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									                    MEADOW LARK IN MOTION

      Where we go and what we do is our foot print. In the beginning we were an Agent , our niche was 60% van and 40 % flat bed now
      we are mainly flat bed. We began MARKETING in the major manufacturing hubs. We now have a presence in all major cities and
      Canada. We have reload centers that are really working for our customers. We have combined Transport and our Agent program and
      moved it out to North Carolina. Our agents serve all types of clients. Our safety numbers have dropped and we are becoming com-
      petitive in overseas shipping as well as rail services.

      So what is our foot print today? Its hugely a North American service that is branching out to be a global resource. It is serving cli-
      ents as a single source or freight management level. We are developing and organizing a plan to sell fee based services ( as opposed
      to markup services) to our top clients. And our technology is evolving. The Agent program is becoming a profit center and a resource
      as we approach 150 leased trucks and dozens of outside agent offices.

      Our foot print is all of you. It is what you know, and what you will know. It’s your ideas that create markets for us and breed effi-
      ciency. It is your “fire in the belly” over getting it done. It is about empowered managers who can make informed choices and career
      minded agents who want to “own” their own business.

    March                                    April                                      May                                        June
                                                                                   Driver of the
 Driver of the                           Driver of the                                                                       Driver of the
    Month                                   Month                                                                               Month
                                                                                    Terry Miller
 Robert Rathke                          Kevin Johnson                                                                        David Hemp
                                                                                   CSA Terminal
 CAT Terminal                           SIT Terminal                                                                         CAT Terminal

Welcome to our new AGENTS:
Stu Clark – Peaks to Plains, Cortez, Co
Becky Ward – Pueblo, Co
James & Kathy Smith – Greenwood, NY
Sheila Evans – Lenoir, NC
Johanan Beecham – Rocky Mount, NC
Tim & Melody Gordon – Savannah, Ga
Ryan Jones – Missoula, MT
Bill Palmer – Niles, OH
Steven Hawk – Lexington, SC
Jonathan Tarter / Darlene Clark – Louisville, KY
Ernest Wilkinson / Thurman – Knightdale, NC
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New & Exciting Things Going on in the Agent Department
We are having a new website developed that should be ready in a few 
weeks.  We can use pictures of you (our agents), trucks, trucks with loads and 
even YouTube Videos.  If we use on the new website, we will send you a $100.00 
gift card to someplace. 
We also have changed our logo design.  We will have new collateral material, 
new hats, pens, PEZ dispensers, truck air fresheners, and toothpick holders. 
Welcome to our new agents:  Jack Welker from Rapid City, SD.  His number is 
605‐388‐3880 and Gloria Barron out of Stockbridge, GA and her number is 770‐
474‐3284.                                                                              Meadow Lark
                                                                                      The Company of
Thanks to everyone for all your hard work.  Everyone is busy and things are going 
well.  If you need anything call or email us here in the NC office.                       Change
                                                                                      At Meadow Lark we pride
                                                                                     ourselves on our flexibility.
Meadow Lark Sales Team News                             by: Theresa
                                                                                       We make changes to ser-
                                                                                      vice our customers and our
  The Meadow Lark sales depart-          Another exciting adventure we have           carriers. Recently we have
ment is introducing some new ex-       tapped into is servicing the "Oil               turned our 2 teams into 3
citing programs. Carrier Sales has     Patch". We have been selling to oil-            and are now preparing to
                                                                                     make that 4. We have hired
been introduced into our world.        field customers and have recently be-
                                                                                       8 new people to fill in the
When we are out on the road, our       gun serving the Bakken and Marcellus            gaps we are seeing in the
sales reps are stopping by our car-    as well as the Canadian Oil Sands.             service to our customers &
rier partners and linking them up      This is a very demanding and exciting           carriers. There are many
with both current and new freight.     opportunity for Meadow Lark and we             things in the world that af-
We want to work for our carrier        are scheduled to move our first oil rig         fect the transportation in-
partners and our goal is to make       on the 25th!                                      dustry. Our employees
every load haul be a MEADOW                                                          make the necessary changes
LARK load!!                                                                          seamless and effective. We
                                                                                            appreciate them.
                                                                                      We have a dedicated staff,
                                                                                       dedicated to ML and also
                                                                                     dedicated to one another as
                       BIG Thanks to all Employees and Agents                            shown when one of our
                                                                                      driver’s house was demol-
                       Thank you everyone for the contributions made for Rich-          ished by a tornado. Our
                       ard Marsh and his family. As you recall, Richard lost         employee’s donated several
 “To make half a                                                                        thousand dollars to help
                       his home when tornadoes went through Alabama a few
  kilo of honey,       months ago. Thanks to your generous donations and the                     him out.
    bees must          matching support from Meadow Lark, we presented a              We are continually tweak-
  collect nectar       check to Richard and his wife Joyce for $3000.00. They        ing our software to do more
   from over 2         were completely overwhelmed by your generosity and the           and take us further. The
      million          support shown to them during this very difficult               advances we have made in
    individual         time. Again, a big THANK YOU to the entire Meadow               this area are remarkable.
     flowers.”         Lark Family.
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                                    Driver of the Year
                                KENNY HASKET
      He is a great representative of Meadow Lark. He goes above and
      beyond the call of duty. He actually helped land a great account for his
      terminal, LEB.
                           Thanks Kenny for all you do.

 Logs / HOS – Brandon. Please continue to     LOGS—JUNE
 remind your drivers of the importance of                                                  Brandon Penn
 keeping their logs current and also watch
                                              Record keeping in the resource table has improved
 for the HOS. Want to recognize a few
                                              greatly. Thanks to all of you for keeping this accu-
 agents that are working with their drivers
                                              rate. Driver logs are continuing to improve. Thanks for
 to ensure they are doing they logs prop-
 erly. Those agents are Stan Partin (CSA),    the aid in this process. Last month we recognized 5 termi-
 and Louie Bartlett and Cherry                nals for exemplary HOS performance. This month we rec-
 (LEB). Other terminals with outstanding      ognize twice as many (10).
 HOS performance are as follows:              Those agents are:
                                              CAT, HAL, JMN, JSC, KIN, NTL, RHW, ROB, TAP and TTR.
 Robert and Christie Cade (CAT)               Thanks for your hard work.
 Bobby Harper (HAL)
 Louie Bartlett (LEB)
 Tony Kowitz (NKL)
 Ronald Nelson (NTL)
 Lisa Traylor (TTR)
                                                                       Robert Cade’s Newest Addition!!

Safety – Dave Ferrell
Our safety score continue to drop. We are working off
the past 3 years, but we are making great pro-
gress. Keep up the good work and Thanks. Also, the
CVSA will be conducted June 7,8 and 9. Last year over
80,000 inspections were done with only 80% pass-
ing. Let’s make sure our drivers know that this is taking
place and that their vehicles and trailers must be in top
                                                                 Welcome to our new hires
                   Mini Treats for Summer
                                                                 Kevin Booke—Sales              Lyndsy Weigum—Dispatch East
For little cutie cakes, you will need two chocolate sandwich     Marcos Lopez—Sales               Melissa Inghram—CSR/East
cookies for each one~like oreos. Use a butter knife to spread    Katie Mitchell—CSR/West          Kris Roberson—Agent Dept/NC
frosting on one side. Lay the second cookie on top of the
                                                                 Tabitha Basil—Dispatch/West
frosted side. Frost the top and sides of the stack. (Optional:
crush a walnut with the back of a spoon and sprinkle around
                                                                 Hope Brown—CSR/Central
the edge.)                                                       Jeremie Vandersloot-Dispatch/Central
                                                                 Serena Lewis—CSR/Chicago
Small S'mores~ You will need mini marshmallows, graham
                                                                 Kirsten Pett—CSR/East
flavored cereal squares, and chocolate chips. Layer them like
real s'mores and heat in microwave for 8-10 seconds.             Chayla Jones—CSR/East

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