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                             Annual Meeting - Oak Brook IL                                                                                                ANY
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                           AnsweringAssociation real $$.
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             Dan L'Heureux Exec Director in real $$.
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Connections Magazine •
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Cover Story

Appointment Scheduling
in Today’s Call Center ..............12
By Ken Marty
Effective appointment scheduling continues         Professional Directory....................3
to get more complex. Each client wants
things done their way and expects different
options. They don’t care about the technology
                                                   From the Publisher .........................7
                                                   “What Clients of Outsourcers Seek”
behind the process; they want results.
Progressive call centers can blow past their
competition by providing additional services and
                                                   Industry News ................................9
options, including reminders and notifications.
                                                   Advertiser Listing.........................27
                                                   Coming Events.............................30

4 • MARCH 2010                                     • Connections Magazine
Features                                                                           14
                             Keeping Score – The Right Way ..................14                  How Companies Are “Reverse-Shoring”
                             By Bryan DiGiorgio                                                  to Improve Customer Service.......................22
                             For call centers, tracking statistical trends                       By Mark Wilson
                             and results is part of the business. But if                         Although call center offshoring produced
                             you aren’t tracking the right metrics in the                        short-term financial savings for some
                             proper priority, you might be measuring                             organizations, it often didn’t produce
                             the wrong thing. Bryan DiGiorgio cuts                               sustainable long-term results.
                             through the confusion in recommending
                             a comprehensive three-step strategy.                                Improving Crisis Management in Call
                                                                                                 Centers Using Desktop Integration..............24
                             Voice Self-Service Is Essential for                                 By John Broderick
                             Achieving Enterprise and Contact                                    During a crisis, call centers need the ability to

17                           Center Goals ..................................................17
                             By Donna Fluss
                             A recent DMG benchmark study on voice
                             self-service solutions reveals many insights,
                             including a lack of agreement on priorities
                             between management and IT. Even so, voice
                             self-service solutions offers many benefits
                                                                                                 quickly adapt to evolving situations. They must
                                                                                                 provide agents with up-to-date information so
                                                                                                 the staff can deliver quality customer service
                                                                                                 despite unusual and trying conditions. Having a
                                                                                                 desktop integration and automation package
                                                                                                 may provide the solution.

                             to call centers.                                                    Dan L’Heureux: The Man
                                                                                                 Behind the Scenes ..........................................26
                             U.S.-based Outsource                                                By Steve Michaels
                             Call Center Directory....................................20         Dan L’Heureux is often a man behind the
                                                                                                 scenes. Over time, he has become the executive
                                                                                                 director for eight different industry associations
                                                                                                 and user groups.

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 • Disaster Planning Technical Notes,
    provided by Amtelco
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    of Outsourcers Looking for Now?,                  • How to Have Better Performance Evaluation Conversations,
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                                                      • Secrets of a Highly Motivated and Productive Sales Team, by Drew Stevens
                                                      • The Root Causes of Low Employee Morale: Focusing on Communication
                                                        Can Fix Them, by John Schaefer

Connections Magazine •                                                                                   MARCH 2010 • 5
               Here. olution!
       ure is osted S
  e Fut rue H
Th T
           Center Solution Gives You More Freedom.
   No Call

                We Host The H
      ucing                   ardware, Y
Introd                                  ou Run Your B
                                                      us   iness.

   Connections                                                                                                             from the
                                                            Peter DeHaan
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             48955 Hickory Lane • Mattawan, MI 49071
                                                                                         ot surprisingly, the vast majority of readers of Connections Magazine

         Upcoming Insertion Deadlines:
           Article/PR Space
           Deadline Deadline Featuring
           Mar 8      Mar 12 Agent Hiring, Training, and
                             Supervision, SIP in the Call Center
                                                                               N         operate a call center. Many are outsourcers, providing contact center
                                                                                         services for other organizations, while the rest are internal (in-house)
                                                                               call centers that outsource, or have the potential to outsource, some or all of
                                                                               their contact center work. Consequently, there should be high interest among
May        Apr 5      Apr 9  Insurance Claim Processing,
                             Multilingual Call Center Listing
                                                                               you, our readers, in the recent research delving into the area of outsourcers
June       May 3      May 7  Hosted Services and Software,                     and their clients.
                             Call Center Laws and Regulation,                        The survey polled in-house call centers concerning call center outsourcing.
                             Outbound Call Center Listing                      As such, the results are of prime interest to outsource call centers, as the
Mission: To be the principal clearing house of relevant and                    attitudes, plans, and trends of internal call centers are powerfully revealed in the
practical information for the teleservices industry.                           findings. First, some profile information about the respondents is in order. The
Distribution: Connections Magazine is distributed monthly                      majority, 96.2 percent, conduct business-to-consumer sales and marketing
(with combined Jan/Feb and Jul/Aug issues) to the TeleServices                 efforts, while a scant 19.2 percent handle business-to-business. There is an
industry, including outsource call centers, telephone answering                overlap of numbers, suggesting that 15.4 percent of internal call centers are
services, and industry professionals who actively buy and sell
products and provide service to this industry. The distribution list is        involved in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales and
continuously monitored and updated via the Connections Website                 marketing. As far as the size of the companies surveyed, slightly more than a
(, reader requests, and the change                 quarter were under $100 million in annual revenues, with 20 percent being over
of address service from the U.S. Postal Service. POSTMASTER:
Send address changes to Connections Magazine, 48955 Hickory Ln,
                                                                               $10 billion; the remaining 52 percent are distributed in between.
Mattawan, MI 49071.                                                                  With this as a backdrop, 53.8 percent of these companies outsource half
Subscriptions: Connections Magazine is an advertiser
                                                                               or more of their call center traffic, with the others outsourcing between 0 and
supported magazine. It is sent free to individuals and companies in            50 percent. In doing so, they collectively projected to spend $300 million in
the outsourcing and teleservices industry. Subscribe at                        2009, the same level as in 2008.
                                                                                     The location of their outsourcers, however, charted some significant shifts
Notice: Advertisers and their agents assume all liability for content,         between 2008 and 2009. Those opting to use only domestic call centers
including text, representation, and illustration of any advertisement
included in this magazine as well as for any claims made against the
                                                                               (onshore outsourcers) jumped from 26 percent in 2008 to 44 percent in 2009.
publisher arising therefrom. The publisher reserves the right to reject any    Interestingly, those opting to use only international locations (offshore
advertising that is not in keeping with the standards of the magazine and to   outsourcers) also jumped from a scant 3 percent in 2008 to 8 percent in 2009.
add the word “advertisement” to any ad herein. The publisher makes no
                                                                               Those using a combination of onshore and offshore call centers dropped from
claims regarding the legality or condition of any goods or services
advertised in this magazine. Opinions expressed in this magazine are those     71 percent to 48 percent.
of the authors and not necessarily those of Connections Magazine or any of           In another piece of good news, over half (52 percent) of the internal call
its agents. The information contained herein is for informational purposes     centers polled plan to increase their amount of call center outsourcing next year,
only and is not intended to provide legal, medical, tax, or any other
professional advice or counsel.                                                while only 8 percent intend to decrease outsourcing. (Forty percent indicated that
                                                                               they would be seeking to maintain their level of outsourcing expenditures.) Of
           Other Publications and Websites:                                    those planning an increase, the average increase was 30.6 percent, with the largest
                                                                               segment (42.9 percent) planning a 10-to-20 percent jump. Also noteworthy is the
                                            fact that 14.3 percent plan on an increase of more than 50 percent.
                           s                                                         The polled call centers were asked to rate their reasons for choosing to
                                                 outsource. Of the ten explanations given, half of them ranked in the top
                                                                                                                                          (Continued on page 8)

 Connections Magazine •                                                                                           MARCH 2010 • 7
from the
  (Continued from page 7)

                                                     Fifty-two percent plan
  group, with two in the middle, and three                                                    In ascertaining overall satisfaction levels,
  possessing lesser importance. The top reason            to increase their              the collective group of those “somewhat
  cited was to conduct a sales campaign, with          amount of call center satisfied” and “very satisfied” increased from
  the second being to support a marketing
  campaign. The ten items, listed in order of
                                                                                                         2008 to 91.7 percent in 2009.
                                                      outsourcing next year; 83 percent insatisfaction levels also improved
                                                                                         Although the
  importance, are to:                                  the average increase for offshore call outsource call centers, the
  • conduct a sales campaign                                                             numbers were not nearly so encouraging.
  • support a marketing campaign                                is 30.6%                 For this group, 59 percent were “somewhat
  • reduce costs                                                                         satisfied” or “very satisfied” in 2008, increasing
  • gain access to skilled agents                                      to 70.6 percent in 2009. The “very dissatisfied” category
  • allow for a focus on core business imperatives                     dropped to 5.9 percent in 2009, improving from an alarming
  • reduce internal staff                                              29 percent in 2008. (The percentage of those “somewhat
  • provide customer service                                           dissatisfied” almost doubled in 2009, owing to a migration
  • set appointments                                                   away from the “very dissatisfied” category.) Parallel to this was
  • fulfill offers                                                     a reduction in the likelihood of switching outsource teleservice
  • generate leads                                                     providers, with the “very likely” and “somewhat likely” categories
       Even more insightful is the importance of various               collectively dropping to 56 percent versus 79 percent for the
  characteristics in the selection process of choosing an outsource    prior year.
  call center provider. The leading reason cited, by a significant          The major conclusions are that there is increased satisfaction
  margin, was the “impeccable compliance record” of the                with call center outsourcers, increased spending on outsourcing
  outsourcer. Tied for second were “superior security procedures”      is expected, and fewer companies will be switching call
  and “business experience in the company’s industry sector.”          centers. There is also a shift towards domestic (onshore)
  Interestingly, cost considerations do not appear in the top five     call center operations. As to the reasons in selecting an
  criteria. The entire list, in order of importance, is:               outsourcer, compliance and security are the most important,
  • impeccable compliance record                                       followed by sector experience and quality training; cost
  • superior security procedures                                       considerations are not among the top considerations. ¤
  • business experience in the company’s industry sector
  • exceptional training and expertise                                      This research was conducted by Dial America, in
  • skilled program management                                         conjunction with ATA (the American Teleservices
  • cost per transaction                                               Association), and presented at the 2009 ATA convention.
  • cost per hour                                                      The slides from that presentation are available at
  • cost per sale                                                      the Connections Magazine whitepaper library:
  • advanced technology                                      
  • domestic operations
  • senior strategic counsel
  • number of geographic call centers
  • combination of domestic and international operations
  • international operations


  8 • MARCH 2010                                                          • Connections Magazine
Telescan Joins with CenturiSoft to                                                        Amtelco Intelligent
Introduce Two-Way Voice Messaging                                                         Soft Agent System with
     Telescan has introduced the integration of automatic message delivery                Asterisk and ACD
notification between Centuri Messenger and Telescan’s Spectrum. This jointly              Connectivity
developed software integration allows the Centuri to notify Spectrum of the                    Amtelco has released the Intelligent
delivery of a message with a date and time stamp. This new feature eliminates the         Soft Agent for installation in the call
need for call center agents to periodically check for message delivery, saving time       center market. The Soft Agent application
and improving accuracy.                                                                   is specifically designed for use with
     Marcy Hewlett, president of A Better Connection, says that her company was           Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-
the test site for the new Telescan/CenturiSoft integration. She said, “The marriage       based telephone switching systems.
of Telescan’s Spectrum with CenturiSoft’s Centuri Messenger has been a blessing                The Intelligent Soft Agent’s stream-
for us. The automatic filing of messages that have been taken by our operators and        lined user interface puts the power and
delivered to our clients via voice dispatching has given both our clients and our         flexibility of Amtelco’s Intelligent Series
dispatchers peace of mind.”                                                               suite of applications at the fingertips of
     “We are excited to have Telescan further leverage the capabilities of the            call center agents. The Intelligent Soft
Centuri Messenger,” stated John Pope, president of CenturiSoft. “Now our clients          Agent application integrates with Session
who own both CenturiSoft and Spectrum will benefit from this partnership with             Initiation Protocol (SIP)-enabled PBX
increased accuracy and saving time every day.”                                            equipment from Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco,
     For more information, contact Telescan at 800-770-7662,,          Mitel, NEC, Nortel, and Siemens, as well
or visit                                                                as Amtelco’s Infinity ACD system.
                                                                                               SIP/VoIP technology provides call
CenturiSoft Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary                                               centers with the ability to establish
     CenturiSoft is celebrating ten years serving the telecommunications industry.        low-cost, efficient, direct connections to
John Pope founded CenturiSoft in 2000 with the vision of “revolutionizing the way         their clients’ PBXs and ACD systems.
we communicate.” He departed from past standards, building a new messaging                The Internet-based communication
product, the Centuri Messenger, from the ground up using ISDN-PRI (digital)               technology makes it possible for call
instead of analog. In 2003, the Centuri Messenger extended its options to include         centers to easily and efficiently offer
VoIP and prepare for HD audio and video capabilities. With two patents pending,           remote receptionist and messaging
its “Call Logic Engine” and scripting has allowed CenturiSoft to accomplish               services with a quickly recovered capital
hundreds of installations, interfacing to several different switches and vendors,         investment.
seamlessly and without sacrificing features. CenturiSoft has installations                     For more information on the Infinity
worldwide, including the United States, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom.            Soft Agent software, call 800-356-9148
     CenturiSoft wants to thank all their customers, resellers, and technology partners   or 608-838-4194.
for making this a reality; they are appreciative to all that have supported and fos-
tered their growth. “Our mission is to become the number one systems platform
provider for the unified-communications market,” stated John Pope, president, “and
that is becoming more a reality today. CenturiSoft currently has two divisions: its
applications division (CenturiSoft) and its service provider/hosting division
(ReparoVox Communications, acquired in 2006).
     Contact CenturiSoft at,, or 800-

OnviSource Announces Redundancy,
Backup, and Disaster Recovery Solutions
     OnviSource announced the availability of OnviNet Ensura Backup and
Disaster Recovery Solution packages for its customers using their OnviCall and
AccuCall platforms. OnviSource is offering Ensura Backup and Recovery
Solutions to its customers to protect their business and assist in restoring operations
in the event of unforeseen disasters or problematic circumstances.
     Ensura offers critical backup, standby, and redundancy packages designed to
facilitate the fastest possible recovery. Each level of protection is configured to
accommodate a variety of customer needs. Ensura Basic offers protection from
                                                        (Continued on page 10)

Connections Magazine •                                                               MARCH 2010 • 9
(Continued from page 9)                                                                    Telerx Announces
                                                                                           Social InteraXions
potential hardware failures; database replication and hardware redundancy make up          Social Media Support
Ensura Standard. For customers seeking the most comprehensive backup and                        Telerx, a contact center outsourcer,
recovery protection, Ensura PRO offers full redundancy, database replication,              has introduced Social InteraXions, its
redundant application licenses, and one-click switchover to secure continuous operation.   social media support solution. Social
     To assist customers in choosing a backup and recovery package that will best          InteraXions provides the tools, methodology,
satisfy their operating requirements, OnviSource is offering a free System                 best practices, processes, analytics, training,
Requirements Assessment service to consider the unique requirement of each                 and staffing to build and protect customer
customer. OnviCall is part of the OnviCenter 6 suite of solutions in workforce             relationships in this fast growing channel.
optimization (OnviCord), workforce CRM automation (OnviCall), and workforce                Social InteraXions allows clients to
communication automation (OnviNet).                                                        incrementally and strategically deploy
                                                                                           their social media support and provides
Amtelco Increases Infinity Conferencing                                                    insight to drive their business at each
Seats to Sixty-Four                                                                        ep, from assessment to monitoring to
     Expanded voice conferencing is available with the Infinity Conference Bridge          engagement.
module. Multiparty conferences now allow up to sixty-four parties. Conferences                  “Telerx’s expert customer care and our
are created with or without agent assistance. The audio conference can be recorded         expertise in handling sensitive consumer
at the request of a call center agent or conference moderator.                             affairs and regulatory issues puts us in a
     Multiple conference bridge IDs can be predefined, allowing each staff member          unique position to provide outreach to
to have his or her own unique conference bridge. Conferences can be secured with           social media channels in a thoughtful,
a moderator password.                                                                      effective, and compliant manner,” said Linda
     Moderators can choose to record each conference, with the resulting WAV file          Schellenger, president of Telerx.
emailed to them. Moderators can also access a Web interface to view the status of
their conference and manage it. The expanded conference capability is available in         Amtelco Adds
software version 5.51 of Amtelco’s Infinity family of call center solutions.               Auto-Connect Option
     For more information on Infinity Conference Bridge, call 800-356-9148 or              to Soft Agent
608-838-4194.                                                                                   Amtelco has added a configurable
                                                                                           auto-connect option to its Intelligent
Answer First Communication Marks                                                           Soft Agent operator application. The
Fifty Years in Business                                                                    auto-connect option enables incoming
      When Jim Kilgore’s Smyrna-based call center, Answer First Communication,             calls to be answered immediately as they
started operations in 1960, there were no personal computers, email, faxes, cell           ring into an agent workstation, eliminating
phones, voice mail, texting devices, PDAs, or pagers. “Just good old-fashioned             the need for agents to manually connect to
telephones and operators answering live 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week,” said               calls. Auto-connect calls are preceded by a
Kilgore. “Some things that work for businesses just don’t need to change.”                 discreet audible tone as they are connected,
      The Smyrna Business Association recognized the company at their monthly              alerting agents that new calls have arrived.
meeting January 9, and the City of Smyrna issued a proclamation from Mayor Max                  The auto-connect feature saves time
Bacon’s office stating their appreciation for the longevity demonstrated by Answer         and eliminates the chances of a call being
First Communication. “I extend congratulations to Answer First Communication               missed or delayed when an agent is not
on their fiftieth anniversary, with best wishes for many more years to come,” said         looking directly at the workstation screen.
Mayor Bacon.                                                                               The Soft Agent application is specifically
      Kilgore says that many of his employees have been with him on the job for over       designed for use with Voice over Internet
ten years and are well-versed in exceptional service. About his staff, he says, “We        Protocol (VoIP)-based telephone switching
take care of them so they can take care of our clients.” Answer First also provides        systems. The Intelligent Soft Agent’s
toll-free numbers, order taking, crisis and emergency lines, and help desk services.       streamlined user interface puts the power
                                                                                           and flexibility of Amtelco’s Intelligent
Funding Allows TelStar to Complete Purchase                                                Series suite of applications at the fingertips
of TouchStar’s Hosted Assets                                                               of call center agents.
    TelStar Hosted Services and private equity firm Williams & Gallagher                        For more information on Infinity Soft
announced the purchase of the assets of TouchStar’s Hosted Services division.              Agent application, call 800-356-9148 or
TelStar Hosted Services is a communications-as-a-service organization that provides        608-838-4194.
on-demand call center solutions. TelStar posted record sales in 2009 and doubled

10 • MARCH 2010                                                          • Connections Magazine
Avaya Unveils                                    its available capacity earlier in 2010.
Integration Plan of                                   “Our products bring the proven efficiency of call center products to our clients
Former Nortel                                    via the Web without the capital expenditure and excessive IT costs that have
Enterprise Solutions                             traditionally burdened such initiatives,” said TelStar’s CEO Jim Dunn. “We have
Portfolio                                        the formula for continued success in our feature-rich product offerings, strong
     Avaya unveiled its vision for the           technical support organization, and our solutions-oriented sales efforts.”
future of communications as well as a                 Chris Rieple (formerly of TouchStar) has joined the TelStar Hosted Services
road map that integrates products and            executive team as vice president of sales. “We have built our business by
services from the recently acquired              exceeding our customer’s expectations,” said Rieple. “The additional financial
Nortel Enterprise Solutions (NES). “The          resources and new executive leadership have enabled us to expedite our growth
integrated road map we’re outlining today        plans while continuing to provide an uncompromised client experience.”
supports Avaya’s commitment to providing
customers with the advanced communications       Candy Myura to Partner
capabilities they need to manage and             with TAS Source
grow their organizations,” said Alan                  Chuck Boyce and TAS Source have partnered with business and executive
Baratz, senior vice president and president      coach Candy Myura. Her company, A Better You Coaching, focuses on leadership
of Global Communications Solutions,              development while helping individuals and businesses grow. Candy brings nearly
Avaya. The road map’s highlights include:        twenty years of executive experience to the table for TAS Source, including serving
     • Unified Communications: The               as COO of Appletree Answers and spending fourteen years at MBNA, a fortune
         centerpiece is Avaya Aura ™, a          500 financial institution. Her business experience and training as a professional
         SIP-based communication platform.       coach provides a perfect balance and blend.
         The road map expands the                     Candy’s industry experience, business acumen, and executive and business
         Avaya Aura with the addition of         coaching experience will form an invaluable part of TAS Source’s strategy in the
         the Nortel Agile Communications         coming years. She brings an affiliate perspective and many tools and resources to
         Environment (ACE).                      the table. Additionally, Candy spoke at the recent TAS Source Marketing Summit
     • Contact Center: Avaya Aura is             2010, held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.
         at the center of Avaya’s contact             For more information, contact Candy at 302-383-4344 or
         center portfolio. The integrated; Chuck can be reached at 302-352-9488 or
         road map extends the combined 
         Avaya and Nortel Enterprise
         Solutions portfolio with capabilities   Mail-N-More to Print and Mail Invoices –
         for agent desktop, work assignment,     and More
         experience management, and                   Chris Twigg of Mail-N-More announced that their new invoice printing and
         analytics.                              mailing services can cut the cost of bill printing and mailing by up to fifty percent,
     • Small and Medium Enterprise               as well as speed up receivables. Additionally, Mail-N-More can:
         (SME)        Communications:                 • track bills (via the USPS Web site link) from Mail-N-More’s post office to
         Avaya IP Office, BCM, Norstar,                    the recipient’s local mail sorting center – and even to the mail carrier’s bag
         PARTNER ® and Integral 5 all                 • split a billing file into bills to be mailed, faxed, and emailed
         remain for sale with a plan to               • provide optional online payment capability
         converge the platforms with the              • track the delivery of faxes and emails
         company’s flagship hybrid IP                 • bar code all information required by a bank so that if the remittance
         offering, IP Office.                              address is the sender’s bank lockbox, the bank can scan the bar code and
     • Data Products: As previously                        email a daily report of who has paid that can be uploaded into an accounts
         announced, Avaya will adopt the                   receivable program
         current road map of NES data                 Mail-N-More currently sends invoices for the AnswerNet group of companies
         products in its entirety.               including AnswerNet, Signius, Answer America, and Cerida.
                                                      Call Chris Twigg at 321-729-9972 or email for
                                                 further information; their website is

Connections Magazine •                                                                 MARCH 2010 • 11
Appointment Scheduling
 in Today’s Call Center
                                                                                                            By Ken Marty

         lmost all businesses require some type of appointments,   either faxing them off or storing them until the client picked

A        and call center businesses are no exception. What is
         an appointment, anyway, but just a complex way to
look at a schedule?
                                                                   them up, or even worse, trying to relay all of the newly
                                                                   acquired appointment information over the phone.
                                                                         Today things are not all that much different, but there are
     In the “old days” before the personal computer, you           better methods to achieve the same result in our more
bought the time-tested appointment book – or even a simple         professional, twenty-first century world. The same information
notebook or binder – and promptly started taking appointments,     still needs to be recorded, changes still need to be made, and
writing down names and blocking out time with a combination        the delivery of information still must take place. Recording
of Xs, slashes, and arrows. Of course, it was always full          the information has become much more complex, but the end
of eraser marks, Wite-out (remember that stuff?), and the          result increases efficiency at least twofold. I have yet to see
everlasting coffee ring when the book was used as a coaster        the elimination of the coffee ring, but at least with these more
several times during the day.                                      modern methods the client won’t have to see it.
     At the end of the day came the unbelievable delivery of             What information needs to be collected? There are two
this information to the customer, probably making copies and       kinds: information about the shift and information about the

12 • MARCH 2010                                                     • Connections Magazine
resources involved. The shift is a no-brainer; it’s the start time       providing anyone in the know with the ability to make
and end time (or the start and duration of the appointment).             changes or see at a glance when the next appointment occurs.
The resources, on the other hand, tend to take on a life of their own.        There are many Web-based appointment-scheduling
      Normally, everyone thinks of the resource as a person or           packages available today, but finding one that integrates well
some contact, but that’s not always the case. The resource may           with an existing call center system is the trick. A Web-driven
represent needed equipment, another vendor, or a customer,               appointment schedule empowers clients to handle their
but the resource might also be the location where the appointment        day-to-day business. It can provide different views of the
will occur. This will all depend on what your client requires.           schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) plus the ability to handle
An appointment can include multiple resources, but it must               any changes a client would like to make, all in real time. It
include at the least one – otherwise, what’s the point?                  can even provide the client with the ability to run reports
      The resource can and will become a more complex issue              against their appointment schedule or, even better, to see at a
when you start factoring in items such as vacation time, sick            glance confirmed or cancelled appointments. Moreover, the
time, and whether or not to allow double-booking. Taking that            best part is that the capability is provided by the call center
one step further, each resource probably will need several ways          and is tied directly to their account.
to be contacted. Of course, once you start talking about how to               Appointment scheduling will never be a one-size-fits-all
notify someone it always leads to some hierarchy of how and              part of life. Each client is going to want it done their way and
when he or she needs to be reached; such as, “Call my cell first.        will expect different options. Clients really don’t care how
If I don’t answer, call me at home, but always send me an                the technology works; they’re more focused on the services
email and text me twenty-four hours before the appointment.”             provided to them. That’s where a call center has the opportunity
      Therefore, you can see that the shift element of an                to distinguish itself from its competition by providing additional
appointment is quite simple and straightforward; it’s the                services with appointment scheduling, such as IVR reminders
resource who has become accustomed to using a cell phone,                and confirmations, SMS text, and email notifications. ¤
BlackBerry, or a Web browser that needs to be won over and
probably will prove to be the biggest headache for you. But                   Ken Marty is a software engineer at
it’s that resource who pays the bill, so you have to deal with it.       Amtelco and was the principal designer of
      Once an appointment is taken, it can lead to another               Amtelco’s several scheduling solutions for
issue: whether to also book a “recurring” or “follow-up”                 call centers.
appointment days, weeks, or months in advance. This makes
it imperative for the appointment-scheduling package to be
equipped with flexible searching options in order to quickly
and precisely determine the next available open appointment.
                                                                                CAM-X rolls out the
      Then there’s the issue of how appointment changes are
made. We’d all like to think that things are written in stone
and will never change, but the fact is that everything changes.
With today’s technology, changes are more global than ever.
Everyone has access to the Internet – these days, who doesn’t
have a cell phone with Internet access?
      A cancellation or appointment change should alert all                           Factor in 2010!
parties involved in real time so adjustments can be made with
everyone on the same page. This could be performed by                      • April 13th CAM-X School of Leadership in Toronto
allowing each party to confirm or deny a change request with               • April 15th CAM-X School of Leadership in Calgary
the click of a button, a response to a text message, or a simple             Leadership training:
“yes/no” to an IVR announcement. If an appointment is
                                                                             • Out of Site, not out of Mind: Everything you wanted to
canceled, the resources from another scheduled appointment,
                                                                                know about Remote Agents with Tom Sheridan
whether later in the day or week, could be contacted with the
opportunity to move to an earlier time, all without human                    • Training Best Practices and Performance Management
interaction.                                                                    with Barbara Bradbury & Dana Lloyd
      The final step of the appointment-scheduling process is                • HR Software Demonstration with Barry Chapman
the delivery of information. The appointment schedule is                        of TwoGreySuits
really geared to being the input mechanism of the process.
                                                                           • October 3-6 46th Annual Convention & Trade Show
For a total solution, it needs to take advantage of other systems
                                                                             Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
such as IVR calls, SMS or email messages, or even Web site.
      IVR, SMS, and email are excellent ways of communicating
with customers and receiving feedback to be applied to                             CAM-X Canadian Call Management Association
                                                                                          1-800-896-1054 •
appointments. A Web site is really the icing on the cake by

Connections Magazine •                                                                   MARCH 2010 • 13
Keeping Score –
The Right Way

                                                    By Bryan DiGiorgio

               ow’s business?” That’s the question forever on         Ensure Clarity around Your Goals

“H             the minds of executives and business owners.
               What is the true state of my business? For those
of us working in the call center environment, the answer
                                                                      and Prioritize Your Metrics
                                                                            Regardless the type of call center or queue (i.e., inbound
                                                                      sales, customer support, or tech support), there are some
might seem readily available – simply measure the performance         standard measurements that apply across all lines of business:
of each center. But how can we know that we are measuring             average handle time (AHT), average speed of answer, cost
the right things? Do the metrics reported by individual centers       per call, call quality, and customer satisfaction, to name a
offer an accurate reflection of their operations? Or are the          few. However, there are also measures that are equally
performance reports weighed down by scores of miscellaneous           important or even more so for discrete queues. For example,
data points that diffuse the focus rather than pinpoint the           what if your call center is primarily a technical support
areas of concern?                                                     queue? In that instance, while the standard metrics are
     It’s true that measurements serve a vital role in assessing      important, I would propose that the most important metric is
effectiveness and highlighting potential points of failure.           issue resolution – this single metric indicates whether your
However, if you aren’t tracking the right metrics, prioritized        call center is solving a caller’s questions.
in the right order of importance, you could be failing to spot              Issue resolution is a single, clear metric that describes the
performance issues, defocusing what matters most, or even             business – and customer – purpose of the queue. Think about
missing out on additional revenues or cost savings.                   it: if you don’t solve the caller’s issue, what else matters? All
Therefore, instead of relying on a massive laundry list of            other metrics become meaningless. Customers will either call
metrics and reports, I recommend approaching measurement,             back – doubling your costs – or simply stop being customers.
site efficiency, and overall success with this three-step strategy:   Moreover, if you typically up-sell in this queue, it makes

14 • MARCH 2010                                                        • Connections Magazine
sense to up-sell only after the issue is resolved. Therefore,     technologies that drive customer management effort; the
when you increase issue resolution, you increase up-sell          spokes are the contact and fulfillment centers.
opportunities. This single metric can also be a leading                The best model for the hub is one that includes centralized
indicator of your ability to maintain customer loyalty and        management functions such as intraday performance management,
reduce customer turnover or “churn.”                              root cause analysis, integrated reporting, statistical modeling,
     This does not mean that other metrics are not important –    process mapping, knowledge management, curriculum
they are. Nor does this mean that you should not address          development, and project management.
other outliers. However, no action should negatively affect            When operating at full potential, a well-run hub will
the primary metric. Consider placing risk and reward on           result in fewer variations in your metrics. Additionally, it
this single metric; then performance-manage the rest. The         will improve other support metrics such as quality, staff
level of clarity this approach provides will have a dramatic      utilization, the ability to quickly adjust staffing to react to call
impact on your business results. This leads us to the next part   volumes, and expenses.
of the approach.                                                       While many companies generally perceive themselves
                                                                  as operating a “hub-and-spoke” (even in a single center
Examine Metrics from a Holistic Viewpoint                         environment), few organizations operate an effective one.
     The customer management function is an interdependent        Sometimes “guesswork” and assumptions may substitute for
one. Every transaction either supports or furthers another        root cause analysis. For example, you may know you receive
transaction; every stage of the continuum is equally important.   x amount of technical support calls, and you may know the
If you focus on an individual transaction without considering     top five products causing your issues. However, if you
the downstream repercussions, you will find yourself trying to    cannot tell someone specifically what is broken, the
improve one aspect of your operation only to see another          likelihood of fixing the root problem is generally low. In
problem spring up down the line.                                  most cases, process mapping is not well documented and
     How do you avoid the exhaustion – and exasperation – of      routine audits/assessments are not completed. If you do not
this approach? I believe that you can only do so by embracing     have processes documented, how do you know how long the
a centralized point of accountability, using the “hub-and-        AHT should be? How do you determine what processes
spoke” model. With this approach, the hub acts as the             (steps) are used to evaluate and reduce AHT?
centralized support structure of the people, processes, and                                                (Continued on page 16)
Keeping Score – The Right Way
(Continued from page 15)                                             places the responsibility of applying Six Sigma quality assurance
                                                                     processes squarely within the boundaries of the client-side
     Integrated, centralized reporting is typically cobbled          “hub” team and allows the call centers to focus on the agents
together from individual reporting at an aggregate level – not       and data collection.
from true centralized management reporting. This nuance                   I counsel many client-side call center executives to devote
will prevent you from correlating a delay in fulfillment to the      a significant portion of their organizational design process to
effect on call volume or accurately assessing the negative           defining roles, assigning responsibilities, and associating
impact on customer retention. Management oversight and the           hand-offs for data collection and analysis. Otherwise, like a
commitment to holistic measurement is an instrumental part           major-league slugger in the midst of a batting slump, you’ll
of achieving your goals. The lack of oversight will result in        end up with low scores without knowing which changes will
poor performance by the overall customer management system.          result in the greatest improvements.
Like an all-star team where players are selected for individual           In an environment of frequent reports and abundant data,
performance, the function will never work to its full potential      call center performance problems should be easy to spot.
unless it operates as a cohesive, interdependent unit.               However, there are many hidden pitfalls in the form of nonessential
                                                                     data or metrics that, rather than clarifying issues, obscure the true
Establish Role Clarity and Capability                                business drivers. As a call center executive, you want to
Assessment Procedures                                                maintain a laser focus on the true indicators of success, tuning
     One of the greatest obstacles to success in any business is a   out the white noise. You have to get everyone to agree to the
lack of role clarity, particularly when portions of the customer     rules of the game so you all end up with the same score. ¤
management continuum are outsourced to a number of different
transactional suppliers. In these cases, there may be an unreal           Bryan DiGiorgio is president and CEO of CXO Global
expectation that the call center vendor can provide in-depth         Solutions, a Kansas City-based company specializing in
analysis to improve performance issues that have been identified.    customer experience management. A twenty-year customer
     Let’s be clear: outsource call centers excel at managing        management veteran, Bryan has extensive experience within
agents and following a prescribed process, but they are not          the automotive, consumer services, financial services, and
typically experts in root cause analysis and process improvement.    retail and telecommunications sectors.
That’s why the hub-and-spoke model is so appropriate – it

16 • MARCH 2010                                                        • Connections Magazine
                                        Voice Self-Service
                                         Is Essential for
                                       Achieving Enterprise
                                       and Contact Center
                                                                     By Donna Fluss

         Q3 2009 survey asked 107 enterprise, contact center,       Companies where contact center VPs and leaders have

A        and IT executives and decision-makers from around
         the globe to identify their top goals and priorities for
2010. Surprisingly, voice self-service solutions (also known
                                                                    aligned their top goals with those of the executive suite are
                                                                    much more likely to succeed in retaining and enhancing
                                                                    customer relationships.
as interactive voice response systems, or IVRs) are expected             The DMG benchmark study indicates that IT has its own
to play a key role in helping enterprises of all sizes achieve      priorities; IT’s top goals for 2010 are to meet the needs of
their 2010 objectives.                                              business customers and to keep the enterprise’s technology
     The top 2010 goal for enterprise and contact center            and applications running at optimal levels. This shows that
executives is improving customer service. The second most           IT organizations are entering 2010 with a strong appreciation
important goal for enterprise executives is cutting operating       of the need to support their business clients’ goals and
costs; this is similar to the number two goal for contact center    objectives. It’s disappointing that IT does not seem to make
leaders, which is to improve productivity (see Figure 1).                                                 (Continued on page 18)

Connections Magazine •                                                           MARCH 2010 • 17
Voice Self-Service Is Essential
(Continued from page 17)                                                          IVR to the Rescue:
                                                                                      An astounding 28.1 percent of companies not currently
an effort to understand their customers’ goals, as this would                     using IVR systems are in the process of looking for a voice
help organizations to meet them better on an ongoing basis.                       self-service solution to help them meet their goals (see
This goal misalignment is the primary reason for the lack of                      Figure 2). The recession has pushed companies that were
trust between IT and contact centers.                                             previously hesitant to use voice self-service automation to

Figure 1: Comparison of Enterprise, Contact Center, and IT Goals for 2010
Goal                                                                       Enterprise              Contact Center          IT Group
                                                                             Rank                      Rank                  Rank
Customer Service
Improving customer service                                                        1                          1
Meeting needs of business customers                                                                                            1*
Keeping technology running at optimal levels                                                                                   1*
Expense Control
Cutting operating costs                                                           2                          3                 7*
Improving productivity                                                                                       2
Increasing use of self-service systems                                                                       4
Standardizing and simplifying IT infrastructure                                                                                4
Data center and network consolidation                                                                                          7*
Preserving existing revenue base / increasing retention                           3                          5
Using technology for strategic advantage                                                                                       3
Regulatory and Security
Regulatory compliance                                                             4                                            9
Notes: * Indicates goals that tied with other goals. Table includes all goals that received one or more votes.
Source: DMG Consulting LLC, January 2010

18 • MARCH 2010                                                                       • Connections Magazine
Figure 2:                                                          well-designed IVR implementation generally convince even
Not Currently Using IVR: Is Your Company                           the most reluctant managers that these solutions are effective
Looking for a Voice Self-Service (IVR) Application?                both for their customers and their cost structure.
                                                                        Figure 3 shows the primary drivers for current and
                                                                   prospective voice self-service users who are considering
                                                                   investments in hosted/managed service IVRs. Two obvious
                                                                   reasons why prospective users are seriously considering hosted
                                                                   IVR solutions are to avoid capital expense and minimize
                                                                   start-up costs, not surprising during tough economic times. A
                                            NO                     less obvious reason for looking into hosting is to acquire the
                                           71.9%                   expertise along with the solution. ¤

                                                                       Donna Fluss is the founder and president of DMG
Source: DMG Consulting LLC, January 2010                           Consulting LLC, a provider of contact center and analytics
                                                                   research, market analysis, and consulting. To obtain a free
make investments in these solutions. An IVR initiative that is     copy of the fifty-one-page report, “IVR to the Rescue!
planned, designed, and rolled out properly can reduce the          A Benchmarking Study of 2010 Enterprise, Contact
volume of calls to live agents by 20-to-90 percent over time,      Center and IT Priorities and the Critical Role of IVRs
depending upon the purpose of the contact center and the           in Achieving These Goals,” visit DMG Consulting
tasks programmed into the solution. The trend toward               at, or contact
increased adoption of IVR is expected to continue even after       Deborah Navarra at or
the economy recovers. The benefits and cost savings from a         516-628-1098.

 Figure 3: Primary Drivers for Considering a Hosted/Managed Service
 IVR and Comparison of Current and Prospective IVR Users
 Investment Drivers                                                                  Current               Prospective
                                                                                    IVR Users              IVR Users
 Do not have in-house speech recognition domain expertise                              29.2%                   40.0%
 Improved flexibility and scalability on-demand                                        29.2%                   13.3%
 Do not have IT resources to maintain the self-service system                          27.1%                   13.3%
 To avoid capital expenditure                                                          25.0 %                  40.0%
 Do not want to house and maintain server hardware                                     22.9%                   33.3%
 Too expensive to have in-house IT resources to maintain the self-service systems      22.9%                   13.3%
 Quicker deployments                                                                   22.9%                   26.7%
 To avoid large up-front start-up costs                                                18.8%                   40.0%
 Already using a hosted or managed service IVR                                         18.8%
 Using ongoing IVR optimization program to improve effectiveness
 of voice self-service solution                                                        18.8%                   13.3%
 Want a third party to maintain all aspects of the application
 (hardware, software, application development and ongoing support)                     16.7%                   26.7%
 Third-party vendor perceived to be more flexible and responsive
 than internal IT resources                                                            16.7%                   20.0%
 Do not feel the need to own IVR solution                                              14.6%                   13.3%
 Availability of packaged and cost-effective voice self-service applications           10.4%                   20.0%
 Other (please specify)                                                                  6.3%                    6.7%
 Source: DMG Consulting LLC, January 2010

Connections Magazine •                                                          MARCH 2010 • 19
U.S.-based Outsource Call Center Directory
The call centers in this listing often go by different names, such as an outsource call center, a teleservice agency, a telemessaging
company, or an answering service. Regardless of their label, all provide various telephone call processing services, and all of
them are located and operate in the United States of America.

ABC Communications                            Cal Johnson's Message                               CRMI-Catalog Retail
Visalia, CA                                   Center                                              Marketing Int'l                      Fairview Heights, IL                                Newport, VT
                                              800-282-0070                                        802-334-1000
Advantage Answering Plus
San Luis Obispo, CA                           Call Experts                                        Customer Direct LLC                        Charleston, SC                                      Chesterfield, MO
                                              Contact: 800-374-0911                               800-332-3756
American Telepartners
Cocoa, FL                                     CallStreamz                                         CustomerLink                  Queen Creek, AZ                                     Duluth, MN
                                              480-639-5943                                        800-722-2808
Ameridial, Inc.
North Canton, OH                              Charlton                                            DirecTel                             Madison, WI                                         Minneapolis, MN
                                              608-259-8004                                        952-924-2400
Answer Center America Inc
Chicago, IL                                   Commercial Telephone                                Direct Line Tele Response                              Exchange, Inc.                                      Berkeley, CA
800-270-7030                                  Reno, NV                                  
                                                                            888-365-2424 or 510-843-3900
Answer United                                 800-932-8032
Kalamazoo, MI                                                                                     DFT Priority                          Convertec Corporation                               Fredonia, NY
800-937-5900                                  Coeur D Alene, ID                         
AnswerCall                                    888-745-4099
Philadelphia, PA                                                                                  Frantz Group                                                              Grafton, WI
ARO - Call Center Solutions                   Corporate Call Center, Inc
Kansas City, MO                               1400 Union Meeting Rd                               Frontline Call Center                     Blue Bell, PA 19422, USA                            Eastsound, WA
                                              Contact: Cynthia Minuti, director of                360-376-6996
Associated Call Centers                           marketing, at 215-283-4233 or
Levittown, PA                                            GC Services Limited                            Services: Inbound, Outbound, Email, Text            Partnership
800-610-5262                                      Chat, IVR
                                                                                                  Houston, TX
                                              Multilingual: English, Spanish
                                              Inbound and outbound U.S.-based
ATS Call Centers, Inc.,                                                                           713-777-4441
                                                  telemarketing services focusing on the
dba TeleRep                                       healthcare and financial industries
Glen Burnie, MD                                   including enrollment, sales, lead generation,   Hartley and Associates                                   direct marketing, and fulfillment.              Answering Service
800-638-2000                                                                                      Santa Rosa, CA
20 • MARCH 2010                                                              • Connections Magazine
InSO International                         OnBrand24                                    Telecom Inc
Call Center                                Beverly, MA                                  Oakland, CA
Duarte, CA                                                                         781-639-4109                                 415-243-3131
                                           Outreach Communications
InterMedi@ Marketing                       Ft Worth, TX
West Chester, PA                           817-288-7272                                 TeleMed                                                             18 Beck St
610-429-5130                                                                            Atlanta, GA 30318, USA
Lead Source Call Center                                                                 Contact: Steve Clover, VP sales and
Cincinnati, OH                             Personalized Communications                      marketing, at 800-529-8010 or               205 E Center St                        
513-769-4379                               Duncanville, TX 75116, USA                   Services: Inbound
                                                               Vertical Markets: Medical
                                           Contact: Stanley Gardner, president,         TeleMed is a leading provider of medical
A Live Answer, Inc
                                               at 214-361-6684 or                           answering service and advanced
Harrisonburg, VA
                                                              medical call processing solutions
                                           Services: Inbound, Outbound                      dedicated to private practices, healthcare,
                                           Multilingual: English, Spanish                   university, and hospital systems.
                                           Outsource your full operations while
MarketMakers Group, Inc.                                                                Time Communications
                                               maintaining ownership of your clients:
Wayne, PA
                                               24/7 live operators, order-taking,       White Bear Lake, MN
                                               inbound telemarketing services,
                                               Internet operator, and Web-enabled.      651-229-3530

                                           PhoneScreen                                  Village Marketing Concepts
                                           Chicago, IL                                  Mt Laurel, NJ
MAP Communications Inc
                                           773-278-1567                                 800-941-9458
840 Greenbrier Circle
Chesapeake, VA 23320, USA                      Sound Telecom                                Ver-A-Fast Corporation
Contact: Karen Oluwabusola, senior VP,     Seattle, WA                                  Rocky River, OH
    at 800-955-9888 or                                       206-774-7800                                 800-327-8463
Services: Inbound, Outbound, IVR
                                           Southwest Call Center                        Wessan Interactive
Maximum Communications Inc                 of LA Inc                                    Omaha, NE
Cincinnati, OH                             Lake Charles, LA                                             800-468-7800
800-589-6299                               337-310-2435
                                                                                        WRB Communications, Inc.
MPI Outsourcing                            Specialty Answering Service                  Chantilly, VA
Mt. Kisco, NY                              King of Prussia, PA                                       703-449-0520
914-239-4310                               888-532-4794
                                                                                        1-800 We Answer
Netegrity Consultants, LLC                 Synergy Solutions Inc                        New York, NY
Phoenix, NY                                Scottsdale, AZ                                            212-868-1154
315-350-3663                               602-296-1601

                                                                                        To have your call center listed in future
Nurture Connect, Inc.
                                           Tele Resources Inc                           issues, please sign up online at
Salt Lake City, UT
                                           Duluth, MN                         

Connections Magazine •                                                             MARCH 2010 • 21
How Companies are
“Reverse Shoring”
to Improve
Customer Service
By Mark Wilson

        he economic slowdown forced U.S. companies to                  knowledge and ability to quickly resolve issues, according to

T       examine ways to reduce costs, streamline operations,
        and return to profitability. As a result, many organizations
in all vertical markets embraced offshoring specific IT and
                                                                       the CFI Group, which uses the University of Michigan’s
                                                                       American Customer Satisfaction Index report. This is a huge
                                                                       differentiator for U.S.-based agents. According to the report,
customer service positions to countries like India and the             U.S.-based contact centers beat offshore contact centers at
Philippines where, on average, labor costs were much less.             every level, especially in customer service representative
     As recently as 2005, one analyst firm predicted that the          performance and issue resolution.
percentage of IT jobs from the United States and other developed            Domestic agents perform impressively, scoring 84 out of
countries that were sent offshore would increase from less             a possible 100 points, while offshore agents score 26 percent
than 5 percent in 2005 to 30 percent by 2015. “It’s a tectonic         lower at 62. Additionally, U.S.-based contact centers do a
shift,” Gartner analyst Frances Karamouzis wrote in a report           better job of resolving issues on the first call (68 percent of the
released at the firm’s outsourcing conference in 2005. There           time) than those perceived to be located offshore (42 percent).
were similar trends in the customer service arena as companies              The report also states that customers are nearly twice as
sent contact center agent positions offshore as an expedient           likely to recommend the company to others if they think the
tactic to trim call center payroll expenses.                           contact center is in the U.S. At the same time, they are three
     Indeed, offshoring may have produced short-term financial         times more likely to defect if they believe it is based offshore.
gains for some companies. But, as with many business                   This was a common theme across various vertical industries,
challenges, quick fixes don’t always have lasting results. In          including, including banks, cable and satellite TV, cell phone
the end, companies that based their labor-sourcing decisions           service, credit unions, hotels, insurance, personal computers,
solely on cost realized that their short-term tactics failed to        retail, and government.
produce the long-term uptick on margins and profit and, even                Not surprisingly, companies were taking steps to improve
worse, may have negatively affected the customer experience.           customer satisfaction even before CFI’s recent report was
     Today, there is a paradigm shift in the contact center            released in June. Several large firms, including Dell, credit
arena. While yesterday’s model was laser-focused on cost               card giant Capital One, and insurer Conseco, shifted at least
cutting as a stand-alone option, today’s strategy is more              some customer-support operations back to the United States
comprehensive and forward-looking and, to those ends,                  several years ago.
customer focused. In sum, while the bottom line remains                     In early 2009, Delta Air Lines Inc. announced it had
important, smart companies are looking to create an atmosphere         stopped using India-based call centers to handle sales and
where customer retention and loyalty are paramount and                 reservations. According to a story in the Wall Street Journal
viewed as the primary way to drive long-term growth.                   in April, Delta said it stopped routing calls to India-based call
     In the contact center environment, the customer experience        centers over the first three months of 2009. The story stated
begins and ends with agent interaction. The main driver                that customers had complained they had trouble communicating
influencing the customer experience is the agent’s level of            with Indian agents.

22 • MARCH 2010                                                         • Connections Magazine
     A March 2009 story in Edmunds Inside Line states that
automaker Chrysler is in the process of moving its customer
assistance center from India back to the United States. As a
result, Dodge Challenger customers with questions or

complaints about their car or other Chrysler vehicle now will
talk to an agent in Michigan or Utah. “In these difficult
times, we all must view each customer as a keeper,” Paul
Alcala, Chrysler customer satisfaction director, posted on the
corporate Red Letter Dodge blog.
     Undoubtedly, not every offshore experience produces
                                                                    )       "!     !'        "!) %& ' "! * ' (& %&'
negative outcomes; companies will likely continue to look at
offshore customer contact center options to determine                   "% "'         %      ! &      "# % ' "!&
whether they make sense for their respective organizations.
     At the same time, smart executives realize that, in this
economy, companies cannot afford to lose customers from
poor customer service. Moreover, there are 100 percent
domestic companies that operate a state-of-the art technology
platform and employ experienced call center agents who are
equipped to quickly resolve issues and up sell products
                                                                        "    (! ' "!&/ ! 1/ & *     !"*! !
and services, when possible. This produces the short-term
advantages of generating revenue and the longer-term goal        % #('    ! ' "!*         !' % ' ' & +# ! !
of building company growth through satisfied and loyal            ! "" ! '" $( % ! "(!              !' %& !
customers. ¤                                                      !&* % ! & %) & "%        & 1 !     !,   & &
                                                                  ) %,' !     ! %     ! ! #      ! ( ! ,"(%
    Mark Wilson is CEO and founder of Ryla, Inc., a call          " ' "!/ ,"(% $( # !' !        "&' #"%' !' ,
center solutions provider. For more information, visit           ,"(%       '     # ", &- or email
                                                                  (%    # ", 2 *!       " # !, &'% ) & '"  '
                                                                 ! (&'%, !        % ! * *"( * "           ,"(%
                                                                  (& ! && !       # ", & & "(% ! * &' '
                                                                        %&1    % ! & %" # &' $( & ' "!& %
                                                                 )        (#"! % $( &'1


                                                                            !' % &' # %' & # & "!' '0
                                                                                   % !'     ,/
                                                                                   3<774 =::2=<<<
                                                                            &    ,6 # "     (! ' "!&1 "

                                                                                          & ' "(% * & '
                                                                            ***1          # "     (! ' "!& 1 "

Connections Magazine •                                                     MARCH 2010 • 23
      Improving Crisis
 Management in Call Centers
  Using Desktop Integration
                                                    By John Broderick

        ecently, while making travel arrangements, I called         Desktop Integration and Automation –

R       my travel agent’s customer service line. On hold for
        the better part of an hour, I listened to Muzak and
intermittent assurances that my call was, indeed, very important.
                                                                    The Optimal Solution
                                                                         At the heart of a call center, regardless of its purpose, are
                                                                    systems that assist management and call center representatives
I experienced the same dilemma everyone does in this situation:     in managing their calls and providing necessary customer
“Should I call back later in hopes that the call volume has         services. To provide quick and accurate support, agents need
died down?” or “Should I wait this out so this time is not          current and pertinent information regarding the caller and
wasted? It might only be a minute more.” Then it hit me. As         their issue, but valuable time is too often wasted by switching
this was during the height of the swine flu panic, they were        between applications and application screens, waiting for
most likely flooded with inquiries about air travel safety,         information to load, and, when necessary, calling in additional
added precautions, cancellations, and the like.                     resources. Meanwhile, the caller is getting increasingly
     A majority of consumer service brands employ call centers.     frustrated and forming negative associations about the company.
Even in today’s world of online transactions, sometimes you         This perception is compounded during times of crisis when
just have to speak to a “live person” to resolve an issue. In       customers are likely struggling with a negative experience,
addition, when there is a full-blown crisis, no matter what the     potentially more easily angered or panicked, and in need of
reason, call centers can become overwhelmed, less able to           immediate resolution of an issue. Companies using desktop
provide the level of customer service they strive for under         integration can respond to these periods of crises by deploying
normal circumstances. In order for call centers to handle           new information from other systems, automating new
“moments” of crisis, they must first be running as efficiently      processes, or providing pop-ups that walk agents step-by-step
and effectively as possible. During crises, they need the ability   through relevant procedures.
to adapt quickly, provide agents with up-to-date information,            Desktop integration defines and streamlines business
and deliver a high level of customer service, particularly          processes, integrating systems where they are used – at the
regarding immediate conditions. So what can call centers do         desktop. Desktop integration is an effective approach to
to better handle different types of calls during periods of         organize complex work environments, simplify processes,
emergency and maintain the same high quality of customer            and reduce the time required for knowledge workers to complete
service when it is most needed?                                     tasks. In addition, desktop integration is noninvasive and

24 • MARCH 2010                                                      • Connections Magazine
requires no server-side integration, thereby reducing integration
costs, eliminating the need for additional, complex infrastructure,
and lowering implementation times from months to weeks.
     We all know how complicated and costly it is to change
or cancel travel plans, so consider what it must have been like
for travelers booked on flights to Mexico when the swine flu
epidemic began. As agents working for the airlines and travel
providers during this time can attest, anything that enabled
them to quickly access necessary information and resolve
issues would have been a godsend. This is just one example –
all companies employing desktop integration would benefit
from the same solutions, not only for the purposes of
automating processes for regular call times but also to quickly
adapt during periods of crisis. Your call center agents’
productivity and the level of customer service they can
provide can only be improved by streamlining processes at
the user level. Investing in solutions to integrate your
disparate applications and automate necessary processes will
reduce the time it takes to get an issue resolved and, more
importantly, build customer brand loyalty.

                    With more than thirty years’ experience in
                business and finance, John Broderick joined
                Cicero Inc. in 2001 to manage the company’s
                global finance functions. He can be reached at

  “By the TAS Industry...
  For the TAS Industry”
  TAS Trader focuses exclusively
  on the needs, concerns, and
  opportunities of the Telephone
  Answering Service (TAS) Industry.
  TAS Trader provides a place where
  telephone answering service owners,
  managers, and leaders can come
  to buy and sell products and services,
  to learn new ideas and information
  about the industry, and ultimately to
  succeed at what they do.

    For advertising information,
    contact: Valerie Port
    or visit

Connections Magazine •                    MARCH 2010 • 25
Dan L’Heureux:
The Man Behind the Scenes
By Steve Michaels

         an L’Heureux, the man behind the scenes, is usually

D        traveling. He is busy attending to the details of the
         conferences and meetings held throughout the country
for many of the telemessaging industry’s various user groups
and regional meetings. Dan, who is the executive director for
eight such groups, finds his job not only rewarding but also
     In 1977, Dan started a telephone answering service in
Minneapolis with a cordboard and high hopes for business
success, which he achieved twenty years later when he sold
his business of over 1000 accounts. He decided to retire; he
got into sports car racing, where he won the SCCA (Sports
Car Club of America) central division champion in 1996.
     Taking on the role of event coordinator happened by
chance, says Dan. He was racing in Phoenix the same                         Dan and Jessie L’Heureux, with their grandchildren,
                                                                                 Louie, Maggie, Lacey, Glory and Hattie
weekend that SNUG (Startel Network Users Group) was having
their annual meeting. He stopped by the event to visit old          Dan says, “No matter how much you put in, you always get
friends and was approached by a couple of board members to          more out.”
help facilitate their conference – and the rest is history.              Dan indicated that he did not solicit any of the groups for
     Dan started with SNUG in 1999 and along the way other          business; each one approached him via word of mouth
groups approached him. Dan now represents eight industry            recommendations. “Every group has its flavor and what it is
groups: four regional associations and four user groups. The        used to having,” says Dan. He tries to merge the process of
regional associations are WSTA (Western States                      hotel and food selection with programming that fits the flavor
Telemessaging Association), STA (Southern Telemessaging             of a particular association; it’s all about adaptability.
Association), ASTAA (Atlantic States Telephone Answering                 While Dan notes that there has been a reduction in
Association), and GLTSA (Great Lakes Telemessaging                  attendance to some meetings, he thinks that reduction is mostly
Services Association, Inc.); the user groups are SNUG, TUNe         due not to the economy but to “fear” of the economy. People
(Telescan Users Network), PIN Users Group, and OEO                  that Dan has talked to throughout the industry say their call
(Onvisource Equipment Owners).                                      volumes are down, but in many cases they have made up for
     Dan’s responsibilities vary depending upon each group’s        it with new business or different types of business. Certainly,
needs. While his title is executive director, he also does          people are in a “wait-and-see” mode and have been for the
administrative, meeting planning, and background work for           past year. Hesitation in the economy seems to have a domino
the groups, along with finding the appropriate locations for        effect, and Dan feels that this is as much of an issue as
the meetings. The decision of where an event will be held is        anything else.
usually up to the board, but Dan scouts out two to three possible        According to Dan, people come to the regional events
meeting sites and does the legwork so they can act accordingly.     because they can usually drive to them, they are affordable,
This includes determining the feasibility of the attendee’s         and they can bring staff members that they might not bring to
ease of travel, location availability, and overall site package.    other events. Mr. L’Heureux indicates that the programming
He also does the negotiating with the locations to get the          changes from year to year because of the changes in each
best possible rates, and he makes sure that the individual          association’s volunteer board, the economy, equipment
conferences are budgeted efficiently and then run according         changes, new services and features being offered, and an
to that budget.                                                     always-changing client base of members. Dan says that you
     Dan says that it has been a real treat to still be involved    can’t bring the same content year after year to a group and
with the industry and its members. He was active in his user        expect it to be successful. The message has to be constantly
group when he owned a call center and became convinced of           updated to make sure that what is available in substance as
the benefits that can be gained from attending such a meeting.      well as features are of value to its members.

26 • MARCH 2010                                                      • Connections Magazine
Alston Tascom, Inc. .............28, 32                  Professional Teledata, Inc. ..........6                 PROMPT…
13512 Vintage Place                                      175 Canal Street
Chino, CA 91710
866-282-7266 or 909-517-3660
                                                         Manchester, NH 03101
fax: 909-517-3670
Amtelco ...................................2, 25
800-356-9148 or 608-838-4194
                                                         16 Goodyear, Ste 125
                                                                                                                 IF YOU ARE THINKING
fax: 608-838-8367                                        Irvine, CA 92618                                           OF SELLING YOUR                                         800-782-7835                               fax: 949-863-9650                                        TAS OR VOICE MAIL
BPG Properties, Ltd.........................25                                                                    BUSINESS—WE ARE                                           Szeto Technologies ....................15
                                                         Call Management Equipment                              INTERESTED IN BUYING

                                                                                                                If you are considering selling your business, we
CAM-X ..............................................13

                                                                                                                would welcome the opportunity to discuss your

                                                                                                                needs and the direct purchase of your business.
CenturiSoft .................................18
                                                         TAS Marketing ..........................29

                                                                                                               We will be happy to coordinate with you and your
                                                         Business Brokers

                                                                                                               tax advisor, if necessary, in determining effective
                                                         fax: 406-827-4554

                                                                                                                and sensible tax strategies relating to the sale of
Map Communications ...............23           

                                                                                                                  your business, whether the transfer is on an

                                                                                                                      all cash or deferred payment basis.                                TAS Scheduler............................16

                                                                                                                    Prompt quotes for full service centers
nSolve ..........................................16

                                                                                                                including fixtures and equipment or account

                                                                                                                              only transactions.
                                                         Tasco ...........................................27
OnviSource ................................23            888-558-2726
2300 N. 10th

                                                                                                                              Joe Truszkowski
                                                         John Sophocles
Enid, OK 73701

                                                                                                                               Vice President

                                                                                                                               John Sophocles                                       Joe Truszkowski


             FOR MORE
                                                                                                                   Message Centers
                                                                                                               Toll Free: 1-888-558-2726
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         866-896-ATSI •                                     TAS

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          Canadian Call Management Association                                                                          us TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS
                                                                                                                         TASCO MESSAGEstrong
                                                                                                                           first. We are a 350 CENTERS
                                                                                                                       operators, equipment, or Employee-Owned
                                                                         WANTED Associates
                                                             HELP R.L. Bencin & business serving
           24 Olive Street, Unit #10                                                                                    Company of the Month” employees will
                                                                                                                       a “Check (ESOP) where yourClub member,
 Call Centers that provide services to other call centers.    Profitable turnkey                                                                           a building. As
                                                                     440-526-6726 •

  24/7 Custom Bilingual Call Center and Answering
       Grimsby, ON Communications
      PersonalizedL3M 2B6, Canada
                                                                                 call center work? Start
                                                                                                                        now own service TAS financial accounts only.
                                                                                                                           Seeking in your own business the
                                                                                                                       you share fullthe ongoing centers or strength ofand
                                                              only 123 accounts and billing a whop-
             Call (800) 270-7030 Today!
           Linda Osip 800-896-1054                                                                                      company. closings on cash or deferred payment
                    Stan •
                                                             your job search here. search by placing
                                                             Expand $39K perwantedEmail your ad to
                                                              ping      your help month. That’s $345
                                                             s NEW per client with onlyqualified,
                                                             your ad here. Reach out FOR SALE
                                                              average EQUIPMENT
                                                         to                        Prompt

                                                                                                                        Contact: Grant Sibley company since 1938.
                                                                                                                              Long established 800-955-9888 guaran-
                                                                                                                       Economical and simple. With a or email
                                                                                                          1% med-      outsource all of the work to us.

                                                             experienced, industry employees. Email your                 transactions. We will coordinate with your tax advisor.

                                                                                                               lose? Call
                                                              ical. Utilizing sophisticated equipment

                                                                       Voice Logging Recorders
                                                             BUSINESSES FOR SALE
                                                             ad to Connect@
                                                              with PRIs, this 15+ year answering                       teed buyout, how canor email to discuss. us
    UTSOURCE CALL CENTERS                                                                                                    Call John Sophocles you
s                                                               Easily records ALL conversations—just click and play
                                                             Profitable asking $495K
                                                              service is turnkey business serving
                                                             POSITIONS WANTEDor 12.4 times                             today at 800-369-6126.
                                                                                                                                  Very Confidential 888-558-2726.

         Contact One Call Center
Call Centers that provide services to other call centers.
                                                             only worth it with aand billing a margin.
                                                              but 123 accounts 33% profit whop-                         TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS
                                                                                                                         TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS

     Personalized Communications
                   Dan Rogers
                                                              Broker Record/Play Tek, Inc.                              EEKING ACQUISITIONS
                                                                                                                       SSeeking full service TAS centers or accounts only.
                  Stan Gardner
                                                             ping $39K Cold Call Prospector:
                                                             Seasoned per month. That’s $345

                                                                                                                        SERIOUS BUYER your with your tax advisor.or
                                                                                                                          fair offer by ancash or deferred payment
                                                                                                                            Established established, reputable
                                                                                                                        A Prompt closings onAnswering Service
                                                                          per client with only 1% way
                                                             Experience in communication (2med-
             Randy Anderson 800-508-9936                                                                                Well knownestablished company service center
                                                                                           medical and reputable nationwide call (with
                                                              List your cell phones) and
                                                             radio, UtilizingBusiness Here; go to                        companySeeks Acquisitions
                                                                                                                         transactions. Weforcoordinate commercial

               Spanish / English
                                                             ical. paging, Advertisers make message
                                                                                                                        looking toJohn Sophocles orcall centers/answering
                                                                                                                         or without inbound
                                                                                                                               Call acquire
                                                                            Our sophisticated equipment

                                                                                                                                Long answering since 1938.

    Boutique contact center providing exceptional 24/7
                                                     a plus
                                                             dispatching. this Magazine possible. ds                             • Generous termsemail to discuss.
                                                                                                                                 • A cash. equipment). Contact
                                                                                                                                               Everything to remain
                                                                                                                        services forfairConfidential 888-558-2726. in place
                                                                      PRIs, Charges: hourly rate
                                                             with Connections 15+ year answering
  customer service and sales by phone, live chat & e-mail                                                                Ron is:Continue your 866-388-0772 If
                                                                                                                                    location, equipment, agents
                                                                                                                        and as •toll-free at legacy – the lot! or
                                                             service is thank them for or 12.4 times
                                                             phone expenses. $495K their support in                                 Very price
                                                                             asking Contact BertCohen

                                                                                                                                 • Retain your staff
                                                                                                                        what happens to your employees is as important
                                                              AVAILABLE this a 33%ENTER margin.
                                                             Tucson, AZ, at CALL C profit SPACE
                                                                               of      magazine.
                                                             but worth it with      bmc41782@ or                 

                                                                                                                        to fair asBuildby an established, need to call
                                                                                                                            you • getting a your reputation reputable
                                                                                                                       APremium on fair price, thenprompt cash
                                                             Broker 800-369-6126.                              

                                                                                                                                            a 350 and
                                                                                                                        us first. We areprice strong Employee-Owned
     To be included in the                                    Call Center Office Space Available For

                                                                                                                        Company (ESOP) where accounts. will
                                                                                                                       companyfor quality your employees Long
           Randy Anderson Center and
  24/7 Custom Bilingual Call800-508-9936 at
        contact ValerieAnswering
     Marketplace listings,                                    Lease. for call call center
                                                             Looking Turn-key centerHere;locatedto  in                           • Confidential
                                                             List your Business work? go        Start
                                                                                                                        now share the ongoing financial strength of the
                                                                                                                       medical in answering service (with
                                                                                                                         closing for your commercial or
            Call (800) 270-7030 Today!
                                                              Boise, search 20,000+ squaread     feet,
                                                             your job Idaho. here. Email youra ds to

  Boutique contact center providing exceptional 24/7 •                                                                              company. Michael Shooster
  Evolution HostedB
            866-668-6694                                      raised data cable access floor through-
                                                                               established, reputable Minnesota

customer service and sales by phone, live chat & e-mail                                     Contact: Grant Sibley
                                                               USINESSES OR ALE • 800-955-9888 Magazine
                                                                                                        800-261-3451 or email
                                                                                                                       or without equipment). Contact
                      A            C      C         S          VAILABLE ALL ENTER PACE     Ron toll-free at 866-388-0772 or
  TAS included in the Call Center Office Space Available For
36 • OCTOBER 2007
  To be
                                       F     S
                                                                                                               We PAY CASH For Your
                                                                                                          Premium price CENTERS TAS.
Call Centers that provide services to other call centers.    Profitable turnkey business serving
   Marketplace listings,                                     Lease. Example: Before the located in
                                                                     Turn-key call center                  TASCO MESSAGE and prompt cash
                                                                                                             TASCO ACCC, have CENTERS
                                                                                                                   We, MESSAGE been in
   contact Communications
                                                             only 123 accounts and billing a whop-        closing for quality accounts. Long
      Let Us Valerie at
       866-668-6694 and
                                                             Boise, Idaho. 20,000+ square feet,

                  Stan Gardner
                                                                    economic downturn we
                                                             ping $39K per month. That’s $345                         full service TAS centers years.
                                                                                                             Seeking business for 21 or accounts only.
                                                             raised data cable access floor through-                              reputable Minnesota
                                                                                                          established, on cash or deferred payment

                                                                    sold 10-seat hosted 1%
                                                             average peraclient with only TAS med-                      CONFIDENTIAL!
                                                                                                               Prompt closings
          Maintain Your
                                                                                                                  Long established Connections Magazine
                                                                                     • company since 1938.

                                                                                                                 Call We will coordinate with your tax advisor.
                                                                                                           transactions. Doris 1-800-785-9436.
                                                             ical. Utilizing sophisticated equipment
                                                                    system. Later, due to the
36 • OCTOBER 2007
          Communication                                      with PRIs, this 15+ year in this                        References available!
                                                                    accounts they lost answering                 Call John Sophocles or email to discuss.
                                                                     is asking climate, 12.4
                                                             serviceeconomic $495K orthey times                       Very Confidential 888-558-2726.
          Equipment                                          but worth longer neededprofit margin.
                                                                         it with a 33% 10 seats.           
                                                                                                                 A fair offer by an established,
    Let Us                                                  Broker 800-369-6126.
                                                                    Alston Tascom helped by                        reputable company for your
                                                                                                          A fair offer by an established, reputable
                                                                                                               commercial or medical answering
           Randy Anderson 800-508-9936
          Substantially                                             reducing the number
                                                             List your Business Here;of go to                service (with your commercial or
                                                                                                          company for or without equipment).
                                                                    seats which reduced their
  Boutique contact center providing
          Slash Your exceptional 24/7               a ds               Contact answering 866-388-0772
                                                                                                          medical Ron toll-free atservice (with

          Phone by phone,
customer service and sales Bill live chat & e-mail
                                                                    cost. Will your vendor do                    or
                                                                                                          or without equipment). Contact
                                                             AVAILABLE CALL CENTER SPACE
                                                                    that for YOU?                         Ron toll-free at 866-388-0772 or
                                                                                                 to building
                                                                                                            You have dedicated a lifetime
    Let Us Help in the
   To be included You                                        Call Center Office Space Available For
                                                                    Alston Tascom                          your company’s reputation. Don’t let your
   Marketplace listings,                                     Lease. Turn-key call center located in          clients down just and you are selling
                                                                                                          Premium pricebecause prompt cash
          Improve Your
      contact Valerie at                                            866.282.7266
                                                             Boise, Idaho. 20,000+ square feet,               the company. If it is time to sell, Long
                                                                                                          closing for quality accounts. let us
           866-668-6694                                                        continue your tradition of Minnesota
                                                                                                          established, reputable excellence.
          Bottom Line                                        raised data cable access floor through-
                                                                                       Contact Nicholas at 888 422 7352 ext 1500
                                                                                               • Connections Magazine
36 • OCTOBER 2007
28 • MARCH 2010                                                                                • Connections Magazine
                                                                 To place a Marketplace Ad, contact Valerie
                                                          at or 866-668-6694.

 Reputable TAS, in business since 1967 and still
owned by the founding family, seeks a small TAS
acquisition in Eastern US. Ideally, you’re billing

                                                                        Domain Names
   under $20K per month. Smaller is better.
 We’ll treat you right, AND your employees and
    customers. Let’s talk. Contact Doug at
888-693-7935 or

Help Wanted: General Managers wanted for the
world's largest telemessaging business. Are you a                  The domain names
 team player? Are you looking for a rewarding
 career? Then we want to speak to you. We are       ,
currently seeking qualified candidates throughout
    the United States and Canada. Visit us at
                                                  and send your resume to                      are now available for sale.

                                                                 For more information, visit
Used Equipment For Sale: CadCom Equipment
  For sale: 4 LineMasters, 2 DataMasters, 10
keyboards, 18 monitors, 1 fax board, 1 SIO card,
 7 blue tip cards, 3 yellow tip cards, 7 green tip
cards. Asking $9,000 for all. Reasonable offers
          accepted. Call 800-489-0194.                  TAS Marketing – Your Full Service Broker
                                                           Let’s face it ~ getting someone to buy your business
                                                                              Isn’t that hard...
                                                       You want someone who will advertise, screen prospective buyers
                                                                    and have them sign non-disclosures.

                                                            You then want them to draft up the “Letter of Intent”,

   Connections                MAGAZINE
                                                         act as the Escrow Agent and finally provide YOU with the
                                                     “Asset Purchase Agreement” all the while protecting YOUR interest.

     To place                                             And in between you want advice from someone who has
                                                          done this before... someone who had been recognized as

       your                                                            being an expert in the industry.

    Marketplace                                         You have just read about the services of TAS Marketing!
        ad,                                                               (800) 369-6126
         contact Valerie at
         866-668-6694 or                                     TAS

Connections Magazine •                                                       MARCH 2010 • 29
coming                                                             All new listings or changes are italicized

Events                                                                         See the most recent updates online:
                                                To have your group’s events included in Connections Magazine’s
                                                                “Upcoming Events” calendar and on our Website,
                                             please email your information to:

                                March 14-17, 2010                                June 22, 2010
                            PINetwork Annual Meeting                     ATA Compliance Education Series:
                           Scottsdale Cottonwood Resort                         Legally Speaking
                                  Scottsdale, AZ                                Philadelphia, PA
                      Contact Dan L’Heureux at 763-473-0210                 For more information, visit
                  or or        

                               March 16, 2010                                     July 20, 2010
                       ATA Compliance Education Series:                  ATA Compliance Education Series:
                              Legally Speaking                                  Legally Speaking
                                Orlando, FL                                        Chicago, IL
                          For more information, visit                       For more information, visit

                              March 21-25, 2010                                 October 3-6, 2010
                            NAEO Annual Meeting                          CAM-X and WSTA Joint Convention
                      Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa                 Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV
                             Newport Beach, CA                              For more information, visit
                           Contact 800-809-6373                        and
                               March 23, 2010
                       ATA Compliance Education Series:                       September 11-15, 2010
                              Legally Speaking                         ATA Convention & Expo in Orlando, FL
                                 Dallas, TX                           For more information, call 317-816-9336
                          For more information, visit                       or visit
                                                                              September 22-24, 2010
                              April 13-15, 2010                            TUNe Fall Annual Conference
                   GLTSA Spring Sales & Supervisors Seminar          AmeriStar Resort & Casino, St Charles, MO
                     Wyndham Hotel – Lisle/Naperville, IL             Contact Dan L’Heureux at 763-473-0210,
                    Contact Dan L’Heureux at 763-473-0210            or
                                                                               October 25-27, 2010
                                April 25-28, 2010                           GLTSA Fall Annual Meeting
                            ATA Washington Summit                            Hotel TBA – Chicago, IL
                                 Washington, DC                       Contact Dan L’Heureux at 763-473-0210
                     For more information, call 317-816-9336         
                          or visit                 

                                May 11-15, 2010                                 November 9, 2010
                       ATSI Annual Convention and Expo                   ATA Compliance Education Series:
                      Westin GasLamp Quarter, San Diego                         Legally Speaking
                     For more information: 866-896-2874 or                         Atlanta, GA
                                                      For more information, visit
                                June 12-17 2010
                        STA 8th Annual Conference at Sea                        December 2, 2010
                             Departing New Orleans                       ATA Compliance Education Series:
                       For more information: 763-473-0210                       Legally Speaking
                              or                                Phoenix, AZ
                                                                            For more information, visit

30 • MARCH 2010                                         • Connections Magazine
                                                                Change Service Requested   Presorted Standard
                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                               Permit #21
                                                                                             Freeport Ohio
      48955 Hickory Lane • Mattawan, MI 49071                                                    43973 •
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