
  Enterprise Allowance payment. This involves the                                                                            Irish Revenue Commissioners                                      
  main claimant and the Qualified Adult exchang-                                           e           Údaras na Gaeltachta                                              
  ing places on the welfare payment.
                                                                                                                             National Employment Rights Authority               
                                                                  FREE        CONFIDENTIAL              IMPARTIAL              This publication is funded by The Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs.

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