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									“If a lion knew his
strength, it were hard for
any man to hold him.”

- Sir Thomas More of
Henry VIII

King of England

                  HENRY TUDOR

   Henry Tudor: born in Greenwich Palace on 28 June 1491
   Second born son of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
                    PRINCE TO KING
   Arthur, Prince of Wales,
    original heir to the throne,
    died in 1502, resulting in
    his younger brother, Henry,
    becoming the next heir to
    the throne of England and
    the new Prince of Wales
   Henry Tudor, Prince of
    Wales, became Henry VIII,
    King of England on 22
    April 1509, after the death
    of his father, Henry VII
   The official crowning of
    King Henry VIII took place
    on 24 June, just four days
    before his 18th birthday
                      THE SIX WIVES

Catherine of Aragon       Anne Boleyn      Jane Seymour
     Divorced              Beheaded            Died

   Anne of Cleves       Catherine Howard   Katherine Parr
     Divorced               Beheaded         Survived
             Catherine of Aragon was originally
              married to Arthur, Prince of Wales
              but as a result of his death in 1502,
              she was later betrothed to Henry
             Between January 1510 and
              November 1518, Catherine gave
              birth to six children (including two
              princes), who were all stillborn or
              died in infancy except a daughter,
             Henry was outraged that Catherine
              could not produce a male heir and
              tried to find a way to make his
              marriage to Catherine null and void
             Henry abolished papal jurisdiction
              which led to the divorce of
              Catherine of Aragon and the
              legalization of his marriage to Anne
             QUEEN ANNE BOLEYN
   King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
    were married sometime in 1533
   Anne produced yet another female
    heir to the throne, Elizabeth, as well
    as one miscarriage followed by a
    stillborn boy
   Henry, who once was wildly
    passionate for Anne, was growing
    impatient at her inability to produce
    a male heir and resentful of her
    jealous quips toward everyone at
    court and her arrogance
   Anne Boleyn was tried and found
    guilty of adultery and condemned to
    death, she was beheaded on 19 May
   When King Henry VIII heard the word Queen
    Anne had been executed he left his hunting
    trip to collect his new bride Jane Seymour
   Their wedding took place on the day following
    Queen Anne’s execution
   Jane Seymour never had a formal coronation
    because of the presence of the plague at
    Westminster and her advanced state of
   Queen Jane gave birth to the first legitimate
    male heir to the throne, Prince Edward (later
    Edward VI)
   Queen Jane fell ill after the birth of the male
    heir and died only a few days after Prince
    Edward’s baptism
         Anne of Cleves was stated as a
          suitable wife and when presented
          with a painting of her, the king was
          pleased and thus the arrangements
          were made for them to marry
         Anne of Cleves met King Henry VIII
          only 5 days before their wedding
         King Henry VIII was not pleased with
          Anne of Cleves and claimed that the
          marriage was never and could never
          be consummated
         On 9 July 1540, King Henry’s
          marriage to Anne of Cleves was
          declared null and void

   King Henry VIII and Catherine Howard were married
    secretly in July 1540, after the king’s divorce
   Catherine Howard had many lovers in her past and after
    she was married to the king, still visited a couple of them
   After two of her lovers were executed, more information of
    Catherine being unchaste since her marriage came about
    and a bill of attainder from parliament was issued
   As a result, Queen Catherine Howard was beheaded on 13
    February 1542
   Katherine Parr was married twice before her
    marriage to King Henry VIII
   After their marriage, Henry put Katherine in
    charge of the education of Lady Elizabeth and
    Prince Edward
   Queen Katherine was declared regent in the
    king’s absence during the invasion of France in
   With the King’s permission, Katherine published
    Prayers and meditations, and began work on
    another book called The Lamentations of a
   In the summer of 1546, Gardiner, Lord
    Chancellor of England, tried to persuade King
    Henry VIII that Queen Katherine was a
    Protestant and a heretic
   Throughout the King and Queen’s regular
    debates of theology and religion, the accusations
    of Katherine being a Protestant disappeared
   Katherine Parr survived King Henry VIII, he
    died on 28 January 1547
   Before becoming King of England,
    Henry VIII was an accomplished
    scholar, linguist, musician, and athlete
    and throughout his reign produced
    many works including poems and songs
   Henry VIII strengthened English
    seapower by establishing an efficient
    navy, which later helped his daughter,
    third successor to the throne, Queen
    Elizabeth I, defeat the Spanish
   Although Henry VIII was motivated
    through his own selfishness to have
    royal supremacy over the church, it
    turned out to save England from a
    religious civil war which could only be
    saved by a despotic government
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